How to cut flexible glass on the table

Silicone tablecloth. flexible glass on the table

Soft, flexible glassware has a wide range of uses, thanks to its ease of use and long service life. It is often purchased for household purposes as an excellent substitute for traditional glass. Flexible glass for gazebos and other structures. this is the most common use for it in homesteads. But most often it becomes a great cover for tables, preventing mechanical damage. This is especially important when it comes to expensive furniture made of natural materials. Flexible glass made of PVC is also called “liquid glass on the table” and protective film. Very convenient that you can buy a soft glass on the table according to individual size. Any surface with such a coating will look aesthetically. Order soft glass. PVC film, reviews of which speak for themselves!

Flexible cloths guarantee absolute safety of covered furniture, both home and office. This is a kind of tablecloth, but virtually invisible. With a flexible glass tablecloth, you can prevent hand marks, heated objects, as well as:

  • With a transparent tablecloth. soft glass furniture will not be afraid of moisture and mechanical defects: scratches, chips, cuts, dents.
  • Has shock-absorbing properties, neutralizing the knocking of objects on the table surface.
  • The impressive weight does not allow the product to slip on the table, so the tablecloth-film is in demand in any room, whether it is a restaurant, cafeteria, office or home kitchen.
  • If you follow the operational requirements and proper safety measures, you can successfully use it for 5 years and more.
  • Soft glass tabletop membrane is a guarantee that your table will look elegant and stylish. A great way to transform the interior, giving it sophistication.

Order a soft glass tablecloth in St. Petersburg on the site of “Tent-Cover” company you can, choosing from the existing range or by their measurements. It is important that, despite the beauty, versatility and long life, the product is sold at a relatively low price.

Soft glass tablecloth. buy inexpensive with delivery

Speaking about the merits of soft glass PVC from the manufacturer, note the following advantages of use:

  • Versatility. products are versatile and can be used not only to cover furniture, but also window sills, chests of drawers, shelves and other horizontal surfaces, which should be protected from premature wear and tear.
  • The filmic PVC tablecloth is often taken on picnics, to the country cottage, it is very mobile and easy to clean.
  • The durability characteristics of liquid glass ensure that objects in the interior are protected without changing their appearance. It blends with the surfaces, becoming one with it.
  • Easy-care protective cloth allows you to return it to its original look in a few minutes. Simply wipe with a damp microfibre cloth. Spills, grease stains, and dust are removed instantly.

According to reviews, silicone tablecloths soft glass is the all-time favorite among tablecloths, leaving behind unaesthetic oilcloths and slippery tablecloths.

Silicone tablecloth. flexible glass. indispensable in everyday life

Because of its protective function, ease of use and external aesthetics, soft tablecloths are very appreciated by housewives who are trying to create a cozy home. They become an excellent protection for the dining and kitchen table, countertops and shelves. Using such overlays, you can significantly save time on cleaning. A low, adds pluses to the list of advantages of liquid glass on the kitchen table. It practically does not show the dust, and the stains are removed in seconds.

As it is clear from the reviews of the soft glass, the Chinese samples of these tablecloths do not go in any comparison. Our soft PVC film is not cloudy, not sticky, has absolute transparency, it does not smell caustic and toxic, and has the following physical, chemical and technical characteristics:

  • Pleasant blue and turquoise color scheme;
  • Withstands a range of temperatures from minus 200C to 750C;
  • 100% ecological composition, without toxic impregnations;
  • It is held on the working surfaces under its own weight, there is no slip and shift, does not fade, not wrinkled, and if it spilled on the boiling water. no big deal, there will be no traces;
  • It is easy to get rid of leftover food stains, an ordinary soapy solution will help;
  • Spreading is easy, on the table the tablecloth is invisible, it blends in with the piece of furniture;
  • service life. from 5 years.

After reading the reviews about the flexible glass you can make sure that your choice is correct. Someone calls a flexible cloth silicone tablecloth, but it is not quite true, in addition to the silicone in this case loses out in quality universal PVC tablecloth-foil soft glass.

Order soft glass fabrication in Saint-Petersburg

Why it is advantageous to order a transparent soft glass in the “Tent Case”? We are one of the leading companies in sewing and manufacturing of PVC products with 15 years of experience on the Russian market. Our production capacity, fast sewing terms and prompt delivery to the address are the criteria by which we are chosen by the customers from all over the world:

  • Manufacture of soft glass according to individual size, delivery anywhere in St. Petersburg, in Moscow and to any other region.
  • The sizes of liquid glass. transparent film thickness of 0.8, 1 and 2 millimeters.
  • Professional workmanship, reasonable price, fast delivery, premium service.
  • Order protective film-glass. transparent, with a slightly visible shade of turquoise, the surface. a spectacular laminate, when used does not appear turbidity, flexibility and strength of the structure will not allow it to scratch easily and leave marks from a knife.

If you are interested in buying a quality product that will last up to 60 months, then contacting “Tent Case” will be the best choice. Hundreds of inquiries “where to buy flexible glass for the table” lead to us. Waiting for your call to discuss your order and get to work: 89516543030!

Customer reviews of soft glass

“Have read the soft glass reviews and have been dying to buy. Ordered for a kitchen table and worktop made of natural wood. Quality. without criticism, the illusion of absence of coverage. Easy to clean, no extraneous odor. My wife is delighted, just wipe with a damp cloth. Service is above all praise. Ordered on Monday, delivered on Thursday.”

“Soft glass was a godsend for me. We bought a kitchen for 400 thousand, so we immediately decided that to spread grease with a rag on the table. not an option. A friend advised me to buy flexible glass for the table. Among all the suppliers, “Tent Cover” has the best price, and delivery right to the door. Thanks guys, lifted to the floor.”.

“Tablecloths are a thing of the past. Ordered our first soft glass for the kitchen table, work table and coffee table. Used 8 months. not a scratch. Now we’ve got it for the summer kitchen. Do not plan to put it away for the winter, we’ll see how it survives the cold weather. Instant checkout, delivered in a couple of days, informed in advance of delivery time. Definitely recommend!”

“Looked at the reviews about the soft glass and ordered from Tent Case, they have a lot to choose from and the are humane. Now my husband’s mahogany desk looks like new, and the kitchen is always shiny and clean. The glass is completely transparent and has no toxic odor. Recommended to all my girlfriends. Thank you Tent Case!

“The most important thing for me is no smell from plastic, since my husband and I are allergic. Soft glass for the table does not smell of chemicals, flexible, beautiful, transparent. It fits like a glove on the table. “I was surprised by the speed of delivery from St. Petersburg, the service is top notch, the manager explained everything in detail.

“It was my wife’s suggestion to buy the flexible glass. The cat constantly jumps on the table and leaves muddy footprints on the furniture, solved this problem and many others. Beautiful, comfortable, and all for not much money. Called three suppliers, Tent Case sold the cheapest, and delivered in 2 days.”.

“I love order in everything. I wipe the tables 5 times a day. With a flexible tablecloth it is convenient and enjoyable to do. Everything shines like new. I advise everyone! Thanks. Awning Cover, did not fail”.

“I can’t stand those awful oilcloths on my tables. Flexible glass looks presentable. The furniture looks more expensive. Bought a flexible glass to order on all tables and table tops. On this site everything was made in a few minutes. Looked for more covers for their clothes. The are pleasant, next day delivery to Moscow.

What is the tablecloth “soft glass

Tablecloths or oilcloths have always been used to protect the tabletop. However, experience shows that they can be quite impractical. However, progress does not stand still, and for modern hostesses there is an alternative option: a transparent or translucent tablecloth “soft glass”. Not only is it very practical, but it’s also versatile and goes well with any interior.

soft glass table cover

It is a modern, practical and original tablecloth.

A “soft glass” tablecloth is a thin (2 mm) smooth surface with a transparent or opaque surface. It is very flexible and does not form creases, kinks, folds.

The material is not afraid of moisture, ultraviolet light, high temperatures and household chemicals.

Advantages of the film “soft glass” for the table

Blends perfectly with textiles, stone, wood and other materials. Transparent texture is able to make the texture of the tabletop more voluminous and multilayered.

It is versatile, and easily fits into any interior style.

Such kitchen tablecloths will prevent premature wear and tear of furniture. It well protects the table from almost any destroyers: cuts and stabs, dents, tabletop absorbing cosmetics, grease, both vegetable and animal, alcohol, fillers for markers and paints. “Soft glass” is not afraid of high temperatures, alkali and acid (if they are not concentrated).

The coating blends harmoniously with textiles, natural wood or stone.

Thanks to this feature, such a tablecloth is suitable for any kitchen.

Operational characteristics allow installing a soft glass on any table.

Soft glass is tough and resistant to wear and tear. It is able to serve for many years without losing its appearance.

It will protect the surface from wear and tear caused by external factors.

This tablecloth material is non-toxic, does not cause allergies and is non-flammable.

Despite its high degree of transparency, it is thick enough to protect the tabletop from accidental cuts with a knife or stationery.

Thickness of soft safety glass is 2mm, which is enough for household purposes.

Care Features

Despite its resistance to the adverse effects of chemical compounds, liquid glass is a soft material. Proper care contributes to an extended service life.

  • The temperature of the water used for tablecloth cutting should be at room temperature or approx. 40°C. This helps accelerate the effect of detergents;
  • The material should only be wiped down with soft cloths and napkins. Products made of microfiber and flannel are best. You can also use sponges made of foam rubber. There should be no hard inserts;
  • After cleaning the surface, it is necessary to remove any residual detergent. This will help to eliminate the risk of smudges and stains;
  • The surface should be treated with mild liquids. solutions and gels. Do not use preparations with active granules, as well as hard powders;
  • Heavy dirt must first be treated with the product, then leave it for 5-15 minutes, only after that wipe gently with a soft cloth. Do not use force.

Buy a tablecloth preferably on the official website of the manufacturer, because retail stores may sell fakes. Before buying, you should carefully study the reviews and reputation of the manufacturer.

Liquid glass on the table is a good solution for the kitchen, children’s room or office. The main advantage is its resistance to moisture and abrasion. Such protection is especially useful for glass and polished tables. On the desk such a film successfully replaces the plexiglass. It is transparent, but impermeable to dust, water and various contaminants, so it will prolong the life of the tabletop.

Use of UV adhesive

Often in the process of repair in the apartment, when some product or piece of furniture made of glass is broken, there is a situation where you need to know what to glue the metal to the glass. One way to fix the situation with a large amount of work is to use an adhesive that contains a component such as methacrylic urethane resin. In addition, the work requires a special UV lamp, degreasing composition and an industrial hair dryer.

In order for the glued parts to hold better, you need to polish and thoroughly treat the surfaces with degreasing composition. What to replace it with? For this purpose we can use ordinary alcohol. The next step is to warm up the details for gluing at the joint a few degrees above room temperature.

How to cut a mirror without a cutter

Surrounding us mirrors: in the car, the bathroom or a woman’s cosmetic bag, are by their structure ordinary glass with a layer of metal on the back surface. Cutting glass with a mirror coating, practically does not differ from the usual glass and can be done with an ordinary glass cutter or by the methods given above. When there are no special tools at hand, the most effective device for cutting will be a file or a diamond disk. Let’s see in details, how to cut a mirror at home without using a glass cutter and other improvised means.

The first thing to do is to prepare the surface to be treated: wash, degrease and dry. The mirror should be clean, without stains or streaks. Otherwise the cutting line for the trimmer can get twisted and the bevel will be uneven. The working surface where the cut will be made, should be flat and not very hard. You can put a thick cloth or a piece of linoleum on the table.

Having prepared the material and the workplace, mark on the mirror a line for the trimmer of the future cut. It is better to make straight lines on a ruler or rail with a height of at least 5 mm. To prevent the stop from slipping, you can glue a strip of duct tape to its underside. Further we take a file, an angle grinder or other tool and make a cut on the marked line. detailed process of different methods of cutting is described above.

When the cut is ready, it is only necessary to chip the mirror in the right place. To do this, you can put a small object (match, pencil, nail) under the cutting line trimmer and press lightly on both sides. You can chip the glass on the edge of the table or gently knock with a small metal object (drill or spoon) from the bottom. If the glass does not break, there is no need to press very hard. It is better to make the second cut within a couple of centimeters of the first one.

The above techniques have the right to life and give good results with skillful handling of glass. It is possible, not having experience in glass works, to receive even chipping at the first attempt is not possible. Before you start working on the base material, we recommend that you first get a handle on unwanted splinters. But if you want to get a good cut without much practice you are better off with a roller or oil cutter.

How to cut glass with an angle grinder

Every home sometimes needs glass replaced. Regardless of whether you are going to insert it into a window, door, or cabinet, you must first adjust the sheet to size. It is extremely rare to find a ready-made version of the right size.

In such cases you can ask for help from professional craftsmen and pay for their services. But this approach is not always convenient, because it is quite costly not only financially, but also by the amount of time spent. Any owner can independently study this question and perform the cutting of glass in accordance with their needs.

Choosing the right material for the cut

To obtain a high quality product from glass to be inserted into a frame, it is recommended to prepare thoroughly. Cutting glass is more successful if you choose a quality material.

One of the signs of high-quality glass is the green or blue tint of the ends. When making glass, sometimes technological inaccuracies are allowed. as a result, you get sheets with stripes on them. Do not use such sheets to insert them into windows: they distort pictures noticeably. Do not take glass plates with scratches.

As for the thickness of the glass to be cut, it must depend on the size of the frame. For a height and width of less than 600 mm a sheet with a thickness of 2.5 mm will be sufficient. If the height or width is greater than this value, the glass plate must be about 4 mm thick.

When doing glazing at home a piece of glass must be cut so that it is 3-5 mm smaller than the size of the frame you want to install it in. The smallest misalignment will not allow the glass to be inserted into the frame.

Before you start cutting, make sure the glass is properly prepared. If it is new, wipe it with a damp cloth and then with a dry newspaper. Wiping with a dry cloth is not recommended. it can leave particles of lint on the surface, which can interfere with the movement of the tool when cutting.

If you choose used glass, you need to know: it looks much worse and requires more careful preparation. It is necessary to wash the surfaces, adding special detergents. Then you need to dry and degrease everything, using kerosene or turpentine to wipe. When a sheet of glass dries, you must not get any dust on it.

Tools for work

Before you begin cutting glass, you must decide what tool to use. Most often cut glass sheets with a special tool. the glass cutter. It is ideal for small-scale work tasks. But there are many other tools that you can use at home to adjust the size of the glass.

For example, many home craftsmen can successfully cut glass with an angle grinder. Such a tool is in the arsenal of almost every homeowner. But you must keep in mind that you can use the angle grinder to cut glass only if you want to make a short cut. Using a ruler is extremely difficult in this case.

To cut a piece of glass with an angle grinder it is necessary to install a thin diamond disk on it. Carry out cutting at low rpm. So it is possible to reduce the risk of premature splitting of the glass sheet and get glass dust in large quantities.

  • A disc of a suitable thickness is mounted on the tool.
  • The area to be sawed is slightly moistened. it is better just to sprinkle the glass with water.
  • Use the disk to make a fine groove across the glass.
  • Then a bevel is made along this groove.

So, the answer to the question, is it possible to cut glass with an angle grinder, is yes. But it is necessary to keep an eye on various small details during the work. In particular, do not allow the glass to overheat. you can stock up on coolant for this.

Only quality tools should be chosen for cutting glass. Otherwise, the vibration at work can break the glass. Try to protect your eyes and breathing organs well before work so that glass powder does not get into them.

How to straighten a sheet of glass on a table?

Silicone tablecloth. flexible glass is called by many different names. In 100% of cases, it’s Chinese PVC film. Which has nothing to do with the tablecloth at all. It comes up with consonant names, unique, make certificates of voluntariness for 12000

Cloth tablecloths

A new tablecloth on the kitchen table is always a holiday, just like any new thing in the house. We often meet each other at the table: for dinner, on holidays, when guests arrive And how nice to have our own fancy tablecloth for every celebration. Just look at New Year’s Eve!

The most popular material for covering the kitchen table is fabric. Most customers prefer to see natural, natural textiles in their homes, including table coverings. Consider some fabric materials:

    Cotton. Affordable material with a wide range. It’s easy to iron and wash. However, after each wash, the quality of cotton will decrease, the fibers will become thinner. Also this tablecloth will give a good shrinkage. up to 10 cm, which must be taken into account when buying it and hem.

    Linen. Favourite of many housewives. But behind its beauty, environmental friendliness and density of the material hides logical disadvantages: high cost, easily crumpled, gives a strong shrinkage after washing, hard to remove stains, short-lived. However, linen textiles will emphasize the nobility of any kitchen interior.

The recommended overhang for everyday tablecloths is 20 cm and up to 40 cm for festive occasions. But this does not mean that it is indecent to put the tablecloth below, to the floor. this option is used mainly for banquets.

You can also use a double tablecloth as a festive table dress. As a rule the colors of such fabrics contrast with each other, or the textile has a certain line, pattern.

Paper tablecloth

Paper cannot be associated with durability, especially if we talk about a tablecloth. Many of us have been in cafes, where waiters lay out on the tables disposable paper tablecloths with printed logos, advertisements, kitchen recipes, etc.д. Such a marketing ploy is commendable, but is it possible to use a tablecloth of this material at home?

The most budget option is a tablecloth made of high-strength Kraft paper wrapping. Despite the fact that it is a disposable tablecloth, the variety in print will make you think about what to throw away such a beauty very sorry. Typically, such paper is sold in sets of several pieces or on a roll.

Information for environmentalists: Kraft tablecloths fully decompose from a few weeks to a maximum of 4 years.

Let’s move on to more complex material and, accordingly, more expensive. For home use, a paper tablecloth is produced, impregnated with a grease- and water-repellent impregnation. On top of a tablecloth is laminated with a polyethylene film for protection. This “paper” is very different from the classic one: to the touch you will feel some roughness, density of the material, reminiscent of a cotton cloth. Given that most paper tablecloths are sold in rolls, you can cut off as much material as you need at any time.

A paper tablecloth is hardly a substitute for a textile tablecloth. However, its use is justified if it is a children’s party, when there will certainly be a lot of spilled juices; a spontaneous tea party, when you will quickly need a beautiful tablecloth, etc.д.

Soft glass to protect the glass table or 2nd life of a broken glass table

Hi all. Today I’m going to tell you about how I gave my glass table a second life, after I broke the first one. In many of my reviews, you might have seen my table, which I use for the background. I really like this coloring, in my life I have not seen a live bamboo, and here is a highlight 🙂 but it’s all lyrics. And it happened so that we dropped something heavy on it, and now it is covered with cracks. If the sight of cracks I can still tolerate. The tactile sensation of cracks is not pleasant at all. We didn’t decide to change the table yet, it fits in well with the whole concept of our bamboo kitchen. It was decided to buy a thick transparent PVC film, often referred to as soft glass, which I’ve only seen in videos on the Internet, but in person ever. Let’s see how it turned out?

Ordered on July 29th and arrived at my door by Aliexpress Premium Shipping. Delivered in 1.5 weeks.

The film arrived rolled up into a sturdy tube. There is no rod, the film is wound on itself, sticking to itself in layers. It is a very tight tube, you can damage it during shipping only if you do it on purpose. And since the delivery was a pony express service, I think this is excluded.

There was also a label on the film.

In general, the review will not be a big, because there is nothing much to tell. My table is 70×110 cm, I ordered an 80×120 cm film. The film came in a perfect size, you could have saved a little money and not take it with such a reserve. Though we would have to cut it anyway, because the table corners are round. The film is as stated to be 1 mm thick. There is no additional shipping film. The film sits and glues perfectly to the flat surface. The film itself is plastic, but very strong. Well, here we go I already had some experience with vinyl films. As I remember now, I used a spray of soapy water and a special “squeegee”. Armed with everything we needed, my wife and I started gluing. First we splashed soapy water on the table and put the film on. Soapy water helps to spread the film on the table surface perfectly, moving it and not letting it stick. We leveled the film, and start chasing the water out from under the film with a “water squeegee”. We move it on the table until we kick out all the bubbles. After that, it is necessary to let the film rest for at least twenty-four hours without taking it off the table. After that the water evaporates and the film sucks to the table. After gluing, of course, you have to cut the excess around the edges. Trimmed. We go over it again, kicking out the remaining bubbles. The cracks that were on the table are now covered by a layer of film, and are completely invisible to the touch. No risk of landing a splinter or something like that. Here is the view with the almost finished result.

In order to appreciate the process of installing such a coating, my wife and I took a little video, which showed what the process looks like live. Here’s what I recommend everyone to look at, because there’s not much information on the subject, well, or I did not find.

We are satisfied, and the table, perhaps, will live with us for another year or so. And in general, of course, wildly recommend getting such a film, those who have a glass table, but still in whole. This film will perfectly protect the table from the fate of my. And another big plus is that the table covered with the film does not leave any streaks. Who has a glass table knows that such a surface likes to collect all sorts of household dirt and does not want to be washed to perfection immediately. Plus, if the table is composed of several parts, the gap, even a small one, between the halves is constantly annoying, constantly trying to get there loaf crumbs. Such a film perfectly covers this place. It’s not afraid of hot food, we pour tea straight from the fire into cups and put it on the table, plates of soup in the same way. Another advantage, which I have not considered, but was reminded in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев dear sergjjj_0, is soundproofing. The surface is soft and kind of clingy (like any rubberized item creates a grip), but at the same time it is so thick that there are no circles left from the dishes. Now the dishes don’t clatter on the table at all. The only disadvantage of this film is an inquisitive kid who tries to peel its edge off the table. As far as I can judge from the clips on the Internet, such a film can be useful to owners of wooden tables, solid wood tables, to protect the shelves and so on you can think of many uses. It may seem expensive to someone, but I definitely think it’s cheaper than ordering a photo print on a new table. That will be all. Have a good mood and enjoy your shopping. Let your things last a long time. And by the way, in the sale on August 28, the price is going to fall a little bit more.

How to take care of the product

A tablecloth of the “flexible glass” type does not require any special care. In principle, it is enough to wipe it with a sponge or cloth, but it is desirable that the surface is not fluffy. For removing grease stains you can use household detergents found in every home.

Tablecloths “soft glass” are relatively new to the market, but have managed to quickly gain popularity and become a valuable aid in protecting the surface. In addition such tablecloths have the ability to add a special accent to the kitchen interior.

It is enough to wipe it with a sponge or cloth, but preferably its surface should not be fluffy.


Quite often the owners of cafes and restaurants choose such tablecloths to protect tables, especially it is important for furniture made of wood. A transparent “soft glass” tablecloth on the table will not hide the wood texture and at the same time can reliably protect the table top surface. Using “liquid glass” instead of a tablecloth, the consumer will get the following advantages.

  • Long service life. These tablecloths can be used for years without losing their look. According to some manufacturers’ statements the tablecloths’ tablecloths’ lifetime is up to 50 years.
  • Easy operation. The coated table is easy to clean. to do this it is enough to wash it with an ordinary sponge. The reason is that dirt and liquids can not be absorbed into the surface of the coating.
  • As the way of its laying provides reliable adhesion of the tablecloth to the table top, it will not slip on the surface of the latter, it is especially important if there are children at the table.
  • This type of tablecloths do not rustle and muffle the ringing of dishes.
  • Tablecloths of this type do not crumple. They quickly adopt the original form.
  • Such products meet the safety requirements, because the materials used for their production are environmentally safe. They are often used for medical products.
  • This type of products is resistant to high temperatures. That is, tablecloths of this type are able to withstand temperature changes from.200 to 200 degrees.

“Soft glass” to subscribe is not difficult, it is enough to apply to a specialized company.

Specialists in this company have all the necessary information for choosing a flexible tablecloth and are always ready to help the consumer in choosing the right product. If necessary, they will provide all the documents on the origin of the products and their safety in use.