How To Cut A Bar 100×100

Country house-hut 6×6 m

The size of the house was chosen to minimize waste. All ribs are six meters as standard in sawmilling. That is, the building area is 6×6 meters, the length of the roof slope. 6 meters. At the end of April, as soon as the roads dried up, we visited our “estate”. The water from the snow has already gone deep, it was possible to begin.

T.K. When facing with any slab material, seams will form, then they must be covered with something. I decided that in the future I would make seams imitating half-timbered houses, and paint the OSB boards themselves. Thus, I will hide the seams and give originality to the structure. It should look like a Bavarian house.

I sawed the slabs according to the principle “less pilish, less consumption”, that is, use whole sheets as much as possible. What I still had to cut was sawed with a chainsaw. Gently dusting it is not a problem, the main thing is to change the chain in time.

Back in early September, I found old 110cm x 110cm windows in a friend’s garage. They, of course, were in white paint, but where it peeled off, it was clear that the wood was in good condition. But, most importantly, this wood was of excellent quality. The very dense arrangement of annual rings and the pink color of the wood per class exceeded the quality of modern lumber. The only drawback was that it was problematic to find all the parts of one window (each frame consisted of four parts, and the window consisted of two frames), but it seemed that I found everything. Another problem was that the second frame belonged separately for the winter period and was not openable. I wanted all the frames to always stand on the window (this would save me from allocating space for the winter frame for the active warm period, when there is not enough space anyway) and they would all open (due to the fact that in the summer the winter frame will be on the window ).

To begin with, I cleaned all these frames of paint. With the help of a hair dryer and a spatula, I removed the paint, and then sanded all the parts, using sanding paper of different grit, starting from P60 and Finishing P240. I liked the result.

How To Cut A Bar 100x100

Autumn has come, it is problematic to work outside, it was necessary to prepare the house for winter. In order to be able to work, it was decided to install windows on one side, on the front facade, and close the rear facade windows with plywood.

After a while I bought two more windows measuring 90×120 cm. With glazing beads, hinges and locks, but without handles and glasses. They were also sanded and painted, after having completely disassembled them. It turned out to be cheaper to order glass to fit the size than to buy glass and cut it yourself. When the glass was inserted, then siliconized all the places where the glass was attached to the frame. I inserted these windows where it will not be wider. Instead of metal sills, I temporarily installed OSB trims. After installing the windows, I took up the door. I was looking for her simpler, but durable. In a neighboring village I found what I was looking for. From a grooved board, thick and with a spiked box included, but the width was too large, 90 cm. I thought a little, decided to take this one. I took the door to work, it is more convenient to work in a warm room. As well as the windows, I polished it, painted it and dusted it with yacht varnish. I bought a lock and hinges. Chisel cut out the grooves for the hinges, and with a blind drill cut out a groove for the lock like a milling cutter. The door was installed the next day. Looks, of course, huge against the background of the facade.

The following weekend, the OSB walls were finally sewn up and plywood covered the window openings at the back of the house. The building was mothballed for the winter. During these days, I made logs for the attic ceiling and a working staircase to the second floor. The logs were installed simply: I sawed off two boards, cut them off at the angle of inclination of the roof and substituted them on the logs of the second floor overlap. I baited them and put a jumper on them. It remains only to secure it. The height of the log was calculated so that the height of the second floor was equal to the height of the first floor plus ten centimeters. I will also fill a 50×50 bar under the insulation, both from below, to the floor from above. The staircase is temporary. The standing stands will be elsewhere. Its angle will be shallower. To make the stairs I used the same boards that I used to install the log. I attached them to the lower lags and lags of the overlap of the second floor and they screwed 50×50 bars onto them, having previously cut the seat into the bowstring with a chainsaw. In the spring I outlined an approximate plan and sequence of my actions:

  • Window
  • Floors
  • Internal walls
  • Insulation (I decided to insulate with ecowool, so in this sequence)
  • Heating
  • House painting (exterior and interior)

What is made of KDP?

Wood-polymer composite is used to make:

  • Facing and flooring boards;
  • Decorative (garden) parquet;
  • Facing wall panels for outdoor and indoor use;
  • Load-bearing elements for lightweight buildings;
  • Roofing materials;
  • Soundproof panels;
  • Floor covering;
  • Car cladding panels;
  • Windows and doors;
  • Furniture.

Other manufacturers

We have prepared a list of the most popular manufacturers of WPC products and indicated the minimum cost in rubles per square meter of a hollow deck 25-30 mm thick with a corrugated surface. Indeed, by the difference in the cost of these products, one can judge the price of the second products of THESE companies.

The list of manufacturers is as follows:

WPC product prices

We have prepared a description of products from various manufacturers, as well as selected the closest analogues of their products, but made of second materials.

Thanks to this, you will get a more objective picture of the of certain products made from this wood composite, because it is difficult to compare even products of the same type with each other, but differing in size or internal structure.

Soundproof panels

Sound absorption and noise reduction WPC is subject to the same laws that apply to other materials. The lower the density and the more air bubbles inside, the higher the sound absorption / noise reduction coefficients.

Therefore, sound-absorbing and noise-suppressing WPC panels are completely similar to the same panels made of various polymers and differ only in lower cost, which is caused by both the use of wood waste and the reintroduction of plastics.

Windows and doors

Plastic windows and doors have been made for several decades, but their cost is quite high, and the rigidity does not depend on the amount of plastic, but on the metal frame.

At the same time, externally, windows or doors made of PVC and wood-polymer composite do not differ in any way.

Main characteristics

Basic properties and characteristics mean:

  • Density;
  • Compression strength;
  • Flexural strength;
  • Thermal conductivity;
  • Sound conductivity;
  • Possibility of mechanical processing;
  • Temperature regime;
  • Environmental Safety.

There are no common values ​​for THESE parameters, because each of them can be changed when preparing the mixture. In most cases, manufacturers are guided by the same values ​​\ u200b \ u200bof those materials that they want to replace.

Since in most cases, WPC products replace the same wood products, the main parameters of the material itself are identical to wood. One of the main advantages of this material is its suitability for processing with conventional tools.

Here’s what you can do with this material:

  • Dusts with hand or circular saws;
  • Drill bits for wood or metal;
  • Hammer in nails (to hammer in a thick nail, it is advisable to drill a hole first, otherwise the material may tear)
  • Screw in screws or self-tapping screws (regardless of the diameter, it is advisable to drill a hole)
  • To plan with a plane;
  • Hew with an ax;
  • Cut with a knife, as well as with a hand or electric jigsaw with a saw on wood.

The temperature regime, which for most products fits in the range from 50 to 50 degrees, is a very important parameter.

Some manufacturers are expanding the upper and lower limits of the temperature range, so that the board can withstand frost and heat more easily, therefore, before purchasing, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the permissible temperature range indicated by the manufacturer.

Another important parameter. Environmental Safety.

Under normal conditions, none of the thermoplastic polymers used for the production of WPC, but does not emit toxic substances, however, during a fire, toxic gases are released.

Therefore, WPC manufacturers add substances to the mixture that prevent the combustion of THESE polymers.

However, in a severe fire, it is impossible to avoid the release of toxic gases, but even ordinary wood emits the same gases. Therefore, WPC is much safer than plywood, chipboard and other substances containing phenol and formaldehyde compounds.

Erect walls

Further, the construction technology of a log house provides for the construction of walls. This stage implies alternating laying of the timber in rows. Each row (sometimes in the text “crown”) is fastened together with a dowel. This pin is a vertical connection. This device will further prevent displacement or twisting of the structure.

What is noteworthy, the dowel can be made of both metal and wood of the species from which the timber is made. It should be noted that metal pins are somewhat more expensive than wooden ones.

Smart connections will turn your home into a fortress

Also, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the installation of a Nagel for a bar is made on the principle of brickwork. Through one through 2-3 crowns. Especially for such purposes, holes are drilled with a diameter of 30-40 mm, into which the dowel can be inserted without any effort. Recommended pitch between pins. 1.5-2 m.

Nagel should be killed both in the corners and around the entire perimeter of the building

As for the partitions, they should be cut into the main walls. For their construction (as mentioned earlier), they use a bar with a section of 100×150 mm.

In the event that you want to reduce costs during the construction process, you can make frame partitions. For this, a beam with a section of 40×40 or 50×50 mm is suitable, which, later, will be covered with clapboard or any other material you like.

Construction technology

The technology for building a house from a bar includes several fairly basic stages. Let’s start by considering such a building material as timber.

Bar. Versatile and, moreover, environmentally friendly material, which is quite easy to use. Due to such qualities, it is very often used in low-rise and household construction.

Better (and therefore more expensive) timber is much easier to work with

The strategy for building houses from these materials is quite simple, you just need to have free time and some skills in installation work. Now let’s move on to the main question. The technology of building a house from a profiled bar.


The technology of building a wooden house from a bar also provides for the construction of a roof. As a covering, you can use any materials, ranging from ondulin and tiles, and finishing with corrugated board and roofing felt. The most important thing. Start with insulation of the attic or the last floor of a building being built from a bar.

You simply won’t be able to build a roof on your own

Ceiling lathing, beams and rafters should be installed according to your plan (which you purchased for free, bought it or made it yourself). After erecting the walls, you need to lay the ceiling joists, which will become the basis of your future roof. For ceiling lags, we choose the same timber that we laid on the floor.

We lay the ceiling logs. Responsible work for a competent master

Next step. We lay out the boards on the rafter system. This structure will serve as the skeleton of your roof, so you should be extremely careful about strengthening it, using the same braces, crossbars and racks.

As for the windows, in most cases our compatriots install double-glazed windows. It should be remembered that if the window is installed incorrectly, it can simply be “led” and your house will be blown through.

To prevent this from happening, you should wait for the moment when the house “sits down” and then you can safely install windows of any type without any problems and consequences. If you doubt your abilities (you do not know the basics of this type of work), then it is better to seek help from professionals.

We create a project

So, the technology of building houses from a bar includes such an important stage as design.

Home new house exclusively according to your project

This stage begins with the fact that you, as a novice builder, should decide on the area and dimensions of the house, as well as calculate the required amount of building material.

The simplest plan of a new building

Also, at the design stage, it should be remembered that the standard length of one unit of timber is 6 m, so if the side of the house is a little longer, get ready for splicing. To calculate the required amount of timber for construction, use the calculator:

We lay the base and floor

This stage is one of the most basic, since you build the basis of the entire structure with your own hands.

So let’s get to work:

  • To begin with, you should erect the lower harness, which includes a wreath from a bar, laid out on a previously prepared and waterproofed foundation;
  • For the construction of the outer walls of the future house, a bar with a section of 150×150 mm is mainly used, and for internal partitions and floor beams. 100×50 mm;
  • After you Lay the crown, you should treat the resulting structure with a special antiseptic, since it is the crown that is most susceptible to the harmful effects of fungi and mold;
  • Now, after you have managed to build a crown, you can safely mount the logs, which fit on the edge. Initially, a rough floor is laid on the logs, which is then covered on both sides with a double layer of thermal insulation;
  • In order to lay the subfloor, you should choose a board with a section of 25×150 mm;
  • Final stage. We lay the finished floor from any material you like (or available).

Choosing a building material

So, before you start building your own house, you need to select high-quality building material, because the technology itself and the speed of construction will largely depend on the quality of the timber.

When joining this type of timber, the manufacturer uses a special glue, which does NOT interfere with the “breathing” of the tree and accordingly shares its useful properties with humans.