How to cut a doorway in a brick wall

The order of execution of works

First of all, you must determine the place of the additional space for entry and exit. Everything begins with the marking. You need to determine the width of the hole, and then start penciling to determine its future location. From the outer wall we need to measure the distance and make a mark from here and start drawing the outline of the future space inside the wall.

Cut a thick wall construction on both sides, so it will be necessary to mark the back side as well.

For their exact coincidence it is necessary to drill a few holes according to the pencil markings (Fig.1). And then on the other side connect all the holes with a pencil line.

Should carry out the above manipulation using a construction level, a triangle and a ruler.

Since the space will be done in a load-bearing wall of a brick house, it is necessary to take care of auxiliary partitions and lintels beforehand (Fig. 2).

How to make a proper door opening in a brick wall

In some cases, the repair of the apartment also involves its redevelopment. Most often this operation is associated with the transfer or modification of doorways. How to properly make such an opening in a brick wall? Mistakes in the design of this element or repair work can cost too much, so you need to study the issue in detail and carefully.

Preparing to work on the installation of the opening in the wall

For the arrangement of an opening in the wall, regardless of the material from which it is made, you will need the same type of construction tools:

  • Peorator;
  • Concrete (brick) drills with a length that exceeds the thickness of the wall by 100-150 mm;
  • Angle grinder (angle grinder) with a disk diameter of not less than 400 mm;
  • Cutting discs on the stone (concrete) d-400 or more mm;
  • Cutting discs on metal (for cutting fixtures);
  • Sledgehammer;
  • Chisels;
  • Kirk;
  • Hammer;
  • Set of tools for working with electrical wiring;
  • Construction level;
  • Plummet;
  • Trowels and trowels for concrete mortar;
  • Mixer for preparing the mortar;
  • Set of wrenches to tighten the metal structures of the lintel and reinforce the opening;
  • Welding machine.

In addition, you should prepare a protective suit, respiratory protection from construction dust, construction goggles or a plastic shield to protect the eyes, covering material for the floor and interior items.

Cutting with oxygen

Equipment Equipment with metal tube
Advantages Economical
Disadvantages Danger of fire
Features of cutting in different materials Oxygen lance is formed as a result of pipe heating up to 1400 degrees. Oxygen can cut through the toughest materials because of this process. For more results, metal powder is added to the oxygen stream.

IMPORTANT! Oxygen cutting is used on construction sites that are not commissioned!

How to make a door opening: punching an opening in a brick wall with your own hands

If you are building a house from scratch or want to remodel, you need to know how to make a doorway in accordance with all the rules and standards. Keep in mind that there are both general norms and specific nuances in relation to individual materials.

How to make a door opening: punching an opening in a brick wall with your own hands

Today, many people try to remodel an old home and make it fully comply with modern regulations and requirements. Basically, many are faced with the problem when the door is located in the wrong place. In this case, an opening in a brick wall will be required. To enlarge the opening in a brick wall by yourself is problematic, because it takes a lot of time and special equipment is needed.

That is why we recommend contacting our company.

Our advantage is that during the operation will be applied diamond cutting. This is an innovative technology, which allows you to accelerate the work. Turning to us you will notice that the cost of the opening in the brick wall is one of the lowest through discounts. To make sure you can check out the rates of other companies.

The price of works

On the final cost of the works to create an opening for the door affects several factors. For example, if the opening is done at the stage of construction, the cost will be different, as the master is required to simply lay out a masonry hole under the door.

If it is necessary to cut through the opening, then the work is complicated by the type of wall. solid or partition, the type of brick, the thickness of the wall: all this directly affects the final cost.

By laying

To lay a doorway in St. Petersburg, you have to pay from 1700 per square meter of brickwork. If the thickness of masonry 120 mm will take from 1000, and if the thickness is 250 mm, then per square meter. In the city of Temryuk brick masonry holes cost from 1000 to 2800, depending on the thickness and complexity.

By cutout

Most contractors quote a price for the job, provided you have to cut an opening of at least 10 squares. For example, for cutting a square with a thickness of 6-8 cm take from 1200, at the same time, if the thickness is equal to 3 bricks, then you have to pay from 6000.

For the same work in St. Petersburg you will have to pay from 5000 for a diamond cut of a brick wall 100 mm thick. In Yekaterinburg for the service will ask from 7000.

How to proceed

First of all, you need to determine the location of additional space for entry-exit. Everything starts with the marking. You need to decide on the width of the hole, and then start penciling in the future location of the hole. From the outside wall to measure the distance and make a mark. and start drawing the contour of the future intra-wall space.

Cutting a thick wall structure on two sides, so you will need marking and the reverse side.

Knocking Brick Wall Through For Doorway | The Carpenter’s Daughter

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For their exact overlapping it is necessary to drill a few holes on the pencil markings (Fig.1). And then on the other side connect all the holes with a pencil line.

It is necessary to carry out the above manipulations using a building level, a triangle and a ruler.

Since the space will be done in a load-bearing wall of a brick house, you must take care in advance about the auxiliary partitions and lintels (Fig. 2).

Aperture in a brick wall with their own hands

Sometimes for various reasons it is necessary to redesign the interior of an apartment or a private home. Often this involves creating a new doorway. “Breaking. not building”. everyone is familiar with this proverb and regarding this situation, you should understand how it is done correctly. Especially when it comes to masonry. It is not difficult to knock them out, and everyone can cope with such a task, but you must follow a number of rules. Someone may be happy with the subsequently formed crack (to learn how to get rid of the crack in the brick wall read the article here)? Yes, and there is a chance that the upper masonry will jam the door frame.

This video clearly demonstrates what approximately the front of the work is to be done: