How to choose an air screwdriver for your garage

Pneumatic impact wrench as a choice for the garage

If stationary use of the tool in the garage is expected, then auto mechanics prefer pneumohawk. The correct model can only be selected according to parameters.

Pay attention to the impact mechanism of a pneumatic impact wrench in the first place. It helps to loosen a stuck or rusted nut

Takes about 5 seconds for the impact wrench to work on one piece of hardware. The tool is in demand in garages, tire changers, auto repair shops, and other places where there is a need. The impact mechanism helps with large metal parts. Reverse power makes it easier for you to unscrew and tighten nuts with an impact wrench.

Black sockets are a better choice for impact tools

Best screwdriver set for electricians

Tip! It is best to choose black heads for your impact wrench. They are made of hardened steel that withstands the stresses better. If there is no impact function, you can go for the classic sockets in white.

The impact mechanism allows you to tighten the hardware with maximum force. No need for a manual overtightening torque wrench after the impact wrench. If there is no impact function, the person will have to perform a test re-tightening of the hardware by hand with wrenches.

Another important parameter is the rotor speed. Not to be confused with the torque, which determines the power. The rotational speed of an impact function air ratchet increases its power, but it has more of an effect on how fast you can work. High-rev models with a maximum torque of up to 8,000 lb. rpm are considered professional. It is the right choice for jobs with high volume of work.

Important! Small fasteners with a high torque may break threads if not used correctly.

The torque is the parameter that determines the power. If a weak impact wrench is used during operation, the nuts will not tighten properly. fasteners will loosen under load over time. The choice of pneumatic tools with a greater power than the recommended torque could overstress the thread. Over-tightened hardware will eventually collapse.

A professional impact wrench can have an output torque of up to 10000 Nm

Tire fitting stations and car repair shops use pneumatic impact tools with a minimum torque of 100 Nm. For domestic use it is better to choose less powerful models. If you need to choose a blowtorch for trucks, large agricultural machinery, the preference is given to the impact models with a large torque, for example, from 5000 to 10000 Nm.

The power of the impact wrench depends on the spindle size. The higher the torque, the larger the assembly. For example, an inch size spindle is necessary for metal fasteners with a thread diameter of 25 to 35 mm, and a 1.5 in. spindle is sufficient for 35 to 50 mm.

Carrying out the choice of pneumatic nutrunner, you need to make sure that the compressor compatibility, otherwise the tool will quickly fail. The optimal setting is when the operating pressure of the compressed air in the compressor tank is 2 bar higher than the air pressure of the pneumatic tool. Compressor capacity should be 1.3 times the airflow rate of an impact wrench.

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In the video tips to help you choose a successful pneumohawk wrench:

How an air screwdriver works

The tool is connected to an air compressor or compressed air line via a coupling. When the trigger of the impact wrench is pulled, compressed air begins to flow into the wrench through the hose, causing the rotor of the tool to rotate and driving the spindle. The reverse function, i.e. the ability to switch the movement in reverse, makes it possible not only to screw in but also to unscrew fasteners.

  • Straight blowgun wrenchesFormally designed with a handy gun shape in which the cartridge rotation axis is parallel to the motor axis of motion, providing high torque values;
  • Angle impact wrenchesThese models have a spindle rotation axis that is perpendicular to the motor’s operating axis. They have a low maximum torque and are great for hard-to-reach jobs.
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Features of air screwdrivers

When selecting a pneumatic wrench there are a number of features to consider:

  • The torque of the impact wrenchThis characteristic directly affects the power of the tool, i.e. the power to tighten and unscrew. Measured in meters/newtonne. Bear in mind that the higher the index, the more powerful the compressor needs to be. Pay very close attention to this factor when choosing a tool. too much torque can break threads, and too little torque can cause a threaded joint to “loosen. Screwdrivers with torques between 30 and 3000 Nm are available on the market. Models with torque from 1500 to 3000 Nm are good for big fixings, and models with torque from 100 Nm are good for mounting and demounting of rims;
  • wrench seat squareThe higher the torque, the larger the seat square. Pneumatic wrenches with ½ square drive are common for garage work. There are also powerful models with a 1-inch square footage;
  • Wrench air consumptionIn order for your air wrench to work productively and correctly, it must be compatible with the air compressor you are using: air consumption and working pressure. Compressor operating pressure is preferably 2 bar higher than the tool’s operating pressure, and the capacity. higher by 20 to 30 percent;
  • The weight of the impact wrench also influences performance. A too heavy wrench will make your hand fatigue, and a lighter tool will twist harder at a higher torque. The medium weight composite air wrench is the best choice. The weight of the impact wrench also depends on the type of impact mechanism, the lightest of which is the Twin Hammer.
  • Torque regulator at the wrenchTo adjust the maximum torque;
  • Impact wrench with reversing actionTo not only tighten, but also unscrew fasteners;
  • Kit that includes an impact wrenchSave time and money by buying an impact wrench as part of a kit with all related consumables and accessories. That can be interchangeable heads, hex wrench, extension cord, etc;
  • The presence of the impact wrench rubber pads and anatomical handles will make the process of work more comfortable, especially in cold seasons.
  • Airflow rate, l/min: 125
  • Speed of rotation, rpm: 7000
  • Chuck jaw square outside: 1/2″
  • Max. torque, Nm: 814
  • Pressure, bar: 6.2
  • Impact mechanism type: New Twin Hammer
  • Length, mm: 205
  • Weight, kg: 2.9
  • Airflow rate, l/min: 133
  • Speed of rotation, rpm: 10000
  • External square drive: 1/2″
  • Max. torque, Nm: 678
  • Type of beater: Jumbo Hammer
  • Length, mm: 120
  • Weight, kg: 1,55
  • Air flow, lpm: 190
  • Speed of rotation, rpm: 8000
  • Fitting square outside: 1/2″
  • Max. torque, Nm: 1220
  • Pressure, bar: 6,2
  • Type of beater: New Twin Hammer
  • Length, mm: 197
  • Weight, kg: 2,3

Service center for work with small commercial vehicles

In the STANKOIMPORT company assortment you find other models of pneumatic wrenches from the world famous brand HANS. Among them you are sure to find the one that will meet your requirements and needs, related to the repair of cars. HANS products have earned the trust of professional craftsmen in Europe, Asia, CIS countries, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania. get a HANS impact wrench and own professional quality tools!

Impact wrench types

Wrenches can be divided into straight wrenches and cant wrenches.

Straight pneumatic wrenches Usually pistol-shaped and easy to hold in horizontal position. Their chuck rotation axis is parallel to the motor’s movement axis, which ensures high torque values.

In angle wrenches Spindle rotation axis is perpendicular to the motor axis, which makes it suitable for problematic or heavily soiled nuts. These models are especially in demand for work in tight and hard-to-reach places. These wrenches generally have a low torque rating.

A distinction is made between impact and nonimpact wrenches.

Impact wrenches Great for fastener assembly and disassembly where less force is needed or for sensitive fasteners that require precision and accuracy. These tools do not break threads.

Impact wrench Plows a series of rapid, tangential blows. It starts out with long strokes, but goes to shorter strokes closer to tightening. It is at the end where the final force is required for a strong connection.

Impact wrench is the wrench of choice for unscrewing old and rusted connections, for installing and dismantling larger bolt connections.

Important! Impact wrenches need to use particular impact sockets (they are usually black), t.к. conventional wrenches can simply burst.

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What type of air screwdriver to choose for the garage

It’s easy to use an impact wrench in the garage because the compressor is located nearby. Sometimes there are situations where repairs have to be carried out outside, somewhere on the street. The hose from the compressor is not enough to the place of work. This is where a cordless impact wrench comes in handy.

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Rating of the best air wrenches

The compressed air tool is considered more durable. If it is possible to connect to a compressor, the best medium-power pneumatic wrenches are worth a look in the ratings.

Ombra OMP11281

Convenient, simple and reliable impact wrench. The advantage is the torque adjustment range of 68-815 N/m. Noise level of max. 83 dB during operation. Reverse power available. Quick-disconnect coupler makes it easy to connect.

The torque control makes it easy to adapt the impact wrench to different tasks


Another premium impact wrench that will last for years even under harsh conditions. Casing with rubber coating, so it has been successfully tested in a 2 m drop test. Internal button arrangement prevents accidental start. Torque. 570 Nm, air flow. 142,5 l/min.

Pneumatic wrench designed for ½” chuck

Metabo DRS 68 SET ½

The compact impact wrench is ideal for screwdriving in tight spaces. Total head height 55 mm. The tool is equipped with a 10 mm extension and a universal joint shaft. The air handler is designed for a working pressure of 6.2 bar and reaches 175 rpm.

Rating of the best cordless impact wrenches

In addition to pneumatic wrenches in the garage no less popular are electric models that run on battery power. Impact wrenches are less powerful but are convenient for mobility.


Model is considered a budget model, has a low torque of 250 Nm. Operates via 18 volt 1.5 Ah battery. One battery charge is enough to loosen 40 nuts and tighten 32. Achieves up to 3,200 lb. rpm.

Charging time of battery not more than 1 hour

AEG BSS 18C 12Z-0

No battery and charger included with the impact wrench, but it is a popular model. Develops up to 360 Nm of torque. Runs on a 4 Ah 18-volt battery. Generates 3,200 lb-ft of torque when in Impulse mode. strokes per minute.

When changing wheels, extended impact sockets are used


Wrench operates on an 18 volt battery but is available separately. Power tool develops up to 400 Nm of torque. There is a three-level speed control. Fasteners are tightened at speeds of 1 and 2. In 1 minute the electric wrench generates 3.2 thousand. blows.

Achieves 2,900 rpm at idle speed. rpm

Makita DTW281Z

The cordless ratchet wrench has a brushless motor. Maximum torque 280 Nm. 3 speeds available. Runs on a 18 volt, 4 Ah battery. Achieves 3,500 lb-ft of torque per minute. shocks. Reaches 2,800 rpm at idle speed. rpm.

Extensions and tool heads are available for this model, extending the functionality of the power tool

The best impact wrenches

Exactly the presence of shock function allows to cope with rusty fasteners. The rating of the best models will help you choose the right air tools of this group. Suitable for the garage and garage.


When idling, the impact wrench reaches speeds of up to 7,000 rpm. rpm. Requires air consumption of 119 l/min for normal operation. Maximum torque 920 Nm, operating torque 780 Nm. Pneumatic tool is suitable for maintenance of complex and loaded fasteners.

In terms of performance, the model belongs to the professional class

choose, screwdriver, your, garage

Kalibr PSU-16/310A

Selecting a pneumatic nutrunner for home use, you should pay close attention to the model “Kalibr”. Tool has a torque of 310 Nm. 6.3 bar pressure required for power work, air flow 114 l/min. Develops up to 7 thousand. rpm.

Equipped with air regulator

Fubag IWC 1300 1/2

The model is in demand for intensive repair work. The ½ square socket fits sockets from 10 to 27 mm. Double hammer blow mechanism. There is a power regulator that switches 3 modes of operation. Friction ring allows fast head exchange.

Rating of air tools

A careful study of parameters helps to choose the most suitable air tool. However, the specifications alone do not give a complete picture of the quality of the product. Choosing more will help the rating of the best pneumatic screwdrivers top 2019. It is compiled taking into account the user reviews, recommendations of professionals.

The best air wrenches for the garage

A good helper for the garage will cope with the threaded diameter of metalware up to 10 mm

The ST-5553 model opens the review of pneumatic wrenches. There is no percussion function, but this does not prevent the tool from being used in everyday life and at a professional level. With an air consumption of 400 l/min, the torque is 61 Nm, speed is 150 rpm. The good news is the reverser and the light weight of 1.2 kg. The disadvantage is the air outlet on the spindle side, which often interferes with the work.

choose, screwdriver, your, garage

Pneumatic impact wrench with a set of heads for sale

Despite the lack of an impact function, the DRS 68 Set 1/2 is considered the best impact wrench for domestic use in the garage. The set includes 7 sockets of size 10-27 mm. The height of each item is 55 mm. Cardan shaft allows you to cope with the metal at an angle of up to 45 °. Handle includes torque control. Spindle speed of 175 rpm at 220 l/min. Maximum torque of 68 Nm.

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Good garage impact wrench with socket and carrying case

The rating continues with a hammer blowgun from the already well-known Sumake company. 6,5 atm pressure is sufficient for quality work, but the air consumption is high. 480 l/min. 378 Nm of torque is powerful enough to drive fasteners with a thread diameter of up to 16 mm. Features reversing switch. Lightweight 2.1 kg impact wrench makes it easy to hold without fatigue.

The best impact wrenches for the car repair shop

Powerful air tool unscrews and unscrews hardened screws up to 38 mm thread diameter

The DSSW 2440-1 is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful impact wrench for professional use. The power tool handles heavy fasteners, rusted and jammed nuts, no problem. Operates at 6.2 bar pressure. Reaches up to 2440 Nm of torque. Spindle speed 6000 rpm. Two handles available, as a heavy duty double-acting impact wrench weighs 7.3 kg.

The IW-720 impact wrench features high performance

The impact wrench is powerful despite its compact dimensions. 720 Nm torque and 8000 rpm spindle speed help you loosen car and truck wheel nuts quickly. Low weight of 2.8 kg prevents fatigue in the hand. Reversible. Air flow rate up to 226 l/min.

Professional model requires up to 340 l/min air consumption

Professional model RT-5563 finishes the rating of pneumatic impact tools. Choose this wrench for repair of large equipment. Reaches up to 1898 Nm of torque. Spindle can be spindled at 4500 rpm at maximum speed. Reverse and additional handle for holding heavy tools, the mass of which is 7 kg.

Air-powered tool found in automotive repair shops and other applications. Use in unplugged environments, humid or explosive atmospheres. The main purpose. tightening and unscrewing of threaded fasteners.

Kalibr PGU-16310A. inexpensive

Workhorse for working with cars of small and medium size. Made of metal, which protects from destruction in case of accidental falls. Equipped with reverse function. Able to work long without interruption.

The SUMAKE ST-M1001 is the budget first choice for beginners

The combination of affordability and power output predestinated the nutrunner to be the first choice for first-time business owners. Capable of removing wheel nuts from all types of cars, as well as small trucks.

THOPVIK AIWI-1261. optimal for private garage facilities

Air ratchet wrench with long service life. Manages nuts on passenger cars and small trucks. High power as well as low vibration. Made of metal, so it is not afraid of accidental falls.

FUBAG IW-720. most powerful among budget cars

The pneumatic tool for mounting and dismounting wheel nuts on cars and trucks. Compact in size and low in weight. There is a function of regulating the tightening torque.

Metabo DSSW-360. the highest quality available

Pneumatic impact wrench is used in car service for tire fitting works. Equipped with high-life impact mechanism. Is distinguished by reliability. There are three levels of torque adjustment.

Cheap Workshop Air Tool System

Pneumatic impact wrenches rating may change over time. Connected with new models on the market with improved characteristics. To stay up-to-date, you should periodically visit retail outlets, look at advertisements and other sources of information.

With a maximum torque of 815 Nm and a speed of 8000 rpm this pneumatic impact wrench has a wide range of applications from garages and service stations to industrial facilities.

This wrench has 5 levels of torque adjustment, which will allow you to find the best settings for working with fasteners of different complexity. This is done with a wheel on the body close to the handle, which allows you to change the torque with one hand directly while working. It is also worth noting that the manufacturer has managed to find the best balance of size and weight, which makes working with such a tool very convenient. This tool has an ergonomic handle with grooves for better grip.

Other advantages of this tool are its impact resistant body and high quality materials that ensure high wear resistance of all parts and maximum service life.

The feedback on this wrench is strictly positive and many people note that there are no problems with unscrewing the nuts with it. All in all a great option for both personal and professional use.