How to choose the right chain saw

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How to choose a chain saw

How to choose a chain saw for work in a summer cottage.

Chainsaws are recognized as the best units for gardening in a summer cottage.

The chain saw is easy to maintain and use, you just plug it in and get to work: you cut branches, cut wood, fix the fence and use it in various carpentry jobs.

Saw advantages:

The main structural elements of the chain saw:

When buying a chain saw, pay attention to the motor power. For simple work in the garden, a saw with a power of 1000 W to 2100 W is also suitable, but experts advise purchasing a tool with a power of at least 2000 W, since with small voltage drops in the power grid, a more powerful engine will retain its performance and with a large amount of work the engine withstand the load.

Chainsaw Chain Types Explained

The location of the motors for the chainsaw is of two options: transverse and longitudinal.

a longitudinal motor saw is preferred if you will be sawing bushes and trees near the house, or if you will be cutting branches while climbing trees. For such manipulations, a narrow and compact saw with a longitudinal motor. you can’t imagine better.

In a saw with a longitudinal motor, a bevel gear is installed in the gearbox and it does not fully transfer the engine power to the sawing machine, from which the efficiency of such a saw decreases to 80%. a saw with a longitudinal motor with a power of 2 kW will transfer 1.7 to the chain. 1.8 kW.

The cross-motor saw is more suitable for such tasks as sawing logs and shaping the crown of trees. The side motor on the saw guarantees 100% transmission of its power, without reducing efficiency and will transfer the declared 2 kW to the chain, respectively, and it will cut better and faster.

Cross saws are much more durable and reliable, and they are also lighter in weight and therefore more comfortable to work with, since the back does not get tired during work.

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Makita UC4530A

A couple of kilowatts of power is not the greatest indicator for this type of tool, but the Makita chain saw uses them to the maximum, giving excellent efficiency. Perfectly balanced design does not annoy the user with vibrations or noise, and thoughtful cooling reliably protects the main elements from overheating even in the most extreme heat.

choose, right, chain

In addition, the saw has a very modest weight. only 4.4 kilograms, which is very small for a technique of this kind, so fatigue comes with it much later, and if necessary, the model fits perfectly into fragile female hands.

Hitachi CS45Y

The chain saw from a venerable manufacturer boasts good efficiency at 2 kW of power. The location of the main structural elements of the model may not be the best in terms of balance, but the case itself was distinguished by high-quality plastic and very comfortable handles with soft pads, so there are no questions about ergonomics as such.

The chain is adjustable without a key using a large lever that can be controlled even with thick gloves. The performance of the oil pump is also easily changed, so that the equipment can be adjusted for a specific brand and minimize underfilling or overruns.

Tool features

  • good power and good performance;
  • well-organized security system;
  • high-quality and reliable chain;
  • comfortable ergonomic handles;
  • attractive price tag.
  • finicky oil pump.


Difficulties of choice

Today’s power tool market pleases with a huge variety of models, where even professionals sometimes have serious doubts, not to mention those who are new to this business. The choice is complicated to a large extent by the dominance of consumer goods from the notorious Celestial Empire. Chinese no-name manufacturers tirelessly churn out blatant hack and clog the Russian markets with their products.

Of course, among the heap of cheap chain saws from little-known companies, you can find quite decent options, but this is only a rare exception, and by no means the rule. Therefore, it is better to trust trusted brands that care for their reputation, as well as for each client.

Top chainsaw manufacturers:

  • “Makita”.
  • “Champion”.
  • Husqvarna.
  • “Bosch”.
  • Stihl.
  • “Hitachi”.
  • Karcher.

Choosing a branded tool, you can be sure of the reliability of the product and its high quality. There is a serious struggle on the market for each client, and venerable manufacturers minimize the percentage of defective lines on the lines or mediocre service, that is, something that can scare off the consumer. Yes, the products have a noticeably higher price, unlike their Chinese counterparts, but the buyer clearly understands that he is overpaying precisely for guaranteed quality and reliability.

Chainsaw ratings are as follows:

  • Stihl MSE 250 C-Q-16.
  • Champion CSB360.
  • Makita UC4530A.
  • Hitachi CS45Y.
  • Interskol PC-16 / 2000T.

Let’s consider the participants in more detail.

Stihl MSE 250 C-Q-16

This is one of the very best options this segment has to offer. The model received a 2.5-kilowatt motor with a soft start, as well as an intelligent electronic temperature control sensor. Branded chain in tandem with a powerful motor can give excellent performance, only have time to remove chips.

As for ergonomics, there are no questions here. The design is well balanced, the grips are extremely comfortable and the engine noise is minimal. The model turned out to be reliable, productive and fully justifies the funds invested in it.

The chain saw is an indispensable tool in a private home. The option with a two-stroke gasoline engine, although it enjoys enviable popularity, but its practicality is a big question. Here we have regular refueling, maintenance of the carburetor and filter system, as well as additional financial costs. Of course, the clear advantage of gasoline saws is mobility, but in some cases it does not play a critical role.

Chainsaws do not need refueling or specific and regular maintenance, besides, the resource of the power tool is noticeably higher than gasoline models. Plus, the user is freed from the smoke, roar and vibration that are inherent in internal combustion engines. In addition, you can find battery-powered chain saws on sale, so we also solve the issue of mobility.

Champion CSB360

This model runs on a lithium-ion battery (36 V / 2.6 Ah), and the charger is already included in the kit, as well as in the total cost of the tool, which is very rare in this segment. A good half of manufacturers, in order to attract a buyer with an attractive price tag, remove not only the charger, but even the batteries themselves.

The saw received a proprietary Oregon chain, 30 cm wide, with a 3/8 tooth pitch. It should be noted right away that there will be no problems with replacement. Although the standard chain is proprietary, any analog of this form factor is suitable as an alternative. There are no problems with the adjustment, and the whole process takes place without the participation of keys and screwdrivers.

Saw Features

  • excellent performance / efficiency;
  • easy and convenient chain adjustment;
  • light weight and perfect balance;
  • efficient cooling system.
  • short cord;
  • oil pump without adjustment.


How the chain saw works

The saw is a useful tool in the household, which is often used when cutting branches in the garden, sawing wood and carpentry.

Compact and easy-to-use tool does not require knowledge and skills in handling a gasoline engine

Initially, hand-held chainsaw models were quite bulky and heavy. Unsurprisingly, the introduction of electric chainsaws to the market has been enthusiastically received by most consumers. In addition to ease of use, a significant advantage of the power tool is that it is environmentally friendly, since it does not emit exhaust gases during operation. This is especially true when cutting materials in confined spaces.

The main structural elements of the chain saw are:

  • electric motor in the housing;
  • guide rails;
  • chain;
  • oil pump with oil reservoir.

When the unit is turned on, the motor generates a rotary motion, which is transmitted to the sprocket by means of a bevel gear or direct drive. The sprocket placed in the common plane with the chain begins to rotate it, thanks to which the cutting blade easily cuts wood.

Recently, many manufacturers are equipping models with a centrifugal clutch, thereby preventing damage to the electric motor and saw gearbox during a loop.

Electric models of chain saws are famous for their long service life, which is achieved due to constant lubrication of movable elements during operation.

The chain oil in a special container is pumped by a pump onto the tire, from which it spreads through the chain along the sprockets and the cutting blade. Many models have a function for adjusting the intensity of lubrication, which allows you to work with materials of different hardness.

The volume of the container is on average 120-200 ml. This volume is enough for 2 hours of continuous work. The operator’s task is to control the oil level in the tank, otherwise, working “dry” the motor will quickly overheat and the tool will fail.

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To facilitate the task of controlling the volume of liquid, manufacturers make transparent inserts in the case or provide for a special probe.

Parameters for choosing a quality saw

The modern market offers a wide range of models. Among the well-known brands of well-established manufacturers, the most popular are: Bosch, Sparky, Patriot. There are also less promoted brands, which are often not inferior in terms of the presented functions. Therefore, when choosing a chain saw, it is worth focusing not only on the advertising of the brand, but also on the performance characteristics of a particular model.

The material on what to look for before buying a saw will also be helpful:

Household or professional tool?

Like any power tool, the chain saw is presented on the market for household and professional models. Professional tools are more powerful, which allows them to operate without stopping for a longer time. It is better to choose them when you need frequent use.

Most professional models are equipped with the function of maintaining a constant engine speed, as well as vibration protection and comfortable handles

The only drawback of professional chain saws is their high price, which is often several times higher in comparison with household counterparts.

Household chain saws are more designed for short-term work. The time of continuous operation of the tool is limited to 10-15 minutes, after which it is necessary to pause, giving the engine “rest”.

The simple design of these models and the use in the production of inexpensive materials can significantly reduce the cost of household chain saws.

In order not to miscalculate, before choosing a chain saw, determine for yourself the scope of the proposed work and the frequency of use of the unit. If you need a tool for seasonal work in the country, it is quite possible to limit yourself to the household option.

Parameter # 1. engine location and power

The first thing to look for when choosing a tool is engine power. Not only performance depends on this parameter, but also its durability.

If power surges are common in your power grid, choose a tool with sufficient power reserve. The motor of such a chain saw will not overheat when the voltage is lowered, delivering the rated power.

The motor power of chainsaws for the domestic version can vary within 1.5-2 kW, and for the professional one can reach 3.5 kW.

In case of unstable voltage, experts recommend choosing models equipped with a thermal control system that automatically turn off the tool. The thermal relay is activated when the temperature of the motor winding reaches the set threshold. But it should be borne in mind that with too frequent shutdown in conditions of unstable voltage, the performance of the unit also decreases.

If we focus on the location of the engine in the structure, then it can be:

  • Lateral. the axis of the engine is perpendicular to the width of the unit, and its center of gravity is slightly offset. When working with such a tool, you will have to constantly maintain balance. It is most comfortable to work with it in a vertical plane, when you cut from top to bottom.
  • Longitudinal. the structure is a straight line, in which all components are well balanced. This design provides excellent balance of the blade when cornering, giving the tool more maneuverability.

Cross-motor saws are intended for general use. The power of such tools fluctuates around 2 kW, and the mass does not exceed 4 kg.

Longitudinal saws are indispensable for carpentry work.

The absence of a protruding motor on the side simplifies the work with the tool, but increases the weight of the unit, the value of which can reach 6 kg

The hands will quickly get tired of the considerable weight, and therefore it will not be very convenient to operate with such a tool for several hours of continuous work. this should be taken into account.

saw KRÜGER ECSK 25-40

Best Chainsaw Size for a Homeowner, Rancher, Farmer, or Landowner

A very good, increased power tool is offered by the German brand KRÜGER, which has long gained popularity and consumer confidence. saw KRÜGER (Germany) has compact dimensions and is used for preparing firewood, sawing a bar, sawing off branches and branches. The power of the KRUGER electric saw is 2500 W. Impact-resistant plastic protects the device from damage. Among the functions. automatic chain lubrication, blocking of starting. It is convenient to work: the Kruger electric chain saw weighs only 5 kg.

, which is more than acceptable for a German manufacturer. Without a doubt, this device is the best demonstration of the ideal value for money.

How to choose a chain saw: tips and advice from professionals

The chain saw is widely popular among country farm owners. Although it is not capable of fully replacing its “sister” with an internal combustion engine, there is no better option for small sawmills. The tool is easy to use: you just need to plug it in to get started. How to choose a chain saw that has a sufficient set of functions, but at the same time does not overpay too much? In order to make a competent choice, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors, the main of which we will consider in the article.

Parameter # 2. chain tension control

Low-profile chains are used in the manufacture of saws. Although they have lower performance, they are good in that they subject the tool to less vibration, making it safer to use.

The correct tension affects performance and safety of work, therefore, during operation, the saw chain must be re-tightened quite often.

On sale there are models in two versions of chain tension:

  • Classic. to tension the chain, the fastening bars are loosened and gently pushed with a flat screwdriver. This is a rather painstaking method, time-consuming and requires the availability of the necessary tools at hand.
  • Simplified. chain tension is achieved by loosening the nut and displacing the bar with a slider.

The saw unit in modern models is lubricated by an oil pump automatically. The pump is activated at the same time as the saw is turned on. This greatly simplifies the maintenance of the unit. The drank owner’s job is to control the oil level and add it as needed.

The presence of a lever on the side panel allows you to easily adjust the tension, the system is convenient in that it does not require the use of special tools

Parameter # 5. security

Any saw for woodworking is a potentially dangerous tool. Therefore, when choosing a machine, it is so important to protect yourself from possible injuries while using the tool.

When choosing a power tool, pay attention to the presence of a lock for accidental start-up. It will protect you from danger if you do not comfortably grip the tool with one hand or, after switching on, find that you are not yet ready to work with it.

When working with a chain saw, kickback can be particularly hazardous. It occurs when the end of the bar touches the hard surface of the lumber, as a result of which the tool is sharply thrown back, and its moving chain can injure the operator.

To prevent “kickback”, modern models are equipped with an automatic brake system, which is a flap-shaped lever located under the handle

The automatic brake is activated when the hand slips, when a “kickback” occurs: when pressure is applied to the guard, a spring is activated, which activates the brake and stops the chain.

An electric jigsaw is also useful for woodworking. You can learn how to choose the right tool from the material:

How to choose a chain saw

The chain saw has the advantages of both an electric tool and a chainsaw. It is economical, environmentally friendly, there are no exhaust gases during its operation, and it is also easy and quick to cut wood. It is used for tree care, for collecting firewood, for carpentry work. There is a wide variety of models of chain saws, therefore, in order to make the right choice, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:


Performance depends on this indicator, as well as its operation in conditions with a voltage drop. If the voltage drops, the motor loses power, begins to overheat, as a result of which it may even burn out. The greater the engine power, the less sensitive it is to such drops.

Engine location

Basically, in chain saws, the engine is located transversely. Instruments with this arrangement are predominantly used in a vertical plane, as they do not have a good balance. With the longitudinal arrangement of the engine, the device is ergonomic and without disturbances in balancing. You can work with such a saw by turning it at different angles and in any direction. Longitudinal models have a longer and narrower body, which contributes to good maneuverability and long-term operation.

Start blocking

This criterion is an important safety feature, as the saw is a powerful machine and there is a possibility that it will accidentally start up and cause the saw to be kicked.

Smooth start

The resistance of an electric saw depends on the number of revolutions, this is a feature of the electric motor. At low speed, there is little resistance. Therefore, when starting and stopping the motor, the current flowing through it is maximum. This deteriorates the condition of the engine and transmission, and even knocking out plugs when using a high power tool. Thanks to the soft start system, starting currents are limited and the motor accelerates smoothly.

overheat protection

In order to avoid overheating of the engine, which is a very urgent problem, it is necessary to have a protection system. To do this, the device is equipped with a special relay that monitors the engine temperature, and when the permissible temperature level is exceeded, the relay turns off the saw.

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Chain brake

In order to protect the user from kickback when the chain saw is thrown in his direction, there is a chain brake. In front of the operator’s left hand there is a guard that drives the chain brake. When working in an upright position, in case of a kickback, the hand rests on the flap, after which the spring is triggered and the brake is applied.


Low profile chains offer increased safety and low vibration. The disadvantage is performance degradation.


A special pump is used for automatic lubrication. It starts to work together with the engine start and oil is supplied to the chain only when the unit is turned on. The result is lower oil consumption as well as convenient maintenance.

Chain tension

The essence of the simplified chain tensioning method is to fix the tire not with screws, but with the help of a special “wing nut”. This method does not require the use of additional tools, tension is produced by a moving slider after unscrewing the chain.

The device and principle of operation of the chain saw

The design of an electric chain saw includes:

  • electric motor;
  • body;
  • chain;
  • guide rails;
  • oil pump;
  • oil reservoir.

On the body of the unit there are buttons with which to turn on / off and block the saw, as well as a comfortable handle and a protective shield. modern and expensive models are additionally equipped with a chain tension control handle.

After starting the saw, the motor generates a rotary motion, which is transmitted to the sprocket using a direct drive or bevel gear. The sprocket, placed in the same plane with the chain, rotates it, which allows you to cut wood. Due to the fact that the cutting blade is slightly wider than the tire, the tool allows you to quickly cope with the tasks, while it does not get stuck in the cut.

Chainsaw diagram.

Long service life of the chain and bar is achieved by continuous lubrication during work. The chain oil, which is located in a special container, is constantly supplied to the tire by means of a pump, from where it is distributed by a chain throughout the tire and sprockets. Oil consumption is very high when using a saw. Over 1 hour of intensive work may require more than 1 liter of oil. This should be considered if you need to do a large amount of work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chainsaws

Without completely replacing the gasoline saw, the chain saw is in some cases more convenient to use, due to the following:

  • an electric unit requires less money than a gasoline counterpart, both in purchase and in maintenance;
  • the power tool is environmentally friendly, because during its operation, no harmful gases are emitted into the environment;
  • the saw is easier to use, since it does not require special skills in handling a gasoline engine.

However, before choosing a chain saw, you need to take into account not only its advantages, but also disadvantages:

Saw characteristics table.

  • The armature of the electric motor has a rigid connection with the gearbox, which directly transmits torque to the chain, so the motor is not protected from overloads that can occur due to a blunt chain. Therefore, if you want the tool to serve you for a long time, you must constantly monitor the sharpness of the cutting blade.
  • Even with a well-sharpened chain, the resource of the power tool is obviously lower than that of a gasoline unit.
  • With a decrease in the voltage in the network, the load on the electric motor increases, which can lead to its premature failure.
  • the saw is completely dependent on power supply, so it cannot always be used in a suburban area, since the dacha may not have a connection to a stationary power supply.

Professional or household option?

Like all power tools, a chain saw can be professional or domestic. over, the difference between these two groups, at first glance, is not always distinguishable. The professional version has more power and allows you to work with the saw for a longer time without stopping. Therefore, it is best suited for frequent use. Such a tool is equipped with comfortable handles of a special configuration and vibration protection. The only drawback of professional equipment is the price, which is several times higher than that of the household version.

A household saw does an excellent job with periodic work in the country. Its simple design, use in the manufacture of cheaper materials, as well as its low weight significantly reduce the cost of such a tool.

The household version is not intended for long-term work, because the continuous operation of such a saw is limited to a few minutes, after which a short pause should be made.

Therefore, if you buy a chain saw for seasonal work in the country, then the household option will be just right for you.

How to choose the right chain saw for a summer residence?

A saw in the country is an indispensable tool that is used when harvesting firewood, repairing work, cleaning the garden and on the personal plot. Since the manual version of this tool requires a lot of physical effort from its owner, the introduction of automatic chainsaws on the construction tools market was received with enthusiasm. Their energy source can be electricity or gasoline, and the first option for private use is more in demand than the second. Therefore, the question of how to choose the right chain saw is very relevant today.

The advantages of the saw are that you no longer need to spend a lot of time and effort on using the tool.

What to look for when choosing a chain saw?

The main thing about the saw can be found out by considering its technical characteristics, among which the main ones are:

  • power of the tool;
  • the location of the motor;
  • chain brake;
  • bus length;
  • chain thickness;
  • security.

To choose the right saw in terms of power, you need to know what tasks it will perform. If you plan to carry out work related to cutting thick wood, then the power of the tool should be large. But for work in the country, you can choose a saw with a lower power.

For the first case, it is recommended to buy a saw with a power of 2.5-3.5 kW. The maximum power value is typical for professional equipment used in the timber harvesting industry. For private use, 1.5-2.5 kW will be enough for you.

Speaking about the location of the electric motor, it is worth noting that today you can find 2 options: with transverse and longitudinal placement. In the first case, the tool will work comfortably in a vertical plane. It is recommended to choose a saw with a longitudinal placement of the motor if it is planned to work at different angles. This ensures good balance of the saw when cornering.

All modern saw models have an automatic brake system that protects your hands and tools from kickback while working. This system is a flap-style lever in front of the handle. When a kickback occurs, the person by inertia hits this lever with his left hand, which causes the engine to stop.

When choosing a tire, it should be borne in mind that the best option is a tire with a length of 0.4 m. If the length is longer, then the power of the tool also increases, which means that it will be heavier and more expensive. The cut quality depends on the thickness of the cutting blade. Standard tooth pitch is 3/8 ”. The thicker the chain, the more powerful the motor should be.

When choosing a chain saw, you need to pay attention to whether it has an accidental activation lock. This feature will help keep you and those around you from danger that may arise if you do not grip the tool with two hands or are not ready to work. Another useful feature is the soft start system, which allows the motor to pick up speed smoothly, which significantly increases its service life.

A chain saw is a handy and inexpensive tool that requires adherence to safety rules. With simple maintenance, the saw can serve you for 5 years or more, without requiring additional costs, except for the purchase of oil.

How to choose the right chain saw?

How to choose the right chain saw?

Thanks to the successful design, the chain saw combines all the main advantages of a chainsaw and electric tools. On the one hand, in this case it is possible to cut wood easily and quickly; with another. cleanliness, environmental safety and complete absence of exhaust gases.

the saw will be especially effective when caring for a large garden, when harvesting firewood from not very thick logs, in carpentry work in combination, for example, with a circular saw. In addition, an electric saw is more economical in operation than, for example, a chainsaw, does not produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, therefore it can be used even in an enclosed space.

However, with many positive properties of the saw, as well as other tools operating from an electric motor, there are a number of disadvantages that should be dwelt on. The transmission of torque to the chain is carried out by means of a gearbox, which is rigidly connected to the armature of the electric motor and therefore cannot protect the motor from overloads caused, for example, by a blunt chain. So, if you want the saw to last a little longer, you will have to regularly sharpen the chain.

With a reduced voltage in the supply network (which very often occurs in summer cottages or cottage settlements), the load on the engine increases. and it may even end up burning if the saw is not equipped with special thermal protection. When there is thermal protection, then at a low voltage in the network it will work, but at the same time, you cannot count on high performance.

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But even with a normal diet and a well-sharpened chain, a household-class saw has a very limited motor life. Experts believe that when working for one hour a day, and even in cyclic operation (40 seconds work, then 20 seconds pause, etc.), as well as with normal lubrication, the service life of the saw is no more than 4.5 years. Professional models are more durable, but the price for them, as a rule, is two or even three times higher than for household devices.

What technical characteristics should you pay attention to when choosing a saw?

Installed motor power. This parameter not only determines the performance of the saw, but also seriously affects the work with it when the voltage in the network drops, which happens quite often in Ukraine. When the current falls, the motor begins to lose power, overheats and may burn out. However, the more powerful it is, the less sensitive to power surges.

Engine location. Standard layout of saw units and assemblies. with a transverse engine. Such saws are not well balanced and are designed to work mainly in a vertical plane. But the longitudinal arrangement of the motor guarantees excellent saw ergonomics. it does not “lead” either to the right or to the left. The balance is not disturbed even when the saw turns in different directions at any angles.

Blocking of inclusion. This is quite an important safety element, since saws are inherently powerful tools, and there is a danger of accidental starting, throwing the saw if it is uncomfortable to grip or gripping with one hand.

Thermal relay for effective motor overheating protection. This is a very valuable saw element, as unfortunately the engine overheats. the situation is extremely common. To prevent the engine from overheating, a special relay monitors its temperature. When the temperature threshold is exceeded, this mechanism automatically cuts off the power supplied to the saw.

Chain brake. As with a chainsaw, the most dangerous moment during operation is throwing the tool towards the user at the moment when the end of the tire touches the surface of the wood. To protect against “kickback”, a device such as. chain brake.

The brake actuator is a guard placed in front of the user’s left hand. If you have to cut in a vertical plane, then with a reverse impact, the hand will necessarily rest against the flap, the spring will work, the brake will turn on, and the chain, respectively. will stop almost immediately.

Chain. Low profile chains are used to optimize safety. The main advantage of such chains. low vibration level, the main disadvantage. reduced tool performance.

Saw unit lubrication. An excellent result of the modernization of electric saws is a pump for automatic lubrication of the saw unit. It always turns on at the same time as the engine and therefore supplies oil to the chain only during operation. All that is required from the user. periodically add oil to the reservoir. Its remaining amount can be visually monitored through the transparent window of the tank.

Chain tensioning system. As you know, the chain is tensioned by changing the distance between the driven and driving sprockets. However, the bar is usually secured with one or two screws and is pushed off with a flat-head screwdriver. This method is inconvenient and takes a significant amount of time, but the chain has to be tightened quite often, especially if it is new or there is a need to cut hard wood.

Along with the classic method, a simplified chain tensioning system is used, which does not require the use of an auxiliary tool. Its essence lies in the fact that the tire is fixed not with the usual screws, but with a special wing nut. To tension the chain, unscrew it and with the help of the nearby slider move it as much as necessary.

Daewoo Power DACS 2700E

This saw is used for long-term work, such as harvesting firewood, cutting large-sized logs, etc. The saw is equipped with a 2700 W electric motor. The main feature of this model is the soft start function. This system eliminates the possibility of jerking when starting, so the electric saw will never jump out of your hands. The chain is tightened according to the SDS system.

Users of this tool say that the saw in terms of build quality and cutting time is almost not inferior to gasoline counterparts. But the device itself weighs quite a lot. 5.4 kg. Therefore, it will not work for a long time with this device.


Electric chain saws consist of the following elements:

  • hulls;
  • motor;
  • chains;
  • handles;
  • tires;
  • oil pump.

On the body of the device there are control buttons, thanks to which you can start and stop the instrument. The mechanism starts to work with the help of a motor that drives the chain.

How to choose a chain saw

Before choosing an electric chain saw, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the electric motor and the safety system from it. At the same time, there is no need to save on the power of the tool, since work productivity depends to a greater extent on this parameter.

You also need to select the saw in accordance with the place of use. Since the characteristics of a home saw are very different from those used in professional activities.

In addition, one of the most important requirements for all devices is their ergonomics. Therefore, choose the option in which the electric saw will fit comfortably in your hands. Otherwise, you will quickly get tired, and work performance will be very low.

Parma M5

This model has the fastest chain stopping system. it turns on when the saw rebounds and turns off the electric motor in just 0.12 seconds.

In addition, the new emergency stop clutch system reduces engine load to a minimum.

This saw is a good choice if you plan to use it for small jobs. Also, the advantage of buying this model is the ability to use the tool in hard-to-reach places.

Location of the electric motor

If you plan to use the device in everyday life, it is better to purchase a tool with a longitudinal arrangement of the electric motor, since the rip saws have better balancing compared to the transverse way of placing the motor. If you will use the device in more difficult conditions, then lean towards choosing a device with a transverse installation option, since such a saw provides greater productivity, unlike the previous model.


The power of the motor determines how the saw will cope with cutting logs of various sizes and density of rocks. Therefore, the higher the value of this indicator, the better the saw will work with hardwood. Electric saws can be conditionally divided into 3 groups, in which there is an approximate dependence of the length of the tire on the power:

  • Bus length 30-35 cm. required power rating 1300-1800 W.
  • Bus length 40 cm. required power rating 2000-2300 W.
  • Bus length 45 cm. required power rating 2700-2900 W.

However, when choosing a model, you can find devices with a bus length ratio of 45 cm and a power of 2300 watts. But it will be difficult for saws with such characteristics to work with massive logs.


The chain saw is considered a rather dangerous tool. Therefore, in order to protect the user from damage, and the saw from wear and tear and quick failure, manufacturers equip their equipment with a safety system, consisting of:

  • Chain brakes. It is designed as a shield to protect the user’s hand. When the saw falls, the element instantly blocks the operation of the chain.
  • Protection against accidental activation. It is made in the form of a second launch button. The saw is started only by pressing both buttons at once. Therefore, it will not be possible to start the electric motor of the tool accidentally.
  • Overheating protection. It automatically stops supplying electricity to the electric motor of the device when the normal temperature is exceeded. This system protects the motor from damage.

When choosing a tool, you should also pay attention to the presence of a keyless chain tightening function. Since the chain stretches a little during operation, and to avoid slipping it must sometimes be tightened.

Saw types

Taking into account the placement of the motor, saws are divided into 2 types:

  • With a transverse arrangement of the electric motor. Models of this type do not have a bevel gear arrangement. This lightens the structure and increases the efficiency of the tool, but shifts the center of gravity, which affects the balance state.
  • With longitudinal arrangement of the electric motor. These instruments have a narrow body and excellent balance. Therefore, the principle of operation of this type of saw is simpler. The tool does not tilt to the side when cutting, and as a result, the cut made with this device is more accurate.

Electric saws with a transverse motor arrangement are mainly used for vertical sawing. It should also be noted that the electric motor placed across it increases the width of the device.

And tools with longitudinal motor placement are more versatile: they can be used in confined spaces and cut wood at any angle. However, due to the canonical form of the gearbox, they are more expensive than the previous type, but they have a long service life and high performance.