How to choose a lawn mower for your home. Criteria and parameters of choice

How to choose a lawn mower by price and quality

Inconvenient in operation, cumbersome lawnmowers have been replaced by brushcutters: grass trimmers and lawn mowers. Their use is not limited to mowing grass near the house. Gasoline-powered grass mowers are good for weeds, young tree shoots, and root crops. In rural areas the tool is often used for making hay.

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To maintain order at the cottage or near the private house, you definitely need a gasoline trimmer. Enough power for typical gardening tasks. The question is how to choose the right equipment. In Ukraine there are brushcutters with different power, handle types, cutting width, tank capacity, the thickness of the line, weight, shaft. Our tips will help you choose the right equipment for you.

Benefits of petrol mowers

If you compare the gasoline mower with a manual or electric, you can notice that it has its significant advantages:

  • Compact size and ability to use on large plots.
  • Mowing grass in hard-to-reach places is handy. you can easily catch weeds near fences, rocks, under benches.
  • Doesn’t require extra power. a multipurpose helper in your yard.
  • A wide range of additional accessories that can even be used to trim your hedges and plants in the bed.

The gasoline lawnmower is easy to use in hard-to-reach places

Attention! If your petrol mower breaks, only buy genuine spare parts. This also applies to additional blades or other accessories.

Brand and reviews

The most popular and widespread brands producing grass scythes today are as follows:

  • EFCO (Japan). equipment that does not make noise during operation. Due to the top location of the motor there is practically no vibration. Cutting tool. trimmer line or steel knives. Such device weighs less than 2 kg.
  • AL-KO (Germany). high quality long-life grass mowers with high safety. They are suitable not only for lawn mowing, but also for removing weeds. The equipment is lightweight and easy to use.
  • CRAFTSMAN (USA): high quality grass trimmers that are lightweight, practical and reasonably priced.
  • Champion is a Chinese-American product. This equipment with steel blades can easily handle both lawn grass and young bushes.
  • Makita (Japan). high quality lawn mowers. All models are user-friendly, maneuverable and ergonomically designed.

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Most often manufacturers specify power equipment in watts or horsepower.

If you purchase a mower for processing a small area with lawn grass, then 0.8-0.9 kW power will be quite enough. Plots with weeds, vines or bushes will require more powerful mowers. 1,2kW or more. Professional models have a power of more than 3 kW and can cope with an area of any complexity.

What to pay attention to when choosing a lawn mower?

Since the purpose of a grass mower is to cut vegetation, the first thing to look at is the cutting tool. Household mowers are equipped with steel or plastic blades. A saw blade or nylon scaffolding is also used as a cutting part. On this basis, it should be taken into account that the line for the trimmer is absolutely unsuitable for work in areas where there are bushes. It also will not be able to cut small branches and young shoots from trees. Plastic knives, in turn, do not lend themselves to sharpening.

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It is better to buy more universal models, which have the possibility of changing the cutting tool. It is necessary to ask how quickly and easily such changes can be made. It should be understood that steel blades and discs blunt during use. And then what? If they can be sharpened, then how? Is it possible to do it yourself? If the manufacturer provides a replacement cutting tool, how much of it is included in the delivery and whether it can be purchased at retail? After all, the lawnmower itself is designed for a long life. The steel blade can break, but where to get another one??

Chainsaws have, as a rule, a 2 or 4-stroke “engine”. The former have a little less weight, but there is much more noise when they work. Though the set may include earphones which can be used during the work. So everyone chooses the model at their own discretion. Power of the “grass trimmer” can be up to 1.5 liters.с. The 4T models need to be held with a slight tilt, or at an angle. This is necessary to get oil on all parts of the grasshopper. The 2T models, on the other hand, can be held any way you like and work steadily in any position.

Separate mention should be made of the rod and grip. The boom can be either straight or angled. Straight configuration uses a steel rod to transmit rotational motion to the cutting tool. Angular designs use a steel cable for this purpose.

Practice shows that angular models are less reliable and have less power. However, steel knives are not used with the “bent” boom, because it is easy to break the knife with this configuration. There are models with a folding boom, but they do not last long.

The handles can have different shapes. They are called T, D or J-shaped. The T-handle is well suited for working in open and relatively flat areas. This configuration follows the shape of a traditional lawnmower and allows you to make large, wide “swings. The D-shaped handle is better suited for “difficult” terrain: along fences and buildings, under bushes, among trees. For areas with high vegetation, the J-grip grasshopper is a good choice. By the way, it is the best in terms of safety.

And yet, focusing on the technical characteristics and the price of a particular model, you should not forget about the usability of “this” mower. If it is “lying” in your hands, it does not hinder the movement, then most likely your choice is correct. I recommend to watch video. the expert tells about the choice of a brushcutter and its maintenance:

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One-shoulder strap or backpack vest?

Gasoline grass mower. The tool is not heavy, but it is very tiring to hold it in your hands all the time and mow for a couple of hours. The load on your arms is considerable. To reduce the weight of a mower, manufacturers give straps to these devices.

  • Single Shoulder. The cheapest and most practical solution. You hang the construction on one shoulder, like a sports bag, thus relieving the load on your hands;
  • Backpack. Backpack. is two wide straps, like a school backpack. The weight of the tool is evenly distributed not only on the arms and one shoulder, but also on both shoulders and on the back. The bagged vest is best suited for bulky, daily tasks.

How to Choose a Chinese Lawnmower

How to choose a brushcutter for dacha or home

28 Mar. 2015 lawn mower will help you save time and effort, because it will easily help get rid of the thickest thickets of weeds, grass.

This is a more serious level, and such models are bought by those who need not just mow the grass near the fence or mow the lawn, but for more production needs. But even if you buy one for your garden, these models will do the job flawlessly.

What is the best lawn mower or how to choose a mower?

Sooner or later every gardener or vegetable grower has a question of how to cut the grass, as well as the question of how to control weeds. Many solve it with an old, but reliable grandfather’s tool. a hand-held grass mower. Who does not remember the proverb “mow the grass while the dew”. But if the area is large enough, and the time is not enough, or just laziness overcomes, it is possible to take advantage of mechanized help. Today we will talk about how to choose a lawn mower.

lawn mower (gasoline mower, grass trimmer). is a special garden tool that is designed for mowing grass or small bushes using a gasoline engine.

Gasoline A-92 gasoline is mainly used for chain saws, as well as for chainsaws, although it is better to look at the instructions of each specific tool.

In addition to petrol brushcutters, there are also electric brushcutters, which use an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. But an electric brushcutter requires a power connection, and that is not always easy and affordable.

Let’s list the main parameters of lawn mowers. which are key when choosing one:

Lawn mower power.

Power of a brushcutter is measured in watts or horsepower. The conversion from watts to horsepower is: 1 kilowatt = 1.36 horsepower.

How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard | Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2020

To mow a relatively small lawn with grass, 0.8-0.9 kilowatts of power may be enough, but to mow areas with weeds and t.д. You need a brushcutter with at least 1.2 kW. Professional lawn mowers can have 3 kW or more.

Most brushcutters have a two-stroke engine. We can say that it is a standard for brushcutters. Over time, however, more and more lawn mowers that have a four-stroke engine are beginning to appear on the market.

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4-stroke engine is less noisy and more reliable, but it weighs more and is more expensive.

Two basic types of cutting equipment are used in brushcutters. blades and a specialized trimmer line.

The trimmer line for the brushcutter is used when mowing grass. The diameter of the brushcutter varies, usually between 2 and 3mm.

The blade for a brushcutter can be metal or plastic, and it can have 2, 3 or more cutting surfaces. The blades can be used to cut tougher grass, weeds and even bushes. If handled carelessly, the blade can mow even a young tree.

Most modern brushcutter models are designed so that they can be fitted with both a brush reel and a blade. You should always check whether it is available when choosing a brushcutter.

This lawn mower is easier to handle than a normal lawn mower, but it needs to be held in hands. The weight of the tool determines how long you can work.

choose, lawn, mower, your, home

On average lawn mowers weigh 4 to 8 kg. The weight of the mower is directly determined by its power. The more powerful the tool, the heavier it is.

On average, you should aim for a weight of 6.5-7 kg. For a medium power grass mower.

Be sure to make sure that the mower set has a special belt, which allows you to redistribute its weight not only on the arms, but also on the torso, which greatly facilitates the work and reduces fatigue.

Some more words about brands and prices.

The manufacturers of chain saws can be divided into three groups: famous brands, “good China”, “just China”.

Well-known brands like Alpina, STIHL, Oleo-MAC, Husqvarna make good quality but expensive products. The low-power models of these manufacturers cost from 250, and medium-power models from 300-350.

If you want to have a really reliable tool that you will use often, you should look at these brands.

If you do not want to overpay for the brand, look for lawn mowers “normal China. They are almost all now called by big names like Temp, Vityaz, etc.д. There is no one size fits all. You need to look at the quality of materials and assembly of a particular mower for grass. There are quite good models brushcutter with a price around 140-180 dollars.

“China ordinary” is everything that costs about 120 dollars or less. This is a real lottery, the tool may work well or not. Such Chinese brushcutters can be taken only if you need to mow something not of a very large scale from time to time.

Well, I hope that now you will know how to choose the best brushcutter for your garden, vegetable garden or dacha.