How to choose trimmer line

How to choose a line for lawn mowers, trimmers

Choosing the right thickness and shape for the right line can sometimes be a real challenge for trimmer owners or lawn mowers. Below we will try to explain how to choose the right fishing line..

There are two most common line shapes: round and rectangular. Each is suitable for a different purpose. The round shape of the fishing line is intended for mowing grass near curbs, trees and where it is likely that, in addition to grass, it will come into contact with hard objects (small tree branches, for example), thereby the wear resistance indicator will be negative. Angled line and its profile are more suitable for mowing. Its sharp corners cut the grass better. But as a rule, such a line is a little more expensive, and when it comes into contact with hard objects, it will also wear out like a round one, based on this, the cost of cutting will increase.


Vendors usually offer fishing line from different materials, it is color-coded and for a comfortable mowing you will be quite satisfied with the average quality of the line. Basically, people buy the cheapest option, but the cheap line tends to break and wear off quickly..


Naturally, everyone would like to use thick line, but the ideal diameter should be specified in accordance with the characteristics of the particular lawn mower (trimmer) on which the line will be used..


For small trimmers with a power of about 450 W and the location of the electric motor in the lower part of the trimmer – the cutting head, it is better to use a line with a diameter of 1.3 mm. If the trimmer has a torque limiter, 1.6mm line can be used, but there is a significant possibility of trimmer overheating. With such a line, the trimmer should mow no more than 10-15 minutes. After that, the trimmer should run idle, and then you need to turn it off for 15 minutes..


For more powerful electric trimmers from 600 W, which have an electric motor in the upper part of the trimmer – the handle, a line diameter of 1.6 mm is used. For power over 1000 W, a 2 mm line can be used. You can mow for a longer time with these trimmers. Also powerful models can be used for mowing larger areas..


For lawn mowers, a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm or more is used. In the characteristics of lawn mowers, as a rule, the maximum line diameter is indicated. lawn mowers are more powerful than electric trimmers and are designed for large areas.


Mowing heads (spools) are divided into three classes: hobby, semi-professional and professional. For cheaper mowing heads, fishing line with a diameter of up to 2.5 mm is used, and for semi-professional middle class – up to 2.7 mm, and 3 mm for professional expensive mowing heads (spools). The thicker the line, the faster the mowing head wears out and breaks, and the line jams in the mowing head..

The main parameters of the trimmer line

Fishing lines can be classified according to the following parameters:

  • Thread thickness;
  • Sectional shape;
  • Line composition.

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Line composition

It is the composition that determines the service life of the line. It is often made from nylon. It wears out slowly and improves performance efficiency at high temperatures and heavy loads. The material retains its working properties for a long time, low temperatures do not affect it, as well as prolonged work.

Coaxial trimmer line is considered one of the strongest. It has a dense core, and therefore wears out gradually. Such a line is difficult to cut with a knife and creates little noise during operation. Also now there is a fishing line, which includes inclusions of aluminum..

Thread thickness

You can find out about it by reading the performance of the trimmer or by referring to the dimensions and inscriptions on the universal bobbin. Typically, for trimmers, threads with a diameter of 1.2-4 mm are used. True, for each device you will have to select a line of a certain diameter..

A trimmer thread, thinner than the required one, will not immediately damage the engine, although it will significantly increase its wear. If you use a thread that is thicker than necessary, the resistance to rotation will increase, the motor will work harder, overheat and, as a result, break. True, a lot depends on the engine itself..

You can also find out the approximate diameter of the fishing line for the device by the type of engine. If the trimmer is powered by electricity or a battery and its power is 1 kW, you will need a cutting thread with a diameter of 2 mm, and if its power is less than 500 W, use a line of no more than 1.6 mm.

For a gasoline trimmer, the line is chosen with a certain diameter – 2.4 – 3 mm. The choice of such a thick fishing line is associated with the peculiarities of gasoline units – they are more powerful and more efficient than their electric counterparts. Thick line can be used for a long time, in addition, it can easily overcome long-term dead wood.

How and which line to choose for a trimmer

People who work in the country may need a trimmer, however, not everyone knows what it is, how to choose a line for a trimmer, and what it is for. A trimmer is a device that allows you to carefully cut grass near trees, fences, paths. The operation of the device depends on the type of equipment, which is often used as a cutting line. It affects not only the external condition of the lawn, but also the performance of the trimmer. The main requirements are that it must bend, have strength and rigidity.

  • The main parameters of the trimmer line
  • Thread thickness
  • Sectional shape
  • Line composition
  • Line selection for the lawn mower
  • What nuances should be observed when working
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Sectional shape

The most often chosen line for electric scythes with a round cross-section. It is inexpensive and the most popular, it mows fresh grass well. Its main drawback is the noise level that is heard when the trimmer is in operation. Line noise is similar in intensity to engine hum. For the best noise reduction, manufacturers suggest using a spiral-shaped line..

Today they also produce square trimmer line. Of other forms, rectangular and star-shaped are quite often found. Lines with jagged edges and sharp edges are especially productive. These edges cut the grass more evenly..

There are also lines with notches and dents. They can mow large weeds. The noise level emitted by such a line is low, and due to the increased properties of aerodynamics, the trimmer is given additional power. Such a cutting element is installed on powerful trimmers, with which it is planned to carry out work on overgrown, neglected areas..

To work with this type of fishing line, special heads are installed on the lawn mower. The fishing line is wound on them. It handles all kinds of grasses (especially weeds) and shrubs. But its cost is quite high. Also, the consumption of such a line is high, since when it is fed from the reel, it can be difficult to remove it. It is usually used with discs, into which it is inserted in small sections..

There is also a two-piece twisted trimmer line. Its purpose is high-quality mowing of dead wood. It is distinguished by its round cross-section, tear resistance and increased strength. It comes with a core made from a different material. The twisted line is only suitable for petrol trimmers. She is able to cope even with small shrubs. Its main drawback is its high cost. For daily work, it is quite expensive to acquire a twisted line..

Line selection for the lawn mower

What line to choose for a trimmer is thought by each of its owners. It should be chosen based on the following parameters:

  • The diameter of the trimmer line must be suitable for the engine power. In terms of parameters, it should be combined with the trimmer option..
  • The type of line should be chosen based on the type of vegetation to be cut. If you plan to mow the lawn, a thin line is suitable, for the destruction of perennial weeds – a thicker one..

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What nuances should be observed when working

When treating the lawn with a trimmer, it is necessary to avoid contact of the fishing line with rigid elements such as stones, trees, foundations. Contact with them will lead to grinding of the fishing line, and you will have to constantly increase it in length..

The main cutting element of lawn mowers is a reel equipped with a lawn mowing line. Its price is low, and if you follow the basic rules of use, it will last long enough. Today there are fishing lines that differ in their quality, section, properties. The line is usually sold in regular rolls in spools, or cut into lengths for certain lawnmower models. Therefore, take full responsibility for its choice in order to make it easier for yourself and extend the life of the trimmer..

Attachments and accessories

  • Cultivator equipment
  • Pressure hoses
  • Propellers
  • Polaris screws
  • Honda Propellers
  • BaeKsan Propellers
  • Mercury Propellers
  • Yamaha propellers
  • Propellers for Honda motors
  • Screws for Tohatsu
  • for Tohatsu m5 mfs5
  • For Tohatsu M9.8 MFS9.8
  • for Tohatsu m3.5 mfs3.5
  • For Tohatsu m15 mfs15 M18
  • Yamaha Outboard Propellers
  • Propellers for Mercury
  • Propellers for Suzuki
  • Nissan engine propellers
  • Chainsaw chain
  • Oregon chains
  • Stihl chains
  • Husqvarna chain
  • Chainsaw chain husqvarna 137, 142, 340
  • Chainsaw chain husqvarna 55, 450,40, 440e, 445II, 455
  • Chainsaw chain for Husqvarna 365 and 268
  • Chainsaw chain for Husqvarna 236 and Partner 340S
  • Chainsaw chain for Husqvarna 240 135 140 and Partner 350S 351
  • Chainsaw chain sharpening file
  • Stihl MS180-250 chainsaw chain
  • Chainsaw chain Stihl MS 260, 270, 271, 280, 290
  • Chainsaw chain Stihl ms 361, 362
  • Chainsaw tire
  • Stihl tires
  • Chainsaw & Trimmer Oils
  • Lawn Mowers Gear Lubrication
  • Husqvarna oil
  • Two-stroke engine oil
  • Stihl oil
  • Chain oil
  • Oil 10W40
  • Lawn mower oil sae 30
  • Oils for outboard motors
  • Oils for 2 t motors
  • Oils 4t
  • Transmission oil for outboard motors
  • Motul oil
  • Motul 300v oil
  • Quicksilver Oil
  • Cord cord
  • Stihl line
  • Head trimmer
  • Trimmer head Stihl
  • Chainsaw sprocket
  • Felling wedge
  • Starter cord
  • Chain sharpening machines
  • Candles
  • Worker accessories
  • Canisters for mixing gasoline and oil
  • Trimmer goggles and masks
  • Feller’s Roulette
  • Shoulder straps for working with a lawn mower
  • Clothes for working with lawn mowers and chainsaws
  • Chainsaw kids toys
  • Toy lawn mowers
  • Lawn Mower & Lawn Mower Knives
  • Lawn mower knife
  • Lawn mower knife
  • Diamond and abrasive wheels
  • Circles 125 mm
  • Circles 230mm
  • Circles 350 mm
  • Circles 350 mm on steel
  • Circles 350 mm for concrete
  • Circles 350 mm on asphalt
  • Circles 400 mm
  • Discs for Stihl petrol cutters
  • Cut-off abrasive wheels
  • Diamond wheels on asphalt
  • Diamond circle for concrete
  • Circles Bosch
  • Lawn Mower Accessories
  • Construction backpacks
  • High pressure washer accessories
  • Cleaning and care products
  • Extension cord network
  • Life jackets for fishing
  • Motorcycle oil
  • Motorcycle chain lubrication
  • Fork oils for motorcycles
  • Motorcycle oils 2T
  • Motorcycle oils 4T
  • Antifreeze for motorcycles
  • Protection and care lubricants for motorcycles
  • Motorcycle transmission oil
  • Motul 5w30 oils
  • Motul 10w40 oil
  • Motul 5w40 oil
  • Motul 7100 oil
  • Motul 5100 oil
  • Motul 710 oil
  • Motul 510 oil
  • motul 300v
  • Car oil
  • Gear oil for car
  • Brake fluid for car
  • Protection and care lubricants for cars
  • Scooter oil
  • Motor oils for scooter
  • Karting oils
  • Karting engine oil
  • ATV oils
  • Motor oils for ATVs
  • Transmission oils Motul
  • Screwdriver bit set
  • Rotary hammer drills
  • LED lights
  • Circular saw blades
  • Chisels and lances for rock drills and demolition hammers
  • Cases for equipment and tools
  • Polishing accessories
  • Driving equipment (staples, pins and nails for staplers)
  • Rotary hammer chucks and adapters
  • Saws and Blades
  • Wire and abrasive brushes
  • Support plates and soles
  • Fiber and petal discs
  • Cutters and cutters
  • Cups
  • Sanding discs and abrasive belts
  • Diamond and bimetallic drill bits for drilling
  • Blower accessories
  • Welding equipment
  • Burners
  • Tips, nozzles, burner adapters
  • Electrodes
  • Tips for glue guns
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    Toys.Children’s chainsaws

    The advantages and purpose of each type of trimmer line.

    • Professionals use mainly round cord. It is considered universal for mowing all types of vegetation, fits well (without jamming) into the trimmer head.
    • A square cord or sprocket is used for mowing overripe and coarse grass. It is believed that the square cord and the “star” cut the grass more effectively due to the edges..
    • Coiled cord is also widely used by professionals. It produces less noise (for example, a Husqvarna Whisper cord is 50% less noise than a round cord). which is appreciated for long-term work.
    • For particularly tough grass (hogweed, burdock), it is better to use reinforced fishing line.

    _ Important

    It is mistakenly believed that a thicker cord lasts longer even on low-power lawn mowers. I want to draw your attention to the fact that installing a thicker cord than recommended by the manufacturer increases the load on the engine, and also does not allow the lawn mower to develop the required speed.

    Construction machinery

    • Vibratory plates
    • Reversible vibrating plates
    • Vibrating scaffolds
    • Vibrolegs
    • Vibratory plates Wacker Neuson
    • Vibratory plates Husqvarna
    • Vibratory plates masalta
    • Skiper vibrating plates
    • Vibratory plates encor
    • Splitstone Vibratory Plates
    • Vibratory plates samsan
    • Deep vibrators
  • Generators
  • Generators Husqvarna
  • Generators Honda
  • Generators Europower
  • Gas generators Rato
  • Fubag generators
  • Skiper gasoline generators
  • Endress generators
  • Fogo generators
  • Gasoline generators AGT
  • Akita generators
  • Deawoo Generators
  • American gas generators Briggs Stratton
  • Welding gas generators
  • Single-phase generators
  • Three-phase generators
  • Inverter generators
  • Engines
  • Motor pumps
  • Honda Motor Pumps
  • AGT motor pumps
  • Fubag motor pumps
  • Motor pumps Eco Zig Zag (made in China)
  • Koshin motor pumps
  • Husqvarna motor pumps
  • Rato motor pumps
  • Mud pumps
  • Motor pumps for clean water
  • High-pressure motor pumps
  • Motor pumps for medium-contaminated water
  • Diesel motor pumps
  • Motor-pump sleeve 50 mm
  • Motor-pump sleeve 80 mm
  • Motor-pump sleeve 100 mm
  • Motor pumps with Honda engine
  • Heat guns and heaters
  • Drilling machines
  • Drill stand
  • Diamond drill bits
  • Drilling machines Bosch
  • Husqvarna boring machines
  • Drilling machines Ankor
  • Cordless drills Milwaukee
  • Gas cutters
  • Husqvarna gas saws
  • Makita Gas Cutters
  • Oleo-Mac gas cutters
  • Milwaukee cordless cutters
  • Tile cutters
  • Husqvarna tile cutters
  • Bosch tile cutters
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaners Husqvarna
  • Vacuum cleaners karcher
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  • Industrial vacuum cleaners for collecting water
  • Cyclonic industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Baiyun Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
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  • Welders
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  • Kirk Welding Machines
  • Solaris welding machines
  • Welding machines Telwin
  • Welding inverters Skiper
  • Welding machines inverter
  • Welding semiautomatic devices
  • Welding transformers
  • Mig / Mag Welding Machines
  • Tig Welding Machines
  • MMA welding machines
  • Concrete mixers
  • Skiper concrete mixers
  • Concrete mixers Eco
  • Generators ATS-automation
  • Dust extraction / collection system
  • How to choose trimmer line

    Power tools

    • angle grinder and angle grinder
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) Bosch
    • angle grinder Milwaukee
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) Hitachi
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita
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    • angle grinder (angle grinder) Diold
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) Interskol
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) Fiolent
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) 125 circle
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) 150 circle
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) 180 circle
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) 230 circle
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) with speed control
    • Polishing machines
    • Eccentric polishing machines
    • Belt grinders
    • smooth start angle grinder
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) up to 1 kW
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) from 1 kW to 2 kW
    • angle grinder (angle grinder) from 2 kW
    • Cordless angle grinder
    • Mini Angle Grinder
    • Milwaukee Cordless Angle Grinder
    • angle grinder from the Milwaukee network
    • Multifunctional devices (engravers)
    • angle grinder from the Wurth network
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    • Pneumatic Angle Grinder Wurth
    • angle grinder wurth
    • Ryobi angle grinder
    • Angle Grinder AEG
    • angle grinder DAEWOO
    • cordless angle grinder RYOBI
    • Ryobi angle grinder from mains
  • Perforators
  • Cordless rotary hammers
  • Rotary hammers Milwaukee
  • Cordless rotary hammers Milwaukee
  • Rotary hammers from the Milwaukee network
  • Rotary hammers sds plus
  • Rotary hammers sds max
  • Rotary hammers with impact function
  • Rotary hammers with reverse function
  • Rotary hammers from 1000 W to 2000 W
  • Rotary hammers up to 1000 W
  • Dewalt rotary hammers
  • Rotary hammers with a vacuum cleaner
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  • Drill driver
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  • Cordless screwdrivers with Li-lon battery
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  • Cordless screwdrivers 14.4 V
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    Selection Tips

    • The line chosen should be suitable for the power of the trimmer. Too thin or thick thread contributes to premature engine wear.
    • Before starting work, carefully read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of your device. This will help to avoid quick breakdowns and choose the right cord..
    • Some trimmer models can be fitted with knives or discs, but not all. If your device is not designed for installing a knife, it simply will not withstand it and will break..
    • You can not put all the fishing line into the device at once, but use small pieces.

    Cross section

    The operation of the device depends not only on the thickness and material, but also on the cross-sectional shape of the fishing line..

    Best Trimmer Line? Let’s Find Out! Round 2: Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Oregon, Shakespeare, Weed Eater

    The following section shapes can be used:

    • Round.
    • Square.
    • Rectangular.

    Which Trimmer Line is Best? Let’s find out!

    • Spiral.
    • Star.

    Each of them has both pros and cons..

    Features of a circular cross-section


    • Most widespread.
    • The mowing is of good quality.
    • Has a cheaper cost.
    • It is consumed slowly.
    • Can be used on all types of trimmers.


    • Makes loud noise when mowing.
    • It copes well only with young grass;
      for old hard stems or shrubs, it is better to use other types of lines, for example, spiral.

    Features of rectangular or square wire


    • Smooth, high-quality mowing.
    • Application usually in more powerful devices.
    • Copes with dry old grass, branches, especially if it has a metal rod in addition.
    • Creates less noise.


    • Sharp line breaks faster.
    • Has a higher flow rate.
    • Special winding disc required.
    • The cost of such a cord is higher, especially when reinforced with a metal rod.

    Manufacturers use fishing lines of various cross-sectional shapes to increase the performance of the device. These can be veins in the form of a cross, a star, or a polygon. As one of the options, a curly line with notches or in the form of a spiral is used. Such fishing lines create less noise and remove grass very efficiently, but they are less durable, break faster and therefore are consumed more..


    This parameter depends on the specifications of your trimmer. Line that is too thin or too thick can cause premature engine wear. In the table below you can see which line is used in different devices..

    Device type

    Line thickness, mm


    The Italian manufacturer has been manufacturing trimmers and trimmers for over 20 years. The choice is very wide, the consumer can choose a model for himself in terms of power, diameter and cross-section of the line.


    • Introduction of new technologies.
    • High quality equipment.
    • A wide range of.
    • Affordable cost.
    • The line is resistant to wear, strong and lightweight.
    • Low operating noise.


    • High price.

    The most demanded line is with an asterisk cross-section..

    What is important to know when working with line?

    For the tool to serve you for a long time, you need to know some of the features of its design, storage and maintenance:

    • The trimmer head should be parallel to the ground when working so that the line does not touch the ground and stones. It is advisable not to touch solid objects, curbs, fences.
    • Electric trimmers are most sensitive to dampness, so they should not be used in rain or wet weather..
    • After finishing work, you need to thoroughly clean all parts of the mechanism from dirt, grass, wipe all wires and fishing line, so that the next time everything works well.

    Best trimmer lines

    Life in a country house or in the country has become more comfortable, especially thanks to the use of various devices. Summer residents often use such a device as a trimmer for lawn care. This is very convenient and helps to keep the site in good condition. Moreover, most often they have to deal with the choice of fishing line.


    The young German trading concern has been supplying its products to the Russian market for only 15 years. The production itself is located in China, which reduces the cost of production. The line is available in spools, turns and coils, has a different color for easy selection.


    • Affordable line cost.
    • Various winding lengths.
    • Extra strong steel core cords available.
    • The company has a product quality control system.


    • There is no division of products into series.
    • Line can be sold without packaging.