How To Cut A Plastic Window Sill

How to cut a plastic window sill

Above were listed the tools with which you can cut the plastic of the windowsill. Do NOT worry if the cut is not very clear. After all, usually, the edges are hidden behind slopes, and if not, they are closed with plugs that I have NOT photographed (not criminal forgetfulness). I prefer to cut my angle grinder, but I only turn the disc to medium speed. I cut with an ordinary disc for metal.

There is one dharma to be learned when installing a windowsill. Its essence is that the window sill should be 5-7 mm. Fits under the lower window frame. This is necessary to maintain cosmic order. We take into account when marking and Cut off with a margin.

RENOVATOR for cutting window sills

If the window sill is already installed and there is a wall on the edge, but you need to cut off 8-10 mm, it will NOT work with a jigsaw or an angle grinder.

There is a need to make a square or complex hole in an already installed window sill. This can be done with a jigsaw and an angle grinder is impossible.

For such cases, you will need a universal cutter (in the common people, a rotor). With it we use only two blades: 25 mm with medium teeth and a small 10 mm saw for metal.

A larger saw gives a fairly quick cut of good quality. It will NOT be convenient to work with a large file everywhere, so a small one is also useful for cutting out squares.

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Let’s draw a line along which we will cut. Be careful if the film comes off the plastic, it is better to remove it completely. And on the windowsill, glue masking tape, along which it is convenient to draw the fishing line.

How To Cut A Plastic Window Sill

Native factory film Slippery. It’s hard to draw a line on it.

A pencil is NOT suitable for this purpose at all. The line from him is barely visible. The gel pen leaves a clear marking, but at the time of the saw it is erased. A ballpoint pen is better. It is not erased, but people of the older generation will not see such markings.

Draw with an alcohol marker. The line will be noticeable and will NOT lubricate.

PVC window sill installation tools

  • Hacksaw, jigsaw or angle grinder
  • Rack or laser level (both are better)
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Dowel nails 8×40 and 8×60
  • Square, tape measure, pencil
  • Puncher
  • Human hands

The protruding sill interferes. If the window sill interferes with the opening of the facade

As I wrote an article in which I gave an example of designing an extreme kitchen box, which, in part, is located on the windowsill. That is, when the window sill does not allow its swing facades to fully open.

In this article I want to give you a live example (from practice) of a similar situation.

A corner kitchen was designed and installed, the extreme (lower) module of which was designed exactly as it was written in that article.

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First, let’s see how this module was assembled.

Yes, in fact, there is even nothing to watch. A common module, the difference is. In a blank wall made of MDF (the facades of this kitchen are made of MDF), to which blind hinges for the swing facade are attached.

The blind wall itself is attached to the horizons and to the side with ordinary metal corners (for four self-tapping screws).

The assembly nuance is as follows. You must first fix the facade to a blank wall (which, of course, is already fixed on the box), and only after that, fill the back wall (made of fiberboard).

The blank wall has the height (overall) of the box, and the width is such that, at least, it is level with the window sill (if it protrudes slightly beyond its limits).

Given the small dimensions of the box, its facade is exposed once during assembly.

On installation, the module is simply installed as it is.

Well, that’s all, basically, what I wanted to write.

detailed information can be found in the previous article, the link to which is located at the top of the article.

How to cut a plastic window sill

What makes a plastic window sill dusty.

I welcome you on the channel yourself with a mustache in artisanal conditions in the next one we will discuss with you how, of course, to cut a plastic window sill, the one that is put with plastic windows will not be particularly curious to everyone, since

It is believed that there is such a thing, however, although people periodically ask me these questions is it possible to cut a plastic window sill at all, to sell something complicated here, of course, of course, let’s see what exactly there is an option to cut a plastic window sill

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The very first thing that in everyone’s household, of course, is mainly a hacksaw for metal, here it is just on Bezorchki later it will be This method is not bad only because it is possible to make a sang NOT through, however, or something like that

Pepper is narrow on the plane, but very simple and simple here you will not have any problems at all, in other words, the cut comes out narrow, careful will fly, it is possible to cut it, but accordingly if there is a board on

Large latitude on hard to do this does not allow it to happen to jigsaws, others very manual jigsaw there is an option how to try them through the back of this hemorrhoid overlap after this is the 1st method The 2nd method is to use this kind of thorns in the common people

They call it a spike, she has a small tooth without, let’s say, like such a strong brace in front of a very neatly there is an option for dusting plastic panels in other words not even a window sill fragile plastic in front of absolutely excellent

Some installers of PVC windows just use such things, in other words, she has the option of dusting at least some distance without distinction, while making her creation a little rounding off by using the fact that she is bendable when you just start drinking with the tip then