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15 unique ways to wrap gifts for the New Year

New Year’s holidays are by far the most favorite time of the year in almost every home. You will probably agree that not so much gifts are important to us as immersion in an atmosphere of magic and kindness. We love spending time with our family and decorating the house, listening to music, watching New Year’s movies, enjoying a variety of food. But gifts are still an integral part of the holiday, no matter how big or small, expensive or cheap. Packaging also contributes to the creation of the New Year’s mood, both for the one who prepares gifts and for those who receive. Today there are many different packaging of various sizes, colors and purposes. We have prepared an article for you with the most original and creative ideas for gift wrapping. We hope that among this variety you will find a suitable option for you, how to beautifully pack gifts for the New Year and please yourself and your loved ones.

Milk box

Yes, you read that correctly. For small gifts, you can use milk or kefir boxes, pasted over with colored paper or painted by hand. To close the present, take an elegant clothespin.

Photo cards instead of postcards

A very cool idea, I even used it already, above is a photo from my personal archive. You attach a photo to each gift, and write congratulations and wishes on the reverse side. It’s very funny to watch the reaction when a person climbs under the tree and finds his own photo there. There are several types of photo cards in our catalog for every taste. Looks very stylish and unusual.

Double gift

Being eco-friendly is in vogue these days. Yes, it is not only fashionable, but also necessary. Hence, such an unusual format for wrapping gifts in cloth or clothes appeared, so as not to send tons of paper, which delighted the eye literally for a minute, to the trash heap. You can use a cotton towel as a packing cloth. And if you know well the taste and size of the recipient of the gift, then you can pick up something from clothes: a shirt, sweater or, for example, a dress.

For coffee lovers

By analogy with the previous paragraph, this is a variation of a double gift. But in this case, you will need a beautiful thermo coffee mug in which you can put a gift certificate or money. A cheaper option is to use a Starbucks cup with tissue paper in there to hide the certificate. But, firstly, it will be cheap only if you can get a glass for free, and secondly, it is not very environmentally friendly.

For those closest to you

A simple craft bag tied with twine. For minimalists and those who are confident in their gifts, because they know the recipient well and do not need an additional beautiful wrapper. On the package itself, you can add a funny inscription of the obvious: “This is a brown bag tied with a rope, filled with a few of your” favorite things “.

A gift in a

Another kind of crafting, but this time with the addition of a back from jeans. You can put small gifts, certificates, money, bright holiday sweets or small chocolates with photos there.

Gift is packaging

Unlike the 4th point, warm cozy slippers are a gift here. But you can put a lot of small gifts inside like sweets, cosmetics, etc. A kind of variation on the theme of a Christmas sock, only slippers can also be worn.

Thoughts are more global

Such a snowman can delight households long before New Year’s Eve. And by the way, you may not even tell anyone that there are gifts. Let them think that this is just decoration, and then you surprise them by telling them to disassemble the snowman in parts. You can make a snowman for each family member if you plan to give more than one gift.

Party star

One of the brightest associations with the New Year is the star at the top of the tree. Why not add stardom to your gift wrapping as well. It is done very simply, 2 stars are cut out of thick paper and sewn on a typewriter (with a gift inside, of course). For added conviviality, you can add confetti and ribbons.

Wooden box

Also at the peak of its popularity. Many gift sets are placed in such boxes. Why don’t you assemble such a gift box yourself?

Let’s remember childhood, kindergarten, crafts. Pick up scissors, colored paper and transform simple inconspicuous gift boxes.

Packaging for sweets

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Christmas tree decor

Instead of bows on the package, you can use a Christmas tree twig or something like that. And the snow effect can be obtained thanks to the paint sprayed with a toothbrush.

You can also dress beautifully not only gifts, but also a bottle of wine, which you, for example, bring to visit.

Whatever gifts you give for the New Year, no matter how you pack them, the main thing is that there is someone to give them and with whom to celebrate this magical holiday, and this is the most important.

And to spy on ideas on how to spend winter holidays with your family in a fun and interesting way. creating new memories can be found in our article What to do in winter? 92 ideas for every day.

Pattern and assembly diagram of a handmade box made of solid cardboard

This version of the box is made of dense, well-shaped cardboard, but not very thick. Held by the creativity of the cardboard.

Handmade box assembly

Bend the sides inward along the fold lines, while picking up the “ears” inward, which will serve as a fastener.

Fastening “sides” with a stapler

If you don’t want to do with the bottom, or your box is still falling apart (the bottom, apparently, needs to be made a little larger), you can try to connect it with a stapler.

If you choose this option, then additional double sides can be made single and you do not need a second bottom.

Helpful advice: since cardboard with corrugated insides is thick and not every stapler can “swallow” it, you just need to squeeze this notorious thickness with your fingers. And then the perfectly flat edge fits easily into the stapler.

Here’s a box that turns out in the end. If the edges of the “ears” protrude slightly above the sides, cut them off with scissors or a sharp knife. whichever is more convenient.

How to make a do-it-yourself gift box from cardboard with a lid

Patterns and templates for handmade boxes

The patterns below are suitable for thinner cardboard boxes. Such boxes do not need to be additionally glued. The main thing is to bend correctly along the required lines. It will be more difficult to make such small boxes from corrugated cardboard.

Tools and materials for the handmade box and its decoration

I used boxes in which household appliances are packed. They are large, the sides allow you to use patterns of different sizes. The material from which they are made is corrugated cardboard. Usually light brown in color, the shade is very eco-friendly.

You will also need:

  • scissors and a sharp knife for cutting cardboard;
  • ordinary paper for patterns;
  • thin transparent tape,
  • tissue paper (silence) for gift decoration;
  • stapler for fastening;
  • beautiful ribbon (braid, lace, etc.) for decoration,
  • cellophane, which is used to pack flowers.

Step by step, the whole process looks like this:

Building a pattern of a box with sides

  • Cut the cardboard packing box along one of the side edges, if it is glued, unfold. Folds are not a problem. they can be used as folds in your boxes.

Draw the simplest pattern to start with. The base is a rectangle with the width and height corresponding to your gift (soap, candles, souvenir). A more or less standard size suitable for many forms of soap making is a rectangle with sides of 10 and 8 cm. But you can use other sizes as well. For a taper, this will be a more elongated rectangle, longer, but the essence of manufacturing remains.

Below in the picture is a universal pattern. You can make it in advance on plain paper and then use it on cardboard.

The bottom of the box is marked in blue, the sides are light orange, and the “wings” for connection are in orange. The green solid lines indicate where to cut and the dashed lines indicate the folds.

Make the length and width of the bottom in accordance with what will fit in the box. Add extra space on the sides so that you can add beautiful additions in the form of sisal, slicing, etc.

paper, fill

Add about 3-5 cm to the rectangular bottom along the perimeter of the side strips.They are light orange in the figure. The height of the sides depends on the height of the product to be packed. For soap, the height of the sides is usually 3.5 cm.

“Wings” are bent inside the box, and double side ones close them.

  • Transfer the pattern to the cardboard, cut it out. Several punctures can be made in the folds to make it easier to fold if the cardboard is “stubborn”.

Assembling the box without glue and stapler

To keep the whole structure, and not fall apart (the cardboard strives to return to its original position), insert the bottom, cut separately. It is this that will press the sides and “ears” and the box will keep its shape without additional fasteners.

Cloth box

A budget textile box will decorate any apartment and help to put things in order on the shelves in the bathroom or bedroom.

In the photo there are beautiful handmade fabric storage boxes.

What you need:

  • Cotton fabric 50×45 cm.
  • Adhesive non-woven fabric 50×45 cm.
  • Chalk or water-soluble marker.
  • Sewing machine, scissors or roller knife.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • We cut out the details in accordance with the pattern as on

    We make a handle by sewing the tape of the desired length, as shown in the photo:

    We fasten the resulting loop with pins along the top of the base, sew:

    We insert a double-thread lining into a burlap base:

    We sew both parts along the upper cut, retreating about a centimeter:

    Sew an allowance on the inner part to fix it inside the burlap cover:

    We start processing the bottom. Sew the bottom part:

    And we sew the sidewalls, as shown in

    The photo shows one of the examples of a textile basket that you can sew with your own hands, making it to your own taste.

    Wicker box made of wood

    To make a sturdy DIY storage box, you can weave it out of veneer. It will be a wonderful decoration for your kitchen or living room.

    Pictured are eco-friendly wicker boxes for storing various little things.

    From newspaper tubes

    Such an interesting basket will look great in a nursery, bathroom or living room. If a lot of newspapers have accumulated in the house, if you wish, you can create a useful and beautiful box out of them with your own hands.

    Tools and materials:

  • Hook.
  • Yarn (you can use knitted).
  • Wallpaper glue and brush.
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DIY knitted box

Craftsmen who love to crochet will love this storage box.

In the photo there is a small knitted basket of a round shape, into which it is convenient to fold jewelry.

Option 2

This packaging option is much simpler than the previous one.

Tools and materials:

Giftology: How to Wrap a Box

  • a sheet of cardboard or thick paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • ribbons and decor as desired.

Packing diagram:

Master Class:

  • After choosing the size of the package for the size of the gift, draw a template on the cardboard.
  • Following the scheme, cut, fold and glue the cardboard packaging.
  • Optionally tie with a ribbon and decorate.


For an elongated gift

This packaging method is suitable for elongated objects such as vases and bottles.

Tools and materials:

  • elongated box;
  • wrapping paper;
  • satin ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • thin scotch tape;
  • decor elements.

Master Class:

  • Wrap wrapping paper around the perimeter of the box, secure the edges with tape.
  • Wrap the free edges of the paper on both sides of the box, as shown in the picture, folding them like an accordion to the center of the box.
  • Secure the folded edges with tape.
  • Wrap the box with tape as in the photo, tie a bow and attach the decor.
  • ^

    Master class on how to properly pack a box in gift paper

    To present a gift, you definitely need a beautiful and original packaging. And the self-made packaging will make it clear that you treat the recipient well, and tried with the choice and design of the presentation. We offer several step-by-step ways to decorate gifts with your own hands.

    • Classic paper packaging
    • For round box
    • For an elongated gift
    • For a bottle
    • Packaging “Candy”
    • Option 1
    • Option 2
    • Packaging “Piece of cake”
    • Option 1
    • Option 2
    • Origami box
    • Packing “Envelope”
    • Eskimo packaging
    • Packing “Pyramid”
    • Packaging with colorful cover
    • Pigtail paper wrapping
    • Kraft paper packaging
    • Packing box diagrams

    Packing “Envelope

    Tools and materials:

    • wrapping paper;
    • scissors;
    • double-sided thin tape;
    • ribbons for decor.

    Master Class:

    • Depending on the size of the gift, measure the required amount of packaging, following photo 1.
    • Wrap one free edge over the box, fold the other free edge with a corner.
    • Using scotch tape, attach the previously obtained corner.
    • Wrap the open sides of the box, starting from the upper edge of the paper, then wrap the side ones (photo 4 and 5).
    • Fold the lower part of the paper, as on So that the side corners look even, and secure with tape.
    • Repeat the previous point with the second open side.
    • Make bows from pieces of tape.
    • Tie the box with a ribbon, tying one knot, put bows on top and tie the ribbon neatly again by 2 knots.
    • Cut off excess tape.


    For round box

    Round packaging looks more interesting than square packaging, and is suitable for wrapping a gift of the corresponding shape, for example, a round box of chocolates.

    How to Make a Shirt & Tie Favor Box || KIN PARENTS

    Tools and materials:

    • round box;
    • wrapping paper;
    • tape;
    • decor elements (optional);
    • scissors;
    • thin tape.

    Master Class:

      Wrap the box around the perimeter with paper and secure the free edges with tape.

    Close the bottom of the box with paper, bending the sides of the wrapping paper in pairs and securing them with tape.

    Lay the paper on top of the box in this way: wrap the left corner of the paper inward, wrap the right corner in the same way and then, moving in this direction, fold the paper in an accordion to the center of the box. At the end, pull out the previously curved left corner, fold it in an accordion and tuck the remaining free edge under the second edge of the paper.

    Tie the box with a ribbon from bottom to top, tie a knot or bow. Optionally attach decorative elements.


    Option 1

    Tools and materials:

    • cardboard tube;
    • wrapping paper;
    • tape;
    • paints;
    • brushes.
    paper, fill

    Master Class:

    • Color the paper at will.
    • Wrap the tube with wrapping paper.
    • Crumple the loose edges of the paper on both sides into a bundle.
    • Fasten the bundles with ribbons, tie bows.

    Packaging “Candy

    Option 1

    A variant of such a gift design can be used in the presence of several small presents, from such “pieces” you can make a whole cake and tie it with a ribbon.

    Tools and materials:

    • colored cardboard. 2 sheets of the same or different colors;
    • several sheets of white paper;
    • ribbons, decor as desired;
    • ruler;
    • pencil;
    • glue;
    • knitting needle.
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    Packing diagram:

    The dimensions of the packaging are selected according to the size of the gift. Dotted line. fold, solid line. cut.

    Master Class:

      Draw a template for a packaging box and lid on paper, size to match the size of the gift.

    Transfer the template to cardboard and cut it out.

    Using a ruler and a knitting needle, make a scoring (push the template along the fold lines).

    Bend the workpieces, fold and glue the joints.

    Cover the base with a lid, put a gift inside, tie it with a ribbon and decorate with decor.


    Filler for gift boxes

    In the art of decorating gifts, colorful filler plays an important role. How to fill the gift box inside? There can be a lot of options. It all depends on your imagination, the style of the gift itself, the box and the occasion in connection with which the present is presented.

    You can even fill the box with improvised means. napkins, foil, newspaper

    Ideas for decorative filler

    If you have ever been interested in decorating gifts, you may have noticed that in most master classes, materials are necessarily put inside the box to fill the space. At the same time, you can put anything on the bottom, and only after that the gift itself is put. The result is a rather aesthetic look.

    If you fill a box with a gift with shavings, the present takes on a volume and shape, which is problematic to achieve in other ways. Thus, the gift looks and feels more massive to the addressee than it actually is.

    Wood shavings (wool) for decoration

    You can fill the box:

    • paper shavings;
    • corrugated shavings;
    • straw;
    • raffia (fibers from palm leaves);
    • lurex, etc.

    Depending on the preferences of the addressee of the gift, on its type and theme of the holiday, you can use shavings of various shapes and shades. Separate additions and compositions are created from it.

    For example, if a New Year’s gift is planned, then tinsel can be used as a filler. To do this, it must be cut lengthwise to make thin strips. This design looks festive and perfectly conveys the New Year atmosphere.

    Instead of tinsel for a New Year or Christmas gift, you can also use “rain”. It doesn’t have to be cut. You can neatly fold it into a box and place the present itself on top.

    “Rain” as a filler for gift boxes

    If you are planning a gift for a man, fill the container with wood chips. This option is especially relevant if the surprise is presented in a wooden box or box.

    It is not necessary to fill it with shavings or the like. An original idea to put a lot of different cases in a box. Their number depends on the size of the box. For example, you can take 15 small boxes and put small surprises in 14 of them (candies, key chains, etc.). The latter should contain the gift itself, something special.

    A great option is a piece of jewelry for a girl (earrings, pendant, bracelet, etc.). In this way, you can make a marriage proposal if you put a ring in the last case.

    Gold earrings, SL (link price)

    How to make paper filler for a do-it-yourself gift box

    This will require:

    • pencil;
    • scissors;
    • ruler;
    • multi-colored or plain paper of your choice.

    All this can be easily found in any stationery department or art salon for needlework. When all the necessary things are at hand, get down to simple work.

    You need to take a ruler and a pencil, with the help of which thin stripes are drawn on one of the sheets of colored paper. Enough half a centimeter wide. Then, the sheet is placed on top of the remaining paper. The resulting stack is cut with scissors along the marked lines. Finished paper ribbons wrinkle slightly.

    Paper shavings as a filler for a gift

    That’s all. Mission accomplished. Now it remains to fold the strips into a gift box, and place the prepared present on top.

    The filler will look more original if you use curly scissors and special wrapping paper

    You can do it differently. Put the gift itself not on top, but hide it in multi-colored paper shavings. This is especially true for small souvenirs or jewelry that will not be visible immediately. For example, this is how you can hide a small pendant or brooch.

    Instead of colored paper, it has recently become fashionable to use a newspaper. It is advisable to pack vintage gifts in such a filler, so it will look harmonious.

    The choice of filler depends on the occasion for which the gift is given, as well as on the thing itself. The main thing is that the recipient appreciates your idea.

    In general, show a little imagination and your present will be different from everyone else. Even if the gift itself is very commonplace, this way of decorating it will not go unnoticed. Such original solutions always remain in the memory of the recipients of the presentation. But the givers need to make a good impression and leave good memories.

    How to make a filler for a gift in several ways. What to make a filler for a gift.