How to correctly wind the line for trimmer on the trimmer for grass

How to wind the trimmer line on the grass trimmer

The thickness of the cord must fit the parameters of the selected tool. Too thick trimmer line will entangle the thread on the reel, contribute to overheating of the motor and rapid wear of the bushings.

According to the thickness of the line for the trimmer is conventionally divided into several types:

  • Between 1.2 and 1.6 millimeters. Suitable for models up to 0.5 kW. Often these are electric mowers;
  • 2mm to 2.4mm. This size is the most in demand, as it copes with young and stiff grass. Installed on tools with a capacity of about 1 kW;
  • From 3 mm to 3.2 mm. Suitable for gasoline-powered units, which will mow thick stems of weeds;
  • Court 4mm. Copes with overgrown areas.

To determine what kind of trimmer fishing line is right for a scythe, you can use one of the following methods:

  • The thickness of the court should be specified in the user manual;
  • On the bobbin manufacturers often put important data, including the allowable diameter;
  • Slide the trimmer line through the outlet opening. It must be able to pass through without any problems.

Also pay attention to the shape of the section, because the thread does not cut, but breaks the grass stem. Types of cords according to the shape of the section:

  • Round. A universal option that allows you to cut fresh and dry vegetation;
  • Multifaceted on 3 to 6 facets. Can mow stiff and thick stems. But the consumption of such a material is quite large, so it is only suitable for specific purposes;
  • Shaped. Star-shaped or notched square. The first is used for cutting fresh vegetation.

The line for the grass trimmer trimmer is made of different materials:

  • Nylon line for trimmer made of polyamide or propylene is most suitable for brushcutter. Inexpensive variants with polyethylene in their composition. They are not resistant to loads, cannot withstand frequent temperature changes. Polypropylene line for the trimmer will last longer if you pre-soak it in water for half an hour;
  • String with aluminum particles and a diameter of about 4 mm are the strongest.

Do not use metal wire or ropes, which can damage the tool.

Proceeding from the described parameters, you can choose the optimal line for the trimmer for the care of lawns.

How to wind the line for the trimmer on the brushcutter spool: method one

Open the trimmer head before you start winding.

First, the amount of line to be wound on the bobbin is determined. The bobbin must not protrude over the edges, otherwise the bobbin will not fit into the casing.

After determining the length of the fishing line, you can proceed to thread it into the bobbin:

The line for the trimmer is folded in half, one edge should be 10-15 cm longer. The bobbin is divided into two parts by the central rim. It has a groove for the court, which should be bent in half

You will need force to wind it up; the winding direction is important. The bobbin should have an arrow or inscription indicating the winding side

If there is no pointer, there should be an arrow on the mower head. Cord is wound in the opposite direction; Winding the line for the trimmer should be as carefully as possible, the thread should be as taut as possible; After completing the laying, the short end of the thread is fixed, it is inserted into the appropriate diameter groove on the side of the spool. The long edge is fastened on the opposite side; With the line fixed the edges should be cut with a gap of about 10 centimeters; The tucked spool is installed in the mowing head. The ends of the thread are pulled up from the fastening grooves; the cover is put on and fastened with latches. It should be fully engaged.

How to tuck fishing line into a grass trimmer spool: the second method

Some bobbins can be tucked in differently. Two sections of thread are charged, not one folded in half.

  • As in the first case, the length of the new thread is determined;
  • One edge of the bobbin is bent with a hook;
  • At the bottom of the bobbin there are holes for fixing the line, where the bent edge of the thread is inserted;
  • Winding the thread behind the arrow on the bobbin. The level of winding should not exceed the diameter of the spool;
  • Do the same with the second cell of the bobbin;
  • The edges of the line that are sticking out of the holes should be trimmed. You can just turn on the scythe, the knife will cut them during rotation. The line for the trimmer is trimmed manually with scissors, if the diameter of the court is too large.

Features of the trimmer application

Such a convenient, and most importantly, effective device, as a trimmer for grass, exists in several variations

As is clear from the names, the types of grass trimmer noticeably differ from one another. But regardless of the type of this tool, its cutting element may be a line for a trimmer. Of course, the grass trimmer fishing line that is threaded into the grass trimmer reel is not infinite. And sooner or later it will be necessary to replace it with a new one.

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Consumption of the line directly depends on the frequency of use of the device and the scale of the work performed. The more grass is mowed and the more often it is trimmed with a grass trimmer, the more active the trimmer line is consumed in it. And, accordingly, the sooner it will run out. This raises the question: how to tuck the line for the trimmer into the grass trimmer spool?

Not everyone knows the answer to this question. And the filament on the reel is very important for grass trimmer

For the device to function properly, it is very important to properly wind the new line for the trimmer on the spool. In this article we will tell you how to change the line on your trimmer

Choosing a fishing line

In order to make sure you get the right line for your trimmer head, it’s important to choose the right kind of fishing line. The thicker the cord, the thicker and harder the grass it can cut. A universal line for trimmer with a diameter of 2 mm is often used. To find the right diameter for your mower, you can choose the following ways:

  • Check the manual provided with your trimmer for information on line thickness.
  • Pay attention to the bobbin itself. Sometimes it is marked with information about the possible line diameters.
  • Another option is to try inserting a cord into the outlet. If it easily passes into it, then the chosen diameter of the line is suitable for use.

Characteristics of the grass trimmer reel

Reel for grass trimmer Choose a cord line can be according to the type of engine. If the line for the trimmer is too thick, it will increase the resistance to rotation. the motor will then overheat greatly and will soon fail. Useful recommendations:

  • For an electric device with a motor less than 500 V, a 1.3 mm filament is fine. If you can’t find it, you can use trimmer fishing line of 1.6 mm. If the power is greater than 1 kW, then select a 2 mm cord diameter.
  • With a gasoline grass trimmer, it is the shaft mower that matters. For the bent version is often used cord at 2 mm. If the shaft is straight, install 2.4-2.5 or 3 mm filament. The thickest line for the trimmer is installed on powerful devices. from 1.3 kW.

Pay attention to the type of cross-section of the cord as well. Some popular options:

  • The most common lines are circular. They mow fresh grass well, but perform poorly on shrubs and dead wood.
  • Twisted (spiral) cord is not very strong, but not bad for thin young grass.
  • Serrated filament with sharp edges is ideal for large weeds in a neglected area.
  • Rectangular, star, or square grass trimmer lines are the smoother way to mow your lawn, but they are not very durable.
  • The strongest. two-component cord with an inner core and a circular section.

Types of line for grass trimmer Note that you can’t use wire, metal strings and ropes, or ordinary fishing line instead. The device will be dangerous to the user and others. In this way, the rope or similar products will gradually begin to work together, causing their ends to unravel and the small pieces to fly away at high speed.

How to wind the line for trimmer on the reel of grass trimmer Patriot?

Almost every beginner faces the problem of changing the line when using a grass trimmer. Despite the fact that changing a line for a trimmer is very easy, you need to learn how to do it correctly. Changing a fishing line with the proper skill will not take more than five minutes. you just need to practice it all the time. This article will look at replacing the line using Patriot trimmers as an example.

Features of trimmers application

Grass trimmer, mowing grass with a fishing line, can be used near: houses and other buildings, fences and hedges, trees and shrubs, beds and flower beds, row-spacing on a garden plot.

Such a convenient, and most importantly, effective device as a grass trimmer exists in several variations:

As it is clear from the names, the types of grass trimmer noticeably differ from each other. But regardless of the type of this tool, its cutting element may be a line for the trimmer. Of course, the grass trimmer fishing line threaded into the grass trimmer reel is not endless. And sooner or later it will need to be replaced with a new one.

The consumption of fishing line directly depends on the frequency of use of the device and the scale of the work performed. The more grass is cut and the more often it is trimmed with the grass trimmer, the more line is used. And consequently, the faster it will run out. This begs the question: how to tuck the trimmer line into the grass trimmer reel?

Not everyone knows the answer to this question. And the line winding on the reel plays an important role in grass trimmer operation. In order for the device to function properly, it is very important to properly wind a new line for the trimmer on the spool. On how to change the line for the trimmer on the trimmer, and will be discussed in this article.

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Removing the spool from the grass trimmer

On small electric grass trimmers with a bottom-mounted motor (when it is near the ground when working), the spool usually has two keys on the sides. Press them and disconnect one half of the reel body from the second half, which remains on the trimmer. Together with the first half is removed and the inner part, on which directly and winds up a line for the trimmer. When disassembling, be careful: there is a spring inside, which can fly out and get lost.

On electric and gasoline trimmers with a bent rod (such trimmers are not yet possible to put a knife) you need to embrace the body of the reel with one hand, and the second hand should start turning counterclockwise the winglet on it. It is the one that attaches the coil to the grass trimmer bar. Unscrewed wing nuts, gently remove the entire spool, trying not to lose the spring inside.

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On electric and gasoline trimmers with a straight boom and gear on its end (in such trimmers for grass besides the fishing line can be set and a knife) are looking for a hole under the spool, put it in, for example, screwdriver, quietly turn the spool, until the screwdriver will not get even deeper, and the spool will be fixed. Now turn the whole spool clockwise (since the thread is left) and remove it from the grass trimmer. Then disassemble the coil. It can be assembled with snaps or tightened with a wingnut. If the coil is on the latches, you push on the sides of the latches base so that they bend and release one half of the coil body from the other. We simply unscrew the wing nut. there can be also a third type of connection of two halves of such coil: in this case you need to grasp the lower part with one hand and the upper part with another and begin to turn them in opposite directions. Disassembling such a coil, you must also ensure that the spring inside is not lost.

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Now, having removed and disassembled the spool, we proceed, actually, to winding.

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How to wind the line for the trimmer on the grass trimmer spool correctly?

Despite the fact that the garden equipment has been used for quite some time, for some owners of private houses it is still a novelty. That’s why questions often arise about how to properly wind the line for trimmer on an electric or gasoline trimmer for grass.

This is essentially an uncomplicated operation, but all its stages need to be performed competently in order to achieve the desired result. over, only few manufacturers’ manuals give an answer to this burning question. Read the article and find out how to wind a trimmer line on a grass trimmer reel.

The order of fishing line winding on the grass trimmer reel

First of all, you should know that grass trimmers have different working heads. The reel can be designed for different lengths and thicknesses of fishing line. this point should be taken into account when purchasing consumable material.

So, how to charge the trimmer line into the grass trimmer reel? The whole work is divided into several stages:

When you turn on the grass trimmer, the excess fishing line for the trimmer itself will be cut by the trimmer blade.

As you can see, winding a line for a trimmer on a grass trimmer reel is not difficult: the main thing is to do everything correctly. And here are a few more tips that will be useful to you when choosing a fishing line, its winding and subsequent work:

  • trimmer line comes in different thicknesses and cross-sections. The optimal option for winding is the “native” for this model of line for the trimmer;
  • Never use fishing line for the grass trimmer or metal cords for the trimmer. This substitution may seem effective, but it is very dangerous. Having jumped off the working trimmer for grass, the cable can seriously injure not only the lawnmower himself, but also those around him;
  • The line for the trimmer is cut when the working grass trimmer comes into contact with solid objects. Try not to let this happen, otherwise you will have to stop every time, turn off the device and rewind the line for the trimmer on the spool;
  • Use a standard trimmer line for lawn grass, a braid-shaped trimmer line for rough weeds. It is more durable and will not always be cut.

When choosing a trimmer for grass to care for the lawn, many gardeners stop at gasoline models, because they are the most functional. But how to choose a single model among a huge range of? Choosing the most important criteria will help the article.

The garden trimmer for grass is the most popular tool for taking care of the lawn. Grass trimmer engine can run on gasoline or electricity. And if you decided to opt for the second option, the article about electric trimmers will be useful to you.

Lawn mower. an indispensable helper in the care of the lawn on the site. But there are places that are more convenient to mow not with massive lawnmowers, and light trimmers. under benches or fences, around flowerbeds. about trimmers for grass will tell the article.

Cordless grass trimmers allow you to get rid of unwanted vegetation where the usual grass trimmer or lawnmower will not pass. Battery power makes mowing much more convenient. The device can also be used to cut shrubs.

How to wind a trimmer line onto a grass trimmer reel?

The second method is a little more difficult to perform independently.

Wind the grass trimmer cord in the following order:

  • First you will need to cut about 6 m of cord from the total, and bend it. One part should be slightly larger than the other;
  • Then the place where it was bent thread will need to insert the thread into the recess located on the separating edge between the two sections of the bobbin. As a result, the first part of the segment should be in the upper and the second part in the lower section of the bobbin;
  • After that you need to start winding the line. Do this in the direction of the arrow marked on the bobbin case. Make sure that the cords are not intertwined during winding. The upper part of the piece should be carefully wound onto the upper section and the lower part should be wound onto the lower section of the bobbin. After that, two 15 cm sections of cord should be left free;
  • Next, the remaining ends will need to be inserted into the notches located at the top of the bobbin;
  • Then the secured ends need to be slipped into the through holes of the grass trimmer’s mowing head.
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At the end you need to connect all parts of the mowing head and pull each end of the line a little towards yourself. The finished spool needs to be installed on the grass trimmer and continue to work on the site.

How to tuck the line for the trimmer into the grass trimmer spool?

The third method is suitable for charging single section mower reels.

All actions should be performed in the following order:

  • The first step is to disassemble the mowing head, after which it must be cleaned of grass, small debris and old cord residue;
  • Next, you need to cut off about 10 m of new line from the total amount and bend it in half. As a result, one hand should hold both ends of the line and the place where it is bent;
  • After that, you need to find a notch in the bobbin. In a one-piece mowing head, it is located at the top or at the bottom. Next to the notch should be an arrow that indicates in what direction to wind up the cord;
  • Then start winding up the line. During installation the line for the trimmer must not kink or hang down. Otherwise, it will constantly pop off the spool;
  • After winding the cord in the hands of the operator should remain 2 ends, a length of 10-15 cm;
  • These ends must be slipped into the through holes located in the side walls of the upper part of the spool, opposite each other;
  • After that, you need to assemble the reel. In doing so, its spring must fit precisely between the two metal washers.

The finished single-section coil will need to be installed on a household grass trimmer, and then you can continue to mow vegetation on the site.

Advantages of a trimmer head

In addition to the heads on trimmers are used metal discs. Compared to them, cutting elements with fishing line have a number of advantages:

  • no need to sharpen consumables
  • If stones or other hard objects hit, the trimmer line will simply rip, not injuring others or the mower
  • Thread breaks do not adversely affect the gears and motors of trimmers.
  • The machines with heads clean the grass better than their metal counterparts.


Working with such machinery, as grass trimmers, requires caution and attentiveness. Implementation of safety measures during work is obligatory both for beginners and experienced masters. Sometimes confident mowers let their guard down, make irreparable mistakes and suffer serious injury. That’s why it’s important when working with the machine

  • Close the reel cover on all latches.
  • Do not reel in more line than necessary: it’s hard to unwind later.
  • After filling up the reel, be sure to check the tool’s function before mowing.
  • Choose quality material that fits the particular trimmer.

You should not try to mow coarse grass with thick stems with a fishing line. There are steel discs for this. Wear protective clothing only. Wear goggles and appropriate footwear.

Installation of wire rope: pros and cons

The most common clue, on the subject of “What to replace the line for a grass trimmer trimmer?”The best way to make a good job is to use a wire rope. In fact, in terms of efficiency, the metal cable is much better than the standard version. It’s not subject to much wear and tear, and it’s just as good at mowing grass. And yet it is necessary to understand that manufacturers do not just use a polymer line for trimmer, but not an iron rope.

Unfortunately, the downside of durability is increased wear and tear on the lawnmower’s transmission. Due to the fact that the line for the trimmer tears, it does not overload the mechanical part of the device, but simply wears out as it is used.

You can use a steel cord if you wish, but it is important that it does not touch the safety guard in any way during operation. The ends of the cable need to be welded to prevent them from unraveling.

Installing plastic ties: pros and cons

If a trimmer line suddenly runs out while you’re working and there’s still a lot of work to be done, you don’t have to look for a new one. Plastic clamps can temporarily perform its function. They are quite rigid and can cope with almost any grass.

The disadvantage is the rapid wear and tear. Plastic clamps are also very inefficient in this particular application. Nevertheless, this alternative can always be used.

Installing Plastic Ties: Pros and Cons

If you suddenly run out of line for your trimmer while working, and there’s still a lot of work to be done, you don’t have to look for a new one. Its function can be temporarily performed by plastic clamps. They are quite stiff and can cope with almost any weed.

The disadvantage is the rapid wear and tear. The effectiveness of plastic clamps, in such a non-standard application, is also low. Nevertheless, such an alternative can always be used.

Fishing line installation: pros and cons

Sometimes an ordinary fishing line for trimmer is installed in the drum of the garden trimmer for grass, instead of a special one. it is just a waste of time. Fishing line for the trimmer is too soft and washes out many times faster than the traditional version. It can really cut the grass, but this unusual application is not good for it. Fishing line for a trimmer can be used exclusively as a spare, if nothing else is at hand.

It is also worth considering that it must be thick enough. It is better to insert a line for the trimmer with a thickness of at least two millimeters into the lawnmower. By the way, there may be difficulties with its installation, if the grass trimmer model provides winding on the spool.