How to cut a pipe at a 45 degree angle

Used tools

At first glance, this operation is not difficult – cutting pipes in practice reveals a lot of nuances and pitfalls. It’s not so easy to cut the tubes straight:

  • Thin-walled.
  • Large diameter.
  • Bevel.

It is very important to select the appropriate cutting method and special equipment for each specific case. It is subdivided into individual, household and industrial.

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How to cut a pipe at a 45 degree angle

Small diameter plastic pipes can be cut using specialized scissors.

Steel pipes can be cut with an angle grinder, but it is better to use a more accurate tool – a band saw with a turntable equipped with clamps. A tabletop disc cutter will also work..

When using a general-purpose tool, you will definitely have to use one or another rig..

How to cut a pipe at a 45 degree angle

How to cut a cast iron pipe

Cast iron as a material has its own specifics and differs from steel alloys in a number of physical and mechanical characteristics. With high strength, cast iron is a very fragile material.

A cast iron pipe is marked in the same way as a steel pipe. Before starting work, wooden blocks should be placed for support. An angle grinder with a cut-off wheel needs to make a shallow cut around the entire circumference. Next, a chisel inserted into the incision must be hit with great force. The product will split straight along the cut line.

Cutting a cast iron pipe

If an angle grinder is not available, you will have to make a circular cut with a hacksaw for metal.

Cutting technology

As a rule, the volume and complexity of the work to be done by the home craftsman does not require the use of high-performance and expensive equipment of a production level. When making a greenhouse frame, you can completely cut the pipes with an angle grinder or a traditional hand hacksaw.

Each type of cut has its own nuances, and some require special tweaks..

Precision cutting machines

Band saws are distinguished by high stability of the blade plane and cutting accuracy. They are also widely used in the procurement areas of small-scale and medium-scale production. They are characterized by versatility, reliability and high performance..

For private use, the Italian company MASS offers a compact band sawing unit. It is equipped with a manual clamping device and can evenly cut pipes with a diameter of up to 65 mm, as well as rolled products of any profile of the same thickness.

The rotary device allows you to set an arbitrary cutting direction from 0 to 45 °. Cutting blade movement frequency – up to 45 strokes per minute. An economical 370 watt motor allows you to use a regular home single-phase 220 V power grid.

How to cut a profile pipe straight

It is recommended to use a plumbing square when marking. On the first side, the required size is marked, the square is applied to the mark and the marking line is drawn. Further, without lifting the square from the corner between the edges, smoothly turn it over to the other, apply the marking line, turn it again and mark the third edge. If they come together on the last edge of the mowing line, it means that the markings are made correctly..

Now you can clamp the workpiece and cut to the desired length with an angle grinder or a hacksaw.

How to cut a pipe straight

How to Cut Pipe Angles Accurately – Kevin Caron

Miter box for cutting pipes

Carpenters have long used a simple, but very useful device to cut the ends of rectangular, round and shaped bars evenly at an angle. A carpenter’s miter box is good for sawing off plastic or non-thick metal pipe.

You can use a ready-made one, or you can make a miter box with your own hands. Its advantage is that it can be made exactly to the size of the pipe. For manufacturing you will need:

  • Cut a plank with a length of 40-50 cm and a width equal to the pipe diameter.
  • Cut two boards of the same length, but wider by the thickness of the first board.
  • Assemble the boards on self-tapping screws, attaching the side boards to the base so that you get a U-shaped gutter.
  • In the center, mark and make vertical cuts in the side boards to the base so that a straight line drawn through them forms angles of 90, 60, 45 and 30 ° with the longitudinal axis of the structure.
  • Make cuts at different angles if necessary.

It is better to make the side walls of more durable wood – this will extend the service life of the equipment.

Such a miter box not only defines and helps to maintain the correct cutting line and cut straight. It also serves as a means of securing the pipe. It is enough to hold the pipe with your hand together with the miter box. For each diameter, you will have to make a separate tooling.

During operation, the slots in the side walls are also subject to wear. It is necessary to ensure that the hacksaw blade runs in them with minimal backlash. In case of wear, you can saw new slots parallel to the old ones, at least 3 centimeters away from them, or replace the side walls.

This miter box has the following advantages:

  • simplicity of design and manufacture
  • cheapness
  • the ability to make tooling for any diameter and required angle

Miter box for cutting pipes

  • inconvenient to work with large diameters and wall thicknesses
  • binding of each rig to its own diameter
  • only compatible with metal hacksaw

For individual use

The following tools are used for cutting steel pipes in the household:

Manual pipe cutters. Allows you to cut round parts with an even right angle cut due to the cutting edges of the rollers. There are several types of products of this type, consisting of single rollers or a series of them attached to a chain. In everyday life, such devices are quite rare and are more suitable for professional work..

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Angle Grinder. It is a universal tool for cutting any metal parts with different angles; special discs for metal are used for work, which grind down rather quickly during operation. This allows you to accurately cut a curve in the line with a small diameter disc..

Gas-burner. A fast and effective method of cutting metal surfaces with a hot flame jet; disadvantages include melted edges, which complicate further welding. It is difficult to cut a product with a gas burner according to a paper template, which will burn, and if a fishing line is drawn, then it will practically not be visible in a stream of flame.

Electric pipe cutters. To work with pipelines of small diameters, you can use compact electric pipe cutters, according to the principle of operation, resembling an angle grinder. The device is called a roller machine, during operation, the part is installed on the bed and rotates on roller guides, from above its surface is cut by an electrical device. The main difference between the pipe cutter is a metal disc, which has a special durable spraying for cutting metal.

Diy pipe miter box

Using the template is not very convenient – you have to make a cut along the mowing line, keeping the angle grinder suspended, which leads to large errors. If you have a welding machine, you can make a simple miter box – guides for the disc of an angle grinder, which do not allow it to go to the side.

For this, a previously made template is used, in the side of which a hole is drilled and a nut is welded. When working, a homemade miter box is put on the profile, a bolt is screwed into its nut and the device is pressed against the profile surface. an angle grinder with a disc for metal makes a cut, slightly pressing the disc to the side surface of the device. It is clear that with long-term work, the edges in the miter box are gradually grinded, and although the process occurs simultaneously on all edges, some errors will appear over time. Therefore, it is better to make the device from hard wear-resistant metal in order to increase its service life and get a more accurate tool..

How to cut a cast iron pipe

The main difference between cast iron and ordinary steel is its high brittleness and large wall thickness; its accurate cutting must be performed in the following sequence:

  • A marking corner is drawn according to the template using a scribe, for

supports under the part put a wooden board or board.

  • Perform an angle grinder shallow cut of the surface along the entire perimeter.
  • Further, the groove is deepened in several passes until the two parts are completely separated..

Cutting at 90 degrees

To cut straight across a round pipeline or rectangular metal profile, use a sheet of plain paper. They wrap the workpiece in such a way that the edges of the paper sheet coincide, after which it is fixed on the part with tape or glue. an angle grinder is held next to the edge of the paper sheet with a thin line, after which it is gradually deepened until it is completely cut.

A metal profile or a round pipe can be cut using a template, putting on them an evenly cut element with a large inner diameter.

Performing a longitudinal cut

To make a high-quality even longitudinal cut, you can use a simple device in the form of a metal corner. It is securely fixed on a flat wooden surface with screws and the pipe is pressed against it with a heavy load. An angle grinder makes a longitudinal cut of the pipe top, slightly resting the disc on the surface of the angle.

The corner can be attached to the pipe with clamps and a cut can be made along the upper wall of the corner in the same way..

Some tips for cutting pipes

Households sometimes require cutting to connect the pipeline at different angles or axially. The main tool for these works is a universal angle grinder and discs for metal.

Used tools

There are several ways how to cut a pipe; for this, construction and industrial tools are used for metal processing. Of all types, only the angle grinder allows you to obtain curved surfaces without further processing with the closest edge location.

Paper mold for pipe

One of the most common ways to make a pattern for pipes with a round surface is a method for which you will need a lined sheet of paper, a ruler and a pencil. To obtain a paper pattern, proceed as follows:

  • Draw a circle on a piece of paper with the diameter of the pipe to be cut, break the circle into 16 equal segments, each time dividing large segments into two equal.
  • Measure the circumference by multiplying its diameter by the number Pi, equal to 3.14. Set aside this size on both sides of the axis of the circle in equal segments, each of which is divided into 8 equal parts.
  • Draw from segments on a straight line vertical mowing line up and horizontal from the points set on the circle.
  • The places of their intersection are connected with a smooth line and, as a result, a template applied to the paper is obtained, which is cut out and glued to the trimmed surface. For trimming, it is better to use an angle grinder with a small diameter disc – the surface will be curved and when using a large disc, the error will increase.

How to cut a pipe at a 45 degree angle

Cutting the pipe at an angle. a typical task in the manufacture of metal structures. There is often a need to cut the pipe at an angle. The cut pipes are welded at a predetermined angle to the walls of the structures, from which two-link bends are made.

Before cutting with the help of templates (templates) applied to the pipe, the cutting line is outlined. For each diameter and each angle of the selected diameter, a separate unique piece (template) is required. The proposed Excel table allows you to obtain dimensions for constructing a pattern for marking pipes of any diameter, cut at any angles. Enter in the yellow cells of the table the outer diameter of the pipe, the cutting angle, the length of the segment and you will instantly receive the ordinates and abscissas of these points.

Transfer these points to paronite or cardboard and smoothly connect them together. The pattern (template) is ready. For the convenience of manual construction, the user himself enters the length of the segment on the X axis (multiples of 5, 10 mm) and receives up to 40 construction points, depending on the length of the segment and the length of the piece. You should get a curve like this.

When using a table with a macro, there is no need for manual construction. The program itself draws a sweep based on the entered data. It remains to print and cut it. The allowances on the printout are added by the user.

When making a knee, the cutting angle should be equal to half of the knee angle.

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An example of determining the cutting angle for making a 135 degree elbow (9045). Not to be confused with a sharp 45 degree knee! Formula: 135/2 = 67.5. We cut the pipe at an angle of 67.5 degrees, we get two pieces of pipe with cutting angles of 67.5 degrees, we connect them along the mowing line of the cut with reference to a common generatrix, we weld and we get an elbow (67.567.5) at 135 degrees.

In the process of work, I made the following observation. When working with large diameters, the fabricated piece when wrapped around the pipe was clearly shorter, did not overlap the entire pipe, there was a gap of 20-30 mm.

The Gostovsky pipe diameter was specified correctly, and the pattern is shorter. In my opinion, this error is caused by the fact that it is impossible to press the piece tightly against the pipe and the outer diameter of the pipe has increased (rust, dirt). I had to measure the circumference with a “belt” and divide by π (3.1416). Enter the resulting diameter into the table.

Watch the demo

(Pictures, descriptions, formulas were taken from the book by I.Kh. Brodyansky “Marking of welded fittings of pipelines”, 1963)

Upon successful payment, you will immediately receive a link to download the worksheet.

Pipe cutting at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees

If you need to cut the pipe at an angle of 45 degrees, which is more often required when laying water, heating pipes. Steel, cast iron pipes that are cylindrical in shape are often used. In installation work, rectangular or shaped pipes are used. However, the angle grinder must be properly cut to allow easy connection later. Therefore, you should carefully mark the pipe.

Some craftsmen try to mark the place of the cut using a tape measure, but we warn you that the result is likely to be negative. And for a positive result, consider the following professional recommendation.

Take a sheet of paper or cardboard, preferably A4, fold it diagonally and wrap it around the pipe where you plan to cut it evenly. The edges of the paper must be in perfect alignment with each other. And the side of the paper that is closer to the end of the pipe was perpendicular to the axis. Then mark the cut line in a circle.

If you need to cut exactly at an angle of 90 degrees, then solve the problem quickly using paper or masking tape again. Wrap around the pipe so the ends match. Make even lines and saw off.

How to cut a profile pipe straight?

Masters advise using a square when cutting a profile pipe. To do this, apply the square in turn to the sides, and turn and mark with smooth movements. After action, fix the pipe and cut. Prepare yourself a template that will come in handy in the future and save time. It is better to produce an angle grinder, so the cut will be smoother..

How to cut a cast iron pipe?

When working with a cast iron pipe, keep in mind that it is a brittle material. Therefore, we will point out a way with which it will be possible to cut such a metal without damage..

Before starting work, make notes for the cut, just like with steel pipes. Place a piece of wood for support. Run an angle grinder around the circumference of the pipe making small cuts. Then take the chisels, insert into the groove and hit hard with a hammer. Note that bakelite-based cutting discs are used to cut cast iron pipes..

If you don’t have an angle grinder at hand to cut a cast-iron sewer pipe or other purposes, use a metal hacksaw, chisels or special pipe cutters.

How to cut a gas pipe?

Cutting a gas pipe is dangerous, so it is best to entrust it to professionals. But if you are confident in the strength, then to cut the metal, take an angle grinder, welding, hacksaw, gas welding.

  • Shut off the gas riser before work. Then release the rest of the gas from the pipe. To do this, set fire to the gas in the burners and wait for it to go out..
  • After the steps taken, cut. Using the welding method, the metal base burns out when exposed to high temperature. The result is fast and effective. But remember that cutting or rooting gas pipes again requires experience..

How to cut a pipe straight angle grinder?

When dealing with construction or plumbing tasks, you need to know how to cut the pipe straight from an angle grinder. In the article, we will consider quick and easy ways of how to properly cut an angle grinder pipe so that the result is perfect.

Methods for cutting large diameter pipes

There are a number of reliable tools available for cutting large diameter pipes such as sewers. Let’s consider some of them in detail below:

  • An angle grinder is an inexpensive and affordable option, but it is considered not the safest when working with such materials. Once you decide to use this method, then be careful and use protective equipment.
  • A roller machine (pipe cutter) is such a tool adapted for such manipulations. The device is attached and material removal begins. The clamping force is adjusted using mechanical devices. It is important to note that the models of the machine differ in shape, so consider the ratio of dimensions to the pipe before use..
  • Flame cutting is the most popular option for cutting large diameter pipes, sheet metal. The cut occurs due to the action of a high intensity flame, the metal melts and leaves the cut zone with a gas flow. This method is convenient and effective..

Easy Way How To Cut Pipe at 45 degrees without Cut Off Machine

How to cut a pipe lengthwise correctly?

A quick way to cut a pipe lengthwise with an angle grinder:

  • Focus on the markup.
  • Use for such a case the painter’s thread, which has found distribution when marking walls..
  • Before starting work, fix the pipe and with small movements, carefully saw the pipe.
  • Better not to rush, but delicately and slowly process the parts of the pipe, so the cutting disc will not jump off the marking lines. Remember safety.

How to cut thin-walled pipes?

Thin-walled pipes are made of non-ferrous metals: aluminum, copper. Such work should be done delicately, since there is a high probability of deformation of the material. Fillers such as sand are used for cutting. Actions can be carried out using an angle grinder, a special machine.

Summing up, we emphasize that cutting metal pipes is a complex process, but anyone who wants to enhance it can enhance it. With the advice of a professional, you can easily cut pipes in a variety of sizes and materials. Also remember to use a file or emery paper to clean the edges of the pipes after cutting. And the most important thing to remember when starting such actions is safety precautions. Wear a special suit (casing), mask or goggles when getting started. Hands should also be reliably protected from sparks, so use thick gloves.

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How to cut a pipe at 45 degrees

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User Mazaika wrote:

User Kapitoshka wrote:

So I understand, this is an assumption? And try weakly? The elastic will not lie flat, this is not a plane.

This is a collective farm speculative option for those who cannot make the markup by eye as written in the previous paragraph of this same post of mine. This method was spied on by workers who laid a main water pipe with a diameter of 500 or 700 mm under my office windows. The highest accuracy will not be here, but it is enough for welding, with a certain accuracy it is possible to set the cutting plane.

Techniques for cutting pipes at an angle

Considering the methods of work – cutting straight or at an angle – one should take into account the different material of the products being processed. So, sleeves made of polypropylene or thin copper are easier and easier to cut than thick-walled steel pipes..

Small diameter plastic products are cut at the desired angle using special scissors. In this case, you can control the angle with an ordinary protractor..

It is very often necessary to cut pipes in the process of working with these installation elements. A popular tool for such cases is the so-called angle grinder. Cuts straight and at an angle with this tool

The most frequent need for installation is cutting plumbing or other pipes at an angle of 45º. Let’s find out what devices can be used to cut at this and another angle..

Making a template for trimming a metal profile

If you need to cut a large number of pipes, you can make a template from a metal profile of a larger diameter on a paper sheet in the above way. The angle of inclination is checked with a protractor or a construction square – in this case, the two edges of the trimmed parts of the template are connected.

When working on the part to be cut, a template is put on in the right place and pressed tightly, the markings are applied with a sharpened scribe when tracing the template contour. The part is cut in several passes with a gradual deepening of the groove.

The nuances of working with a rectangular section

To perform cutting of products of rectangular cross-section, it is recommended to prepare template cuts of the corners in advance. They are easy to make from a metal corner, having previously marked with the same protractor.

Cutting rectangular pipes (profile elements) at the desired angles is usually done according to templates. These templates are made from metal corners of different sizes.

Marking can be done at different angles. To use a template in business, it is enough to attach it to a rectangular pipe in the right place and mark the cutting line. Then, with any suitable tool, cut along the intended mowing line..

Conclusions and useful video

The video shows the calculations and shows a workshop for cutting a pipe at angles of 45º and 90º:

For each individual installation case, you can choose the most convenient and less costly cutting method. The specific choice depends on the material of the pipe, its diameter, wall thickness.

Using simple marking methods, you can get a fairly accurate angle at which you want to cut the workpiece. At the same time, referring to a complex calculation technique, it is possible to cut at non-standard angles with high accuracy..

Do you have any useful article information? Do you have any questions while reading the material or find controversial points? Please write your comments in the block below.

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Computer program to help

I would also like to consider a method of marking by means of a computer program. This is an extremely difficult way for those who are not used to working with a computer. It requires knowledge of a PC, the availability of programs for scans and drawings. We start with the execution of the drawing indicating the size of the circle and the slope. We make a so-called virtual template.

After that, using the printer, we print the image on a sheet of paper. The larger the pipe diameter, the more markup pages there will be. We cut out all parts of the drawing with scissors and with the help of adhesive tape, glue them. The finished template is applied to the pipe, and we make markings along the edge of the paper. This marking method is considered one of the most correct. If there are no such programs on the computer, it is possible to use the Internet. It is possible to download a pattern for marking on the net. In addition, it needs to be printed on a printer and cut out. We wrap the finished piece near the pipe and make markings.

Cutting pipes at an angle: the pros and cons of different ways

Pipes are a widespread building material. They are used in the installation of various systems. It is common during the installation process when pipes need to be joined at an angle. However, the technology for the production of such works is not quite common.

To create such a joint configuration, bevel cutting of the pipe is required. Consider how such operations are performed and what cutting methods exist..

Programs for calculating cutting angles

Curve cutting technology allows you to obtain different cutting angles. But to form a pattern at angles other than 45º, it will already be necessary to perform mathematical calculations and, according to the calculated data, cut out a template from paper or similar materials. True, there are computer programs designed to save the foreman from making calculations. Patterns for cutting pipes such programs are printed on a printer.

This is how the window of a computer program looks like, which calculates the cut angle for a circular section. Based on the results of the calculation, a pattern is drawn that can be printed by a printer.

A template is cut according to the pattern

A simple calculation program based on the MS Excel application allows you to calculate and compose a pattern for almost any values ​​of pipe diameters and required cutting angles.

An example of a pattern obtained by the calculation method in the popular Excel program. The calculation of the points of the curve is carried out on the basis of only two specified parameters – the pipe diameter and the required cut angle

The disadvantage of the program – it does not take into account the thickness of the sheet of the pattern, which leads to minor inaccuracies.