How to correctly cut the platbands on the door of interior. Tools you need

How to cut the door.doorways

The second stage of replacement is the removal of an old platband. With all the simplicity of the process, difficulties may arise here. Rule when dismantling is not to damage the box, because changing it one or two will not work.

The strips are attached with cloves after 40-50 cm, to remove them, use a knife or another durable and sharp object. The knife is launched between the platband and the box, retreating from the clove 1-2 cm, and the bar is slowly squeezed from the place of fixation. As a rule, it is enough to squeeze the rail in 1-2 places of fastening, then it breaks away from the box with your hands.

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When replacing old or unusable edging, they have to be dismantled. This must be done carefully so as not to cause severe damage to the walls.

How To Trim INTERIOR Windows

You will need an ax and a hammer. Nails cannot be used, strong dents on the partition will remain from it.

The door must be completely open so that it does not interfere with work.

Occupy a position in the input opening. Start disassembly from the upper part. They put an ax with a blade into the gap between the jamb and the overlay, the blowing of the hammer drive it deeper.

Then the blade is gradually torn off the bar.

Similarly pass throughout the framing.

Ways to cut the platband under 45 degrees without resorting to the use of

The easiest way is to use an ordinary transporter, which is in every home where a school age child lives. With his help, making markings is not so difficult.

Important: it is important and drank it itself. To avoid the formation of cracks, it is recommended to use a hacksaw not on wood, but in metal. Yes, this method requires more time, but for that, the gap will be much more accurate and even more.

When the marking using the transporter is made, you need to place the platband on the horizontal surface so that the front side is at the top. It is recommended to make a cut along the entire platform of the platband.

correctly, platbands, door, interior, tools, need

If there are no office devices nearby, you can use ordinary tiles, with which you can draw an angle of 90 hundred degrees. Dividing it into 2 halves, we will get a template for a 45-degree angle, which can be used for marking instead.

If there is a ruler, the task is simplified several times at once. You just need to take the A-4 leaflet and draw a square, and then draw a corner bisector. To make it more convenient, you can take a small board and attach it to one of the corners, which will fix the structure. Well, then you need to attach the platband and start sawing.

How to make a knock at home?

If the above methods did not like it, you can make a knock at home on your own. Knock-a device resembling its shape, which has a P-shaped shape.

It is equipped with cuts for saws designed for sawing the material at a certain angle. The dimensions of the details are not very important, but the wider our home.made device, the wider and more precisely we will be able to saw wide racks.

Important: everything needs to be done wisely, it is also not worth overdoing, because if the width of the risen exceeds half the width of the hacksaw, it will be inconvenient to saw.

You can make markings resorting to the above methods, and then use small pieces of plywood and hacksaw. And in order to fasten everything, you can use self.tapping screws or even super glue. However, all this is more complicated and will take much more time, although it will provide the most accurate result (of course, if you do everything right).

Of course, this is a convenient and practical tool. It is sold in almost any construction store and has a low price, which absolutely everyone can pull.

However, if for some reason the situation has developed that it is impossible to get the tool as soon as possible-you can use improvised tools, such as a ruler, transporter or even tiles, with which it is easy to create a template with the desired marking or completely recreate a knock at home.

Conditions for replacing and returning low.quality products

What to do if the consumer bought a product from us, which does not suit him on any signs: design, size, configuration, etc.? The purchased goods were not operated, consumer parameters remained in its original state, the presentation did not deteriorate, the packaging was not damaged? In such a situation, within a two.week period, you can apply to the sale point and submit an application with a request to exchange the goods for a similar option or return the money, provided that the desired model is not available. Expenses associated with the delivery of goods for exchange, and the organization itself, the buyer takes on.

In this case, you can use the usual school transporter. With it, it is easy to measure the corners. However, the transporter may not be at hand if there are no schoolchildren in the house. In this case, the usual tile will help out, with which the strip at right angles is drawn, after which it is divided in half. The cut is best done on the front side, working with a hacksaw on the entire plane.

You can also use a regular line for marking. risks will turn out much more accurately than using tiles.

Necessary tools

To properly and carefully carry out this procedure, you will need:

  • Flow. Do not know how to cut the platband at an angle of 45 degrees. with its help. It helps cut the product at the right angle. Can be wooden, plastic, metal. Outwardly resembles a box.
  • Hacksaw. For metal, plastic, a hacksaw for metal is suitable, for wood. only on wood. You need to correctly sharpen it so that the cut turns out to be even.
  • Nails/liquid nails.

If you can’t use a knock, then you can do with improvised materials: pencil, ruler, cardboard, hacksaw.

Features of installation

You can install a platform of this type yourself, the main thing is to correctly calculate the size and carefully study the installation technology. This process must be performed after installing the door, in particular the box, the installation of which is the most important stage in the construction of the door structure as a whole.

Features of installation require the use of the following necessary tools:

The sequence of work should be as follows:

Capaches and pre.tributary racks. At this stage, it is necessary to adjust these parts to the opening and door frame

At the same time, it is important to make up up to a millimeter, since any gaps can look ugly. Installation of good. The bar is installed in a special groove, which is located on the back of the box

For fixation, you can use special wedges, while you need to ensure that they do not protrude outside the wall. After installing the input, the space between it and the opening must be filled with a polyurethane sealant. When using mounting foam, it is better to choose the one that exerts a slight pressure during the solidification process. You can determine such a tool by number 65 in marking. Installation of telescopic platbands. To do this, it is enough to install them in the groove of the input or door frame. In most cases, additional fixation is not required, since they are inserted tightly. If the nuances arose, then the fastening on the finish nails can be carried out special attention should be paid to the place of docking the platbands. In places of connection, they can be in contact at an angle of 45 or 90 °, and the first option is preferable.

The telescopic element may be the only right solution if there is a standard door and a non.standard doorway. At the same time, the installation of this part can be performed independently, which is another advantage of such a modeling model.

Councils of specialists

Before you correctly nail plastic or wooden platbands on interior doors, you should listen to the advice of specialists:

  • Installation is carried out only after the completion of all wall decoration work;
  • If there are significant defects, then they are hidden under wide platbands, about 12 cm wide;
  • If any errors occur at a corner of 45 degrees, then they can be eliminated by putty, which, after drying, is tinted with a corrector to the tone of the planks;
  • If there are any cracks between the box and the platband, then they are covered with sealant. After which they also tint the tone of the cladding.

Thus, with the right approach to the choice of planks and their installation, you can create a complete image of the interior door and give it a stylish appearance.

What to do if the platband does not fit entirely.

The door owner does not need to be cut, it must reach the floor. Otherwise, it will not look very beautiful.

The plinth itself is adjusted, the method depends on the material.


Removal of platbands is usually required when replacing cashing out. Do not worry about their safety, but the work is done carefully. Taking an ax with a sharp blade and a hammer, they start dismantling:

  • To remove the platbands carefully, the interior door gives an open position. Settled in the doorway, the tip of the ax is inserted in the upper corner between the bar and the box.
correctly, platbands, door, interior, tools, need

The procedure must be carried out carefully so that the dents are not left on the door frame. Instead of an ax, homemade sharpened strips made of durable metal or other similar devices are suitable.