How to connect an electric screwdriver to a car battery

Connecting the Electric Screwdriver to the Charger

It is necessary to understand that at low voltage there are losses in the cable, therefore, it must have a cross-section of at least 2.5 mm, and a length of no more than 1.5 meters. In order to figure out whether it is possible to connect an electric screwdriver to the charger, you need to perform a number of actions.

The sequence of alteration for power supply from the charger:

  • Solder and redo the wires to the charger, usually the contacts are located in a conspicuous place, one is responsible for the plus, the second for the mass. When working, the charger must be disconnected from the network.
  • Then you need to disassemble the unusable battery, dismantle the old elements;
  • A hole is drilled in the case for the cable, for a tight connection, the cable is wrapped with electrical tape or fixed with a thermal shrink tape.
  • For a balanced weight, a piece of dense wood or rubber must be placed in the remaining space, this will contribute to a competent weight distribution and the hand will not get tired during work.
  • The final step is to solder the wires to the power supply of the electric drive, assemble the body of the power tool after alteration.

How to remake a cordless electric screwdriver

The cordless electric screwdriver is used everywhere, both in the household and in small industries. Mobility and autonomy allow you to perform work away from the electrical network for a certain time. The battery has a certain number of charge cycles, after which it is not suitable for further use. There are several reasons, the battery is a very capricious element that breaks down even if not properly stored and inactive. The high price of an electric screwdriver prompts you to learn how to convert a cordless electric screwdriver into a network.

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Reasons for redesigning a cordless electric screwdriver

The lack of a power source makes any volatile thing stupid. It is almost impossible to remake a dead battery, there is only one way out. reworking an electric screwdriver into a network one. The high price of a new battery makes the purchase impractical, in order to save money, owners of unused tools are wondering how to convert a cordless electric screwdriver into a network.

There are times when the used electric screwdriver is out of production, then it is almost impossible to find a new battery. an electric screwdriver without a battery is a completely useless thing that will collect dust on the garage shelf if nothing is done. The main advantages of the rework:

  • The tool becomes operational, it may well replace a mini drill.
  • No need to monitor battery level.
  • The tightening torque is independent of the remaining battery charge.

The only drawbacks are the presence of a wire, dependence on the electrical network. After alteration, the device acquires an electric cable, which does not allow work in hard-to-reach places, far from the power source.

Connecting to car battery

Connecting to a car battery will make it possible to work autonomously without a power supply. The parameters of an electric screwdriver can be from 10.8 to 14.4 volts, a charged car battery is capable of producing an average of 12.5 volts of voltage. To use, you need to connect two power wires with crocodiles to the screwdriver.

Connecting to car battery

Alteration is carried out after the disassembly operation, then connecting the power wires to the wires of the electric drive of the electric screwdriver. In the absence of a soldering iron, it is possible to simply connect with a twist, but this does not guarantee reliable contact. After connecting the contacts, isolate the wires and test the tool during operation by connecting to the battery.

Connecting to an external power supply

An external battery is used when compact elements are inaccessible or the need for continuous operation of the tool.

Cordless electric screwdriver connected to an external power supply

It is worth remembering the steps during disassembly or taking pictures, since intervention and alteration of the electrical circuit of the electric screwdriver is performed, the assembly will need to be done exactly in the reverse order.

Homemade power supply

When working with a soldering iron, it is necessary to check the connection to the network of the battery cells and the self-made unit; if there is a connection, it is necessary to de-energize all power sources for safe operation.

dead battery drill hack with car battery

Alteration work is carried out step by step, to obtain the result you need a little experience when soldering and installing boards:

  • Dismantling and dismantling the old battery case;
  • In accordance with the diagram, install the elements on the circuit board, solder the contacts and connections.
  • After soldering, check the output voltage with a multimeter.
  • Assemble the board to the battery case.
  • Connect the appropriate wires to the low voltage outputs of the instrument.
  • Check operation by connecting the converted device to the network.

Connecting to the power supply from a computer

electric screwdriver connected to the computer’s power supply

These PSUs are distinguished by the presence of their own cooling system, protection against voltage surges. Only two output wires are used for connection, yellow. 12 volts “plus”, black ground.

The disadvantage of this option is that the power supplies must be worn during work and installed in a well-ventilated place.

It is possible to attach a handle for mobility. It is important to understand that cordless screwdrivers with a required voltage of more than 14.4 volts will not work from this method of supplying energy.

How to connect an electric screwdriver to a car battery in 2 bookmarks

Inexpensive screwdrivers for those who do not use the tool very often are good. But, as practice shows, for the time being, for the time being. For most of them, the batteries fail quickly enough, and sometimes they simply do not have enough power. A simple modification of the tool will help to solve this issue. At the end you will receive an electric screwdriver that will work directly from the car battery.

To modify an electric screwdriver with your own hands, prepare:

  • the electric screwdriver itself;
  • a long Phillips screwdriver;
  • file;
  • battery clamps with wires;
  • nippers;
  • knife;
  • soldering iron;
  • solder;
  • duct tape.

Step 1. Before starting work, you need to completely disassemble the tool. Use a thin, long screwdriver for this.

How to convert a 12v volt cordless drill to run off a car battery or solar charging system

Step 2. First, remove one half of the case, and leave the other with its internal contents in its original form. Remove the battery from the case. Your electric screwdriver may look slightly different from the inside. It all depends on the manufacturer. Be sure to find the positive and negative electrodes. For further work, they will be needed.

Note the location of all internal parts of the instrument and carefully remove them from the body.

Step 3. Feel free to cut the lower part of the plastic case, which acts as a stand, with a file. In a modified electric screwdriver, this part will be superfluous. Try to cut the pieces symmetrically on the two halves of the tool.

Step 4. Strip the ends of the wires on the battery clips. To do this, use a sharp knife. If your wires are too long, cut off the excess parts with wire cutters and only then strip them.

Step 5. Connect the wires to the electrodes. In this case, the design was a little unusual, so it was enough to thread the wires into the clamps and fix them with electrical tape. In most cases, you will need to use a soldering iron to connect. Be prepared for this in advance.

Step 6. Assemble the electric screwdriver back. Insert the inner contents, lead the wires with the clips out. Assemble the case and secure it with screws. In the lower part, where the stand was, secure everything with electrical tape, covering the hole formed with it.

The result of your efforts will be a significantly improved electric screwdriver with a performance higher than ever. At the same time, you can use it while on the road or far from places where you can charge the battery of the tool itself.

Block inside

The solution to the problem “is it possible to connect an electric screwdriver through a charger” can be an alternative option for powering an electric screwdriver. installing the power supply into the empty case of the tool power unit.

Before starting the action, it is necessary to prevent overheating of the block, for which holes are arranged in the case in advance, which will provide air movement, heat removal. The time of continuous work with an electric screwdriver with such an improvement should be reduced to 15 minutes.

A ready-made block is purchased, it is selected according to the size of the case, technical indicators. The most suitable for use is the pulse version of the module, it is small in size, lightweight. The use of modules of domestic production of the last century is not recommended. they have large volumes with low efficiency.

Unsuitable batteries are removed from the bed, and the power supply is placed in their place. The contacts are energized, the case is closed. The assembled hybrid gadget is ready to work from the network.

  • Cables can be extended for convenience.
  • It is necessary to monitor the quality of the assembly: the structure should not be able to touch the metal elements, otherwise the circuit cannot be avoided. It is best to leave some space between the transformer and the board, which will have a positive effect on cooling.
  • If any parts of the structure are very hot, it is possible to install modules that remove excess heat, or to arrange ventilation slots.

Is it possible to connect an electric screwdriver directly to the charger

the electric screwdriver is convenient for its ubiquity. independence from limiting wires makes it possible to wade into hard-to-reach areas. A set of two power modules allows you to power one of them while working with the other. However, each battery pack has a finite number of charge / discharge periods, failing once they are used up. In inexpensive tools, blocks break faster, and the user receives a gadget with a working motor, but no power. Then the dilemma arises “is it possible to connect an electric screwdriver directly to the charging”.

You can feed such an electric screwdriver by connecting it to the network through a power supply unit, because its motor operates at 220 volts.

A computer module will work too

Another solution to the problem of powering an electric screwdriver. mounting it to a computer power supply. This option is applicable to those modules that are equipped with a mechanical trigger. The positive aspect is that the unit is cooled by a cooler and is protected from exaggeration of the load by the built-in special system.

Such an assembly is arranged only with the use of power modules for 300-350 W and a current of 12 volts, at least 16 A. For instruments with a voltage of more than 14 volts, this power supply option does not work.

The user may want to hide an unaesthetic unit in a beautiful case, then it is recommended not to forget to arrange ventilation in it.

Other ways to supply power

On their own

For users with special knowledge and skills, the problem will not be difficult “is it possible to power an electric screwdriver from a charger without special means”, since assembly of the feeding block is possible with your own hands. Instead of damaged elements, a power module assembled according to the scheme is inserted into the case. The outgoing voltage is monitored, the wires are energized, the case is locked.

Tip: the circuit may require additional load, it can be ensured by including a 15W light bulb in the system, which will also provide backlight.

How to connect to the charging station

Before deciding the question “is it possible to charge the battery of an electric screwdriver with a charger”, you need to remember that the charging unit of an electric screwdriver supplies a low voltage, with a long wire length, the voltage is lost, so it would be rational to connect through a meter cord with a cross section of 2.5 mm2 or more.

  • Wires are attached to the contacts of the charging unit of the electric screwdriver. Spoiled nutrients are removed from the nest.
  • A groove is made in the case, a cable is passed through it. It is proposed to seal the entry point with elastic material so that there is no backlash and the wire is held securely in place.
  • Since the nest has lost its weight after removing the unusable elements, it is recommended to restore the balance by inserting a load into the vacant space, otherwise the hand will get very tired during work, eventually harming the health of joints and ligaments.
  • The cable and previously attached wires are connected together, the body is assembled.

Car charger

In search of a solution to the question “is it possible to connect an electric screwdriver to a charger”, you can stop at charging with a car AK-block. Modules with manually adjustable current and voltage are applicable. The connection is absolutely not complicated. it is enough to connect the input channels of the tool motor to the contacts of the car charger.

We connect the electric screwdriver to the car battery

Drills and screwdrivers are some of the most essential tools for renovation work. They are used for drilling holes, twisting and untwisting screws, self-tapping screws, bolts.

These tools are powered by an electric motor, which is powered by the power of the electrical network or a battery.

It’s not a secret for anyone that screwdrivers powered by an electrical network are not always convenient to use, because often you have to use them far from outlets.

But the cordless version of the tool also has its drawbacks. Most of the inexpensive screwdrivers (you must admit that there is no need to buy an expensive tool for infrequent use) batteries quickly become unusable, and sometimes they simply do not have enough power. Do not worry! After reading this article, you will learn how to connect your electric screwdriver to a car battery. You only need to make small changes to the electric screwdriver.

You will need:

  • electric screwdriver
  • long Phillips screwdriver
  • file;
  • lighting wires (about 2 meters);
  • nippers;
  • sharp knife;
  • soldering iron;
  • solder;
  • insulating tape.

First, disassemble your tool with a screwdriver.

Remove the top of the case and set it aside (until you need it). And put the second part in front of you.

Study the device of the electric screwdriver carefully. In the handle you will find two electrodes marked with the letters B (positive) and B- (negative).

Memorize or photograph the places of the internal parts of the tool (otherwise, in the end, you will not assemble an electric screwdriver, but an iron)

Stage three.

File the lower part of the housing symmetrically. It won’t come in handy in your new electric screwdriver. Although everything here depends only on your taste, you will not need this part, but if you leave it, nothing terrible will happen.

Stage 4.

To connect the tool to the battery, use a small cross-section of automotive lighter wires. The length should be approximately 2 meters. Cut off the “crocodiles” with pliers, strip the loose ends.

How to Run a Cordless Drill Off a Car Battery

Next, the wires should be connected to the terminals of the electrodes. In the case as in the photo, it was only necessary to thread the wires into the clamps and fix them with ordinary electrical tape. But, most likely, you will need soldering skills. This is perhaps the most difficult step of our mods.

Be sure to observe the polarity. Look at the correspondence of the charges of the electrodes and wires.

Wrap the connections with electrical tape. Make sure that no metal parts are visible. And the electrodes did not touch each other. Now feel free to put the electric screwdriver back together. Place the inner parts in the housing, lead the wires with clamps out. Fold the two halves of the tool together and tighten with the screws. Cover the part that you sawed off in step number 3 with electrical tape, thereby securing the resulting structure.

As a result, you will receive an excellent electric screwdriver that will serve you much more efficiently than the one that you had before the modification.

A nice addition is that now you can use your instrument on the road or in places where it was previously impossible to charge the instrument’s battery.

The operation of an electric screwdriver from a car battery. video review photo alteration

But for skillful pens, a piece of advice applied in practice. Working with a cordless tool is very convenient due to its disconnection from the socket. But in the autumn-winter time, work at low temperatures does not allow for large volumes of twisting work, due to the rapid discharge of the battery. Exit: take the car battery, you can directly with the machine, the cable clings to the crocodiles (the copper is necessarily stranded, the thicker the better, the metro is 10-12 in length, but not from the welding unit) and clings to the contacts of the power tool inside the handle, using twists, scotch tape and etc. local. To work, not to recycle, the capacity of the car accumulator allows you to work for two days (experience with a screwdriver, when assembling a roof and a frame house as a whole, more than 700 self-tapping screws of a different format were screwed in 2 days), and there is no harmful effect on the subsequent start of the car. Yes, there is ultimately a minus in terms of mobility, but the torque is almost constant, unlike standard batteries, which also need to be charged in time, and then the electricity was turned off, where to charge it? It was not me who invented it, but my father, an experienced electrician. This is so that I do not run for a smoke break while the regular batteries are charging. And so I had to work from dark to dark.

The power tool can be harmful. Under heavy load (especially when the shaft stops), the voltage on the small battery sags, thereby limiting the maximum motor current. A car battery, due to its much higher capacity in such a situation, is capable of burning down the motor of an electric screwdriver, or, more often, the speed controller located in the button. This thread has already discussed this issue. Alternatively, to limit the maximum current in series with an electric screwdriver, you can turn on a 55 watt car lamp.

About the work of the battery tool from the battery. Over the weekend I made this adapter:

And for starters, having measured the distance, cut out 2 recesses for the contacts in a round stick, and inserted it with the butt end into the base of the chipboard:

Then, having drilled the holes, I stretched the cable and soldered it to the tin contacts fixed with nails: Well, at the end, having insulated, I got the following result

It holds quite tightly, which is facilitated by the bends at the end of the contacts. But you can additionally fix it to the handle. The main thing is not to forget where “” is on the wire (when connected to the battery). The length of the cable turned out to be about 5 meters, and when you connect a standard battery to it, you feel that some of the power is lost. When connected to a battery, I think it will be better, but the voltage is 16.8 (will it work)