How to Cut Tile Angle Grinder Without Chips

But before you learn how to cut a tile, an angle grinder is recommended to familiarize yourself with its parameters, as well as learn the safe operation technique.

A wide selection of models and a reasonable price range makes the angle grinder available not only for specialists, but also for simple craftsmen. For domestic and small jobs, they often use a small angle grinder with low revs and a disk of 100–125 mm. Some models have a power turnover regulator, which will be useful for cutting tiles with an angle grinder.

Operational Safety Angle Grinder

This tool has its own hazard category for this reason, you must strictly follow the safety rules:

  1. To avoid direct contact with fragments or sparks, the tool must have a protective cover.
  2. For comfortable operation and to avoid damage to the power cable, the cord length should be at least 2 meters.
  3. During cutting, it is not recommended to hold the angle grinder vertically, otherwise it can escape from your hands, cause injury and break the material.
  4. Cut tiles using protective equipment: a respirator, goggles, gloves, a hat, work clothes and reasonably durable shoes.
  5. Hold the tool with both hands and cut the material by rotating the circle “away from you”.
  6. Do not push hard on the disc.
  7. Use the appropriate cutting wheel for each material. for metal abrasive, and tile. diamond dry cutter.
  8. In order not to be shocked, it is forbidden to cut material immersed in water.
  9. Sawing an angle grinder is recommended in a ventilated area, because dust is an explosive substance.
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A variety of cutting discs

Today, there are many different cutting discs that are provided for a specific material. Tile cutting angle grinder should be made of stone or steel disk (dry cutter) with diamond chips on the working edges. Sukhorez are divided into several types:

  • Stone circles are much cheaper than metal disks, but they quickly become unusable and leave a wide cut on the tile. When working with them, it is necessary to constantly monitor the integrity of the working edge, otherwise the disk may stab material, and then completely scatter and cause serious injury to the user. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully cut ceramic tiles with such a nozzle.
  • Metal dryers allow you to work without water cooling, but no longer than two minutes, after which it is necessary to cool the angle grinder with idle speed. It is more rational to purchase a disk with a continuous diamond coating on the working edge.

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If during cutting of ceramics a luminous train of sparks appears, then it is necessary to correct the protective metal casing, it happens that it warps and touches the disk. If the problem persists, it means that steel is licking and needs to be cleaned on concrete or plaster. Otherwise, from overheating, the dry cutter will become unusable.

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Sukhorez are subdivided into two more types: continuous and segmented

The solid disk of the dry cutter allows you to cut the tile evenly and practically without chips. Due to the absence of detonation at the circle, it is possible to smoothly clean the edges of the tile even at an angle of 45 °.

The segmented disk got its name because of the cuts located from the center to the cutting edge, evenly along the cutting circle, while dividing the disk into equal parts (segments). Such a nozzle perfectly cut through porcelain tiles and tiles made of natural stone, it is also suitable for cutting ceramic tiles.

Thanks to the slots, the disk is cooled, thereby protecting itself from rapid wear. But due to increased detonation, chips remain on the material.

How to Cut Tile Angle Grinder Without Chips

Important points when working with tiles

Before you start working, you need to figure out how to cut correctly so as not to spoil the finishing material in the future. The disc on the grinder should be tightened with a key, the tiles must be laid on a flat surface, it is advisable to use a board or plywood to prevent vibration from which fragile ceramics can burst. If possible, it is better to tighten the clamp, if not, then it is good to press the tile with your foot.

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Direct cut on tile grinder

On the front of the tile, the marker indicates the cut line, then the angle grinder is turned on, and when it picks up speed, you can start cutting. You need to start from the nearest edge and at risk carefully to the other side of the tile. When the glaze is evenly cut, we make the second run. Chop until the tiles separate.

Important! Ceramic tile is a fragile material, therefore it is not necessary to press hard, and the first cut is done to remove the glaze. If you start immediately cutting from the edge, then at the end of the tile may burst. Therefore, it is recommended to cut evenly from edge to edge in several passes.

Figure execution under pipes

Many people wonder if it is possible to cut a tile angular grinder figured? Of course it is possible, and of various shapes: square, oval, circle, rhombus, ellipse. To do this, you need to read the article to the end and practice in practice.