How To Cut Grass Without A Lawn Mower

How to mow your lawn? How to cut with a lawn mower?

Mowing the lawn in the area near the house using lawn mowers is not so difficult if you know where to start and what kind of work needs to be done first. When spring came, the snow melted and the grass on the lawn grew to 10 centimeters, it’s time to carry out the first haircut.

To shorten the grass on the site correctly, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • First of all, you need to process a lawn mower along the contour and along the edge of the paths in order to strictly outline the work front and outline the boundaries. You also need to walk along the flower beds and trees if they grow on the lawn. Any technique is suitable for this: manual and electric. But with the help of the second, it will be possible to complete the work many times faster, however, electrical engineering is convenient to use only along straight lines and corners. If an area with blurred boundaries and when you need to make a smooth transition, it is better to give preference to a manual lawn mower.
  • When working with the technique, it is imperative to use the whole body, and do not allow only your arms to move. For better results, you need to hold the mower with both hands and move smoothly forward (only in one direction, if you missed something, go back and walk over the same area).
  • If possible, trim the contour, Follow the paths so as not to cut the grass too short.
  • Move slowly around the site so you don’t have to go back. Electric lawn mowers work quickly, which often causes people to step faster, but the result is an uneven mowed area.

Before mowing, you need to remove all unnecessary items from the lawn: garbage, garden tools, toys, branches, etc.

How to cut grass on a lawn without a lawn mower?

If lawn mowers are available, and you want to make a neat lawn, then in order to cut the grass by hand, you can use other methods and tools, namely: a scythe, garden scissors or a trimmer.

Using a lawn mowing tool like a scythe can only achieve a neat result if you work slowly and thoughtfully. Using a scythe, you can cut the grass in even layers, the main thing is to use a sharp blade.

To mow the lawn evenly or make the area a lawn, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • If the site is only to be made a lawn, then first you need to determine the area, highlight the boundaries (for example, with a hose), level uneven places and bring in poorly rammed earth or humus.
  • When using the scythe, it is imperative to keep the blade vertically, and not at an angle, otherwise the grass will not mow smoothly.
  • Movement should be smooth and NOT too sweeping. Make sure there are no pipes or wires nearby.
  • It is not difficult to process the edge of beds with flowers or other plants with a braid, moreover, it is practically and convenient.
  • When working around trees, you need to be careful not to damage the roots or the blade about them.

After mowing, the blade of the scythe must be washed and cleaned of dirt, as using blunt tools can damage the grass, which will prevent the lawn surface from being attractively flat.


With the help of trimmers, you can easily mow the grass on the lawn and in hard-to-reach places, such as under a bench, around a tree, flower beds, etc. Trimmers are different: they run on gasoline, from a battery or electricity. The people often call the mechanism a benzo or electric scythe.

Cons of a gasoline device:

  • Heavy weight (the larger the tank volume, the heavier the trimmer)
  • Loud work;
  • Strong vibration;
  • Fast heating (every 35-40 minutes you need to turn off for cooling)
  • Exactingness to fuel (only high quality gasoline is suitable).

In the case of using an electrical mechanism, it is necessary to monitor the wire, take into account the length of the cord and DO NOT waste far from the outlet.

But the trimmer has a number of advantages, namely:

  • NOT source of noise;
  • Weighs little;
  • Exhaust does NOT harm the environment;
  • DOES NOT need refueling;
  • Works after pressing one button.

Never cut wet grass with the electric trimmer with low engine position.

Cordless trimmers offer the following benefits:

  • Less weight than electric and gasoline;
  • DO NOT require expensive and high quality fuel;
  • Mobile and NOT limited by cable;
  • NOT costly.
  • Battery charge lasts for 40-50 minutes;
  • Takes a long time to charge;
  • Power is lower than electric.

Despite the described disadvantages, each of the product varieties is many times better at handling hard-to-reach places than any lawn mower.


In order to mow the lawn, there are many special tools, such as lawn shears (hand and cordless), garden trimmers (cordless, gasoline, electric), scythe, as well as hand and power lawn mowers. The first time you need to mow the lawn is when the grass grows about 10 cm in height. The recommended length of grass for a lawn is 4 to 6 cm, but it is not advisable to cut the grass more than 2 or 3 cm when you first mow. It is also not worth tightening with a haircut, otherwise long grass can be nailed to the ground by rain, after which it will be extremely problematic to lift it. Rare vegetation does not postpone the procedure, since a haircut will become a catalyst for the grass to grow more actively and thicker.



Using scissors, it will not be possible to completely cut the lawn, since the equipment is suitable only for processing areas around flower beds, trees, bushes, fountains, along paths, along the contour, etc.

The hand scissors are enriched with a special mechanism that allows you to adjust the position of the blades. The blades can be reversed from 0 to 360 degrees, which greatly facilitates the work. Mechanical garden shears are equally comfortable to use with both right and left hand.

The rechargeable leg visually resembles a hair clipper with larger metal blades. After charging, the battery lasts for 1 or 1.5 hours.

These scissors are NOT lightweight, so your hand will get tired quickly, plus you need to stop and clean the blades from time to time. However, this tool is quite powerful, so cutting hard-to-reach places with it is many times faster than using a mechanical scissors.

As a rule, the first lawn mow is done in the spring, around mid-May. It is necessary to cut the grass when its length reaches 8-10 centimeters. This can be done manually with the help of handy tools such as scissors or a trimmer, or using a lawn mower. It is recommended to perform the procedure in the morning, light rain.

Why and how often the lawn is cut

Usually lawns are sown with grasses of the family of cereals, and mowing prevents them from flowering and fruiting. This simple technique prolongs the growing season of plants, promotes good rooting, the growth of lateral green shoots and tillering. Regular mowing promotes sod compaction, and nearby growing “cultivated” grass prevents the growth and spread of weeds. Throughout the entire warm period, as a result of timely mowing, the green color of the lawn is preserved.

Certainty in the issue of lawn mowing frequency comments. This parameter depends on several objective factors:

  • Type of sown vegetation;
  • Type of soil and top dressing;
  • Weather;
  • Seasonal characteristics of plant growth;
  • Purpose of the lawn.

The first lawn mowing activities begin in the spring, after the grass on the planned sown lawn rises to a height of 12-14 cm.It is recommended to mow the overwintered lawn when the greenery rises to 7-10 cm. 4-7 cm. Subsequent mowing is recommended every time the grass is pulled up to a height of 2-3 cm above the desired level.

Basic rules of lawn mowing

Hence the conclusion: lawn mower owners should not allow high grass growth.

The question is also often raised whether it is possible to mow wet grass with a gasoline lawn mower. The rules state: it is not recommended to work with a lawn mower in the rain or after watering, since such mowing is NOT of a quality, and there is a risk of getting ugly stripes on soggy soil

In addition, there are other rules that must be followed when mowing the lawn.

  • A sultry summer day is not the best time to mow the grass. Fresh cuts dry quickly, and their yellowness spoils the appearance of the lawn.
  • It is recommended to mow the lawn in the morning or evening in dry weather, one day after rain or watering, when the soil and grass are dry.
  • Make sure that the mower blade is sharpened. Working with blunt knives is fraught with troubles in the form of foliage jams and grass pulling out by the roots.
  • Before you start mowing, you need to use a rake to collect fallen leaves, tree branches and other debris, level out the encountered earth mounds formed as a result of the vital activity of earthworms, ants and other insects.
  • It is necessary to decide on the direction of the haircut, so that it is at an angle to the previous one. Otherwise, the appearance of the lawn will be associated with a washboard.
  • When cutting, you must observe the parallelism and DO NOT leave narrow stripes, paying attention to the grass under the wheels.
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How to properly mow grass with a lawn mower

Arrangement of green lawns at dachas and country estates is becoming a popular pastime. At first glance, it seems that everything is simple in this matter: you have allocated a place for a green lawn, sowed the area with grass seeds and you are waiting for the field to turn into a green lawn. And only later comes the understanding of the need for proper care, and it, first of all, lies in the skillful operation of the lawn mower. It turns out that mowing the lawn is necessary not only for beauty.

Adjusting the cutting height for lawn mowers

The lawn mower is designed to adjust the cutting height of the grass. The range may vary from model to model. Equipment manufacturers indicate the minimum and maximum value of this parameter in the accompanying documentation. In inexpensive models of interchangeable positions, heights are most often 3, in more expensive and advanced models there may be 5-7 positions of the regulator.

The technical solution for choosing the cutting height may vary in different models. There are two types of regulation: manual and mechanical. The first involves stopping the engine and manually changing the governor position. The mechanical method allows you to change the cutting height by pressing a button on the control lever, without the need to interrupt the process.

Mulching function in the lawn mower

In the care of beds and lawns, various methods are used to improve soil fertility. Mulching is a must to keep lawns healthy and prevent soil erosion. Cut grass has proven itself well as mulch. It is periodically recommended to mow the grass and prepare compost from it, which in winter is used as an organic fertilizer for the lawn.

On sale there are wheel units in which the mulching function is already built-in. With the help of this additional feature, during mowing, the lawnmower mulches grass and uncleaned fallen leaves: the process consists in chopping and carefully throwing organic matter onto the mown part of the lawn. The advantage of such models is obvious: the lawn is cleaned of plant debris, which in recycled form is returned to the surface of the earth and enriches it. But the cost of a lawn mower with additional features will be higher than the usual model.

Lawn mower problems

Like any garden tool used in gardening equipment, wheeled lawn mowing equipment requires compliance with the rules of safe use. It is possible to operate motorized equipment only in good condition. this is an unshakable requirement. And before turning on an electric or gasoline unit, you must make sure that it is intact. When carrying out work, it is necessary to observe the general safety rules and the requirements of the instructions from the manufacturer.

There are five main problems when using a lawn mower:

  • Hitting an obstacle;
  • Leaked oil;
  • Knives are clogged with grass;
  • The unit rakes the ground together with the grass;
  • Uneven cut.

All problems can be solved to one degree or another. In the first two situations, you will most likely have to seek help from specialists. And to prevent such problems, it is recommended to check the area before cutting for the presence of stones and other objects in the grass of the lawn, and also do not store the device upside down.

Young, soft and succulent grass can clog the ejection hole, causing unstable, ragged motor performance. In this case, you need to periodically stop work to clean the hole from adhering grass segments using a thin sharp tool.

When the mower rakes powerfully Not only the stalks of grass, but also clods of earth, readjustment of the cutting height will help to correct the situation so that the knife does NOT reach the ground. If the unit with a normally working motor cuts the grass in uneven strips, shreds, then the problem with the knife: either dull or installed Not quite correctly.

Remember to wear personal protective equipment when working with the mower. Check your work equipment regularly to identify defects in time and solve the problem before a serious breakdown occurs.

After shearing, the tip of the grass turns brown

This effect can be caused by blunt knives in the rotary mower (the blades are jammed, not cut off), damage to the bottom plate of the cylindrical plate or its incorrect adjustment. Also, the grass can turn brown if it was wet during mowing.

How to properly mow the grass on the site and will not make mistakes

The last haircut in the fall should not be done in a cold wind, otherwise the tip of the blades of grass will freeze

Here are a few rules to consider when mowing your lawn:

  • First of all, make sure that the height is the same on both sides of the mower drum, otherwise you risk ruining the lawn;
  • Clear the area of ​​stones, sticks, wire and other debris that could harm the lawn mower;
  • Sweep the surface of the lawn with a broom or rake to level the piles of earth after earthworms and raise the grass towards the blade;
  • Mark mentally the direction of the haircut. adjacent stripes should be obtained at a certain angle to each other;
  • Change the direction of the stripes with each mowing to perpendicular, then there will be no ribbed stripes on the lawn;
  • The last haircut in autumn should not be done in a cold wind, otherwise the tip of the blades of grass will be frostbitten, which will negatively affect the quality of the lawn next year.

Mowing grass with a lawnmower is not as easy as it sounds. Of course, you will need to learn how to operate the mower first before you start mowing your lawn. However, in the process of work, you can accidentally make mistakes, which will noticeably worsen the appearance of the lawn. The most common mistakes are:

The grass on the bumps is shaved off

If your area is prone to bumps, increase the cutting height and add mulch to level the lawn. When mowing, try not to put pressure on the mower handle and DO NOT jerk it back and forth.

When mowing, try not to put pressure on the mower handle and DO NOT jerk it back and forth.

Full length beveled stripes cross wide waves

A similar “washboard effect” occurs when the grass is cut in the same direction every time. The same vibrations when mowing the lawn result in waves on the soil surface, which is why it is so important to change the direction of the stripes with each mow. To level the soil relief in the fall, add mulch.

Here is the first lawn mowing in the last. how often and how to mow the lawn correctly

Even though very little time has passed since the lawn was planted, and the grass is still difficult to compare with a dense green carpet, it is time to take care of the first mowing of the lawn. If the right moment is missed, some seedlings will outgrow or fall over from the rain and then will NOT rise. It is the mowing of the lawn that allows you to form a beautiful grass cover of optimal density, therefore it is so important to cut the grass on time and do it regularly.

The lawn looks ribbed

If, when mowing, narrow stripes of long and short grass appear perpendicular to the movement of the mower, this means that the blades in the cylindrical mower rotate very slowly. Resistance to knives can be caused by dew on the blades of grass (so you need to sweep the lawn before mowing), too low or too high cutting height.

Here’s the first to the last lawn mow

The first mowing of the lawn should not be delayed due to the fact that the sprouting blades of grass still look very weak. it is scary to trample. In fact, trampling and rolling the lawn will only benefit him, the grass from this will begin to bush more, creating a dense sod. Yes, and you will step on the already mown grass, move the lawn mower in front of you, so that no harm to the young lawn will be caused.

Let’s figure out when to start cutting the first seedlings, how often does he mow during the season, and when is the last time he mows the lawn? Also from the article you will learn how to mow correctly in order to avoid common problems that beginners often face.

How do you know when it’s time to mow your lawn for the first time? Usually the first lawn mow is in mid-May. Look at how much the blades of grass have grown: if they stretch up to 10 cm, then there is nowhere to put it further. Try to choose dry weather so that the grass is not wet (the mower will clog up), but the ground should remain slightly damp. Plants will uproot from dry soil, and mowing on wet soil is not recommended later, as the lawn mower will damage the surface of the lawn when driving.

Before mowing the grass for the first time, make sure the mower blades are perfectly sharp so that weak blades of grass are NOT pulled out of the ground by the mower. You will only need to cut the very tops of the plants, so set the knives to their maximum height immediately.

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Before mowing the grass for the first time, make sure the mower blades are perfectly sharp.

In the future, mowing the grass should be done at least once a week in warm, humid weather, and on cold or dry days, it will be enough to mow the lawn once every two weeks. Be guided, first of all, by the height of the grass: the lawn looks neat at a height of five centimeters, if the grass has grown two centimeters higher, then it is time to mow it. It is advisable that your lawn is about the same height throughout the season, but too short a lawn mowing is not recommended during the summer months, as the plants can dry out quickly.

The last mowing of the lawn should be carried out before frost, excessively high or low grass will not winter well. Look according to the circumstances. perhaps the last time you mow the grass in mid-September, and in the case of a warm autumn, you may need to trim again in October.

Mowed lawn care

The question arises: what to do with the cut grass. leave it on the lawn or clean it? On the one hand, cut plants can serve as an excellent fertilizer for the lawn, nutrients from them will return back to the soil, the spread of moss will stop, and you do NOT have to waste time cleaning the grass from the lawn.

However, there is a downside to the coin: the cut grass will lead to the rapid appearance of weeds, the reproduction of earthworms, the surface of the lawn will acquire a porous structure and will be more susceptible to disease, and the soil ventilation will deteriorate. Thus, it is better to remove the cut grass after cutting; it is recommended to leave it only in dry weather, so that the necessary moisture evaporates less from the lawn.

Mowing the lawn should be regular, then the plants will take a dwarf form

As for watering and feeding, they are necessary for the formation of a thick, high-quality cover, even if you have to mow the lawn more often due to the rapid growth of grass. It’s better to mow the grass more often and get a beautiful green surface without bald spots as a result.

Mowing the lawn should be regular, then the plants will take a dwarf form and, instead of increasing the leaf mass, will form more and more new shoots, creating a dense turf. If you cut rarely and immediately shortly, the grass will weaken and begin to lunge, and in its place separate islands are formed, overgrown with weeds, yarrow, moss or bluegrass.

Maintaining a mowed lawn

And I would also like to say a few words about what is included in the quality care of the mown lawn. This is, of course, timely watering. You can try to purchase the most modern garden tools, the highest quality fertilizers, but if all this is not supported by watering, then you should not expect an excellent result either. A dense cover of lawn grass is formed with regular watering. Better, because of the right amount of moisture, you will cut the grass more often, but there will be no bald spots on the lawn.

Do-it-yourself lawn mowing: tips for the first and subsequent haircuts

Every happy owner of a suburban area with a beautiful lawn lawn has a heartache for how to look after this very lawn. And my heart hurts NOT later, that leaving is troublesome and inconvenient, and then that I really want to do everything correctly and efficiently. Especially many questions arise with mowing the lawn in general and with when and how the lawn is mowed for the first time in particular.

How To Cut Grass Without A Lawn Mower

Trimmer to help

Mowing a lawn with a trimmer is convenient when you need to get to hard-to-reach places on the lawn and there is no way to use a lawn mower. A motor built into the trimmer drives the line at a speed sufficient to cut grass. Trimmers are:

  • Electric. That is, the trimmer works from an outlet and therefore you need to be careful with a cable that will always drag behind you. Trimmer with electric motor type is lightweight and convenient for small lawns;
  • Petrol. It runs on gasoline and is therefore noisier and heavier. Successfully handle large areas.

The trimmer will help you get to hard-to-reach places

Tips for your first lawn mow

Lawn mowing height and required mowing frequency

We have already discussed how to mow the lawn correctly for the first time, but what about the next? Everything is extremely simple: all subsequent haircuts are carried out at the same height. By the way, it will be said that in different types of lawn (depending on their purpose) the height will differ.

For example, if we are talking about a parterre lawn, then so that in our climatic conditions it does not dry out, you need to leave 3-4 cm of grass height. Despite the fact that the standard height of this type of lawn is 1-2 cm somewhere to the north. The purpose of decorative and functional lawns is to leave 4-7 cm in height. For sports, as well as for ceremonial, 3-4 cm is enough.

But whatever the purpose of your lawn lawn personally, blind adherence to standards can lead to the loss of the lawn. How? Well, imagine that no matter what, you are mowing your lawn to a certain standard height, and the summer turned out to be very dry. Then DO NOT be surprised that the grass on your green carpet dries mercilessly. The fact is that NOT Taking into account the composition of the sown seeds and weather conditions, you yourself, without wanting to, can ruin everything. Therefore, sometimes it is worth adding a couple of cm to the height declared by standards in order to save the lawn.

How often to mow your lawn? Again, the answer to this question depends on various factors: the type of crop you have planted, soil condition, climate, fertilization and season of the year. In order to cut the grass at least and NOT more often than necessary, you should pay attention to the height determined for each type of lawn and take up the lawn mower when the grass grows 2 cm longer than necessary.

Mowing frequency depends a lot on your lawn, season and weather conditions

In spring, everything grows very rapidly, including lawn grass, so mowing is needed at least 1-2 rubles / week. In summer, the ardor can be slightly diminished by 1p / 10decad. End of summer-autumn 1p / 14 days. It can be seen that how often the lawn is mowed depends on various factors.

Practical advice

Now I would like to add a few words about how to mow the lawn:

  • In order not to spoil the appearance of the lawn, do not forget to check the height of the blades on both sides of the equipment;
  • Before starting work, Take care of the cleanliness of the site;
  • Rake the grass and smooth out small irregularities in the soil;
  • Change the direction of the stripes every next haircut;
  • Try not to postpone the last haircut of the year until the windy cold weather, in order to protect the ends of the grass from freezing;
  • DO NOT cut wet grass to prevent browning at the ends of the grass;
  • Regularity in such a matter as a haircut will not let the grass simply increase in volume, but, on the contrary, grow, thickening the sod.

You should NOT rush to dispose of the clipped grass, because it may come in handy. For what:

  • Mulching. Dry the cut grass and sprinkle it on the flower garden or garden bed. From time to time, so that mulch does not have time to be banned, it needs to be updated.
  • Compost. Collect the grass in the compost pit along with other organic waste and add water to the pit from time to time. Mix rotten waste with manure, solution with water and use as fertilizer.
  • Top dressing. Just leave the mowed lawn and, decomposing, useful elements will flow from it directly into the ground.

A lawn trimmed with a trimmer, lawn mower, or scissors will look neat if GIVEN also with proper care


Good old scissors are the most unpretentious tool for a good haircut. How does one mow the lawn with scissors? Well, it is clear that we are talking about small areas, you can even say that lawn scissors are only suitable for the edges of the site.

By the way, there is even some semblance of classification among scissors:

  • Mechanical shears. This requires an accurate eye, non-shaking hands and the desire to constantly sharpen the blades.
  • Cordless scissors. Despite the additional detail in the form of a battery, they are quite lightweight and mobile. The uniformity of the haircut, the load on the hand and the position of the handle can be adjusted individually. The charge can be controlled. Replacement knives included.

Battery scissors

How to mow the lawn if there is only a scythe in the house from the tool? Well, in fact, some craftsmen cope with this task. But the result is still Relative. You will never be able to mow the lawn with a slant as it would be done with special equipment.

With a lawn mower

The choice of lawn mowers today is so great that it will not be easy to make it. For example, lawn mowers differ from each other in the type of cutting element and the engine. There are lawn mowers that need to be pushed in front of you, those that move on their own, they only need to be guided and riders. controlled like a machine. Lawn mowers, which are pushed in front of a person (non-self-propelled), are best used on small lawns, self-propelled, respectively, on medium ones, and riders are designed for large ones. Depending on the type of engine, lawn mowers are available: mechanical, gasoline, electric and battery.

No matter how convenient the lawn mower is to use, this technique still remains traumatic. To ensure safety Take care of work clothes, shoes and jackets.

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There is one unpleasant feature that can appear due to dull blades of a lawn mower. This feature is the brown tip of the grass on the lawn, which looks unhealthy. They turn brown due to the fact that a dull blade does NOT cut, but tears and crumples the grass.

Gasoline Lawn Mower

Mowing technique

The answer to the question of how the lawn is mowed. by hand, with a lawn mower or other special equipment, will depend on many nuances: financial position, physical strength, lawn area and much more that only you personally know. Therefore, it is better we just present you with a list of tools that can be used in this matter, and you yourself choose.

What and how mows the grass?

It’s summer now, and many people who own the plot have a situation where they need to work with the lawn. It needs to be cut, cleaned, processed. Today we will consider the main questions: what and how does all this work.

Cheap trimmers

  • Bort BBT-230 is easy to use. Easy to operate. Relatively cheap.
  • Huter GGT-1000T. more powerful than the previous one, more rpm. Also a simple model.
  • The Patriot PT 555 is a very hardy and resilient model. Strong protection of the cutting element.

Requirements for workwear

Since working with equipment requires separate safety, you need to select a special type of clothing. It must protect the worker from grass (which can stain everyday clothes), from the possibility of cutting (if the tool is used incorrectly), and from the unpleasant getting of small grass on the face, in particular, in the eyes.

The main set can be the following set: a protective mask and overalls.

The mask will prevent grass and other debris from entering. This is necessary when mowing large quantities of tall grass. In addition to the mask, you can use special glasses, which are used not only when mowing grass, but also when working with other equipment, for example, with an angle grinder. They can be wiped off at the right time if there is no full opportunity to see.

The overalls should be tight, well-stitched, so that in case of unexpected contact with the knife blade, the damage is less severe. You can also use work suits that protect against work activities, for example, a welder’s uniform that protects him from possible burns.

Of course, you don’t need to wear special clothing, but this is a basic safety precaution. When mowing the grass, there were many cases when, due to improper technique and negligent attitude to garden tools and clothes, people crippled themselves.

Types of tools

First you need to figure out what exactly you want to mow the lawn, because the amount of time your work will take depends on the technique. There are several basic options for cleaning the area from excess grass, which grows quite quickly in summer.

First of all, you need to choose a quality tool. Your equipment should be the right one for you, as the tools vary in weight, weight, and features. Some types of equipment have more power, others less. And also the choice depends on the grass that grows on your site.

Hand braid

A simple and long-known tool to people, called a scythe. He cut the grass with him long before the Specialized Mowing Technique appeared. The big plus of this tool is that it is completely autonomous. It does not require diluting oil and gasoline, and, in general, they are NOT required. And also there is a need for electricity. But this option is suitable for physically strong people, since it will take a lot of work in this way even in average terrain.

Of the features, the mowing technique can be noted. You need to be able to use the scythe correctly so that the work is of high quality and does NOT take extra time and effort from you. Don’t forget to pay attention to the blade. If you start chopping small bushes or branches, the blade may become dull, and if it does not eat it, then, in general, it may break.

Using a blunt braid is just wasting your time and effort, so exploitation is also necessary here. In addition, it will be very difficult to create an even lawn, because the braids do not have a certain cutting height. Everything is done by hand here.


This is already a more modern instrument than the scythe. These assistants can also mow grass in hard-to-reach places, since a person moves with him in the same way as with a scythe. Cutting elements are of two types: special discs, which rotate at high speed (can up to 9000 rpm) and nylon lines. For lawn surfaces, less powerful options can be used.

There are two types of trimmers: gasoline and electric.

  • Gasoline. they run on fuel, and the fuel is prepared in the form of a mixture of gasoline and oil. Mainly they use AI-92 gasoline, and the oil already depends on the manufacturer. Some types of petrol trimmers work better with the manufacturer’s own oil, which is specialized for gardening equipment. Do NOT forget about exhaust emissions, as some models have such a disadvantage as rather voluminous exhaust, which makes them not entirely environmentally friendly.
  • Electric. cleaner, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. Delving into the name, we understand that such lawn mowers need electricity. This is a disadvantage in terms of mobility. If the scythe does not need fuel or charging at all, and the petrol trimmer needs fuel, then this technique requires a constant source of electricity. As a rule, they are lighter than fuel ones, which makes them convenient. All trimmers (both electric and petrol) are equipped with work grips and shoulder straps for easy operation. Operation of the trim tabs is fairly straightforward: most of the functions are located on the joystick.

In terms of price-quality ratio

  • Stihl FS 55 is a technology with many functions. Excellent endurance with good build quality allows for a lot of work.
  • The Husqvarna 128R is a versatile machine. The high power allows you to cut even small bushes. But due to the powerful motor, there is a lot of noise during operation.
  • Kruger GTK 52-7. powerful and reliable, strong. A large number of functions, great endurance. about him. Minus one, and this is not the hardest barbell during the mow.

Mowing technique

Let’s analyze the main nuances of the technique when mowing. It is because of the poor technique of work that some owners exclude their tools in poor quality and low build levels. We will clarify for those who work with this kind of gardening equipment for the first time.

In the first seasons, the lawn is mowed at a level of 4-5 cm, gradually decreasing to 3-4. You can set the mowing rate yourself. You can keep more, less. It all depends only on your vision of your site.

Now let’s figure out what the difference is when mowing with a lawn mower and a trimmer.

With the trimmer, you can change the direction as you want. There are no rules or recommendations here. And also with a trimmer it is more convenient to remove grass on uneven areas, since the person himself will direct the blade to the lawn and determine where and how to cut.

But the downside is that if it mows the grass during dew, then water can get into the motor of your equipment. If the motor is located underneath, the likelihood of moisture ingress will be even higher. And also it is not recommended to work with a trimmer in the rain all for the same reasons: the possibility of water getting inside.

The lawn mower can be used in rainy weather, and this is a definite plus before trimmers. But there are some recommendations and restrictions on the technique of work. It is not recommended to make sharp and quick movements during use. this will affect the level of the cut of the grass.

It is also undesirable to sharply turn or turn the technique. Too much grass that falls on the knives can easily fly in all directions. The technique must be controlled smoothly in order to get the maximum result from your activity.

Pay attention to the direction of travel. Now the striped lawn looks very nice. It looks especially beautiful on flat areas, creating a kind of grassy field. So, in order for you to have these same stripes, you need to use the lawn mower in only one direction. You can do it sideways, you can forward. The lawn will not have stripes if it is driven diagonally in all different ways.

Lawn mower

Another representative of modern technology. The main difference from trimmers is that lawn mowers have wheels. Thanks to the movement function, they make it easier for a person to work, because they only need to be gently pushed forward. But lawn mowers are divided into:

  • Self-propelled;
  • Non-self-propelled.

Consider the differences between self-propelled and non-self-propelled representatives. The fact is that self-propelled vehicles move by themselves, they do not need to be controlled. All a person needs to do is maintain this device and monitor its movement.

Non-self-propelled lawn mowers require direct human action. They need to be pushed, and smoothly and only straight. It is not necessary to make sharp turns, this can affect the quality of mowing grass.

There are also differences between lawn mowers and by type of food / fuel:

  • Gasoline (fuel)
  • Electric.

The pros and cons of the electric and petrol models are the same as in the trim tabs. Some need a close source of electricity (or the use of carriers, which is not very convenient), the second need to dilute fuel.