How To Cut An Aluminum Profile

Milling machine

It is important that this equipment is adjusted by the operator specifically for work on aluminum. This is due to the softness and ductility of the metal. It is also important to choose a low router speed (from 5000 to 9000 per minute) and first drop kerosene on the cutting area. Innings. Smooth, neat so as not to damage the cutter. The advantages and disadvantages are similar to those of a plasma cutter and a laser, but the quality of part processing is slightly worse.

How and how to cut an aluminum profile

Details about hand tools and equipment, which are used to cut the aluminum profile, is described in this material.

How To Cut An Aluminum Profile

It is easy to cut through thin aluminum sheets, as almost any tool will do the job. But what about, for example, a clearance corner or an inconvenient channel? details about hand tools and equipment, which are used for cutting aluminum profiles, are described in this material. The work is complicated by a number of factors, but it is still possible to evenly divide the workpiece.

Electric jigsaw


  • Electrical equipment facilitates the user’s work;
  • The quality is close to ideal (there will be no burrs, bevels, other defects on the product)
  • Speed ​​of work;
  • Repeated use (with the right choice of saw)
  • A jigsaw is cheaper than Similar devices for cutting aluminum profiles.


  • The workpiece must be securely fixed so that it is not “led” when working with a jigsaw.

Circular Saw


  • Allows you to cut larger workpieces (up to 130×65 mm);
  • Compactness;
  • Corner cutting capability;
  • High speed and precision of work;
  • Accessibility of accessories (saw blade 300 mm).


  • High cost (average installation costs 40-50 thousand rubles)
  • NOT compact and lightweight.

Hacksaw for metal


  • The hacksaw weighs little, so your hands do not get tired;
  • Ease of action;
  • The cheapness of the tool;
  • Jigsaw-like efficiency.


  • It takes a long time;
  • Possible deformation of the profile;
  • The need to keep the profile, not guaranteeing the accuracy of the work.

A circular saw

Analogue of a hand saw, but more powerful. It has the following capabilities:

  • Performs a longitudinal, transverse, oblique cut;
  • Can get dusty from anywhere on the workpiece (not only from the end)
  • Modern devices prevent overheating by switching off in time or giving a signal to the operator;
  • Users can choose the working speed based on the thickness of the workpiece.


  • Tooling durability. Disc work on metal (better. On aluminum)
  • Speed ​​of work;
  • Maneuverability;
  • The ability to cut at an angle of up to 45 degrees;
  • Cost comparable to more suitable counterparts (aluminum miter saws).


  • As a rule, the equipment is bulky and weighs a lot, which complicates the work;
  • The price will seem high if the tool is bought for one-time work;
  • The cost varies from the permissible thickness of the cut profile (for example, a manual circular Evo 180 cuts a profile up to 56 mm at an angle of 90 degrees. And up to 35 mm at an angle of 45 degrees; while it costs almost 25 thousand rubles).
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Features of jigsaw cutting and electric shears

Using a modern jigsaw, you can easily make various cuts in metal sheets. But this tool is used when cutting thin aluminum.

Each craftsman, using a jigsaw, can cut corners and make curly metal cutting. High power jigsaws must be used to cut aluminum sheets.

For small volumes, you can use electric shears. They have a high cutting precision and can make curved cuts rather than bending the aluminum profile.

The disadvantage of such a tool. This is the ability to cut only from the edge of the metal sheet. If the work needs to start from a point inside the sheet, then it is better to use a metal nibbler.

Cutting with scissors and a hacksaw for metal

If you use hand tools such as scissors and a hacksaw, it is recommended to drip with machine oil, alcohol, kerosene over the cut, or cool the aluminum. This will allow the tool to cut more freely and will not give images of large “libel”.

Also, following this goal, sometimes experts advise to rub the entire line of the cut with laundry soap, paraffin or lard.

Spray Aluminum Profile Angle Grinder

High precision cutting of soft metals can be done with an angle grinder. However, when sawing an aluminum profile, it is not necessary to cut very deeply, since the circle gets stuck in soft material, and “work hardening” appears on the teeth.

It is better to make such an incision NOT right away, for a start, walk a couple of times on the outside, and not cut to the end.

How to cut an aluminum profile

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Aluminum profile cutting technology depends on technical parameters and scope of work. If there is little work and the material is not thick, then you can use the tools at hand.

In the variety of profiles, you can find out more on a specialized website.

When you need to make a lot of cuts on thin aluminum and you need to do this regularly, then it is better to choose more serious equipment. Also, the choice of suitable equipment depends on the type of cut, straight or curved.

There are various types of cutting aluminum profiles using this equipment:

Scissors and a hacksaw for metal; jigsaw and electric shears; Angle Grinder; milling machine.

Features of cutting with a milling machine

The milling unit allows you to work with objects of various configurations. When cutting aluminum, the equipment must be configured to work with aluminum.

This requirement is due to the high ductility of this metal. A milling machine with a CNC machine is indispensable if you need to Get quality products and increased labor productivity.

How to cut a metal profile! Overview of the tool for cutting aluminum profiles

“How to cut a metal profile?” Quite a frequent question among people who are working with an aluminum profile for the first time. It is to him that we will try to answer. precisely, consider the main tool for cutting an aluminum profile, which is available from most home craftsmen.

Before proceeding to work with an aluminum profile, you should know how to cut a metal profile. Or, at least, determine for yourself the tool with which such an important operation will be performed.

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But let’s start with the markup. Accuracy and dimensional accuracy play a significant role in the construction or renovation business. A small defect in the marking can significantly complicate the whole process, which, of course, only affects negatively.

The cutting line is marked with a tape measure, ruler or other solid and even object, as well as a felt-tip pen. It makes no sense to explain how to do this, so just a few illustrations are presented, which reflect the main essence of this process.

After the line for cutting the profile is outlined, you can proceed directly to cutting the material itself. And, answering the question “How to cut an aluminum profile?”, You can offer the following tool:

  • Jigsaw;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Hacksaw for metal;
  • Metal scissors.

In the process of performing work by each of them, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, we will talk in more detail.

Cutting an aluminum profile with a jigsaw

First of all, make sure that a metal saw is installed. If instead of it there is a saw on wood, then, of course, it will be possible to cut the aluminum profile, but the result will be far from high-quality.

It is worth starting cutting from one of the edges of the profile, sawing first the back part, and then alternately the side edges.

As you can see in the photo below, the cut quality is very high. No burrs, no bevels, no other clearly visible defects. In general, an almost perfect result is obtained.

Profile Cutting Aluminum Angle Grinder

The next tool is for cutting aluminum profiles. This is an angle grinder. Or simply “angle grinder”. A very good helper when sawing something is required. As for the metal profile, in this case, the angle grinder is an excellent solution for quickly and efficiently performing such work. Cutting a profile with this tool is faster than using a jigsaw.

The advantages are the same as in a jigsaw, if you have the skill of working with an angle grinder. Otherwise, it is easy to get off the line mowing line and get a curved cut. Also, do not forget about the mandatory observance of safety measures when working with the tool.

Cutting an aluminum profile with a hacksaw for metal

It is also worth starting cutting from the edge, and then sequentially. Back of the profile and side edges.

The main difficulty of this method. This is the deformation of the profile under mechanical stress. THOSE. Holding the profile itself and working with a hacksaw, a strong mechanical effect is exerted on the aluminum material, as a result of which it bends. And this leads to a complicated course of the hacksaw blade and possibly leaving the mowing line marking. This situation can be avoided by inserting an ordinary wooden block into the profile. It will act as a kind of stiffener, and not allowing the profile itself to deform.

The end result is the same as when using a jigsaw! But at the same time, more time and effort is spent when performing a cut.

Cutting aluminum profile with metal shears

Everything is simple here! Cut the profile with scissors along the mowing line marking.

If you use a quality tool, you can get a pretty good result. Usually the most difficult is the passage of the ribs of the metal profile. It is in THESE places that the marking of the mowing line occurs. Therefore, before starting to cut the main material, it would be better to first practice to get a feel for working with the tool.

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Combined cutting of an aluminum profile with a hand tool

Another option than cutting an aluminum profile. This is a joint use of a hacksaw and metal scissors. We start with a dusty edge with a hacksaw and, approaching the edges of the metal profile (when the cutting process becomes difficult), complete the cutting by cutting with scissors. In this case, it is a little easier than just a hacksaw and of better quality than just scissors for metal.

That’s all I wanted to tell you about “How to cut a metal profile“.

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Features of the work

It is possible to cut a metal profile into pieces of suitable length only with the help of appropriate tools, which must meet the following requirements:

  • Cutting the material;
  • DO NOT deform its surface;
  • Be comfortable to use.

Not all tools meet the above requirements, therefore, before starting work, you need to make sure it is available or acquire a suitable.

Using a guillotine machine

A professional tool, by means of which the profile is cut quickly, and the cut point is obtained even. The guillotine machine is easy to use, to cut guides and ceiling elements, but it should be borne in mind that it is intended only for straight cutting and will NOT be able to cut at an angle.

Tool types

Most often, when cutting a drywall profile, metal scissors are used. Besides them are used:

  • Hacksaw for metal with small teeth;
  • Guillotine machine, like devices for cutting a profile for drywall;
  • Electric jigsaw with a special file installed;
  • Angle grinder with cutting disc;
  • Small circular saw.

At industrial enterprises, which carry out profile cutting in large quantities, stationary machines of various types are used with saws, a milling cutter.

How to cut a profile for drywall: the main options for high-quality work

Before cutting a profile for drywall with your own hands, you need to find out with what tools you can carry out these works and which of them will be not only the most convenient to use, but also allow you to cut the material properly.

Profile cutting with a hacksaw for metal

When cutting slats, using this tool is extremely inconvenient, and the process itself is very slow, taking a significant amount of time, since the canvas will regularly stick in the workpiece due to its thinness.

Assortment of profiles for drywall

When installing drywall sheets, there is almost always a need for the construction of a metal frame, for the creation of which a special aluminum profile is used. It comes in the following varieties:

  • Guide;
  • Rack;
  • Arched;
  • Ceiling;
  • Beacon;
  • Angular.

The first two types of profile are among the main ones. During the installation of the frame, there is a need to cut each type, since only in some cases it is required to use the full length of the rail. Basically, the profile must be cut into several pieces to create a lathing for the structure being performed.