How To Choose A Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers selection options

How To Choose A Lawn Mower

Rigid Drive Lawn Mower

In this type of tool, rotation from the motor to the working head is transmitted through a gearbox and a rigid shaft in the form of a rod, which is located inside the rod. It is supported by roller bearings. Rigid shaft transfers Significant forces to the working head.

The gearbox in most models is located at the bottom of the trimmer. It transmits torque from the engine to the cutting attachments at an angle of 30 , keeping the knife or disc in a horizontal plane. At the same time, the gearbox reduces the angular speed and increases the shaft torque, which increases the efficiency.

Mainly rigid drive. Equipped with models with increased power, capable of carrying significant loads. Rigid drive lawn mowers always straight.


  • Advanced functionality. Cutting bushes, Burian. The hard drive tooling includes steel knives or saw blades, not just a line with which you can cut grass;
  • Many models have a collapsible design, which simplifies the transportation of the tool to a summer cottage or to a mowing place;
  • Ability to withstand continuous torsional loads, which increases the service life of the tool as a whole;
  • The presence of the gearbox Reduces the load on the engine, which increases the service life of the lawn mower.


  • Higher price;
  • A rigid shaft located inside the bar is a prerequisite for more pronounced vibration;
  • The presence of a gearbox, which is part of a structure with a rigid shaft, increases the weight of the tool;
  • The need for systematic replacement of the gearbox lubricant (once every 10-15 hours).

Bar shape

The shape of the rod depends on the type of shaft, which is located inside.

The barbell shape can be as follows:

1. A curved rod, inside of which a flexible shaft, absorbs well in case of an accidental strike of a knife into a stone.

2. A tool with a straight bar, inside of which a rigid shaft is designed for more significant loads, is able to deal with dense growth.


It is mandatory on U-handle models. Other models may NOT be equipped with a belt, so you need to Pay attention to its presence or the possibility of using it.


Perhaps the main parameter that is most often paid attention to when buying. Power. But you do not always need a unit with a maximum performance. It all depends on the area that you will process:

  • For a small area. Power up to 1000 W.
  • Area up to 10 acres. 1000.1500 Watt.
  • For 10 or more. Over 1500 W.

If you work on a large area with a low power tool, you will wear it out faster, the motor will overheat quickly, and therefore will shorten its service life. For large areas, it is best to take a device with a four-stroke engine, and small ones. Two-stroke.

How to choose a lawn mower. What to look for

The most important characteristics:

  • Machine weight;
  • Motor type, and its characteristics;
  • Cutting element;
  • Barbell shape;
  • Comfort at work;
  • The cost.

Echo GT-22GES Description:

If you need a full range of possibilities from the purchased unit, then be sure to pay your attention to the GT-22GES. With a two-stroke engine, the device is able to cope with a large amount of work without wearing out. The drum rotation speed reaches 6500 rpm. / Min, which is a very decent indicator. The curved boom and D-shaped attachment handle allow the operator to work even in the most difficult to reach places. The handle is adjustable in height, which will undoubtedly help people with short stature to adjust it for themselves.

  • Ease;
  • Ease of use;
  • Reliability;
  • Good power-to-performance ratio.

Model weight:

Stihl FS 250 model overview:

Thanks to its powerful engine, the scythe has earned the love of farmers with large cultivation areas. With its help, lawns are mowed and hay is harvested, a vest is also included, with very convenient attachments. Thus, you are facilitating your job quite a lot. Thanks to vibration protection, the operator can work occasionally without pain in his hands while cutting tough weeds with thick stems. Thanks to the new smart start system, the operator easily gets started with no extra effort at start.

  • Mounts;
  • Easy to control the motor with the handle;
  • Manual fuel pump;
  • Equipped with carburetor compensator.
  • The set includes coils;
  • The belt clip is difficult to adjust and must be unscrewed with a wrench.

As you can see, the model has more advantages than disadvantages, so the FS 250 enjoys well-deserved popularity.

How to choose a lawn mower, choosing a grass trimmer

Today we will talk with you about how to choose a lawn mower, or as it is also called. Trimmer. In the past, mowing grass was a difficult and time-consuming process, especially when large areas were to be cut. This issue becomes especially acute when there is a healthy adult man in the family. But progress does not stand still, and more and more new technologies in agriculture come to the rescue, such as a tiller or a cultivator, and instead of a conventional scythe they use a lawn mower. So that a fragile woman, an elderly couple, or a teenager can now cope with caring for the dacha. But, in order for the work to be a joy, it is necessary to choose the right unit, for a long and high-quality service. Let’s take a closer look at this issue, find out all the nuances.

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The most popular manufacturers on the market are:

  • Shtill;
  • Husqvarna;
  • Echo;
  • Patriot;
  • Champion;
  • AL-KO;
  • Cayman;
  • Hitachi.

Given this information, we have compiled a table for you in which we have selected the best models, and their approximate prices:

How to choose a lawn mower

Lawn mower or petrol trimmer. This is a convenient, mobile, practical and therefore very popular tool with which you can mow grass, stiff shoots, thickets of small shrubs into yourself in your summer cottage, near the house, in the garden before harvesting potatoes. Recently, lawn mowers have become very popular in agriculture for harvesting hay. However, a large selection of models with different technical indicators and a wide range of raise a natural question from the consumer: which lawn mower to choose in terms of price-quality ratio, and so that its technical characteristics meet the tasks that will be performed as much as possible. In this article, we will try to tell you what lawn mowers are, what types of work they are suitable for, as well as the basic rules for operating a gasoline trimmer.

Types of lawn mowers

Depending on the technical characteristics, as well as on the operating mode, all lawn mowers can be conditionally divided into:

  • Professional
  • Household

The professional lawn mower is designed for industrial use, performing a large amount of work for a long time, and is perfect for use by public utilities or in agriculture. Naturally, for this, the lawn mower must have not only high technical characteristics, but also the appropriate build quality. As a rule, professional models have engine power from 1.8 HP. And above, they are equipped with both a trimmer head with line and a steel knife. over, the thickness of the fishing line is greater than usual (from 2.4 mm), and the knife can be 3, 4 and 8 lozenges (the latter is used for mowing tall, weaving grass and for hay harvesting). There are also knives with a large number of teeth, they visually resemble saw blades and are used for mowing bushes. In addition, a distinctive feature of a professional lawn mower is a non-separable bar, in the middle of which the shaft moves. On the one hand, this is not entirely convenient, especially when transporting and storing the tool, since the device is quite large, and on the other hand, this design prevents sand, dirt, dust from getting inside, which significantly extends its resource. over, the connecting mechanism of the two shaft parts may loosen over time, which causes backlash. Separately, it is necessary to stop on the shaft, which is located in the middle of the rod and transfers the engine torque to the cutting attachment. It comes in two flavors: flexible and rigid. The flexible shaft has the form of a cable and prevents damage to the gearbox when a knife strikes from a stone or tree trunk. It simply absorbs this blow. At the same time, the rigid shaft (metal pin) resists deformation under load. These lawn mowers are used for mowing dense thickets and bushes.

Household lawn mowers are designed to work near the house, in the garden, in the garden. They rarely exceed 2 HP and can also be fitted with a trimmer head with line and steel blade. Structurally, they are similar to professional models, but there are some features:

  • A number of household models Equipped with a curved bar, which is convenient when working in hard-to-reach places (under benches in the garden, near flower beds, between trees), since such a lawn mower is less overall than its counterpart with a straight bar;
  • A type of handle, which can be a bicycle type (as in professional models), or it can be D-shaped. In the second case, a handle is attached to the lawn mower bar, which the user holds with one hand, and the other hand holds the tool by the bar near the engine. The opinions of users were divided: which design is more convenient. The matter, as they say, is a matter of habits, since it will change from a bicycle handle to a D-shaped one or vice versa, as practice shows, not everyone succeeds
  • Household models are more often found with a collapsible bar, which is very convenient for storage and transportation, since the disassembled lawn mower is half as much, and assembling it back is NOT difficult and takes a minimum of time.

Another feature that significantly distinguishes a household model from a professional one is its cost. The latter will be much more expensive. Therefore, before choosing a lawn mower, you need to decide which tasks you will be doing with it. If you have a plot of up to 15-20 acres, it is absolutely not necessary to overpay and buy a professional tool, since in this case a household lawn mower will perfectly cope with such a volume of work.

We work as a lawn mower: basic rules

The basic requirements that are put forward for working with a lawn mower directly depend on the rules for operating a gasoline 2-stroke engine. Such a motor runs on a fuel mixture of gasoline and 2-stroke oil, which is prepared in a ratio of 1:50, that is, 1 gram of oil is added to 50 grams of gasoline. It should be said that when starting work with a new tool, it is recommended to add a little more oil. Let the lawnmower work at 50% of its capacity on one tank of such a mixture, then feel free to fill in the usual mixture. When preparing the fuel mixture for your lawn mower, remember that it is suitable for use for no more than two weeks, after which its properties change, which negatively affects the operation of the tool as a whole. Therefore, do not rush to prepare it in large quantities, and also Drain the fuel from the tool during long breaks between mowing. There are also models with 4-stroke engines, in which oil is poured separately with gasoline, they are more economical and have a longer service life. But these lawn mowers are heavier and more expensive.

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Before starting work, we recommend that you carefully inspect the area and remove stones, branches, and other debris from it, which you may not notice in the grass during work, which can lead to breakage or to premature wear of the cutting tool. When working with a gasoline trimmer, you must remember that it is NOT only a practical and convenient tool, but also quite dangerous. Since the trimmer head with line or steel blade turns at a high speed, the following safety rules must be observed when working:

  • DO NOT use tools without the safety guard that comes with every lawn mower.
  • Wear glasses when working to prevent grass particles from getting into your eyes
  • The engine heats up during operation, therefore, when removing the tool in between mowing, it is better to hold it by the rod or by the handle.

The lineup. Which lawn mower and where is more practical to use

Before choosing a lawn mower among the many petrol models from Hyundai, first determine:

  • Land area;
  • Vegetation on it.

Soft and juicy grass on a flat lawn does not require a knife, only fishing line. For this, the Z 250 braid is presented in the model range from Hyundai. It is slightly different from other Hyundai braids with a gasoline engine. Its design is more like an electric scythe. Its shaft is flexible and the handle has a D-shaped grip. In fact, it is a lightweight petrol trimmer. Mows only with wire (fishing line). If you put the knife down, the rope will NOT support the load. But for grass cover, this model is ideal: easy to mow, carry and store.

All other Hyundai braids have steel shafts, which allows you to use any attachments for Mowing: a knife or a disc. And this means that we NOT only cut the grass, but also chop weeds, sawing bushes and even thin tree trunks.

With regard to the size of the site, the situation is as follows:

The larger the area, the higher the engine power should be. For example, the lightweight and handy lawn mowers Z 250 and Z 260 are good for small areas, they are powerful. 1.2 HP They will NOT pull a large meadow for 20-30 acres, for this, choose the models Z 420, Z 525, they have a power of 1.6 hp. And even 2.04 hp. In the most powerful.

So, focusing on the area and vegetation:

  • If the task is to mow only lawn grass (including high and wet), and a lawn of 5-10 acres, then your choice. Models Z 250 and Z 260;
  • If it is necessary to mow everything in a row on a plot of 10 acres (weeds, unnecessary shrubs and young shoots of trees that have grown without permission), then choose among the powerful lawn mowers Z 340, Z 420;
  • For professional work on large areas (20-30 acres), where you need to work with vegetation of different hardness and rigidity, focus on the most powerful representatives of the Hyundai lineup. Z 420 and Z 525.

What engines does Hyundai use for its lawn mowers?

Hyundai differs from competitors in that it creates its own gasoline engines, and not template and of the same type, but very, very diverse. For generators alone, for snow blowers. Quite different, winter, for cultivators and tillers. Still others. Each group of Hyundai Genuine Engines has its own design features and is ideal for the exact tool for which it is designed. So it is with lawn mowers.

Hyundai lawn mower motors are two-stroke, run on a mixture of gasoline and oil.

  • The cylinder is covered with nikasil, which improves heat transfer;
  • Start-up compression reduced. Easy start system;
  • Japanese sintered gear reducer. It’s almost eternal work as well as noise and vibration reduction. This is a powerful argument for those who dislike the howling and trembling instrument. In addition to the gearbox, there is also a whole system for reducing vibrations, so that these braids do not shake with the hands, there will be no pain in the hands and joints;
  • Easy to start and work even at low temperatures, they are not afraid of moisture and tall grass.

How to choose a lawn mower

The gasoline scythe, which makes a pretty decent noise and buzz, and also releases a cloud of acrid gray smoke. This is the one in which the engine is gasoline. For the uninitiated, a reasonable question arises: Why complicate your life? Wouldn’t it be better to use a quiet electric trimmer and NOT take on the hassle of the gasoline engine? over, the Hyundai company. A very popular manufacturer of garden tools in Ukraine, it produces both those and other braids. Both with an electric motor and a gasoline one. At the same time, electric trimmers are cheaper and do NOT require refueling.

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The answer is simple. A gasoline engine, even noisy and very demanding, always has an undeniable advantage over an electric one.

Why is a noisy and heavy gasoline braid better than a light electric one??

The lawn mower consists of a gasoline engine, cutting attachments, controls and a transmission shaft. This whole structure has long been thought over, analyzed, improved and perfectly balanced. To facilitate the work, the tool (which is heavy in weight) is equipped with straps. Shoulder strap or convenient backpack attachment. That is, the weight of the device falls evenly on the arms, shoulders and back, and you don’t feel fatigue in your hands.

The trimmer is similar in design. over, it is lighter and more convenient to work with. So for mowing a small lawn near the house, a small adjoining lawn, caring for the garden adjacent to the house, it is better NOT to find a tool. However, please note what terms we use little, near. That is, there are two conditions:

  • The plot should be small (up to 5 acres)
  • Placed near the house, that is. Electrical outlet.

If your mowing tasks DO NOT meet these two criteria, then the choice of lawn mowers in favor of a gasoline engine. Is he:

  • Works anywhere, anywhere, anytime, since it is not tied to an electrical grid;
  • The size of the plot is practically unlimited (unless the power of the motor. The more powerful, the more area you can take for mowing)
  • Power and performance are always better than a trimmer. This means that the quality of cutting will be better, and the efficiency is the same for soft grass, and for hard weeds, for tall thickets;
  • The previous item pulls the next one. Possibility of changing the equipment. Not only wire line, but also a three-pronged knife or even a multi-pronged disc. For cutting and sawing off hard growth;
  • Increased resource, reliability and ability to withstand heavy loads. This is a property of a gasoline engine. Electric cannot boast of such characteristics;
  • Well, let’s not forget about the structural elements. Steel hard drive shaft (high efficiency), most comfortable bike sticks. All this is the prerogative of petrol braids. In their electric sisters, the shaft is flexible (with a cable that bursts under load), and the handle is D-shaped (for gripping with one hand). But there are models that completely copy lawn mowers. Direct drive, gearbox and steel shaft.

In fact, these are the main criteria when you are dealing with a question: How to choose a lawn mower? Yes, one that mows, and does not stand idle in the barn.


So, you already understood that the proverb Much ado about nothing. This is not about Hyundai lawn mowers. The louder they are, the heavier the weight, the higher the productivity of the mowing. As well as quality and efficiency, reliability and durability. And also a unique opportunity mows the grass Not only on the lawn of the house, but also on vast territories, in the forest, in the field. In general, in any place where the need arises and the opportunity arises to prepare the grass mass.

To select the right mower, determine the size of the plot (for small. Low-power models, for large. Helpful). We also look at the growth: for grass, a light gasoline trimmer with a fishing line is enough, and for weeds and tough vegetation, we choose the Hyundai model with a steel shaft, in which you can change the fishing line to a knife.

Trimmer petrol Patriot


Before choosing a lawn mower, it is advisable to get acquainted with the basics of its design. This will make it possible to understand the purpose of the main nodes and navigate in their characteristics.

Thus, the engine determines the operating potential of the device. The higher its power, the greater the temporary load the unit can withstand and the larger the growth it can handle. True, along with the power, the dimensions and weight of the trimmer increase. Today there are two options for the lawn mower motor.

Which lawn mower is better: 7 selection criteria and mini-rating of the best models

To keep the garden or the adjoining lawn well-groomed, you need tools and fixtures. The most convenient and affordable option. Trimmer. He will cope with young grass, tall weeds and even shrubs. Let’s figure out which lawn mower to choose for our site and offer a rating of the best gasoline lawn mowers.


A lightweight and compact engine with a simple design, which greatly simplifies its maintenance and possible repairs. Easy to operate. The two-stroke motor is high-speed, which greatly increases its performance. The price is low, budget varieties of gasoline trimmers are equipped with two-stroke motors. There are also significant disadvantages. The device makes a lot of noise during operation, emits a large amount of exhaust gases, and does not economically consume fuel. He needs a mixture of gasoline and oil, which must be diluted on his own before filling into the fuel tank. It is not very convenient, but two-stroke units are more in demand. This is due to their lower cost, ease of use and maintenance.

What to look for when choosing a technique