How To Convert A Screwdriver To Electric

How to choose an electric screwdriver How to choose an electric screwdriver The screwdriver gradually turns from a professional tool into a household one, like a screwdriver or pliers. Almost every man today has it in

Cordless or cordless screwdrivers

A very important selection criterion: a cordless screwdriver or a cordless one. They differ from each other by the presence or absence of rechargeable batteries. Of course, the battery version is better because it is mobile. There is no need to search for an outlet and plug into it. Plus, there is always the opportunity to move freely, not paying attention to the supply wire that stretches behind the network-type tool.

how to convert a screwdriver to electric

But cordless tools also have a minus that is periodic recharging. There are often cases when the charge was not enough to complete the work. Therefore, it is advisable to always have spare charged batteries under another hand.

It should be noted that the quality of a cordless screwdriver depends on which battery is installed in it. There are three types of batteries:

  • Nickel-cadmium;
  • Lithium-ion;
  • Nickel metal hydride.

The first, and this is Ni-Cd, are considered the most toxic. They discharge quickly compared to other species, but are not afraid of frost. That is, they do not discharge at low temperatures. These are the cheapest batteries available today. By the way, during storage, they must be completely discharged. Otherwise, their capacity drops sharply due to self-discharge.

The second option is not cheap, so home craftsmen do not like them. In addition, they are sensitive to low temperatures, quickly discharge, but have a large capacity, which makes it possible to work with a screwdriver for a long time without charging them. By the way, the number of possible recharges is 3000. Not a bad indicator.

Still others. Nowadays, they are becoming more and more popular. All foreign models are supplied with them, and even in domestic tools, such as the Interskol screwdriver (and in the drills of this brand), nickel-metal hydride batteries are installed.

But besides the fact that the batteries have different fillings, it is imperative to take into account their technical characteristics. Namely:

  • Capacity;
  • Voltage;
  • Absence or presence of self-discharge;
  • Absence or presence of a memory effect.

And one more indicator that you must definitely pay attention to when choosing a screwdriver. This is the ratio of current (its strength) to the time during which the screwdriver will work without recharging. This indicator is measured by Ampere-hours. So the larger it is, the longer the instrument itself will work. over, this indicator can be different or the same for batteries with the same or different output voltage. That is, these two quantities do not depend on each other.

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How to choose an electric screwdriver

The screwdriver gradually turns from a professional tool into a household one, like a screwdriver or pliers. Almost every man has it in his arsenal today. But if not, then its purchase is not far off, so it is very important to understand how to choose the right electric screwdriver, what parameters you need to pay attention to, so that you do not regret purchasing it in the future.

To understand how this tool works, you need to understand its design. So, the screwdriver consists of:

  • Electric motor;
  • A gearbox that transmits rotation from the electric motor to the spindle of the device;
  • The chuck into which the working tool is clamped;
  • Battery or power cable that connects the screwdriver to a 220 volt outlet.

That is, the tool itself is an electrical analogue of a screwdriver. Therefore, using it, you can screw in or unscrew screws, bolts and self-tapping screws. If the screwdriver is powerful enough, then anchors and dowels are often tightened with it. Soft building materials can be drilled with a screwdriver by installing a drill in its chuck. Thus, it replaces a drill. If you use it correctly, you can even cut threads in metal blanks.

How to choose the right screwdriver

The main parameters of electric screwdrivers are torque, which determines its power, the speed of rotation of the spindle shaft, and, accordingly, the working tool. So if the purchased tool is used infrequently, then it is better to choose a low-power household appliance. If it is required for permanent use, then it is recommended to buy a tool with a high power. In accordance with this, the models will differ in terms of rotation speed.

For example, low-power screwdrivers have a torque in the range of 10-15 nm (Newton meter), while their rotation speed does not exceed 500 rpm. Professional models rotate at 1200-1300 rpm and their torque is 130 Nm. The last indicator indicates which screws or other fasteners can be tightened. A professional screwdriver can screw in long and thick screws, small household screws. In this case, the former are usually used when it becomes necessary to work with more durable and harder materials.

Pay attention to such a device in the construction of a screwdriver as a stopper. This is the ring that stands up to the chuck. Its purpose is to set the length of the fastener entry, after which the cartridge stops spinning when the electric motor is spinning.

As mentioned above, all modern models of screwdrivers, such as the Makita, for example, can work like a drill. To do this, you just need to deal with the switching modes: one of the two works only for drilling, the other for screwing in.

Why convert a cordless screwdriver to a cordless one?

Battery-charged equipment periodically discharges if not used for a long time. This fact is a problem, since the main components deteriorate when the charge in the battery drops frequently. As a result, during the first signs of a breakdown, the battery holds less and less charge. In such a situation, complete breakdown of the part cannot be prevented, it is better to either replace it or change it to a new one. By the way, the cost of the first and second options will be the same.

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Tip: If the user is going to work with hard surfaces, choose devices with rotation parameters of at least 20 Nm. This is the Sparky BR2 10.8Li-C HD mechanism.

The second reason is to remake the device. Quality of work. Owners of such devices will easily confirm that the torque process is sometimes interrupted. It is also annoying that the power is not the best level. Again, the partial discharge is to blame. The situation is saved by connecting the device to the mains supply. Here are the benefits we get in the end:

  1. The recharging time will be reduced and you can start working at any time.
  2. Functioning without restrictions, confidence that the device does not sit down halfway to the job done.
  3. Financial benefit: no need to periodically change the battery.

Tip: High-quality equipment is protected from breakages, which is located near the nozzle. Such protection is available for Bosch PSR 1200, Bosch GSR 12V-15 devices.

Method number 1: reconstruction based on the laptop power supply

As already mentioned, this method of reconstruction is considered simple and does not require much time. Check first what output voltage the device is designed for. The best option would be 12-19 watts. In the next step, remove the unusable batteries from the device with a screwdriver and disassemble the device.

  1. Disconnect the entry (sized for a laptop connector) and strip the wires.
  2. Take the contacts and simply solder them to the device.
  3. Select a location on the device for the wire and drill it. At the end of the action, fold the structure and check for operability.

How to convert a cordless screwdriver to a mains: powered from a 220 volt network, DIY alteration

You can extend the life of a cordless screwdriver if you convert it to a network one. Those who have used a cordless screwdriver at least once could not help but appreciate its convenience. Without getting tangled in the wires, at any time you can penetrate the device into hard-to-reach niches, bring it to the country house, or take it out into the street and patch up the playground. But all the advantages of such a device are good until the battery is discharged.

How to convert a cordless screwdriver to a mains: powered from a 220 volt network, DIY alteration

Home How to convert a cordless screwdriver to the mains: powered from a 220 volt network, DIY alteration

Why do you need to remodel a mains-powered screwdriver

In order for you to be able to use a screwdriver even in the most inaccessible places without unnecessary wires, at any time, the mobile screwdriver is being converted to a network one.

It is difficult to remake a cordless screwdriver, so you can ask a professional for help

Methods for converting a cordless screwdriver into a network vary in complexity. One of them, powering the charging from a laptop, practically does not require knowledge and skills. To mount a computer power supply, you need to know how to handle a soldering iron, and to repurpose a Chinese adapter, you need to know how to handle a measuring device. In addition, there are several other methods for converting a cordless screwdriver directly into a network one.


  • Using a power supply device from a personal computer instead of a battery;
  • Giving new life to the car battery;
  • Using, as source, a power supply from halogen lamps;
  • By connecting the Chinese 24V power supply board.
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For brainy craftsmen, it is not difficult to perform such manipulations. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better not to risk it and seek the help of a knowledgeable specialist.

The benefits of rework

The home craftsman rarely uses fitting and assembly tools. The cordless screwdriver lies idle for a long time. And during this period, an arbitrary discharge occurs in the power supply, which leads to changes in the internal structure.

Having remade a 220 Volt screwdriver, the home craftsman gets the following advantages:

  • No time-consuming charging required;
  • Storage does not entail violations in the design of the tool;
  • Mains supply provides constant torque.

The minus of the converted screwdriver is one: binding to the mains.

How to remake a 220 volt screwdriver correctly

When the batteries fail, you have to think about how to remake a 220-volt screwdriver. Replacing an energy source is sometimes too costly and troublesome. Some types of batteries are almost impossible to find on the market.

  1. The benefits of rework
  2. What is needed for rework
  3. Step-by-step instruction
  4. Power supply recovery

What is needed for rework

In the process of work, you will need:

  • Charger included with the cordless screwdriver;
  • Electric cable (multicore);
  • A worn out battery.

In addition to the above, you must prepare an insulating tape, a screwdriver, a soldering iron, solder and phosphoric acid for soldering.

External power supply

The idea is not as absurd as it might seem. Even a large and heavy buck rectifier can just stand near the outlet.

You are equally tied to the power supply, and to the stuck mains plug. And the low-voltage cord can be made of any length.

IMPORTANT! Ohm’s law says at the same power, by decreasing the voltage, we increase the current strength! Accordingly, the 12-19 volt supply cord should have a larger cross section than 220 volts.

Using a car battery charger

The principle is the same as using a computer power supply. It is necessary to purchase an old charger for the starter batteries. The modern fashion for compact impulse chargers has left analog linear devices with manual control of voltage and charge current behind. Therefore, such a device can be purchased on the automotive market for a symbolic cost.


It’s good if the voltage can be adjusted smoothly in this case, your makeshift power supply will fit any screwdriver.

Converting it to a power tool is reduced to connecting the input of the electric motor to the power terminals of the charger.

The way out is a rework of the screwdriver in the network

Yes, it loses one of the benefits of a cordless tool, mobility. But for work in rooms with access to a 220 volt network, this is an excellent way out. over, you give new life to a broken instrument.

There are two concepts of how to make a network out of a cordless screwdriver: