How to choose a pneumatic impact wrench for a garage


This is a very important parameter, here one cannot be mistaken either upward or downward. If the torque is too low, the wrench may not be able to cope with a difficult fastening or tighten it poorly. If the parameter is too high, the tool can break the thread on the nut and damage the fastening. For simple tasks (household tasks, repairing plastic greenhouses) 160 Nm is enough, and for complex tasks (construction of a structure from rails) – over 600 Nm. For simple work at the service station, you can purchase an impact wrench with a torque of 350-500 Nm – this is enough for all basic tasks.

The best impact wrench for your home garage

For home use, an electric impact wrench with a power of up to 1000 W and a torque of 300-400 Nm is suitable. Such a tool will be able to perform almost any task that may arise in a garage or everyday life..


For work in a service station or construction, it is worth choosing a model with a rotation speed of up to 7000 rpm (a pneumatic tool is capable of developing this speed). For home use, even less than 1000 rpm is enough – too high a speed for everyday tasks will be superfluous.

Main selection criteria

There are several main technical characteristics of impact wrenches that determine its capabilities and effectiveness. Among them: power, torque and maximum number of revolutions.

Impact and non-impact wrenches

In addition to the type of power supply, nutrunners may differ in the presence / absence of an impact mechanism. We have already described the mechanism of the occurrence of blows above, and now we will consider the difference between the instrument itself..


Due to the absence of an impact mechanism, such wrenches are cheaper. They do well with new bindings that offer little resistance. Such a wrench increases the speed of work when assembling mechanisms or structures. If you are sure that you do not have to work with complex mountings, you can save money and take such a model..

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Choosing a nutrunner for a garage and car service

An impact wrench is a tool that is used to unscrew and tighten screw and threaded connections. They can work equally well with nuts, bolts, screws or anchors. Wrenches have a high torque that allows even rusty nuts or tightly tightened fasteners to be loosened. Not a single line for the assembly of vehicles, frame construction or the installation of metal structures can do without this tool. It is also actively used in service stations and for “refinishing”. If you have a wrench, then you can always change the wheels for a car on your own or deal with an old, “sour” bolt. The main thing is to choose the right tool.

Types of wrenches

Wrenches are divided into several types – pneumatic and electric. The latter, in turn, are subdivided into network and battery. Each type has its own characteristics that will affect the choice of instrument..

Rules for the selection of pneumatic wrenches

The need for work is the main indicator to be guided by when solving a problem. There is no need to overpay for features that are then unnecessary. It is necessary to take into account only the nuances that are important for a particular consumer. How to choose a pneumatic impact wrench? The following tips help you make a decision:

  • Determining the types of transactions that are performed most often.

Loosening or twisting? Someone will need both functions at once. No more than 5 seconds should be spent on action with a tool with normal characteristics, work progress.

This is the type of impact wrench you should choose. If it takes more time, you need to think about a model with higher performance. This equipment will make it easier to solve the problem.

  • Allocation of compounds that are most often encountered during work. This influences the final choice of striking mechanisms..
  • Torque is also important. The recommended torque range is specific to each nut and bolt. Too large an indicator has a negative impact on work, just as too small.

The factor is determined by the material, the length of the mating washers, the pitch and place of use of the joint, other washers, seals, and so on..

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Tips for choosing the right air impact wrench

  • Air consumption is an important parameter. Depends on the compressor used in a particular case.
  • Rotational speed typical for idle.
  • Fit size to choose the right impact sockets.
  • Choosing the right anchor is important. Here the decision is determined by the frequency of changing nozzles..
  • How long is the working shaft of the tools? If access to the part for machining is difficult – there is a need for long shafts.
  • Trigger type. There is a trigger or push-button action. The latter option has become more and more popular lately..
  • A kind of handle. This part makes work more comfortable..
  • Tool weight. Pneumatic models weigh less than electric counterparts. The use of composite materials also contributes to a decrease in the indicator.
  • Hull type.
  • Design execution.

Application, principle of operation of the tool

The action of the tool can be described as follows:

  • Compressed air intake from compressor.
  • Further, this air goes to the air motor, which is equipped with a wrench.
  • Passage of energy through the mechanisms of starting, reverse.
  • Flywheels become simple couplings if the torque is too low.
  • When the screwing resistance becomes maximum, the main working elements stop..
  • In this case, the roller continues to move, which causes the pusher to move. The impact mechanism is activated. Many problems can be solved.

Varieties, device features

There are two main groups regarding this tool:

  • Unstressed.

Suitable for fasteners with simple shapes. Under such conditions, work does not require additional skills and knowledge. The work will be efficient, almost free of the risk of the nut flying off the thread.

  • Impact type.

They are used when the volume of work is more serious. For example, when the bolts literally rusted on the surface, “stuck” to it. During conveyor work, all kinds of percussion mechanisms are often used..

The wrenches themselves are available in different models, depending on the technical characteristics. The instrument itself is distinguished by a simple device, which remains approximately the same in almost all models..

Information about the best models

There are several models marked by experts and buyers in different ratings that will help you with the task of how to choose a pneumatic impact wrench for a garage:

  • ZUBR ZGUA-18-Li K – this variety was appreciated by buyers for its qualities not only in Russia, but also abroad.
  • AEG BSS 18C 12Z Li-402C – has a high quality battery.
  • The lightest models include BISON ZGUA-12-LI KNu.
  • Compact buyers call the Makita TL065DZ.
  • Ingersoll Rand W5300-K is recognized as the best in terms of functionality.

Scope of use

The device is actively used in several areas at once:

  • At assembly plants.
  • For the furniture industry.
  • Representatives of the construction industry.

And every year there are more and more such directions. High speed of work, provided by the support of modern technologies, is appreciated by the majority of users.

About some features in operation

The tool will last longer if you follow some tips from the masters:

  • The pneumatic impact wrench must not be stored in rooms with high temperatures and humidity, near sources of open fire..
  • Saving long-term and serious loads is also prohibited. Otherwise, the striking mechanism will start to fail ahead of time. If after 5 seconds the nut and bolt are not loosened, the tool is stopped. Better to replace the tool with a more powerful analogue.
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Problem bolts are recommended to be treated with special penetrating fluids. This can be an option like diesel fuel or gasoline, kerosene, brake fluid..

  • The system must not operate at too high a pressure. Otherwise, the unit will wear out too quickly..
  • The tool must be located outside the area of ​​possible collision of cars.
  • It is recommended to avoid dropping the device.

How to choose a pneumatic impact wrench: tips and tricks, the best manufacturers

Unscrewing, tightening threaded holes can be called the most time-consuming type of work related to repair and construction. Pneumatic impact wrenches allow you to turn even these actions into a routine formality, facilitate the solution of the problem.

A convenient tool has a lot of advantages, but the operation is associated with certain nuances. Therefore, it is worth considering in more detail a pneumatic impact wrench, how to choose a tool is easy to understand.

A wrench often has the same power as a screwdriver, but at the same time allows you to get high rates in terms of speed and effort. The convenience and performance of the tool are the main indicators that buyers should take into account when choosing the right model. All the advantages will allow you to feel a powerful and high-quality battery. It’s definitely not worth saving on batteries.

Design features and principle of operation

Outwardly, such devices are similar to pistols. The tool is equipped with a handle and a barrel, which consists of working elements and a number of systems. The latter also provides for the location:

  • engine;
  • springs;
  • clamping.

The principle of operation also depends on how the wrench is arranged. When the tool is turned on, the engine is also started, to which energy is supplied. After that, it is fed to the gearbox. The latter, in turn, actuates the clamp. If the model provides for the presence of a second spring, then this option is also suitable for unscrewing threaded connections..

The chucks are available in different bore sizes: 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch. The first option is relevant to use for solving problems in everyday life, the second and third – in construction and car workshops.

The principle of operation of the instrument is based on physical laws. The hammer strikes the output shaft while simultaneously directing its force onto it. Such movements lead to the formation of a moment of force. The design features of the device contribute to the fact that during operation the user does not feel vibrations. The scheme of operation of an impact wrench is similar to a simple hammer, when it is set in motion, swinging, and when the maximum amplitude value is reached, it is lowered onto an object.

The pneumatic version differs in that it does not require a network connection. Consequently, the operation of the tool is also possible in hard-to-reach places, on sites where there is no outlet. The main advantages are high precision and speed of work. With this option, the solution to the task does not take even 5 minutes. How does a pneumatic impact wrench work? The principle of operation of such an instrument is the same as that of a percussion instrument. The only difference is that the first works in the absence of a network. The torque is also different, the indicator depends on the size of the turbine, the number of blades and the pressure supplied by the compressor..

Type of food

Such tools also differ in the type of drive. There are two options. Electric wrenches operate only from the mains. A wide range of capacities allows you to choose the most optimal model. The direction of rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise) is set using the built-in controller. The weight of such devices varies between 1-9 kg. As power increases, so does the mass of devices. The advantages of this option:

  • performance;
  • reliability;
  • extensive field of operation: automotive, heavy industry, petrochemical industry;
  • versatility due to the large number of replaceable attachments and accessories.

The shock-rotary mechanism is the basis for the functioning of the devices. Among the main technical characteristics:

  • power;
  • number of revolutions per minute;
  • torque.

The higher the parameter values, the higher the productivity. The technical parameters determine the mass of the apparatus. Ergonomic design and vibration-reducing material ensure reliability and comfort.

Cordless impact wrenches stand out in the market for their autonomy and portability. This option is suitable for solving problems in places where the network is absent or unstable. The tool easily copes with loosening bolts and nuts, even if they are covered with rust. With the help of the device, parts made of various materials are fixed, in particular:

Best Air Compressors For Air Tools

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

Compactness and ergonomics allow using the tool both for solving everyday issues and for performing professional tasks. Such a device is suitable for motorists, especially when a wheel has to be replaced on the road. Equipping the tool with additional accessories increases the functionality. The work is carried out in the same way as in the previous version. It is based on impulse rotation. Due to the direction switch and torque power regulator, the quality of the task and reliability are ensured. The design of the apparatus includes:

  • handle;
  • “body”;
  • clamp;
  • source of power.

The shock function only enhances the performance of the apparatus. The main technical parameter of this category of tools is the maximum torsional moment. With an increase in the indicator, the capabilities of the device increase. This value ranges from 100-500 Nm. It is worth paying attention to the frequency of impacts. In turn, voltage and capacitance determine the performance and operating time of the apparatus. As power increases, so does weight..

Types of devices

Wrenches differ in the type of execution. There are several types of instruments. The first on the list is percussion. This option is considered the most effective in the modern market. What is an Impact Wrench? This is a device that allows you to perform a number of tasks, in particular, tightening and unscrewing screws and other threaded fasteners. In this case, the second option is possible only if there is a reverse.

Striking devices, in comparison with traditional ones, have better performance characteristics, although their cost is much higher. A special torque adjustment system allows you to customize the device for a specific case. The main characteristic of such a tool is the pulse frequency. The average value is approximately 3000 bpm. The introduction of electronic torque control systems provides convenience for the user, guarantees the quality of the task.

It is rational to purchase shockless models if work with large and heavy structures is expected. This is due to the high torque of rotation. Such a device is used for tightening and loosening nuts. The device is also distinguished by the option of reverse, and the handle is shaped like a pistol.

Many are interested in what an impulse wrench is. The operation of such a tool is based on the shock-rotational principle. As a result, movements are transformed into impulses. They go to the square, to which the socket head is connected directly. Using a special button, the direction of operation of the device is set: twisting or unscrewing.

Appearance of Impulse Wrenches

There are a number of factors to consider before choosing an electric impact wrench. It:

  • power;
  • speed;
  • maximum torque.

Correlation of the tasks ahead with the technical characteristics of the tool will help you choose the right model.

For such an option to function stably, a permanent connection to the AC mains is required. The devices are represented by a wide range of power. At the same time, deviations in the accuracy of displaying a given indicator are insignificant, and the device is different:

  • almost complete noiselessness;
  • compact dimensions;
  • ease;
  • built-in power regulator of the torque of rotation;
  • a system for establishing the direction of operation.

The torque of rotation of such tools varies in the range of 40-6000 Nm. In this case, the engine is cooled directly during operation, which eliminates the need to take a break.

The pneumatic version of the devices works on a different principle. In other words, compressed air is supplied through a special tube from the compressor. The peculiarity lies in the fact that this type of apparatus does not include an engine in the design. This ensures the lightness of the device, and, consequently, the reduction of the load for the user during operation. Before choosing a pneumatic impact wrench, you need to understand the scale of the task ahead. The choice of the appropriate model depends on this..

But which impact wrench is better: electric or pneumatic? Each of the options has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, for tire fitting, choose a pneumatic wrench rationally. This is due to the fact that the service station already has a compressor to carry out the work, so you will not have to spend a lot. Such a choice of a wrench for a car service guarantees a high-quality performance of the task. In all other cases, it is more expedient to purchase an electrical option due to the fact that compressors are expensive systems, and a network connection is available for everyone.

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Shape, materials and comfort

The shape of the impact wrenches can be straight and angular. In appearance, they resemble a drill. The only difference between them is the lack of a drill in the former. Instead of this working element, an extension nozzle is used, which is needed to fix the nut.

As for the materials used, here preference is given to a metal case, a handle with a rubberized pad. In the latter case, this is necessary to reduce vibration on the working surface and the user’s hand. Rubberized inserts along the entire surface of the case minimize the negative impact as much as possible, providing convenience and reliability. The production of devices is carried out according to innovative technologies:

  • the backlight indicator is introduced;
  • an electronic rotation control system is used;
  • an option is used that guarantees an instant stop of the device.

In order to minimize breakdowns and the formation of various defects, preference should be given to manufacturers who have proven themselves well on the market. Popular manufacturers include:

Bosch. The company offers high-quality impact wrenches, characterized by a long service life, reliability due to durable materials, and a comfortable handle. At the same time, the power range of the devices varies, which allows you to choose the most suitable model. Popular options include GSR 18-2-LI Plus, GDS 18 E and GSB 18-2-LI Plus.

Makita. The brand produces models that are characterized by balance and versatility. Such a device will come to the rescue in those situations when wrenches are powerless. At the same time, the company provides the market with options in three versions: amateur, semi-professional and professional. Most popular models – 6904VH and TW0200.

Sparky. Convenience, compactness, ergonomics, high-quality solution to the task at hand – all this applies to the products of this brand. At the same time, versatility allows you to use the tool for various purposes. Almost all users prefer the GUR 10.8Li HD model.

A wide assortment contributes to the selection of the most optimal option.

Main selection criteria

Most often, such tools are purchased for household needs and self-repairing cars. There are 3 criteria in the first place when choosing a device. It:

Power. The list of tool capabilities also depends on the indicator of the working resource. Professional models can deliver up to 1.2 kW. This value is sufficient even for loosening bolts in a construction crane or fastening wheels on trucks. The larger the resource, the more opportunities the tool provides.

Torque. This parameter is the most important, so the choice must be approached carefully. If selected incorrectly, the tool can tighten the nuts harder than required. As a result, this leads to breakage of keys when on the road it is necessary to replace a certain part and put a new wheel. Too high a value will break the thread. Therefore, this parameter must be taken into account and the tool must be selected based on the required value. For example, if it is required to repair plastic greenhouses, then 160 Nm will be enough, for the construction of a rail structure – 610 and 1000 Nm. The average value of 440 Nm is, for example, DeWalt DW294.

Speed. In modern versions, the value varies within 3000 rpm. This indicator is most appropriate if installation work is carried out at service stations or construction enterprises. For domestic needs, you should choose a tool with a lower value, excess power and number of revolutions are not needed. The best option would be 40-100 rpm..

The last two parameters are most important for professional tools where human strength is not enough. In this case, you need to choose powerful devices..

How to choose the right wrench: 10 main criteria

An impact wrench is a hand-held tool that is widely used for fixing threaded connections and fasteners. With the help of such an apparatus, wood grouses and anchor screws are installed. The device on the modern market is presented in two versions: pneumatic or electric. The first one works under high air pressure, and its use is relevant for production purposes. For solving everyday problems, the second option would be.

What is a wrench – now it is clear, it remains to figure out the main parameters of the tool that will help you choose the right model.

Additional functionality of devices

For greater safety and better quality of work, the equipment is equipped with auxiliary functions. The presence of such systems increases the capabilities of the devices. Most popular options:

Electronic speed control system. This option reduces the number of clamping rotations in the event that an obstacle occurs during operation. This parameter helps to eliminate breakdowns and prevents them.

Emergency brake. This option works in special cases. This, for example, jamming, hitting foreign objects. A special button, after pressing, stops the power supply, completely stopping the clamp. This option excludes defects.

Backlight indicator. This option allows you to perform tasks at night or in low light conditions. The indicator is located under the trigger. It allows you to clearly see the work surface even at dusk.

Another handle. Such an element provides reliability. It provides the user with a stronger grip on the tool when it is required to screw fasteners into a structure made of a material with a high density. The presence of rubber pads minimizes slipping during operation.

Brackets and straps are also used, allowing you to compactly store the instrument on the wall..

The choice of model is directly determined by the purpose of using the tool. When buying, power, speed and torque must be taken into account. These characteristics are the most important.

For example, the DeWalt DW292 model is suitable for domestic purposes, the Bosch GDX 18 V-LI option will be sufficient for service stations and tire shops, and professionals should give preference to more powerful modifications, for example, the Makita TW0350. The cost of devices is determined by the characteristics of the products.

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Cordless Impact Wrenches Rating

Start with equipment that can work autonomously.

Makita TD110DWAE

The screwdriver is of high quality and light weight. Ideal for a car. The chuck can loosen nuts and has a bit attachment. The number of revolutions is 2600 rpm. It is also necessary to note the shock characteristics, which are 3500 beats / min..

  • high performance;
  • light weight does not strain your hands;
  • the battery charges quickly;
  • extra battery included.
  • one speed mode.


What points do they rely on when buying a nutrunner

In order to choose a wrench that can handle complex fasteners, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Type of food. AC or cordless models can be used. If the device is for a garage, network devices are selected. For storage in the trunk, the driver must select the battery type.
  • Housing. There are models with a plastic case. However, regardless of the strength of the plastic, such a tool will not last long. Therefore, it is necessary to choose devices in metal cases..
  • Extreme brake. Allows you to quickly stop the device.
  • Backlight, an important criterion that makes it easier to work in hard-to-reach places.
  • RPM control sensor. Using this function, you can select the number of turns depending on the type of fastener that is unscrewed.
  • Adjusting the tightening force prevents thread stripping during operation.
  • Chuck type. This indicator determines which nuts the user can unscrew.

You also need to pay attention to the weight of the device. Bulky devices are not suitable for home use, as they take up a lot of space and cause difficulties in the process..

A high-quality device will last a long time


When choosing a device, you must consider the following characteristics:

  • power. This criterion depends on the place of use. For home use, 350 W models are suitable. For workshops, it is recommended to use a power of more than 1 kW;
  • torque. A characteristic that is of great importance when choosing a suitable impact wrench. A quality tool has 500 Nm of torque;
  • spindle speed. The speed of work depends on this criterion. For professional devices, suitable indicators are 1.5-3.2 thousand vol. per minute;
  • impact mechanism. Impact and impact wrenches are available. For easier operation, shock mechanisms are used. Using such a tool, you can unscrew the stuck fasteners.

Each manufacturer offers models with different characteristics.

Attention! A properly selected tool will serve for a long period without compromising its performance..

Rating of network impact wrenches

If it is possible to plug the device into an outlet, this must be used..


One of the most powerful cordless impact wrenches, suitable for long-term work in hard-to-reach places. Each user can adjust the speed of rotation individually, depending on the type of nut that will be unscrewed. The battery can be recharged at any time without harm to the device.

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The bright backlight makes the work comfortable, you also need to pay attention to the rubberized handle. Therefore, you can use the device with one hand..

  • brushless motor;
  • the rotation speed can be adjusted;
  • light weight.
  • the battery needs to be purchased separately.


The impact wrench is lightweight


The rating of cordless impact wrenches begins with the well-known brand DeWALT. A feature of the model is a powerful torque, which is up to 950 Newton meters. Therefore, the model is ideal for workshops and tire shops..

Brushless motor with a power of 610 W. Long engine life extends cooling so the instrument can be used in extreme conditions.

The device is powered by an 18-volt battery.

  • three speed modes;
  • brushless motor serves for a long period;
  • bright backlight makes work easier.
  • backlash on the battery pad.


Attention! The device recharges quickly, and is suitable for both a garage and an additional tool in a car.

The model has a lot of power

Criteria for choosing an electric impact wrench – TOP models

Working with bolts and fasteners is greatly accelerated when all the necessary tools are at hand. The wrench is an irreplaceable device in the garage of any motorist, and especially in car repair shops. With the help of such a wrench, you can unscrew any fasteners that come with a thread in a short time. In order to find the right tool, you need to study the rating of the best models.

The impact wrench is a useful tool for the garage

Benefits of pneumatic impact wrenches

But pneumatic tools are a more suitable option, in addition, their power is much higher. The source of energy for them is compressed air, which, falling on the rotor, is then transmitted to the spindle. In auto repair shops, direct impact wrenches with reverse and torque control are most in demand, but for some operations it is better to have a second device – an angular one. It should be noted that the pneumatic impact wrench finds its application on auto assembly lines, but only direct varieties are used there..

Mechanical nutrunner

This is not just a variety, it is a special tool that does not belong to any of their types or types of wrenches and has a clear purpose – to work with truck wheels. Although they can be both percussion and ordinary. But the principle of operation of percussion mechanical tools is somewhat different – the percussion mechanism turns on only if a load appears in the form of a nut resistance. Structurally and externally, this wrench resembles a familiar kitchen device and received its slang name – grinder for this very reason. Its other name is a key reducer.

Pictured is a pneumatic impact wrench

Irreplaceable driver’s assistant

Its important advantage is its independent mechanical principle of operation, compactness and portability. Such a tool in the arsenal, for example, of a trucker, is a guarantee of safety on the road and timely arrival at the destination. These wrenches are distinguished by both increased reliability and trouble-free operation. The manufacturers took into account the fact that their main purpose is to remove and twist the wheels of trucks, that is, rather heavy equipment, therefore, exclusively alloy steel that has undergone special hardening is used for their manufacture..

But it is likely that such a tool will be used in the household of a country house or summer cottage, at a construction site, for performing some operations, etc..

In the photo, an electric wrench

Wrenches for car industry service stations and not only

Considering that in any car there are a lot of nut-bolt connections, then at car assembly plants, as well as in service centers, you cannot do without a nut wrench, sometimes not one and even different types. But which one to give preference depends on several factors..

In this case, electric wrenches are used extremely rarely, primarily for fire safety purposes, since due to special conditions with an increased concentration of combustible substances, sometimes moisture and dust, if a spark occurs accidentally, a fire may occur.

Pneumatic impact wrench – how to choose

A wrench is essentially a large and powerful wrench used to loosen / tighten any nut connections. But unlike a conventional wrench, this type of tool, for example, even a manual wrench, is equipped with an option to control the force and torque of the nut tightening.

Wrenches are more often used in industrial enterprises, but they can find enough work in everyday life, especially if the owner is a car enthusiast.

Attention to technical parameters

The choice should be determined by other parameters, such as the power of the tool, the capacity of the battery (only for electric cordless wrenches), the availability of possibilities for adjusting the speed of rotation, force. It is preferable that the gearbox housing is made of metal, there is free access to the “cheeks”, on the housing and especially on the handle there are rubberized inserts to reduce vibration.

When choosing a household tool, the decisive moment of choice may be the weight of the wrench, you should also pay special attention to the location of the center of gravity.

It may be important to have additional options or to combine the functions of two tools in one device, for example, an electric impact wrench together with a drill or screwdriver.

Pneumatic wrench operation

Wrenches: main types and types

A wrench, although a very highly specialized tool, but the volume of work, as well as their scale, is quite impressive, and therefore for different purposes and tasks you can choose one of the types of this tool.

How to choose a wrench

Pneumatic wrenches

Professional pneumatic impact wrenches for tire fitting

An impact wrench is a highly targeted tool that simplifies the process of unscrewing and tightening fasteners in a car during repair work. It allows you to save time and increase the efficiency of repairs by 1.5-2 times..

The pneumatic impact wrench is one of the most demanded types of tools. It runs on compressed air, which is supplied to the torque unit by a blower. This tool is ideal for service stations and tire changers – it is lightweight, reliable and easy to use..

The main advantage of the pneumatic impact wrench is that it can be used even when working with fuel and lubricants. It works exclusively on mechanics and does not generate sparks, therefore it is 100% safe.

But it should be borne in mind that for the tool to work well, you need to use clean air without exhaust gases and dust. Otherwise, its service life will decrease by 1.5-2 times..

The pneumatic impact wrench should not be connected to a compressor that exceeds the capacity of the tool. Excessive pressure in the system can lead to complete breakdown of the device, which will be difficult to restore..

It is also necessary to carefully monitor the amount of lubricant in the mechanism. Lack of oil leads to poor performance and increased wear.

With active work, you need to disassemble the instrument and clean the dust from the air ducts every few weeks. This prevents clogging of the system..

What are the types of pneumatic impact wrenches and how to choose a reliable one?

On the tool market today, there are 2 main types of impact wrenches according to the principle of operation:

  • Shockless – loosening and twisting of the fasteners is carried out using a stable load with a well-defined effort.
  • Impact – The tool tightens and unscrews the nuts with a series of impacts. The pressure on the fastener is applied unevenly, which allows you to unscrew even tightly tightened and stuck nuts.

Impact wrenches are quite suitable for basic repair work, but for a service station and tire fitting, experts recommend using an impact pneumatic wrench, because often you have to deal with stuck nuts.

Straight and angle wrenches are also distinguished by the shape of the body..

The angle wrench is also popularly called a “pistol” because of the shape of the handle with the trigger. Such a tool is very convenient when working on weight and for unscrewing and twisting fasteners in hard-to-reach places. But such devices have limited power – up to 150 Nm. It is quite enough for working with passenger cars, but for trucks something more powerful is required..

The straight pneumatic tire wrench delivers much more torque. In some models, this figure reaches 4500 Nm – this is a full-fledged pneumatic impact wrench for trucks, with which you can even mount a tower crane. It is most convenient to work with direct devices on stands and workbenches. True, the price of such pneumatic impact wrenches in Ukraine is quite high.