How to determine the year of manufacture of a Bosch battery

Other manufacturers

Mutlu batteries, commonly referred to by motorists as “Mutla”, are marked with a laser that perforates the surface on the top cover. There are six numbers in the code, which will help you to understand a short memo, since their meaning is not similar to the marking of Bosch batteries.

For example, 220524 is interpreted as follows:

  • 2. the number of the production mowing line on which the battery was collected and tested for suitability.
  • 2. year, in this case. 2012.
  • 05. the ordinal number of the month, May.
  • 24. number according to the calendar.

So this module was produced on May 24, 2012.

Portuguese “Tudors”. TUDOR. have a mixed, character-numbered serial number. The second position from V to Z denotes the interval between 2008 and 2012, since 2013 the alphabet begins with the letter A. The fifth letter denotes the month, here everything is in strict alphabetical order: from A to L.

Batteries TITANIUM of the Crimean Battery Manufacturing Plant have six digits in their serial number. The first two are the year, the next are the month, for example 04 is April. The latter display the week of the year, not the number, so they are tied to the month.

The US firm Optima applies to the sidewall only for a year and a day. So, a combination of four digits 2145 is the 145th day of 2012. The company A-Mega does the same, with one difference. a slash is put between the day and the year.

Other methods of application from some companies:

  • Sznajder. the code is located on the edge of the top cover. Only the last four digits are taken into account. The first or third is the day, the last is the year. Due to the peculiarities of the marking, in order to find out the year of production, you need to subtract the unit from the last digit.
  • Moll is four digits. The first two are a week, the last two indicate the year of manufacture. The negative terminal is marked by stamping.
  • Exide Technologies. the concern includes many manufacturers from different countries, so you need to pay attention to the presence of such a name under the name of the supplier. The code consists of only two characters. The first is the number. this is the year. Second, the letter of the English alphabet is the month, from A to L inclusive.
  • Atlas. The code is on the lid, usually stamped right under the carrying handle. Consists of five characters, a space and a number indicating the year of manufacture. The first letter in the marking is the month, also in alphabetical order, but with the exception of the letter I. That is, September will be designated as J, and December. K. In the same way, Bost models are marked.
  • Banner is exclusively a letter designation. The four initial characters of the code printed on the cover are deciphered as follows: the first two letters are a week, the last two are a year. Only characters from A to K are involved in marking.
  • Panasonic. symbols are applied with paint. The code consists of six numbers and one letter. The date is formed on the basis of the “day-month-year” principle, which makes it easier to decipher for a Russian user. For example, 220212 is February 22, 2012. According to the same principle, models from the manufacturer SuperNova are marked with one difference. they are not drawn, but squeezed out by stamping equipment.

Many domestic battery manufacturers adhere to the most understandable labeling scheme. For the date of final production, they take the day when the electrolyte was filled or the immediate time of the end of the assembly. This makes it easier to set the date.

Notable models

At Bosch and VARTA, since 2014, the production date is indicated on the battery housings according to the new design. It is worth considering both options, as there are still older models on the market and in the segment of sales of used equipment.

To determine the release date of the old-style Bosch battery, you need to find a special code of twenty-four characters on the top cover. The year in it will be indicated by the fourth symbol in the combination, the next two. the month. For example, if there is 204, it corresponds to the fourth month, April, 2012. If 311. then the battery was produced in November 2013.

In such models, as a rule, all information about the production date is duplicated on the front sticker, leaving only the three mentioned numbers out of 24 there.

VARTA marked the battery modules with color circles. They meant the quarter during which the model was released. The values ​​looked like this:

How Old Is A Car Battery-How To Read The Battery Date Code

  • First Quarter 2011. Green.
  • The second is red.
  • Third. pink.
  • 4th. white.
  • 1st 2012. gray.
  • The second is orange.
  • Third. yellow.
  • Fourth. blue.

For the quarters of 2013, the scheme was taken from 2011. It is completely identical to it.

After the beginning of 2014, a new numbering was adopted by both companies. All months received completely different double-digit numbers, which they correspond to. For example, the months from February to April are numbers between 18 and 20. From May to December, from 53 to 60. So 555 is a model produced in July 2015.

2020 will receive the code 0. All subsequent ones are numbers in order. In this case, the numbering corresponding to specific months will also be shifted. For the first four, it will lie in the range from 37 to 40, for the last eight. from 73 to 80. So, the battery produced in December 2029 will receive the marking 980.

The first letter is the encoding of the geographical location of the plant where the module was produced. For example, G is Spanish Guardamar, F and R are French Rouen, and so on.

It is worth noting that, according to official data, decoding the production time does not make sense to assess the potential performance of Bosch batteries. The manufacturer himself has repeatedly stated that instead of paying attention to the date, it is better to simply monitor the open circuit voltage readings. If it drops to a level lower than 12.5 volts, such a battery may be considered unusable and not used.

VARTA applies the same principles for determining readiness for use, but adds that their products can be stored for more than a year until the sale and start of their operation, and all other indicators are valid only for outdated models of hybrid and antimony batteries. The manufacturer assures that the checks carried out by him state the voltage in the open state is higher than 12.7 volts, even for those models that have passed six or nine months since the date of manufacture. In addition, it is indicated that there is no practice of buying only new, “not stale” models all over the world.

How to determine the production date of Bosch and other brands of batteries

As with any technology, batteries are subject to obsolescence. For them, this process is expressed in the fact that over time, due to the rapid flow of chemical reactions inside, both the electrodes and the electrolytic liquid itself become unusable. Oxidation, corrosion, a decrease in the density of ions for exchange. all this can cause its failure. Therefore, when buying, you need to immediately pay attention to the release date of the Bosch battery or the model of any other company.

Marking methods

First you need to decide on the material of the contacts, since it affects the maximum period of safe storage. This is an important characteristic that helps to avoid errors in the interpretation of the results obtained by the date of production. For different types, it is equal to:

  • Calcium. one year.
  • Lead-antimony. three months.
  • Hybrid. half a year.

Naturally, a lot depends on the storage method, so it is better to play it safe and not purchase a module in which the above terms come to an end.

Models from different manufacturers are marked differently. Some knock out the desired indicators by stamping on the positive terminal. There are also those who apply them with a laser directly on the body. At the same time, stickers are practically not used. with the advent of cheap means of counterfeiting them, firms have to switch to more advanced methods.

Despite this, many domestic manufacturers still do not hesitate to grind old indicators and burn new ones on their own equipment. Therefore, you need to be careful and take into account even such trifles as the appearance of the case, on which there may be traces of the influence of time and environment.

When applying, several options are used:

  • A unique code, usually ten digits, where certain numbers indicate the month, year, quarter or half year in which the copy was made.
  • Colored circle. Used in old models of VARTA batteries, which were produced in the period from the beginning of 2011 to the end of 2013.

To accurately determine the date, you need to use the memo for each specific manufacturer. In the case of more popular models, VATRA, Bosch and some others are considered.

Battery aging symptoms

  • Corrosion of internal components. It is susceptible to metal parts, which, under the influence of the acids that make up the electrolyte, oxidize excessively.
  • A decrease in the density of the electrolytic liquid. can be a direct result of a drop in the charge level and the formation of a deposit in the lower part of the case. Since the first charge can only partially eliminate these disadvantages, you need to be prepared for an early replacement of the working filler.
  • Self-discharge is one of the main troubles of any battery. The state of deep discharge is considered the most harmful for modern power supplies, as it can lead to a rapid loss of subsequently accumulated capacity.
  • Storage conditions. Not all warehouses are equally good at protecting batteries from negative environmental influences. Increased atmospheric humidity and cold or heat are the main enemies of the durability of an old power source.

Any product that has been in the warehouse for two or three years and has not been sold should be disposed of, not sold. The characteristics for this period fall in comparison with the reference ones so much that it cannot be used in cars or in everyday life. Therefore, you need to know how to determine the year of manufacture of a Bosch or other manufacturer’s battery.

Battery voltage check

If, when determining the date of manufacture, the decoding of batteries from Bosch or any other manufacturers is impossible due to damage to the label or its erasure, you can use a multimeter. This device is able to accurately measure the voltage at the terminals in order to assess the degree of discharge of the electrolyte and make a decision on its replacement.

You can carry out the removal of indicators as follows:

  • Completely disconnect the battery from the electrical circuit. If there is no desire to take out, you can simply disconnect the mass.
  • If the cell was charged within two hours before the procedure, you need to let it waste the accumulated charge.
  • Connect the test leads of the multimeter to the poles. It is not necessary to observe the polarity, since if it is reversed, the result will simply be displayed on the screen with a minus sign.

The results are interpreted depending on the degree of deviation of the obtained indicators from the value of 12.5 volts. If they exceed this mark, the charge is one hundred percent. With a voltage level of about 12.4 Volts, this means that the battery is two-thirds charged. Less than. 12.3. the device is unusable and must be replaced.

In some cases, you can add electrolytic fluid and repeat the measurements. If the situation has not changed and the results are still below normal, the battery definitely needs to be replaced, since it will not produce enough voltage.

How to find out the battery release date

The date of manufacture of the battery significantly affects the performance and duration of the battery, which is why experienced car owners, when buying a battery, select it not only according to technical data, but also by the date of manufacture of the battery.

There are no uniform standards for marking the release date of the battery, the date is encrypted on batteries from different manufacturers and not everyone will be able to understand exactly when the battery was released.

Forse, FB, FireBall, Uno, Dominator and Kursk battery

The marking code is applied to the battery cover and includes:

the date of manufacture of the batteries, information on the battery and the conditions of manufacture. The code consists of two groups of numbers: in the first group there are four numbers, in the second group. six digits: 1234 567890.

number of the production mowing line 2, 3, 4. individual batch code 5. last digit of the year 6. half year 7. ordinal number of the month in half a year

8.9. day (day of month) 0. brigade number (2 digits are possible)

Marking example: 2260 311321 Explanation:

The battery was produced on a production mowing line, 260. individual batch code. Date of manufacture: 2013, 1st half, 1 month, 21st (January 21, 2013). Brigade The heavy battery group is labeled in a slightly different way. Example of marking a heavy battery group: 14010243 Explanation:

The battery has a capacity of 140 A / h, produced in 2010, 2nd half of the year, 4th month of the second half of the year (October), by a team

Batteries Tyumen Bear, Tyumen Batbear, Arctic Batbear, Yamal

The marking code is applied to the battery case on the opposite side of the center label using laser perforation. Six digits on the back of the battery stand for MM.YYYY.

102011 Explanation: Date of manufacture. October 2011.

Example of marking a heavy battery group: 1112 Explanation: Released in the 11th month of 2012.

Batteries Beast, Aktech, Orion

The marking code is printed on the top cover. Accumulator batteries of the Aktech plant are labeled according to the principle of MM.YY.

0511 Explanation: Date of manufacture. May 2011.

VARTA and Bosch batteries

The marking code is located on the top cover in the production code. The code consists of 24 characters, the fourth position stands for the year, the fifth-sixth for the month.

On Bosch batteries, the date of issue is duplicated in the central part of the face sticker, it contains three numbers indicating the year and month of issue. For example, 105. May 2011.

In addition, the date of manufacture of a VARTA battery can be identified by the colored circle on the label or battery cover. The color of the circle corresponds to a specific quarter.

The date of manufacture of the battery is engraved with laser perforation on the top of the battery case. The code consists of six digits, the first of which is the number of the cutting line, the second is the year, the third, the fourth is the month, the fifth, the sixth is the day.

410819 Explanation: The battery was produced on the second mowing line on August 19, 2011.

Topla, Moratti batteries

On Topla batteries, the code is laser-engraved on the top of the case. Of the fourteen characters, the third, fourth denote the year, and the fifth, sixth. the week.

Battery manufactured in the sixth week of 2011 (i.e. February).

The release date is deciphered by the first 4 letters of the English alphabet burned on the battery cover

DEBC- stands for the ordinal number of each letter in English. alphabet

A-0 B-1 C-2 D-3 E-4 F-5 G-6 H-7 I-8 J-9 K-10 L-11 M-12

Explanation of the code: by the first 2 characters in the marking on the cover (under the handle): 2KJD24

2- last digit of the year (2012) K- ordinal letter of the Latin alphabet (October)

A. January B. February. C. March D. April E. May F. June G. July H. August J. September K. October L. November M. December letter “I”. not included in the marking

Panasonic, Furukawa Battery (SuperNova)

The production code is located on the top label (on the lid). over, on Panasonic batteries, the code is painted, and on Furukawa Battery. it is squeezed out. Marked according to the principle of HH.MM.YY

Example of marking: 181011А Explanation: The battery was produced on October 18, 2011.

Cobat, Titan (Standart, Euro Silver, Arctic Silver, Asia Silver, Vaiper)

Since August 2011, the production date has been stamped on TUBOR batteries using a printer and a special alphanumeric combination. Placement. on the battery cover, in the center.

The code contains 5 characters: 12345 1. day of the week 2, 3. ordinal number of the week in the year (from 01 to 53) 4. year (Latin letter)

Year Letter 2011 H 2012 V 2013 N 2014 Z 2015 P 2016 A 2017 S 2018 T 2019 X 2020 L

Explanation: 2- Tuesday 08- eighth week H- 2011 1- first shift. The battery was released on February 22, 2011 in the first shift. Currently, the batteries of the TUBOR plant are on sale both in the previous version of the labeling, and in the new one. the one given above.


In a Solite battery, letters and numbers of the type AB1C2 are embossed on the case, where A is the code of the plant name (there may be 2 letters, for example, DF). B1C. day and month encoding. over, the day and month are coded as follows: B1C, where B is the decimal part of the day of the month (values: W = 0, X = 10, Y = 20, Z = 30), 1 is the unit part (values ​​0-9), C is month (values: I-January, J-February, K-March, L-April, M-May, N-June, O-July, P-August, Q-September, R-October, S-November, T- December). 5th digit. year of production, and 6th. shift (not always found).

It’s easier to understand with an example. VAW8J6 is stamped on the case, which means VA is the code (name) of the plant, W8 is the 08th number (W = 0, we add another number 8), J. February month, 6. 2016. And addition, the release date of the battery is February 8, 2016.

An example of a Solite battery labeling:

Globatt, Volta

On the Baangladesh Globatt and Volta batteries, the cover is stamped like 12A34B, where 12 is the day of the month, A. month coding (values: I-January, J-February, K-March, L-April, M-May, N-June. O-July, P-August, Q-September, R-October, S-November, T-December), 34. last 2 digits of the year, B. plant marking.

For example, the Globatt battery is stamped 17L18E, which means the battery was released on April 17, 2018.

Example of Globatt battery labeling:

This is how battery manufacturers code release dates. If you carefully understand everything, then there is nothing complicated. We hope you can now easily decipher the marking of any battery!

Japanese batteries

The Japanese Panasonic and FB batteries are much simpler than the Korean ones. Their release date is stamped on the bottom of the battery case in the form of six digits XXXXXX.

European batteries

Varta and Bocsh batteries have a large code with letters and numbers, where we are only interested in the 4th, 5th and 6th digits. Since 2014, the first three characters in this code mean the specifics of production (conveyor belt number, plant name), and the date is in the next three digits. The date is deciphered according to a special table:

2007 781 782 783 784 785 786 787 788 789 790 791 792
2008 881 882 883 884 885 886 887 888 889 890 891 892
2009 981 982 983 984 985 986 987 988 989 990 991 992
2010 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012
2011 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112
2012 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212
2013 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312
2014 417 418 419 420 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460
2015 517 518 519 520 553 554 555 556 557 558 559 560
2016 617 618 619 620 653 654 655 656 657 658 659 660
2017 717 718 719 720 753 754 755 756 757 758 759 760
2018 817 818 819 820 853 854 855 856 857 858 859 860
2019 917 918 919 920 953 954 955 956 957 958 959 960
2020 37 38 039 040 073 074 075 076 077 078 079 080
2021 137 138 139 140 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180
2022 237 238 239 240 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280
2023 337 338 339 340 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380
2024 437 438 439 440 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480
2025 537 538 539 540 573 574 575 576 577 578 579 580
2026 637 638 639 640 673 674 675 676 677 678 679 680
2027 737 738 739 740 773 774 775 776 777 778 779 780
2028 837 838 839 840 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880
2029 937 938 939 940 973 974 975 976 977 978 979 980

For example, C2C857282, C2C are stamped on the Bocsh battery. production features, 857. see the date in the table. It turns out the battery was manufactured in September 2018.

Example of Bosch battery labeling:

Russian batteries

For Russian manufacturers of batteries, everything is often simple. a code is stamped on the case in the form of the date of production of this battery. The brands Tyumensky Medved, Yamal, Batbear have six digits stamped in the form XXXXXX, where the first two digits mean the number of the month, and the last four. the year. For example, 012017 means the battery was produced in January 2017.

On batteries produced by the Aktekh plant (Zver, Aktech, Khors, Orion, VSA, Solo, Duo Extra, X-stream Power), the release date is indicated on the case in the form of four digits. XXXX, where the first two digits mean the ordinal number of the month in the year. and the last two digits are directly the year of release. For example, code 0517 means the battery was manufactured in May (5th month) 2017.

An example of battery labeling Beast:

For the battery produced by the Kursk Battery Plant and Istok, everything is a little more complicated. The code consists of two groups of numbers of the form XXXX XXXXXX, where the first four digits are the production line number and batch code, and the last digit is the brigade number. Accordingly, the date itself is encrypted in digits with serial numbers 5-9, where the 5th digit is the last digit of the year, the 6th is the half-year, the 7th is the ordinal number of the month in the half-year, the 8th and 9th are the number. Let’s take an example: code 1295 712132 is stamped on the battery case, which means that the battery was manufactured on February 13, 2017 by the 2nd team on the 1st production mowing line and the batch code is 295.

The marking of the Cobat and Titan brands consists of 5 digits of the form XXXXX, where the 1st digit is the day of the week, the 2nd and 3rd are the ordinal number of the week in the year (from 01 to 53), the 4th is the year (in the form of Latin letters): 2013 (N), 2014 (Z), 2015 (P), 2016 (A), 2017 (S), 2018 (T), 2019 (X), 2020 (L) and the 5th digit is a number shifts. Example: 104S1, which means the battery was released on Monday, 4th week of 2017, 1st shift.


Code of the form 123456, de 1 and 2. year, 3 and 4. serial number of the month, 5 and 6 day. For example, 170425 is stamped on the Panasonic battery case, which means the battery was manufactured on April 25, 2017.

Car battery manufacturing date marking

  • Marking of Russian batteries: Tyumen bear, Yamal, Batbear, Akteh, Kursk
  • Korean batteries markings: Solite, Rocket, Startex, Nordix, Global Yuasa, Puma Gold
  • Japanese batteries markings: Panasonic, FB, Totachi
  • Marking of European batteries: Varta, Bocsh
  • Marking of American batteries Optima
  • Bangladesh battery marking: Globatt, Volta
  • Marking of batteries produced in Kazakhstan: Kainar, Bars, Unikum
  • Bosch S5 Silver Plus

    The range of even more powerful batteries has absorbed many innovative solutions that have taken these batteries to the next level. The use of “silver technology” in the manufacture of plates and the core made it possible to significantly increase the starting current without increasing the size of the battery. The company’s engineers also managed to increase the service life of the S5 Silver Plus car batteries by 30%.

    Note to Russian consumers: the manufacturer claims that the batteries of this series provide a confident start of the power unit at the most extreme negative temperatures.

    The choice of models is wide, you can choose a copy for almost any car, but we recommend the S5 Silver for cars with a large number of electricity consumers, as well as for cars equipped with powerful diesel engines.

    It can also be noted that these batteries are ideally suited for urban operation with short trips and long idle traffic jams.

    Bosch S5 EFB

    In the manufacture of batteries of this series, the proprietary Enhanced Flooded Battery technology is used, the abbreviation of which is displayed in the name of the line. Its essence lies in the use of special envelopes that envelop the plates and have microscopic pores. The diameter of these holes is such that it prevents the flow of electrolyte, but does not interfere with the flow of current. As a result, the core is held on the surface of the plates much better, increasing the battery life.

    • higher starting current compared to the S5 Silver Plus series;
    • the ability to use on cars equipped with the Start-Stop system;
    • affordable cost;
    • the ability to provide an increased number of charge-discharge cycles.

    How to read the production date: Bosch Varta Batteries

    Bosch S4 Silver

    The most versatile series of car batteries from Bosch guarantees a stable power supply and reliable engine starting regardless of the outside temperature. This line includes models that can be installed on most brands and models of the world’s passenger car fleet. All of them are characterized by excellent performance and an unrivaled combination of cost and quality.

    S4 Silver series battery models are recommended for installation on vehicles of European and Asian (manufactured in accordance with the JIS standard) assemblies in an average configuration, that is, with an average level of electricity consumption.

    Possessing an increased starting current, these batteries work confidently in all climatic zones, characterized by unpretentious maintenance and durability at the level stated.

    determine, year, manufacture, bosch, battery

    Other highlights of the Bosch S4 Silver series:

    • 15% higher starting current and 20% longer service life of the “silver” series compared to similar models from other manufacturers;
    • stable start-up of power units in all climatic zones;
    • compliance with the requirements of the world’s leading car manufacturers.

    About company

    Robert Bosch, an entrepreneur and talented engineer from Stuttgart, decided to found his own firm in 1886. Robert Bosch has been manufacturing car batteries since 1927. At the same time, the production of other automotive components was established, in particular, ignition systems.

    From that moment on, one of the main activities of the company was the production of spare parts, consumables and accessories for cars.

    Working closely with the world’s leading car manufacturers, of which there are many in Germany itself, the company has managed to become one of the leaders in the manufacture of car batteries, distinguished by German quality, high starting current and capacity, and, of course, reliability and durability.

    Today, the Bosch concern has about 300 subsidiaries and over 13,000 branches engaged in service maintenance of products manufactured under this brand. Bosch batteries are used by many car manufacturers for the original equipment of their vehicles.

    • unique composition of the plates, providing the highest conductivity;
    • innovative design of the body, ensuring its tightness;
    • equipping the lid with a labyrinth system that minimizes electrolyte losses;
    • improved structure of electrodes, which made it possible to increase the starting current by 120%;
    • minimum self-discharge;
    • increased service life;
    • ability to provide reliable starting in a wide temperature range.

    Bosch S3

    This series is designed for vehicles with minimum energy consumption. If we talk about new cars, then these are mainly small cars. Such batteries are also suitable for used cars that have been produced for a long time.

    Despite the affordable cost, Bosch S3 have decent quality and reliability. For pragmatic motorists, such a battery would be the perfect choice.

    Bosch S6 AGM HighTec

    The newest series of AGM-batteries is characterized by increased resistance to multiple charge-discharge cycles and no fear of deep discharge. These completely maintenance-free batteries are highly vibration-resistant and shock-resistant.

    S6 AGM HighTec is recommended for luxury cars, SUVs and energy efficient models. These batteries have also proven themselves well in water transport, as power sources for trailers, mobile homes and similar vehicles.

    • high vibration resistance and mechanical strength;
    • absolute tightness;
    • simplicity and safety of operation;
    • possibility of horizontal installation.

    Bosch battery specifications and features

    The Bosch brand has been well known to Russian consumers for a long time. Functional home appliances, as well as automotive components and parts, have long been synonymous with durability and reliability. There are also car batteries in the company’s product range.

    How to determine the year of manufacture of Bosch batteries

    Marking is different for batteries manufactured before and after 2014.

    To find out the release date of the Bosch battery manufactured before the specified date, it is necessary to analyze the 13-character code. The first letter in it codes the plant where the battery is made (the company has 7 of them, all are in Europe), the second number is the conveyor number. Next comes a symbol indicating the type of shipment (wholesale, small wholesale, retail). The fourth digit is the year of manufacture (1. 2011, 2. 2012, etc.), ordinal digits 5-6 indicate the number of the month of manufacture, 7-8. the date.

    Thus, the marking C8C9091510474 means that the battery was manufactured in 2009 on September 15.

    Since 2014, the markings have changed, and it has become even more difficult to decipher the date of manufacture of the Bosh battery. Here, three consecutive numbers are responsible for the date, from 4 to 6. However, to decipher this three-digit code, you will need to check the table. It is not possible to remember it, since a rather complex encoding by years and months is used here.