How to choose an electric power border with a grass collector. Champion LM5345BS

How to choose an electric lawn mower for giving

Agree, no one takes a garden tool for aesthetic pleasure. Any unit should work. And overpay for unnecessary functionality, oh, I don’t want to. Before choosing an electric lawnical mower, we offer to know the equipment better through the correctly posed questions:

As soon as you figure out, you can familiarize yourself with additional functions. which can simplify work with garden equipment or simply improve the life of its owner.

About the cutting system

  • Rotor models carry out a mowing with a steel knife, which rotates on a vertical shaft and removes the grass with chopping movements.
  • Drumsy lawn mowers in design are more difficult than rotary analogues. They are equipped with several knives and before cutting the grass, they reaches it to the desired level.

Газонокосилка LM5345, первые впечатления после года эксплуатации

!Важно. В отличие от барабанных, роторные модели легче переносят неровности земной поверхности и спокойно переносят наличие в траве небольших камней, веток и других сторонних предметов малого размера.

Where are the devices for mowing with a drum cutting system? A great example will be the golf field and other sports grounds where the lawn remains an integral attribute.

In addition to maintaining the premium appearance of the lawn, such electric mowers are less injured by plants. This supports the “health” of the lawn, retains appearance and favors the growth of grass. For advanced models, interchangeable nozzles are provided, which allow you to better care for the personal territory.

Rating of the best electric lawn mowers. TOP 10

Category place name rating
The best inexpensive electric lawnies
The best wheeled electric lawn mowers
The best self.propelled electric lawn mowers

Makita Elm4620

Opens our rating of the best electric lawn mowers inexpensive wheelchair Makita Elm4620. If the idea of ​​buying an electric lawn mower also attracts you also due to the fact that they are usually easier and more maneuverable than gasoline then this “Makita”, alas, is not for you: the Japanese planned, and the Chinese collected a 1.8-kilowatt ELM4620 decently massive thanks to steel deck, she pulls at all 28.5 kg. But the unit came out rather reliable and tenacious (if you do not hide the stones and at least sometimes clean the deck), and even with a 46-centimeter knife. There are four modes of work, “like adults”. Grass collection of a 60-liter grass collector, leafing back or sideways, and when installing a plug-and mulching.

However, the design has one important nuance that needs to be taken into account. It used a non.speed collector engine with a lowering knife belt. a knife sits directly on the shaft of an asynchronous engine. And this means a high start.up current, like any asynkhronik, and less effort on the shaft, despite the seemingly rather big power. But, most importantly, we were not in vain about the fact that it was not worth placing stones. the blow from the knife is transmitted directly to the engine shaft, and some owners still managed to bend it even despite the plastic coupling under the knife, designed to serve a kind of “” fuse “. In general, this mower is best suitable for regular use on an already prepared area, “tear bushes” on bumps, in which it is not known what is hidden, “makita” is not worth.

Stiga Combi 44 E

Stiga attracts with decent power (1.8 kW) and a small weight. 14 kg. But we must not forget that relief has been achieved by an increase in the share of plastic in the structure, and and with a “sore” very characteristic of this model in the form of a breakdown of the height adjustment mechanism. Therefore, we definitely recommend this model only to work in “clean” areas, where the probability of running into a stone, or even a piece of reinforcement is at all, is minimal. it is shock loads on the knife, transmitted to the motor, and from it. to the case, and break in the case. As a result, lever.

Speasing width here is 42 centimeters. Height adjustment. from 25 to 75 mm. Without a 50-liter hard grass collector, the release can only be directed back, also a mower can mulch. So, if it were not for a clear miscalculation in the design of the adjustment mechanism, the braid would have good chances to rise in the ranking above.

The wife easily copes with the mower. The motor is powerful. Well, follow so as not to run into a stone, you need to.

MTD Optima 42 E

MTD, undoubtedly, attracts a small weight (15.7 kg) and a moderate price at a 1.8 kW engine power. But we must not forget that the low price and low weight are not taken from the air: Deco here is plastic, so remember caution, but in any case, this mower is not “for centuries”. For there is plastic in the mechanism of central adjustment of the height, which is generally typical of cheap braids and is equally typical of them a “sick place”.

The knife used 42-centimeter, the productivity of the mower with it is a good, 47-liter hard grass collector may even seem small. The possibility of mulching is provided for by the design, the plug is included, the knife when mulching uses a standard. But the steel of the knife is alas, it is soft, it is stupid quickly, and with a blunt knife, the efficiency of any electric shock falls literally before our eyes. So traditionally for a budget class, a field for imagination and hand application opens-well, someone even likes it.

I have to rule a knife often, I plan to somehow choose an analogue. I converted the wheels to the bearings, the benefit of its workshop is. And so that. inexpensively and mows.

Champion EM4118

Here, for example, is the same 1.8 kW, “wrapped in plastic”, while half the cheaper than we described below “Bosch”: True, Champion weighs even 13 kilograms, which can still be understood when the woman was purchased, but I would like metal just more. Fortunately, at least a penny and grams were not hidden on the knife drive, putting the knife directly on the engine shaft. it is collector, high.speed and, alas, compared to the same “Boshem”, which sounds like a natural pipe of Jericho (but still sh show this money), and the drive to the shaft of a 42-centimeter knife-belt. But with bearings in plastic, so a meeting with a reinforcement dug up at night a neighbor can end sadly: a mower can be used only with accuracy and for easy work.

Grass collector. combined (hard cover with a soft bottom), 50 liters. It is filled quite efficiently, but shakes up due to the features of the form not very. A complete knife, which is not surprising, made of soft steel, so it will be often to rule it (although its softness will not save a plastic deck to some extent, you won’t argue here).

A typical cheap Chinese, in principle to follow and bring to mind, so this is rather a designer, in my opinion.

Stihl Rme 545

Continues our rating of the best electric lawn mowers Wheel gas mower Stihl Rme 545. Stihl uses a 1.6-kilowth engine: this is not a record indicator, but already sufficient to work with a 43-centimeter knife. The knife itself is equipped with well.thought.out aerodynamic flaps, the task of which is to effectively “blow out” the mowed grass into the pipe leading to the grass collector. And the grass collector, we note, is quite decent. by 60 liters, which many gasoline mowers with their larger (which is already there) with performance can envy. The grass collector itself is hard, conveniently removed and emptying, equipped with an indicator of filling. With a traumatic collector removed, not only the emission of mowed grass is possible, but also mulching: the plug is installed in the emission channel, the knife remains regular, replacing it with a special mulching, as a number of manufacturers (including the Eternal Opponent “Pluke” in the face of “Khuskvarna”), not required. However, if for gasoline lawnmands, we could call the mulching mode a unequivocal plus, then for electric ones this is a controversial question: after all, for effective and productive mulching, especially when the grass is wet, you need more power.

Adjusting the mowing height of the mowing. central, in the range from 25 to 80 mm (seven positions of the lever). The pen has only three positions of height adjustment, but they are chosen competently, so you have problems with the convenience of using mowers only with a completely non.standard complexion.

Made for conscience, and with regular use, if you do not give the lawn overgrown, there is completely enough power.

Husqvarna LC 141c

The 22-kilogram “Husqvarna” is equipped with a 1.8 kW engine, and the solid torque of the motor also increases due to the reducing transmission to the knife with a clinic belt (in addition, in this design a meeting with a stone or reinforcement is not dangerous for the engine shaft, and and The belt serves as a kind of damper). The mower is regularly has a 50-liter cloth of a herbal collector, which has pluses and minuses-pros in the convenience of storage and transportation, and cons of less convenient compared to hard cleaning. The grass emission channel provides for the installation of a plug for mulching, so that for completeness of functionality there is not enough only side discharge. but, as is, in principle, it is accepted by Khuskvarna, a plug for mulching and a mulching knife, the so.called “BioClip set”, you will have to buy separately.

Moving height adjustment. in the range from 25 to 75 mm, central and already with 10 steps of adjustment: to be honest, it is difficult to imagine a situation where several millimeters of the difference between neighboring provisions are so important, but okay, they did so. The knife used 41-centimeter-this is with this engine power a reasonable choice. Unless, of course, the mower is “pulling” the power: with the extension cord, do not understand what cross.section will give too strong food drawings and lose the craving, which must always be remembered when buying any electric lawn mower.

I chose on the principle of “large, iron and famous brand”. It turned out a little expensive, although it suits me in work, especially since with the grass collector a cat is only around the house, it is not clogged.

Bosch Advancedrotak 760 (0.600.8b9.301)

We will not argue: part of the considerable price of this mower was clearly gone to the work of designers. Bosch looks expensive and that “high-tech”, you involuntarily wait for Mass Effect in the best traditions of Captain Shepard, telling all the loudspeakers that this is his beloved lawn mower. But, seeing 16 kilograms in the column “weight”, you immediately understand. but the metal did not report to us for this money. Indeed, a 1.8-kilowatt engine with a 46-centimeter knife are collected on a plastic deck at a price of a good “iron” mower.

Of course, excellent maneuverability and easy adjustment of the height of mowing with one button are interesting, like a small noise level, and comfortable handles. But to recommend this model (however, like all this “green” line of Bosch) for something more than episodic mowing on a flat surface, the author does not rise in the author-and in this a typically “amateur” Bosch segment is completely uncompetitive in price. Although we will not argue, for someone the words “well, he is pretty and Bosch” can also become a motive for buying.

best electric lawn mowers

Review of the best, according to the editors of About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to buy. Before buying, you need a consultation with a specialist.

It is impossible to maintain the lawn on the personal plot in perfect condition without special equipment. If the grass takes no more than 1000 kV. m of the area, and there are buildings nearby, then an excellent option would be the choice of an electric lawn mower. These models do not emit strong noise, so during operation the unit will not annoy the residents of the house and neighbors. Do not forget about the environmental component, the electric motor does not throw harmful substances into the atmosphere. Well, the decisive factor for many domestic homeowners is the affordable price of this garden equipment. A rich assortment of electric lawn mowers is presented on sale, so the ordinary consumer cannot do without the help of experts.

How to choose a lawn mower

We selected the 17 best electric lawners into our review. Places in the ranking were distributed taking into account the opinions of the expert community and consumer reviews.

Best electric non.self.propelled (wheel) lawn mower

Makita ELM4121

Weighing less than 20 kg, this mower does not burden when working or transporting an excess cargo, and at the same time, by the standards of the power tool, it is quite powerful. 1.6 kW. The lawn mower was equipped with a 50-liter herb-lid with a hard lid and a 41-centimeter knife: this is, in general, it is sensitive with such a power, so it’s better not to rush to the thickets, especially from the immediately established by the minimum height (it is regulated from 75 to 25 mm). Still, due to restrictions on power, electric mowers-the tool is more “preventive”, to maintain the site in order, and not for clearing the “wild”.

A mower can work without a grass collector. with an outlet or mulching. Naturally, it makes sense to mulch only low grass, not forgetting about the power of the engine, which is by no means unlimited.

Quite a suitable thing. Gasoline, of course, is faster, but only for the first time. and when you only conjure previously cut, then the electricity theme!

Honda Hre 370A2 Ple

A Japanese mower with its 37-centimeter knife and a power of 1.3 kW, which is obvious, is designed for relatively small and even areas, without “extreme” on loads. But the compactness and maneuverability in such conditions are important-and the 15-kilogram “Honda” should not disappoint in this regard: of course, many models weighing up to 12 kg, and with more powerful motors but at the cost of replacing metal even where it is not necessary, where it is not necessary, You understand.

The grass collector here is soft and the smallest among all the participants in the rating: 35 liters. This once again confirms the focus of the mower to small volumes of work. in fact, we took it as a good example of mowers of this class. The main thing is not to buy it for conditions when a mower is needed more powerful and on large wheels, hoping that “this is Honda”: ​​each tool is his own working conditions. And, of course, the mower does not know how to mulch. with this power, the mulching mode would look like a real mockery.

For a personal plot, it is the most, the area is not transcendent, and I do not forget to pump it, so maneuverability is more important than power.

The best mechanical lawn mower

Husqvarna 54

Speasing width 40 cm. The height of the mowing is tuned in the range of 12-38 cm. Maneuverable, works well on a limited area. Gives a beautiful even pattern. Ideal for a flat area with short grass, to eliminate the shortcomings with mowing trimmer.

  • Maneuverable
  • Gives a clean, uniform cut
  • Simple setting
  • Easy to disassemble and clean, does not require complicated maintenance

Mows perfectly, removes and high grass. Makes even a plot with pits even. After a gasoline trimmer for grass, this machine is just a vacation for hands, ears and brain.

TOP 5 budget options

The expensive model with a high level of power is far from always needed. If the area of ​​the lawn is small, and the site is used as a cottage, then it makes no sense to purchase the most expensive units. The inexpensive model will fully cope with the duties assigned to it. The rating of the best electric lawn mowers that can be purchased inexpensively will help to decide on the choice of the right model.

1600 watts engine was designed specifically for lawn mowers. The height of the cut is adjustable from 2.5 cm to 6.5 cm, the width is 34 cm. Volumetric plastic grass collector allows you to accumulate up to 40 liters of waste, and the material from which it is made easily washed from the remnants of grass and juice. A good balance of the knife and engine, and the orientation of the air flow into the ground, allows the unit to work almost silently.

a power of 1.8 kW of power, the device weighs no more than 12.5 kg due to the plastic case. The speed of revolutions per minute reaches 3200. Grass collector volume 50 liters. The height of the mowing is regulated from 2.5 to 8.5 cm, and the width of the mowing is 43 cm. The device does not have a mulching function, and cannot work autonomously, since it does not have a battery.

A small model is easy to manage and maneuverability. She works very quietly and productive. The engine has the ability to 1100 watts. The bevel width reaches 34 centimeters, and the height can be adjusted from 2.8 to 6 cm. It is possible to release grass back, but for waste a travate is provided with a volume of 28 liters made of plastic. The only negative is the power cord, and the impossibility of autonomous work.

This is a great option for private use. A 1200 W engine has protection against damage to garden garbage. The device has a folding handle, which simplifies transportation or storage. The height of the haircut is adjustable from 3 to 8.5 cm, the width of the mowing is 40 cm. The braid has a soft grass collector with a volume of 50 liters, equipped with an indicator of filling. The case is made of polypropylene. The model performs the function of mulching.

This lawn mower is rightfully headed by a rating of inexpensive electric lawn mowers, since in addition to a beautiful appearance and a weight of slightly more than 8 kg, it has high qualitative characteristics. Manual tuning of a bevel height has a range from 2 to 6 cm, the width is 32 cm. The unit has a hard collection for waste with a volume of 29 liters and has the function of the rear emission of grass. The model is equipped with an engine with a capacity of 1200 W, and the speed of rotation of the knife can reach 3400 revolutions per minute. The wheels of the model are made of soft material, which allows you to save the lawn in good condition.

The best gasoline lawn mowers

The models working on gasoline are no less in demand. High power allows you to use the unit not only for haircuts of grass, but also for pruning bushes. Autonomy allows you to use the device in conditions where there is no electric network.

Before choosing a lawn mower, it is worth studying its characteristics. Particular attention should be paid to the power, noise level that makes the device and mulching functions. Self.propelled models greatly simplify the care of the lawn, and the options for units, on which you can go riding, allow you to enjoy this lesson.

The best gasoline lawn mowers

The models working on gasoline are no less in demand. High power allows you to use the unit not only for haircuts of grass, but also for pruning bushes. Autonomy allows you to use the device in conditions where there is no electric network.

Before choosing a lawn mower, it is worth studying its characteristics. Particular attention should be paid to the power, noise level that makes the device and mulching functions. Self.propelled models greatly simplify the care of the lawn, and the options for units, on which you can go riding, allow you to enjoy this lesson.

It perfectly combines the price and quality. This is a great option for servicing an area up to 1000 m2. Power of 2.7 liters. With. and the width of the mowing of 41 cm allows you to quickly and efficiently perform the work. The grass can be thrown back, to the side or into a grass collector with a volume of 50 liters. The weight of 27 kg leads to the rapid fatigue of the operator. For processing a larger area, it is worth choosing models with a smaller weight. The advantages of the model include high ergonomics, a reliable metal case and quiet operation.

The model continues the rating of gasoline lawners due to low price and high.quality materials for the manufacture of the case. Power of 5 liters. With. and the width of the mowing of 46 cm allows you to quickly clean the extensive territory of grass and shrubs. The model is easy to control, and allows you to drown the engine with one click on the brake. This function provides additional security.

Such an unit is designed to work at flat sites.

The rear.wire model makes it possible to work on uneven areas with various pits and tubercles. A 60.liter.equipped grass collector and equipped with a special seal allows you to work without stopping for a long time. Power of 5.5 liters. With. makes it possible to process shrubs with hard branches. The mulching function allows you to use mowed grass for economic needs. The only drawback is the weight of 38 kg, which complicates the management of the unit. To simplify cleaning the inside to the body, you can connect the hose.

Large wheels make it possible to easily control the unit. The case and declining made of steel, which increases the life. The grass is thrown into a large grass collector by 50 liters or back. Speasing height can be adjusted in 10 positions, from 2.5 cm to 7.5 cm. The weight of the device does not exceed 24 kg.

This powerful unit allows you to process small and medium sections, which rightfully takes first place. The rear.wheel drive makes it possible to mow grass on an uneven surface. Grass can be thrown to the side, back or a nylon bag with a volume of 70 liters. Engine power 6.5 l. With. allows you to cut grass and shrubs with thick branches. The unit has a capture of 53 cm wide and mowing height from 2 to 8 cm.

What to look for when buying a lawn mower?

There are several factors that must be taken into account when buying a lawn mower.

  • The size of the lawn. If your lawn has an area of ​​more than 20 acres, then it is better to buy a mini.mower mini.mower. Pushing an ordinary lawn mower, even with a wheel drive, will be quite difficult, especially in hot weather.
  • Landscape features. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the landscape. Your lawn is flat or hilly? There are obstacles in the form of fountains, landings, beds? For a small even lawn, an electric lawn mower without a wheel drive is quite suitable. The self.propelled device is preferable to cut the hills, this will greatly facilitate the overcoming of obstacles. The presence of obstacles and landings must be taken into account when choosing the size and maneuverability of the lawn mower.
  • Source of energy. We have already said that the lawn mowers are gasoline and electric. Those and others have their own advantages and disadvantages. Gasoline is usually more powerful, they can work all day without recharging. At the same time, they are somewhat more difficult to serve, they are noisy and they are difficult to start. In turn, wireless electrical devices are much quieter, they are launched from the button, but they work until the battery is discharged. Wended electric gas codes can work for an arbitrarily long time. However, not everyone is happy with the wire dragging behind.
  • The size of the lawn mower. The size of the blades depends on the size of the case, and therefore the width of the strip that you can cut in one pass. The width of the case can vary from 50 cm to 175 cm. A large lawn mower shaves a wider strip, but it is harder and it is more difficult for it to maneuver.
  • Waste of grass. Cheaper models are not equipped with assembly bags. And it suits many. The grass remains on the lawn and after a while turns into a natural fertilizer. However, if there are a lot of grass, then it must be removed. Otherwise, it can harm the lawn. expensive devices have containers for collecting grass.
  • Accessibility of accessories and spare parts. Not for all models on sale there are additional accessories. For some, it is quite difficult to find spare parts, problems may arise during repair. Among additional accessories, such as: trailers (for mini.tractors), rake, soil aerators, fertilizers and others.

Which lawnical mower to choose?

Mechanical lawn mowers are not equipped with an engine. The drum with blades begins to rotate when the lawn mower is pushing. These are the cheapest lawn mowers and it makes sense to buy only if you have a very small lawn.

There are wired and wireless. Electric lawn mowers are found with drives on wheels and the form of mini.tractors. They are bought, since it is easier to use electric devices, they are usually cheaper and less noisy.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a lawn mower equipped with a grass collector?

In order for the purchase to be successful, the lawn mower has served for many years and was really practical and profitable investment, it is important to understand not only as a mechanism of its work, but also how to choose the right.winged line with the grass.bombard of the optimal coffeector.

The functional purpose of the grass collector is to cast cut grass into the container, to collect it, without necessity, at the end of the work, clean the lawn manually. This function is very convenient and can save a lot of time, but no one will be able to do without interruptions. The whole point is that the capacity of the grass collector will also require systematic cleaning, but even with this circumstance, it is the best. Select a mower with a grass collector. A correct and rational decision that can simplify many processes and give the owner the opportunity to do more important matters. When the buyer goes to the store or considers options for ordering on the Internet, he simply does not know which model is the best. When choosing a mower with a grass collector, it is important to pay attention not to the brand and model, but to the quality and material of its manufacture.

The configuration of the grass collector. advantages, disadvantages and features

The fact is that manufacturers have provided only two options for the performance of the grass collector, and each of them will have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. In order to determine which a lawn mower to choose with a grass collector, it is important to know that they are plastic or soft. In the first case, the travosfbor is literally a box that the vegetation enters, and its drawback is that the owner will not understand when he is filled. In terms of cleaning, it is as convenient and simple as possible. grass and the remnants of other plants, will quickly withdraw, not making this process difficult.

In the second case. the bag is made of a grid, into which the grass gradually enters, and to understand when the grass collector is filled, quite simply. it will stop thinking from the falling air. However, its significant drawback is the difficulty in cleaning, especially when begging wet grass. it will be extremely difficult for the owner to clean such an unit, often you have to use a vacuum cleaner or wash a bag.

Functional features of electric lawn mowers

Based on the definition itself, it becomes clear that electric lawn mowers differ from their analogues of power supply. If gasoline requires regular renewal and fairly costly gasoline fuel, then everything is much easier here. connecting to the power supply network gives an impressive impetus for productive operation. However, it is worth noting that any electrical equipment should be used with strict compliance with safety rules, because situations that danger the health and life of the user is far from uncommon, but rather a sad pattern.

Thus, the choice of the electric municipal mower should be justified, especially on the basis of the safety parameter, because if you do not straighten the long wire correctly and regularly, it can fall into the cutting element, which provokes the shock of the person who controls them. In view of such inconvenience, there is some alertness of potential buyers and the importance of understanding how to choose an electric wiper.

It was not necessary to wait for a solution to this problem, and today, in the market of garden tools, everyone will easily find an electric launcher for an uneven surface equipped with a battery. over, some models are so improved that they can easily mow the territory for 1 hour. is this not the achievement of developers? Now worry about the wires, there is simply no need, and a bevel of a small area of ​​up to 20 acres per hour is quite objective reality.

One of the significant advantages of using batteries is that they do not make noise at all, and this gives the procedure for mowing the grass incredible comfort, and often reverence, along with a delightful smell and ease of control of this unit. An important aspect of work, which is often confirmed by reviews about electric lawners, was a complete absence of harmful emissions, which means to work with such units, much more pleasant than with gasoline analogues.

What should be the optimal power of the lawn mower?

In order for the process of carrying out regular household chores to be simple and economical before purchasing an unit, with an impressive cost, it is worth understanding how to choose an electric lawn mower for a summer house, garden or personal plot, based on a comparison of the processed area and power of the device. The fact is that the rationality of the acquisition of such equipment is that to save the time and strength of the owner, while spending not much money, for the purchase and maintenance of equipment.

Given the fact that the best lawnies of electric migors are of two types, it makes sense to understand which is suitable for a specific situation. So, distinguish:

  • Rotational-powerful and dimensional unit installed on a 4-based wheelbue. Such equipment is impressive, sometimes up to 40 kg, which significantly complicates the process of moving such a monster. However, they can be equipped with a lot of additional functions. mulching, trimmer for grass and so on. They have significant power, often about 1600 watts, which means they spend more electrical energy to implement a productive workflow.
  • Drum. a fairly productive unit capable, can easily cope with the ennolation of a small territory. In areas up to 500 m2-such equipment will be incredibly productive and easy to use, since its weight rarely exceeds 15-20 kg. After all, as you know, the best electric lawn mowers for giving those that are easy to transport and use. It should be understood that the power of such a device will not be very high, within 300-600 watts.

Based on the above characteristics, the lawn mowers are productive. Reviews and rating of their use are often positive, because the owners receive a lot of pleasure from working with such an unit, especially if it is selected correctly, taking into account the main features and filled with functional advantages.

Wheel braids are considered easy to use and inexpensive. They are great for small patio, because they are easy to use and very maneuverable.

Газонокосилка Champion LM5345BS. Честный тест-драйв. Первое впечатление от эксплуатации

Makita Elm3720

A compact and inexpensive non.self.propelled lawn mower from a well.known manufacturer will become an indispensable assistant for the owners of small household plots.

With this device, you can easily and quickly shorten the lawn grass, but keep in mind that the width of the haircut is 37 cm. The height of the haircut can also be adjusted within 20-55 mm using a small regulator on the case.

The hull and wheel of the braids are made of durable plastic. This makes the device case very light, but if a stone is accidentally hit, you can damage a plastic jumper. There is also a folding plastic handle on the case, which can be adjusted in height depending on the growth of the user.

  • works quieter than analogues;
  • The power of the device is also enough to cut high grass;
  • Convenient position of the haircut height lever;
  • good position of the thread fastening;
  • High.quality assembly of a plastic case.

Makita Elm4620

A powerful and maneuverable mowing of the middle price category with an additional width of a 46 cm width will be enough for work even in large gardens. The instructions indicate that the tool will successfully cope with the mowing of lawns up to 800 kV. Another feature of the device. on its case you can install a nozzle for mulching. A 60-liter flexible tank is provided for collecting mowed grass.

In addition, mowed grass can be discarded to the sides and backward. The gas mowing housing has increased resistance to mechanical damage, as it is made of steel. The folding handle is designed for convenient storage. It can be adjusted in height to comply with the user’s different growth.

  • Excellent build quality and housing materials;
  • high power allows even high and wet grass to mow;
  • There is a lateral and rear emission of grass;
  • You can connect the nozzle for mulch;
  • Large width of the cut.

Makita ELM4121

With a mass of less than 20 kg, the lawn mower does not burden itself with excess cargo during operation or transportation and at the same time, by the standards of the power tool, quite powerful. 1.6 kW. The lawn mower was equipped with a 50.liter basket with a hard lid and a 41 cm knife. with such a power it is generally sensitive, so it is better not to rush into the thicket, especially with the immediate minimum height. (here is regulated from 75 to 25 mm). However, due to restrictions on power, electric lawns are rather a means of “prevention” to maintain order on the site, and not to remove the “wild” site ”.

The mower can be used without a grass collector. with emissions or mulching. Of course, it makes sense to mulch only low grass, not forgetting about the power of the engine, which is by no means unlimited.

Bosch ARM 34 (0.600.8A6.101)

Compact, light and economical lawn mower specially designed for small gardens. With it, you can easily and quickly mow grass on the lawn up to 400 square meters. The width of the mowing is optimal and is 34 cm. For a convenient collection of mowed grass, a hard tank for 40 liters is provided. It is very easily removed and not clogged even with a wet span.

The tool has great power, so they can mow even high grass. The height of the haircut can be adjusted using a special lever. Depending on the location, the remaining height of the grass can be 20-70 mm. The handle of the lawn mower is folded for more convenient storage. In addition, it can be adjusted in height in accordance with the growth of the user.

  • Convenient and convenient tool;
  • Excellent value for money and quality;
  • high power allows even high and wet grass to mow;
  • durable and rigid basket for collecting garbage;
  • Democratic cost.

Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201)

High.quality electric lawn mower from a large German manufacturer is highly ease of use. Ergoflex handles are so ergonomic that even prolonged work does not tire the operator’s hands. The case itself is compact, a special approach to design, and the guides Grasscombs made it easy to mow the lawn at the walls and fences. The height of the haircut is fixed with a manual switch in one of the five provisions, which allows you to install a range from 2 to 7 cm. According to reviews, the lawn mower is quite simple in maintenance, setting and assembly are not difficult. In addition, he practically does not make noise and copes with his main task perfectly. The disadvantages of the device are typical for technology. a weak steel of an ordinary knife, which should be protected from stones.

  • comfortable handles;
  • elementary height adjustment;
  • simplicity of service;
  • It also adapts well to high grass;
  • information instruction;
  • A wide spectrum of mowing.

Honda Hre 370A2 Ple

Japanese lawn mower with a blade of 37 cm and a capacity of 1.3 kW, of course, is designed for relatively small and even areas without “extreme” loads. But compactness and maneuverability in such conditions are important-and the 15-kilogram Honda should not disappoint in this regard: obviously, there are many models weighing up to 12 kg and with more powerful engines. but at the cost of replacing metal even with plastic where it is not necessary, you yourself understand.

The national basket here is soft and the smallest of all the participants in the rating. 35 liters. This once again confirms the orientation of the lawn mower to small volumes of work. in fact, we accepted it as a good example of a lawn mower in this class. The main thing is not to buy it for conditions where a more powerful and large wheel mower is needed, based on the fact that “this is Honda”: ​​each tool has its own working conditions. And, of course, the lawn mower does not know how to mulch. with this power, the mulching mode would seem a continuous mockery.

Which electric lawn mower is better to buy

When choosing a suitable electric lawnutow, you need to be guided by your needs and take into account the operating conditions:

  • For small areas, any model is suitable, both small and large in power. On the other hand, for large areas of 5 hundred parts and more light appliances is not suitable due to limited performance.
  • It is better to get a brand that is served in one or more service centers nearby. Durable units also require periodic renewal of some components and spare parts.
  • There is a difference in the method of adjusting the height of the haircut: medium. the simplest and fastest, wheel lever is longer, but such models are cheaper.
  • Mulching is an additional function, but on budget models it is not required.

The main thing when buying is to clearly determine in which the unit will be used and take a model that fully meets the needs.