How to cut roller blinds for plastic windows

Measurement for roller shutters inside the opening

Particularly careful measurement requires the option of installation inside the opening, in which a roller blind is installed on plastic windows. In this case, the instructions for taking measurements will help you to perform all the actions correctly. Every millimeter will have to be taken into account. Otherwise, the curtain simply will not fit into the window opening..

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When measuring, take into account the unevenness of the walls. The dimensions of the opening are determined at three points. For calculations, you must select the minimum value. This principle is applicable when measuring the length and height of the opening..

After taking measurements, it is necessary to subtract 1 cm from the minimum result of the width. This size should have a canvas with fastening. In this case, the fabric itself should be even less by 1.5 cm. The length is measured using a similar technology. Another 1 cm is subtracted from the result..

Recommendations for choosing the type of fixation

Knowing how a roller blind is attached to plastic windows. it will be easier to choose the best roller shutter for a particular room. Experts recommend decorating deep wide window openings with closed-type systems. They are frame mounted. In this case, the window sill can be used for decorative purposes..

If the size of the window is small, it is better to mount the roller shutters above the opening. This option is also preferable for a window with a small sill. The cornice in this case can be quite long. It is better to choose the canvas in the color of the walls. This will visually increase the space of the room. Contrasting tones of the material are suitable for the “mini” variety.

If the canvas has a dense, loose structure, it is better to take the brackets of the maximum length. They will be able to accommodate the entire canvas on the shaft. At the same time, the mechanism should work quietly and smoothly. If a non-standard web motion mechanism is purchased (for example, the material moves in two directions), it is better to turn to professionals. In this case, the measurement will be as accurate as possible..

How is the roller blind attached to plastic windows? Types of roller blinds and how to install them

Roller blinds are gradually replacing curtains and heavy curtains from the market. This is due to their practicality and stylish design. There are a large number of light filters presented. They take up very little space and can complement almost any interior.

When purchasing roller blinds, users are interested in how a roller blind is attached to plastic windows. This is a simple process that you can do yourself. There are several options for carrying out this process. The functionality and appearance of the curtains will depend on the type of installation chosen..

Design features

The existing types of roller blinds for plastic windows have a common design. The fabric is wound around the shaft. Most often, thick cotton material is used for this purpose. There are a huge number of canvas design options. The lower edge of the material is weighted. It does not allow the fabric to deform during the process of winding and unwinding..

Today, there are many options for the designs of roller blinds on sale. They are divided into two large groups. The first category includes open-type roller shutters. The second group includes closed, or cassette, roller blinds for plastic windows.

Open roller blinds can be mounted above the window or in the opening itself. They, in turn, are also divided into several types. Closed structures have a special box in which the shaft and the material wound on it are placed. This type of roller shutter is most often used for plastic windows. However, they can also be installed on aluminum or wooden frames..

Open roller blinds

Before you learn how to install roller blinds on plastic windows, you need to consider their varieties. Fixation of open roller shutters can take place both above the window opening and directly inside it. This opens up many options for interior decoration..

If it is required to install a separate light filter for each glass unit, roller blinds of the “mini” type are used. They are selected according to the size of the glass of each window sash. If the curtain is mounted on the entire window, a type of roller shutter of the “standard” type should be installed above the window opening. If the windows have a complex configuration, “attic” type curtains will do..

The curtain is controlled by means of a special chain or a spring mechanism. There are several options for attaching curtains to the window. The first involves using scotch tape. In hot weather, the adhesive base may melt. The curtain may come off. If the window sash is capable of opening, special hooks can be used. This option will not work for blind doors. Installation of roller blinds on plastic windows with drilling holes and fixing with self-tapping screws is considered the best option..

Measurement of the window for roller shutters “mini”

In order to properly install the roller blinds, you need to study the technique of how to measure roller blinds on plastic windows. There are several nuances to consider during this process. The fasteners of the mechanism should not interfere with the window when it is opened to its maximum. The window handle should not interfere with the lowering of the fabric. The dimensions of the fabric material should be slightly larger than the glass.

Measurement is carried out using a metal tape measure. It is necessary to determine the length of the glass. Add another 30 mm to the result. This size allows you to completely close the window sash with material..

Then the height is measured. Add 120 mm to the result. This length of curtains will be enough to completely cover the glass unit. The mechanism control should be located on the hinge side. The chain length should not be more than 2/3 of the window.

System “mini”

Studying how a roller blind is attached to plastic windows. it is necessary to consider the features of the main types of roller blinds. The “mini” type has a compact shaft size. They are installed on each leaf. Installation in this case does not require drilling the frame. Everyone can cope with such an installation.

To prevent the filter material from sagging, the lower guide is made of metal. A magnetic holder is glued to the bottom frame. When you open the window for ventilation, the fabric will tightly cover the entire glass surface. Sagging in this case can be avoided. This is one of the most popular types of roller blinds..

These curtains cannot provide complete blackout in the room. There is still a small streak of light on the sides. If you want to completely prevent sunlight from entering the room, it is better to give preference to roller shutters that cover the entire window and part of the wall..

Measurement for installing roller shutters in front of the opening

Installation of roller blinds on plastic windows can be carried out in front of the opening. In this case, it will be easier to choose the correct roller shutter dimensions. In this case, the canvas can cover only the contour of the opening or a small part of the wall. This installation allows you to completely isolate the room from the sun’s rays..

To choose the correct size of the curtains, it is necessary to measure the width of the opening and add 10 cm to it.Another 15 cm is added to the length obtained.The height of the canvas should be measured from the attachment point to the plane of the window sill or even lower (if the design allows).

The control cord for the mechanism can be on either side. For non-standard windows, it is recommended to use the help of a professional measurer. This will avoid mistakes..

How roller blinds are attached to plastic windows without drilling and other installation methods

In our article we will tell you how roller blinds are attached to the window and what they are. We have collected for you a large and beautiful photo selection of different roller blinds in the interior. And also, tips on choosing that will help you decide on a purchase.

And so, roller blinds are a woven fabric made of various materials, which is wound on a shaft located at the top of the window frame. For easy winding of the fabric onto the shaft and preventing folds, a weight bar is installed at the bottom of the roll. The fabric is treated with antistatic impregnating agents to reduce dust settling. When rolled up, the curtains take up little space. In everyday life they are called differently: roller blinds, roller blinds, roller blinds, fabric roller blinds.

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10 common mistakes when choosing roller blinds

What are the fabrics for roller blinds

The choice of fabrics for roller blinds is simply huge. And here, before buying, you need to coordinate your desires with the properties of woven materials. Fabrics are:

  • plain;
  • printed.

Depending on the density, fabrics can be divided into:

  • transparent;
  • standard;
  • high density;
  • opaque.

Transparent are the so-called tulle fabrics. Their task is to partially scatter sunlight and hide what is happening in the room..

Standard density fabrics allow about 50% of the light to pass through and are used in rooms on the southwest side. They come with multi-colored prints or solid colors..

The increased density of fabrics allows no more than 30% of the light to pass through. Their task is to protect from direct sunlight. High-density roller blinds are installed on the south side to protect people in the room from the sun during work or leisure..

Opaque ones are placed in rooms to completely darken the room. These can be cinemas, presentation rooms with projectors, or bedrooms..

Chain Cord Management

This is the easiest way to regulate and control the curtain panel. Cord with

plastic balls meshes with a gear wheel. The control is carried out manually, and the curtains are fixed in the desired position. Durable and practical design.

Roller blinds control

There are three options for opening and closing:

  • chain cord;
  • spring;
  • electrically.

All three options have their own pros and cons. Their use depends on the features of the window opening, the height of the window above the floor, accessibility.

Electric drive system

This type of control is used for roller blinds covering large window openings in hard-to-reach places. Although they can be used in apartments with conventional windows. Closing and opening of window openings is carried out by a remote control panel. They require constant care and maintenance.

Spring mechanism

This system is more complicated and works from a spring that the owner of the apartment stretches, closing the windows. The panel returns to the back automatically. The disadvantage is spring wear over time. After the control mechanism is worn out, it is necessary either to change the entire mechanism or the entire curtain.

Required tools, materials

For work, you need to prepare:

  • building level, ruler, simple pencil;
  • screwdriver (screwdriver);
  • drill;
  • self-tapping screws, screws, dowels;
  • double sided tape.

Tools for installing curtains on a plastic window

Note! When screwing in self-tapping screws, screws, the integrity of the plastic window is violated. After dismantling, deep holes will remain on the frame, sometimes the plastic can crack. It doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing..

Dependence of the type of installation on the design of the curtain

Today there are different ways of attaching a roller blind to a plastic window. When choosing a mounting option, it is necessary to take into account the type of shutter design. There are only two types: with an open system, cassette.

Classic open curtains look good on large windows

Closed cassettes are installed directly on the frame

Important! Plastic double-glazed windows are much more vulnerable than wooden ones. For this reason, the owners of the premises should choose the most gentle way of installing roller shutters. Using self-tapping screws can cause irreparable damage to the frame..

How to properly attach roller blinds to plastic windows

Multi-layer decoration of windows, balcony blocks is a thing of the past. Fringe, blackout curtains, tulle are no longer relevant. Open space is in vogue, a lot of light, a minimum of details. However, the room needs to be protected with something from the scorching sun, prying eyes. Roller blinds are the ideal solution to this problem. In terms of functionality, the blinds are similar to ordinary blinds. But they are much more practical, easier to care for..

Roller blinds do an excellent job of protecting against sunlight

Blinds are installed in premises for different purposes: residential, non-residential, commercial. They easily fit into modern interior styles, are relatively inexpensive, and are an effective sun protection system. The possibility of self-installation is another significant advantage of such canvases. How to mount roller blinds on plastic windows is described in more detail in this publication..

Step-by-step instructions for installing roller blinds

Installation of roller blinds is a stylish, modern design solution. They can be mounted in a private house, apartment, office, commercial premises. Such curtains are not afraid of temperature changes, wet cleaning, dust, dirt. Depending on the weight of the structure, its type, design solution, there are several mounting options. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Features of installing closed-type shutters (using self-tapping screws)

Securing a closed system has a number of subtleties. In addition to the brackets, it is necessary to fix the box, guides. In this case, you cannot do without scotch tape..

The upper box of the cassette curtain is fixed on self-tapping screws, and adhesive tape is used to fix the side guides

Use the following instructions for installation:

  • Checking the complete set, the serviceability of the curtain. Closed sun protection systems are usually sold pre-assembled.
  • Degreasing surfaces. The installation site should be thoroughly wiped with alcohol. This will provide a secure fit..
  • Fitting, marking the guides. You need to make sure that the length of the guides is sufficient. These strips are used to guide the web when lowering. If necessary, the guides are shortened using a conventional breadboard knife. Mark the locations of the guides with a pencil.

The procedure for marking the attachment points of the cassette curtains

Helpful advice! Shorten the guides from the top. This will keep the factory cut..

  • Fitting a protective box. We expose it according to the guide marks. We check the correctness of the system. Making marks for the placement of fasteners.

Sequence of mounting fasteners

Attaching the guides to double-sided tape

Step-by-step instructions for installing open-type curtains (using self-tapping screws)

With such fasteners, the structure will last as long as possible, reliably. However, the use of self-tapping screws involves drilling holes in the frame, wall. For drilling, you need to prepare a drill, suitable self-tapping screws.

The installation process itself will be presented in stages:

  • Purchase of curtains, check of the complete set. You need to make sure that everything you need is in the package.
  • Assembling the product. To do this, use the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, for assembly, you just need to connect the shaft with brackets, gears.
  • Markup. You need to take the finished product with one hand, attach it to the place where the installation is planned. With the other hand, using a pencil, mark the installation locations of the brackets. Use a level to check that the marks are placed correctly.

It is necessary to determine the location of the curtain as accurately as possible.

Important! Be sure to unfold the canvas when trying on the window. Make sure it does not overlap the handle..

  • Drilling, installation of fasteners. Drill holes for fastening, fix the elements with self-tapping screws, put on the plugs. Installation completed. You can adjust the work of the canvas, enjoy the result.

The procedure for installing MINI curtains on self-tapping screws

Location options

You can attach the curtains in different places. The choice of the location option will depend on several factors: the type of curtain design, the size of the window opening, the design solution, the personal preferences of the owners of the house.

When choosing the type of roller blinds, do not forget that they must match the overall design of the room.

Blinds are allowed to be fixed in the following ways:

    To the part of the wall above the window. This option is acceptable in rooms with small windows without a window sill. In this case, the curtains must be chosen with a long cornice. This technique will visually expand the window opening..

The distance from the edges of the window opening to the attachment points should be at least 50 mm so as not to damage the slope

The same brackets are suitable for fixing to the ceiling as for the wall

Note! If you have a small window, it is important to choose the right color for the canvas. The ideal option would be to buy a product with the color of the walls of the room. Then the room will become more spacious.

  • To the window opening. This option is acceptable in office premises, with sliding windows. The method allows you to completely close the window opening. In this case, you do not need to use tulle in addition. The design of the opening turns out to be strict, modern.

Obviously, the openings themselves must be flawless.

Sash placement allows curtains to be opened or closed independently of each other

Insert cassette


  • Mark the middle of the upper edge of the wooden sash plank with a simple pencil.
  • Mark the middle of the cassette with a pencil on the top of the casing.
  • Attach the cassette to the front edge of the upper sash strip and align the lines marked on the cassette and strip.
  • Align the upper edge of the cassette cover with the upper edge of the sash strip.
  • Screw a screw 10 mm long into the upper right hole of the cassette.
  • Keeping the cassette in a horizontal position, screw a second 10 mm screw into the top left hole in the cassette.
  • Screw two screws 10 mm long into the lower holes on the cassette.
  • Prepare PVC guides for screw mounting. Remove the double tape and clean the glue from the surface. Drill three holes in each guide with a 1.5 mm drill (two at the edges, one in the middle). In the U-shaped guides, drill additional holes with a diameter of 6 mm for the passage of the tip of the Phillips screwdriver.
  • Stretch the web of the roll.
  • Attach the S-shaped guide to the edge of the web by inserting its upper end into the cassette. Attach a level to the bar. Align it vertically in level. Draw a line along the plank with a simple pencil. Remove level. Fasten the strip with 10 mm screws from top to bottom along the drawn line. Repeat the same steps for the second rail.
  • Install U-shaped guides in the same way. Before screwing them in, remove the weight bar from the canvas and twist the canvas completely into a roll to make room for screwing in the screws.
  • Insert the bottom plugs into the guides.
  • Check the operation of the curtains. Install the blade travel stops on the chain.
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Attachment nuances

For the installation of curtains on wooden windows, only screws or self-tapping screws are used, and on aluminum windows, it will be preferable to use metal screws and blind rivets.

Curtains with plastic or aluminum guides on double-sided tape can be installed on wooden windows. Before installation, the adhesive tape must be removed completely, and the guides must be fastened to the screws. On aluminum windows, it is advisable to use curtains without guides.

Installation tools

The toolbox is simple:

  • Tape measure and a pencil for marking.
  • Cordless or mains screwdriver.
  • Drill for drilling holes.
  • Phillips screwdriver bit.
  • Drills with a diameter of 1, 2 mm for wood, 2.5, 3.5 mm – for blind rivets.
  • Riveter.
  • Phillips screwdriver if no screwdriver is available.
  • Building level 50 cm.

Curtains “mini”


  • Try on the assembled curtain at the location on the window.
  • Mark with a simple pencil where the brackets are attached. Make sure that the roll is horizontal. To control the correct position of the roll, you need to ask the assistant to pull out the canvas and check the same overlap of the canvas on the side strips of the sash.
  • Remove brackets from bushings.
  • Insert the line guides into the holes of the brackets and tie the ends to a knot.
  • Screw the brackets with 10 mm screws to the upper wooden strip of the sash.
  • Insert the curtain into the brackets, fix its position with decorative inserts.
  • Stretch the curtain.
  • Thread the line through the holes in the web weight.
  • Lower the cloth to the very bottom.
  • Mark with a pencil the correct position of the line guides on the bottom strip of the sash by drawing a line.
  • Screw the line tensioners to the bottom plate so that the inlet holes in the tensioning screws are opposite the lines.
  • Thread the line through the holes of the tensioning screws.
  • Using a flat-blade screwdriver, turn the tensioning screws clockwise so that the free play of the line in the middle is no more than 1.5 cm.

Installation on a wooden window

The installation procedure is slightly different from installation on a plastic window.

Features of installing curtains on ordinary wooden windows

These windows have opening sashes and sashes with vents.

All openable wooden sashes can be fitted with conventional “mini” roller blinds with line guides or cassettes with PVC profile guides. On opening sashes with vents, only cassettes with a curtain holder and PVC profile guides can be installed. Closing of such flaps with a canvas occurs from the bottom up. If it is necessary to open the window, the canvas is lowered down.

The definition of the width of a roller blind with PVC guides on a wooden frame is different from the usual one. The guides cannot be attached to the glazing bead, therefore:

How To: Shorten LEVOLOR roller shade

  • width of the curtain = the width of the visible part of the glass two widths of glazing bead 4 cm.

This rule applies to double-glazed wooden windows.

How to cut the curtain to the width

This is not difficult to do. Required tools and materials:

  • roulette;
  • simple pencil;
  • even plank 2 meters long;
  • scissors;
  • a strip of double-sided tape with a length equal to the length of the curtain tube;
  • a hacksaw for metal or an angle grinder with a cutting disc;
  • drill with a drill bit 1.5 mm if necessary.

Operating procedure:

How to put up a roller blind

  • Measure the length of the edges of the weighting material protruding from the canvas. Remove the weight.
  • Unwind the canvas to the tube and remove it from the tube, removing the old tape.
  • Measure the required width of the canvas from above and below with a simple pencil.
  • Put an even bar along the marked risks, draw a solid line with a simple pencil.
  • Trim off excess fabric with scissors.
  • Mark on the tube a size equal to the width of the fabric plus 10 mm.
  • Cut the tube.
  • Cut the tape to a length equal to the width of the blade.
  • Remove one protective strip and stick the tape to the tube so that the edges remain free of tape 5 mm.
  • Remove the second protective strip and glue the sheet to the tube.
  • Cut the weighting material wider than the blade by the amount of previously measured releases.
  • Drill the missing hole in the weight to allow the guide line to pass.
  • Insert the weighting agent into the canvas.

Preparatory work and installation features

Before installing curtains on wooden windows, you need to do the following:

  • Open all doors.
  • Wash windows and remove dirt from the frame.
  • Let the window dry.
  • If there is paint damage, or the paint is peeling, loop the surfaces and sandpaper them.
  • If necessary, paint the frame. This is especially true on the side of the window where the curtains will hang..
  • Start marking brackets or cassettes.

Before installing curtains on aluminum windows, you must:

  • Open all the hinged window sashes or slide the sliding doors together.
  • Wash the glass and the aluminum surface of the frame with warm water and laundry soap.
  • Dry the window.
  • Start marking brackets or cassettes.

Roller blinds for plastic windows

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  • Owner reviews

Roller blinds are a modern design for windows that adorn any interior. It is not only beautiful and stylish, but also very practical and convenient. Due to their advantages, curtains in a roll have pushed the once revered blinds in the popularity rating..

The curtains owe their name to the unusual folding mechanism of the canvas. It rolls up into a compact roll that takes up a minimum of space.

In this case, you can independently adjust the length of the canvas and the level of illumination of the room. Roll-type curtains come in different configurations and sizes..

The open-type system is a lightweight design, which is a fabric sheet, wound onto a shaft of various diameters (19-45 mm), based on the dimensions of the product. The cornice is combined with a mechanism that ensures the winding of the canvas. Mounts directly to the wall or window frame.

The closed box system (cassette) provides the room with high protection from sunlight. Darkening is created due to the arrangement of the fabric in a box with guides attached to the glazing beads. The web and rewinder are hidden by a plastic or aluminum casing.

It is not necessary that the curtain fabric is made of fabric. You can find bamboo and even wood samples on sale. They are somewhat reminiscent of blinds, but fabric blinds are deprived of the ability to adjust the flow of sunlight, with the exception of the models called “day-night”.

A blank canvas is relevant for a window in a nursery, in living rooms and in rooms where a home theater is located, for shading glass from the sunny side of the house.

Roller blinds can be equipped with or without line. Both the one and the other model are easy to install and practical to use. The fishing line stretched along the edges keeps the canvas on the window frame evenly and does not allow it to move and rise from the bottom up in gusts of wind. But the most basic differences between the models are in the way they are fixed..

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Self-adhesive roller blinds are a real find for those who do not want to drill holes in plastic windows or cannot do it for some reason. But for cassette structures, this method of fastening is not suitable..

The universal fastener is actually nothing more than a textile Velcro fastener, which is often used as a fastener on clothes and shoes. The tape is divided into two parts, one with a soft pile, and the other with the smallest hooks for grip.

The tape is glued with the tenacious side directly on the plastic frame or on the cornice. For fastening the tape, use glue or self-tapping screws. The soft part with a pile is located on the seamy side of the fabric roller blind. For adhesion, they need to be connected to each other..

There are also special lightweight curtains in rolls with self-adhesive tape fastening. Even a woman can cope with their installation, since for this you do not need to have the ability to drill and use a drill or screwdriver. Such an installation is suitable for window sashes of small width, deaf or opening.

It is easier to care for such curtains than for all other types. It is enough to pull on one edge of the tape and separate the two parts of the fabric roller shutter structure.

Roller blinds can be ceiling-mounted or mounted on a frame. The fastening principle is the same in every case. On the ceiling, fabric roller blinds are mounted mainly in openings, when it is planned to completely close the view of the window sill and window.

It is advisable to use side guides so that the curtain does not leave the glass in drafts. The ceiling structure sometimes has an additional spring mechanism that automatically winds it into the drum.

Also on sale are roller blinds made of fabric with an electric drive, which automates the process of unrolling and winding the web. The motor installed in the box is controlled using the remote control.

How to measure?

You can independently determine what size the canvas should be.

It is necessary to add 3 centimeters to the width of the glass unit. When installing the curtain above the opening, and not in the opening, add 10 cm to the width of the canvas in order for the curtain to completely cover the opening, not letting in sunlight on the sides.

And in length, the roller blinds mechanism allows you to unwind the canvas according to your window size. It remains only to fix the roller shutter at a certain level. Before hanging the curtains, it is necessary to make a markup, marking with two points the places where the screws are to be screwed.


Classic roller blinds are most often installed on metal brackets or their plastic counterparts. It is a robust assembly type most suitable for balcony doors or large windows. On brackets, roller shutters are attached to any surface: to ceilings, walls, in a window opening.

Fasteners for free-hanging curtains Mini – a design similar to the previous one described, but in a more compact form. Small web area and smaller shaft are characteristic. Such models are mounted directly on the frame of a plastic window or on glazing beads. Can be mounted on double-sided adhesive tape, spring brackets or traditional self-tapping screws if desired. To fix the hanging edge of the leaf on the movable sash, a metal guide is attached, and magnetic fasteners are installed on the frame.

Fastening with spring brackets is applicable exclusively to movable leaves. The protruding element on the bracket is attached to the frame profile from above, grabbing it and carrying out the fastening. Self-adhesive tape on the mount to enhance grip.

The assembly of roller blinds with double-sided tape is mainly suitable for mini-constructions. The main advantage of the method is its simplicity and saving time for installation..

Installation with self-tapping screws, in principle, does not require special skills, except for the possession of a drill or screwdriver. It is necessary to place the brackets for the cassette construction at the designated places, and then fix it with two self-tapping screws.

The Uni fastening system (unified) allows you to mount roller blinds in any possible way: on tape, self-tapping screws or on spring brackets. With different types of fastening, the basis of the mechanism is the same in any case: a web wound on a roller with a control system.


Before choosing a roller blind design, it is important to determine what size you need. In many ways, the parameters depend on the place of installation:

  • if the window is located in a recess in width, the canvas should overlap the window opening at a distance of 8-10 cm.On each edge, allowances of 5 cm are required.The height is chosen based on the height of the window opening, adding about 10 cm.In the maximum open position of the curtains, glass must completely open the view;
  • in the case of the location of the wall and the window in a single plane, the fasteners are chosen such that there is a little distance between the curtain and the wall, the handle should not protrude. The width of the structure is 20 cm greater than the width of the opening. In height – everything is exactly as in the previously described version.
  • if you plan to install directly on the window, you need to take the width equal to the glass plus 3 cm.

Installation methods

You can attach fabric roller blinds or their wooden counterparts to plastic frames in various ways..

The main role in determining the method of fastening is played by the roller shutter design; it is also important to take into account the size of the window opening.

Installation of curtains outside the opening to the ceiling or to the wall hides space, therefore it is undesirable in the cramped conditions of small rooms.

Depending on the configuration, each system has its own installation rules according to the attached instructions. It is possible to assemble and attach roller blinds in several ways:

  • On spring brackets.
  • For self-tapping screws.
  • Stick on double-sided tape.
  • On velkro tape (not cassette design).
  • On glue (except for glue with cyanoacrylate, which breaks down from moisture and cold air).

To fix closed or open curtains correctly, you need to act according to the attached step-by-step instructions, taking into account the characteristics of each type. Installing fabric curtains directly in the window opening allows you to profitably use the window sill. But everyone chooses the method of fastening according to their skills and considerations. Scotch tape makes it possible to keep the plastic window frame intact. But self-tapping screws are a more reliable and durable option..

How to install a roller blind with your own hands, see the next video

Features of the

The roller blinds mechanism has one main distinguishing feature – absolutely silent operation. If any sounds occur during operation, it is worth checking the correct assembly. Also, the noise indicates some kind of malfunction..

The production of roller blinds does not stand still, releasing new interesting models with additional functionality. For example, it is possible to manufacture roller blinds, where the box with the canvas moves simultaneously, which allows you to adjust the curtains in two directions..

You can change the lighting level in the room in different ways, depending on the installed mechanism.

  • The chain cord is the main element for adjusting the curtains. It can be located on either side of the canvas. Fixing the curtain is permissible at any level from the windowsill. The fabric is wound on the roller with the wrong side.
  • With a spring mechanism, you have to fix the curtain at the required height manually by means of a ball fixed at the bottom of the fabric or with a special handle. The curtain must be easily pulled down and fixed in the desired position with the locking mechanism. To raise it back, pull it down slightly, and then lift it up.
  • Control from the console by means of an electric drive. Typically, such a mechanism is used in cases where manual control is impossible due to the location of the window out of reach of the curtain or when the ceiling mount of roller blinds.

The simplest and most reliable design – with a chain roller cord, which is operated without problems and practically does not wear out.