How to cut floor ceramic tiles. Why cut the tiles

How to cut ceramic tiles

When working with tiles, the question arises: the better to cut ceramic tiles? The choice of the tool is determined by the volume of work and the properties of the tile itself. There are several ways to cut ceramic tiles.

In any case, special tools will be needed for work. The simplest of them is glass cutter, manual tile cutter has more performance, it is recommended to opt for professionals on electric tile cutters. When gaining a certain dexterity, tiles can be cut with a corner grinding, and a diamond string is used to manufacture artistic products.

Glass cutter

This is the simplest and most inexpensive device for cutting ceramic tiles. It has a different design:

  • cutting element. a wheel of small diameter;
  • styl with a diamond tip;
  • Roller glass cutter with an oil tank in the handle. Lubrication flows through a narrow groove and facilitates the cut.

amazing trick without tiles cutter a tile cutting

Cutting elements of glass cutter can be replaced as the edge grows down. How to cut ceramic tiles with glass cutter? On the front side with a pencil or marker draws a fishing line for a trimmer cut. Holding the line on the line, drawn with glass cutter in the direction from the far edge of the tile to itself. The goal is to draw a uniform recess that reduces the strength of the tiles of the tile.

Important ! Passed by ceramic tiles once! Otherwise, the incision will be heterogeneous and the tile will break unevenly.

Then put the tile on the edge of the table or another flat surface. The cutting line for the trimmer of the incision should coincide with the edge. Holding the edge of the tile on the table with one hand, the other is carefully pressed on the edge on weight. The tile should break out by the incision. Its edges are polished by a file for ceramic products.

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It is advisable to use glass cutter for small volumes of work. It allows you to perform a direct cut vertically and diagonal. Unsuitable for cutting floor tiles, porcelain tiles, and tiles with a thickness of more than 5 mm. It is problematic to cut off a strip of less than 20 mm with a glass cutter.

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How to cut ceramic tiles with manual tile cutter

The tool allows you to cut the strips with a width of 5 mm, directly or diagonally.

With it, durable floor tiles and porcelain border with a thickness of up to 15 mm are cut off. The design is a base, it is fixed on it with a cutting wheel of a cutting wheel. In diameter, it is slightly larger than in glass cutter, which allows you to achieve a greater depth of the cut. The minimum wheel size is 1.5 cm. It is also removable, it can be replaced after performing the work cycle.

Important ! When choosing a model, pay attention to the mechanism of slipping carriage. It is better if it is made on bearings or self.combustible sealing rings.

Based on manual tile cutter, there is a strip of solid material, with which after the cut, the league canvas is broken. Ahead of the video on the carriage there is a T-shaped part, which is pressure on two halves of tiles.

The tiles are placed on the base of the tool, having previously placed the fishing line for the trimmer of the break, tightly clamped., Clamping corners must be metal in order to cut floor tiles; There is enough plastic for wall. Pull the handle of the carriage on themselves, carrying out the incision of the front surface of the tile.

The incision is done once. After the cut ends, press the handle and the tile is broken. The edges will also have to be processed if they come to the corner. If a grout is used, then it will hide all defects.

Tile cutting tools

We list the tools with which you can cut the floor tiles at home, including, if necessary, to guarantee excellent speed and accuracy of processing.

  • Handing tiles. Designed to create direct cuts.
  • Electric tile. Provides high speed and accuracy on the industrial scale of the finish, can create holes with a edge of straight lines.
  • Corner grinder. A common and fairly convenient tool requires dexterity and special security measures, is used for direct cuts and creating rectangular holes.
  • Electric. Used in a wide range of works, they include cutting sex tiles along a complex path. It implies the presence of dexterity and the use of special saws.
  • Drill. When using various nozzles and drills, such a tool can be made a huge range of work.
  • Hand glass cutter. Limited use tool is used at home. You can cut sex tiles of only a certain number of thicknesses and strength.

During the creation of various cuts, manual tools are also used. These include nippers, pliers, wooden and rubber hammers, nozzles or manual devices for clushing.

No matter how to cut floor tiles. The characteristics of the material and its behavior during destruction implies the use of some protection measures. In particular:

  • It is recommended to use light thread gloves. When processing floor tiles, small sharp fragments are inevitably formed, both the gloss of the surface and internal material;
  • The protection of the respiratory system is required, especially if it is decided to cut the tile for the floor with a mechanized tool: corner grinding or electric tile cutter;
  • Protective glasses. a critical security measure. Even when using manual tile cutter or glass cutter. a rebound of pieces of glassy glossy gloss is very dangerous.

The use of workwear is also very recommended. Such equipment will be optimal, however, in the context of real work, most performers ignore the protective form.

How to cut rubber tiles

Floor rubber tiles conquers the market and finds a positive response among many users. It is quite durable, does not slip, damps sharp mechanical influences (falls of objects, for example). The sensation of walking on such a coating is the most positive.

You can cut it literally. But the main condition is that the tool should ensure the complete passage of the thickness of the material. Therefore, tiles of various kinds are inconvenient, ineffective corner grinding. many torn pieces flies, overheating occurs. Manual tool shows excellent results. The list of rational means looks like this:

  • Electrician at low speeds;
  • Neva knives, including for subtle work;
  • scissor.type cutters;
  • dozed with special nozzles.

You can create complex cuts on rubber tiles with an electric or manual jigsaw, as well as a blade tool.

Figure knives allow not only to create extremely accurate cutting of cuts, but also to bring the lines formed by another tool to the requirements of the accuracy of the connection. You can make interesting designer compositions, for example, putting a figured element of one color in the rubber tile of another, making there the appropriate neckline.

Work with glass cutter

The easiest, cheapest and easiest tool for processing ceramic products is glass cutter. It can be of two types: with a small diameter roller and with a diamond tip. There are practically no special differences between them, however, the first tool is more convenient to operate. In addition, cutting tiles with glass cutter does not differ from glass cutting.

Consider instructions for working with this tool:

  • Firstly, before cutting the tiles with glass cutter, you need to accurately mark the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut with the erased marker or pencil on its glossy side. For this, it is also desirable to use corners or metal ruler. Having put a ruler along the line, you need to draw a glass cutter only once from the far edge of the ceramic product to yourself. over, trying to distribute the strength as evenly as possible when pressing the tool. Thus, you will get an absolutely flat fishing line for a trimmer. a recess that weakens the strength of the canvas.
  • Secondly, you need to place the tile on the table so that the fishing line for the trimmer of the incision on the product and the edge of the table completely match. Further, gently holding part of the tiles on the table, you need to press on its other edge: the product will break softly and accurately. The edges after all work can be treated with sandpaper.

How to cut with hand tiles?

This tool is used only for the production of light straight cuts. You can cut the tiles either evenly, or diagonally. In this case, the direction does not matter. This equipment is very easy to use. At the same time, before cutting tiles with a tile, it is necessary to have general ideas about its structure. The tool is a reason where special tubular runners are fixed. A carriage with a solid alloy roller glides along them. The tile after applying the marking in a necessary way is laid on this base.

Here are the main recommendations for the operation of this tool:

  • It is necessary to apply a video to the tile and, through a special handle, make a neat cut. In this case, only one cut is needed. Do not cut the same place two or three times. The result will be deplorable. the material will break completely differently as necessary. It is precisely because of this that you need to carefully monitor the severity of the cutting device. It is removable on specialized professional models, therefore, if necessary, a dull video can be easily changed.
  • It is worth noting that in order to obtain high.quality tiles when working with such a tool, you must also be able to correctly break the material. Based on the equipment along the course of the cut, a small tubercle is provided, lifting the edge of the ceramic product clearly above the rez and then releasing its ends. It is thanks to this that the tubercle, along with the slot on the tile, acts as a guide for the breakup. In addition, the product also breaks with the help of a mobile T-shaped heel, which is located in front of the video. This heel should be installed exactly in the middle of the cut, so that in the process of pressing the lever it presses on the canvas. Also, this tile cutter can be cut diagonally.

Safety regulations

Working with a manual tool carries less risks than cutting with a corner grinder or electric stump.cutter, however, you need to adhere to a number of rules:

  • The workplace should be even and stable.
  • Good lighting is important.
  • It is recommended to use gloves.
  • The use of protective construction glasses will help eliminate the risk of injuries from tile fragments when breaking it.

Round holes

There are crowns that are designed to create circular holes in the tile. The maximum and minimum diameter of the finished hole when using the crowns is quite small.

  • The first value is three centimeters, the second is 8 cm.
  • If you need a larger diameter, then you can use a corner grinder or drill-ballerinka.
  • In the crowns, as in the disks for the corner grinder, there is diamond spraying.

How To Cut Porcelain Tiles by Hand with Grinder without Chipping. Testing Diamond Blades 4 Tiling

Use angular grinding

Tiles can be cut using an angular grinding machine. This tool helps to make a perfectly even cut with exact dimensions.

However, in order to get such a good result, you need to buy the right disc for a machine. There are many models on the market, but you need a disk with spraying from diamond crumbs.

The main thing is that the size of the baby was as low as possible.

The methods below are perfect for cutting tile, ceramic tiles at home, due to the lack of the possibility of using a professional tool.

Corner grinder

This tool can be found actually in any pantry or garage, if necessary, it can be bought, it is inexpensive. In addition, with this tool, you can easily cut the tiles at home, you only need to have basic skills to work with this device.

  • In order to carry out the correct and high.quality cut using this tool, it is necessary to use a high.quality circle to work on stone, as well as protective devices of the organs of vision, breathing and hand.
  • With the help of this tool, you can carry out direct and figured cuts, it is quite possible to even cut even circles, diameters of at least 5 cm, but this is possible only with a great experience in the master.
  • In order to facilitate the process of work, it is necessary to apply landmarks for subsequent cutting. Further, according to these landmarks, it is necessary to create recesses with any sharp object, this will improve the quality of the work on the tool.

It is also recommended to be carried out not on the floor, but on any, stable elevation. Previously, a piece of any board must be placed under the tile, so as not to spoil anything during operation.


This tool is very underestimated by many masters, but it may well be used for cutting tiles if there is no professional tool and corner grinder.

  • For TGO, so that with this device you can beautifully and correctly cut the tiles, you will need to install a file on it on it, which will allow you to work with several varieties of tiles.
  • Also, do not forget about safety requirements, it is necessary to use protective glasses, gloves and protection of the respiratory system, because dust will form, which can adversely affect human health.

Particular attention should be paid to this tool if it is necessary to carry out a curly cut, because with the help of an electrician you can easily create very sharp angles and transitions. Such a tool is perfect if it is necessary to cut complex figures from tiles.

Glass cutter

This tool is used at home in extreme cases, if there are no other options. A feature of the use of this tool is that only direct cut can be carried out.

It is also worth considering that the width of the tiles that has to be cut should be at least 2 cm in width.

  • Before applying glass cutter, you need to create an approximate scratch so that the cut is the most neat and clear.
  • To do this, use a metal line and household (stationery knife).
  • Pay attention, working with this knife is as neat as possible, it will be enough to apply a deep scratch to the glossy surface, after which it will be possible to work as a tool.

Shock on the sharp corner

A very risky method, it is used only if there is no need for even split, because in this way it will not be possible to get it.

The main condition is the presence of an acute and durable angle, which is not deformed when the tile is hit. It can be a metal corner or wooden beam.

  • It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the blow should be from a distance of 5-8 cm, and should be as sharp as possible.
  • You need to take the tile with two hands, on both sides of the edge.
  • A blow can be applied in fact at any angle, at which it is convenient, the main conditions are sharpness, distance and fortress of the angle, which will be struck on.

This method is often used for the convenience of transporting old tiles, large in size. After her dismantling, so that it is convenient to carry it, it is broken on the corners, thus reducing it in size. It is not recommended to use this method to reduce new tiles.

Manual tile cutter

This tool allows you to cut the tile in a straight line or diagonal with a width of a cut canvas from 5 millimeters. With it, you can saw tiles for floor and porcelain tiles. Its design consists of a base and a carriage with a diamond knife. a wheel sliding along the runners. For a greater depth of cut, the diameter is larger than that of glass cutter. As you wear, the knife can be replaced. When choosing a tool, it is advisable to purchase a mechanism with bearings, which will ensure a smooth sliding of the cutting mechanism.

To break off the cut strip on the base on the edge, a flat metal strip is fixed, and behind a cut with a knife a small T is a figurative lever. It is he who presses on the tile after the cut.

The tile incision begins with alignment of the material on the basis of the marked line. Then tightly fixed. The carriage is driven by hands, producing a single incision. Then, pressing on the handle, the tile is split into parts. With this method, small chips are sometimes obtained, which are masked with grouting.

Using an electric steamer

This is an expensive professional tool that equally quickly, smoothly and accurately cut any tiles. With it, pruning is available in a straight line and at an angle of 45 degrees, drilling holes and recesses, as well as figure cutting. Cut strips are less than 5 millimeters wide. The edges of the cut are even, slightly rounded.

Some models work with tiles, one side lowered into the water, others require only regular wetting by cutting. This method protects from dust formation.

The tool consists of the base, knife and electric motor, and the cutting process is as follows:

  • Water is typed in the pallet in terms of the cutting disk so that it is lowered into it by 2-3 centimeters (for submersible models).
  • The tile is clamped and slowly moves under the cutting cutter. The force should be uniform to avoid chips and jamming the motor.
  • To cut the angle, the procedure is repeated twice according to segments with the desired angle.

Like any similar tool, electric tiles requires the fulfillment of safety requirements and the use of protective equipment.

For high.quality work, you need to change the worn discs and water in time.

How to cut tiles without chips (instructions)

Before proceeding with tile processing, it is necessary to produce the necessary measurements and apply a marker to the outline of the circuit, along which cutting will be carried out.

Measurements must be made taking into account the error during cutting. It is important to leave a small supply for manual cut processing.

Here are the main methods of cutting tiles, thanks to which the cut will turn out even and high.quality:

Direct cutting

The easiest way to cut tiles, which is suitable even for a beginner. For cutting, it is necessary to put the tile with the front side up on the flat surface and fix it.

Part that must be cut off should hang from the site. The incision is recommended to be made the first time, in which case it will turn out to be even and clear.

Figure harsh

This type of cutting is used to give tiles a certain shape, smooth out the contours or rounding of angles. This is somewhat more complicated than direct cutting, but with a certain dexterity it is possible to do everything neatly and efficiently.

After the work, the circuit is processed with special tools: a file, sandpaper or a grinding machine.

Tips from professionals

In order to efficiently carry out work on cutting tiles, you should adhere to certain rules. Compliance with these rules will facilitate the process and reduce the time of work.

The following are the advice of professionals who will help to facilitate the work and achieve a quality cut.

  • In order to get a good cut, it is necessary to cut into one approach;
  • During cutting, the tiles are placed the front side up, with the exception of cutting angles;
  • It is recommended to start and finish cutting at low speeds;
  • It is best to use sawdrops with diamond spraying;

For a smaller amount of dust, the tile is not cut to the end, the remaining distance is broken off.

Tips for professionals

Oddly enough, but the largest number of problems does not even arise with the drive or tool used to process porcelain tile, but directly with the diamond disc. The main claim to the diamond is a quick loss of cutting ability. As a result, with an increase in the supply and effort of the edge of the circle, it warms up and begins to lose diamond powder. If you try to cut at home in this mode for at least 10-20 seconds, then nothing will remain of the expensive disk.

In this case, before each cut, the edge is cleaned and restored, at home this can be done on ordinary red brick, performing several small cuts. This allows you to remove soft material adhering to a strip of diamond spraying.

Experienced craftsmen, before cutting tiles of porcelain tile, soak the material for 10-15 minutes in water. Artificial granite is very poorly absorbed in moisture, but a small amount of water still remains on the edge of the stove. As a result, at the first touch of the cutting edge to the surface, a beautiful input hole without chips is guaranteed to be guaranteed to be obtained.

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Correctly cutting porcelain tiles at home is not so much difficult as troublesome. In order to deal with a lot of abrasive dust, you have to use paper bags and filters if the cut is performed on the table or on a workbench. In addition, a vacuum cleaner will definitely be required, cut hard porcelain tiles at home without collecting dust is quite uncomfortable.

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