How to disassemble a battery trimmer for Greenvorks grass. Conclusion

Trimmer for GreenWorks GD82BC grass: Review of the purchase and work in the country

It is difficult to contain a summer cottage in a well.groomed form, using exclusively manual tools. It is convenient to mow grass with an ordinary oblique in an open field when you harvest hay for the winter of the cow. For more point work in narrow places, I decided to use a trimmer for grass. I must say right away that I have the experience of using a gasoline trimmer for grass. A few years ago, I sold it with relief and forgot how a nightmare. The need to refuel gasoline, terrible vibration, starting from the fifth time (at best). all this, together with a large weight of the device, is a set of serious shortcomings for me.

The electric trimmer for the grass disappears due to the lack of a network in the country. Only the battery remained. For several months I studied the issue on forums and blogs. YouTube issued mainly commercials. I did not find examples of using 80 voltage tools at all, they completely write about devices with a voltage of 40 24 and 18 volts. But in 80 volta, the very juice and relish! The line of commercial garden tools from Greenworks with 82-volt batteries has no analogues at the time of writing this article-May 2021.

I studied the characteristics of competitors: Dewalt, Makita and some others. But he stopped at GreenWorks GD82BC (aka GT-160 or GC82ST, article 2101707), which works from batteries with a voltage of 82 volts. I’ll tell you why I chose him. You can consider this article to my feedback on the work of the battery motorcycle.

All characteristics of a trimmer for grass

We will consider the GS82BCK5 model from the GreenWorks commercial line, which is equipped with the GC82C charger and GC82B5 battery. Differs in a D-shaped pen, about which I will talk in detail below.

List of characteristics

  • An electric beast engine with an upper location;
  • The speed of rotation of the cutting part 6000 rpm;
  • Straight steel shaft;
  • Light weight. 8 kg.;
  • Coil with autopods of fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm.;
  • Speasing width. 410 mm with proper installation of a knife on the lid;
  • Battery life up to 80 minutes from 5 a/h battery;
  • Fuse and protective casing of the cutting part;
  • Engine protection from overloads;
  • The ability to work with a saw disk;
  • Work from 82V battery compatible with other devices from the 82V line;

On the protective casing (in the photo it is wrapped in paper tape) there is a knife. a cutter cutter, which can be installed in two positions. on a working diameter of 36 cm or 40 cm.

A pen

The handle determines the scope of a trimmer for grass. D-shaped closed handle is convenient when mowing grass in hard-to-reach places. Installed mainly on light trimmers. In this case, I would not call it easy. 8 kilograms are not for women. But such a handle suits me due to the presence of these most inaccessible places.

The height of the handle is regulated. There is a groove for convenient fixation on the shaft.

In a model with a bicycle handle there is a speed adjustment. The rotation speed changes when you press the button. There is no such button in my model, the speed is constant.


According to the seller of a local store, a non.vegetable bar is better, because when impacts, a load on the node connecting two parts of the shaft is created. Because of this, the compound may over time be damaged.

A weak place in such a bar. lamb connecting the connective part. It is necessarily “flying” over time, you have to change the bolt with a nut, then you will constantly walk with the end key in order to better squeeze the clamp.

The collapsible shaft is more convenient in transportation, but is present only in amateur and semi.professional series. In commercial models shaft solid. It is more difficult to push the braid into a passenger car.

I do not plan to constantly carry a trimmer for grass in the car. It will be used about 2 times a month, 10 times a year. For this, you can tolerate the inconvenience of transportation. But if you decide to buy a trimmer for grass with a collapsible bar, I also recommend ordering a large bag for a scooter on Aliexpress in order to carry a disassembled braid in it in a passenger car and do not dirty the salon or trunk.

The whole bar is heavier than the collapsible. Inside, she has a rotating shaft, which transfers torque from the upper engine to the gearbox.

The location of the engine

Less powerful models are made with the lower engine. This unloads the upper part of the braid and distributes the weight evenly: a heavy battery on top, from below. engine. There is no rotating shaft, which also reduces weight and cost. Only wires pass inside the bar. The given power is higher.

In commercial devices, the manufacturer decided to place all the key components at the top. This allows you not to take care of protection when mocking wet grass. Also, the ventilation filter of the engine is also not clogged with wrapped mowed grass.

They say that the trimmer for grass with the lower engine arrangement quickly clog ventilation grilles that need to be constantly cleaned. Moisture hit for these engines is non.hazardous, it is rather dangerous to get water into the batteries, which can disable them.

It is necessary to lubricate the cumulative oil nodes more often.

Battery and charger

The GC82C (2914707) and the GC82B5 battery (2914607) were charged with the trimmer. Unfortunately, when ordering in the DNS, you cannot find out the date of production of devices. I was sent the 2017 battery. I sincerely hope that it will last a fairly long time. After all, the guarantee is only 2 years old.

The charger is equipped with a fan, which automatically begins to work when charging. Strongly stinks with plastic. I don’t understand why the Chinese cannot take plastic without smell for production. The model is still not cheap.

And it is better, of course, to have a second battery. But it (at the beginning of 2021) may scare away.

The weight of the trimmer for grass assembly with the battery is 8 kg. The battery weighs 2.5 kg separately. This is a lot if you have a thin physique and you decided to work continuously for an hour.


Is it convenient to mow with this trimmer, I will find out over time. I’ll tell you my feelings by the end of the season and complement this section.

Working hours

By the end of the season I will write the results of the experiment with the old battery.

Reference: The operating time of the battery devices depends on the characteristic “amperes”. The higher the figure, the longer they work. I recommend taking 5 ampere batteries. They are more profitable than 2 amperes in all respects.

What types of electrimmers are?

All electric trimmers for the grass can be divided into groups according to engine position:

Electrimmers with the lower location of the engine are equipped only with special heads for a fishing line for a trimmer of a certain thickness, the installation of other types of cutting tools is not provided. Electrics with the upper engine are equipped with a straight or curved rod.

In the first case, the role of the shaft is played by a steel rod, therefore, the installation of all types of cutting tools is permissible, in the second case, the installation of only a trimmer head is acceptable, because the shaft function is performed by a steel cable that is not designed to transmit a large torque.

You will find more detailed information on the type of electricity here.

Types of coils

3 types of coils are installed on electric trimmers for grass, namely:

Automatic and semi.automatic devices are made in the form of a drum (foundations), into which they insert a spool or a bobbin, that is, not the entire coil is attached to the electric cost, but only the drum, while mechanical are both whole and collapsible.

Therefore, replacing the coil and replacement of a spray with a fishing line can be either one or two different operations.

Any types of trimmer heads are installed on electric ships with the upper engine, however, only semi.automatic coils are suitable for apparatus with the lower engine location.

This is due to the design features of such trimmers, because a full.fledged replacement of the head at home is not provided, and the price of a good coil is often not much less than the cost of the electrimmer.

In addition, the coils for electric core with a straight and curved bar are not interchangeable, because they have different threads.

How to extend the life cycle of the battery

Details about what conditions you need to contain the lithium of the ion battery: the optimum temperature, why they should be stored charged by 40-50% and how to understand the level of charge.

Many, perhaps, did not even think that its duration of the service life depends on how the technical conditions of operation and storage of the battery are maintained. The two most frequent factors that negatively affect the battery charge level are improper observance of the charge-discharge cycles and storage mode.

Li-Ion batteries are sensitive to temperature. Their “boiling point” 60⁰C. When this temperature is achieved, the battery can ignite. The fire can also lead to a fire during charging, the ingress of salty water, the location of the battery under direct sunlight, etc.D. In order to prevent this phenomenon, a controller began to integrate into the battery housing, which monitors the current voltage and temperature levels, in order to turn off the battery in case of overheating. But not all manufacturers consider this option necessary, in their interests, respectively.

Since Li-Ion batteries, as a rule, consist of separate cells, they must maintain a balance. Each cell can have discrepancies in the electrical properties, to maintain the balance into the batteries, they integrate the balancing scheme. She controls the charge of the charge into each cell, if one of them is charged before the rest. the charge bypasses it, spreading to other cells.

As for the charge cycles, here it is necessary to comply with the technical requirements of the manufacturer of this battery. But there are simple general provisions for LI-Ion batteries that affect their life cycle. One of them is the level of discharge before charging, also the current voltage of the charging itself. If the voltage is slightly exceeded, the battery will lose the capacity almost double. In addition to these criteria, the loss of the battery and charger current affects the loss of capacity. Therefore, it is recommended to use the “native” charger, not analogues. In case of non.compliance with simple truths, the battery not only loses the capacity, it “boils” and degrades.

The deep discharge completely disables Li-Ion battery.

The optimum temperature during the charging process 20 ⁰C is not recommended to charge the battery at temperatures below 5 ⁰C. As in all types of batteries, a decrease in temperature leads to the loss of the given energy, and with each low temperature, this loss increases as a percentage, which entails premature depletion of the battery.

If the battery is not used for a long time, this does not mean that when it is “activated”, he will go into business with his previous forces. To save the battery resources, you should listen to simple recommendations:

Store in a dry, dark, cool place. Do not perceive this literally, these words mean any room without direct sunlight with room temperature and low humidity.

The maximum range of permissible storage temperatures is 0. 40 ° C.

disassemble, battery, trimmer, grass

The batteries must be stored charged by 40-50% (not completely discharged). This is necessary to reduce the risk of voltage drop during self.discharge. If you let everything on a gravity, the battery capacity decrease to non.inconsistent indicators, not to mention corrosion of individual elements.

If you sometimes look in the instructions, on the example of the instructions of the Greenworks batteries, the procedure for long.term non.use of the battery is described there. That it is recommended to charge the battery every 2 months for 2 hours. Chargage-discharge-discharge. And this is really the most effective way to extend the battery resources.

Every minimum of 3 months, it is necessary to discharge a “vacationer” battery, which previously holds on a charge of 40%, then recharge it and send further “rest”.

Тример акумуляторний Greenworks GD40BCB | Battery Trimmer Greenworks GD40BCB

How to determine 40% of the battery voltage. Know it 100% and proceed from these indicators. At GreenWorks batteries, engineers made charge indicators. The number of burning LED bulbs depends on the charge left as a percentage:

Which greatly simplifies the control of the level of charge.

Experts recommend: optimal storage conditions of LI-Ion batteries are reached at 40% of the charge from the battery capacity and temperature in the interval of 0-10 ° C.

Why are batteries just bought in the store always discharged? Because they are still “innocent”. And with the first charging, their life cycle comes into force. The duration of which depends not only on the indicator declared by the manufacturer, but also by compliance with the technical parameters that were considered above.

Consider the garden equipment and compact manual tools of the GreenWorks 24V line and figure out how to choose the right tool to solve any problem!

Choose an ideal snowmaker for your tasks! We will analyze how the models of the GreenWorks snow removal technique differ and how to choose a suitable tool.

We represent the first self.propelled battery in the Greenworks line of equipment! We will figure out how the model works and what are its advantages.

Due to the simple design, to disassemble an electric trimmer for the grass is not difficult, for which a minimum of tools is required, usually there is enough suitable screwdriver or electric screwdriver with a set of bit.

Do not lose self-tapping screws, because once you still have to assemble the electric costs, and without a regular fastener to do it problematic.

How to redo a trimmer for grass from fishing line to a knife?

If your device belongs to those on which you can install a knife or disk, but you bought it only with a coil, then to remake to work with a knife, you will need to buy:

  • flange washer under the knife;
  • pressing washer;
  • gearbox;
  • nut;
  • Protective plastic casing of the corresponding size.

Remember, the flange washer needs to be purchased by detailing, in which its article is indicated. When selecting a “eye” there is a great chance to make a mistake and take a part that is not suitable for your trimmer. All other details are universal.

In this section, we prepared video videos in which it is shown how to change the coil from fishing line to a knife or disk (mill) on various trimmers.

How to redo the cutting mechanism from fishing line to a knife:

How to change the coil in the gearbox Motokos:

And one more video instruction on how to install knives or disk, if you decide to replace a coil with a fishing line with them:

A review of the GreenWorks 40V grass with a best.mounted engine

Literally yesterday, battery motorcycles were distinguished by a slight power and a low work time from one battery charging. These restrictions, characteristic of the battery tool as a whole, managed to overcome the American brand Greenworks Tools

Today, the battery lawmaker 40V model 2100207 with a modern beastal engine is a reliable garden tool that differs not only with high power, but also the ability to provide the operator with a rather long time of autonomous operation.

GreenWorks 2100207 battery lawnies. this is a semi.professional model for mowing grass and soft shoots in places that are inaccessible for lawn mower. It is equipped with a bronnial electric motor Digi Pro, which is more effective and reliable than the usual brush. It is comparable in power with an internal combustion engine, but at the same time absolutely environmentally friendly, does not require additional maintenance, is easy to operate, has a reduced level of vibration and noise. The tool is not demanding on maintenance. For work, nozzles of other manufacturers can be used. For safe operation, the battery lawnies is equipped with a safety button. I am glad that the supply of delivery is a metal disk for mowing weeds and shoots, with which the fishing line for a trimmer does not cope. Trimmer rod collapsible. This ensures the convenience of storage and transportation.

The battery lawn mower is instantly ready for work, you just need to press only one button. The process of mowing itself is very comfortable. In terms of ergonomics, there were no complaints about Greenworks. It is convenient to keep the tool and they are pleased to work. A cast pen has an ergonomic relief shape, and for additional convenience, another D-shaped handle is provided.

The upper location of the engine provides the tool with the correct balancing, which significantly reduces the level of vibration and does not allow you to get tired quickly. For the bevel of grass in this GreenWorks model, a fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 2 mm is used, the supply of which is automatically.

The model also allows you to install a metal knife. The width of the bevel of grass is adjustable, the maximum width of the spinning with a knife is a maximum of 25 cm, and with a fishing line. 36 cm. To configure the optimal operating mode of the braid for grass, the speed of rotation of the head can be adjusted. When united relatively thick and juicy stems (plantain, celandine, etc.P.) pieces of grass practically do not fly out to the user from under the knife thanks to a large protective casing.

Поэтому ваша одежда всегда останется чистой. В принципе, эту мотокосу можно использовать для чего угодно (она перерезает даже толстые стволы полутораметрового репейника).

Digi Pro’s browned engine in power is similar to gasoline, but more environmentally friendly.

The duration of the spit for grass on one battery charging during the tests was up to 60 minutes. When using battery 4.0 a/h. It largely depends on the complexity of work, t.e. from the height and thickness of the stems.

I would like to note that the G-Max40V batteries are universal and are suitable for all Greenworks battery equipment of similar power. Charging time of these batteries from 60 minutes. For 2.0 a/h battery and up to 2 hours. for battery 4.0 a/h.

It turns out that in the presence of three batteries you can work without stopping at least around the clock. The batteries used high.quality production cells of the Japanese company Sanyo. In a fully charged state, the battery gives out 41.3 c, and with full discharge. 30 in. It is not small and weighs solidly. 1 kg 305 gr.

It is worth noting an intellectual charger, which after complete charging the battery ceases to give a charge. The indicator on it begins to burn continuously green, signaling the completion of the process. So, if you forget the battery on charging, then nothing terrible will happen to it. I would like to note that Greenworks produces universal batteries for the entire line of their goods. This means that you can use one battery for electric saw, trimmer for grass, lawn mower, bush, blizzard, snowman and other tools. GreenWorks technology allows you to buy a trimmer for grass or braid and use its battery in all garden tools.

Expert opinion

Creating a clean world on your site, you protect your health and your personal nature. GreenWorks 2100207 battery lawnies are reliable, functional and unpretentious to maintain a garden tool that is distinguished by long.term battery life, as well as complete safety for both the environment and the operator.

For its operation, it is not required to prepare a gas mixture or pull the network extension cord-building extension cords-just attach the loaded company “Stax-LV” battery and begin to work.

This lawn mower is perfect for both the care of even areas and for work in hard-to-reach places (for example, under the bushes or near the buildings of Stax-LV and flower beds, along the borders and in areas with uneven relief). The main advantages of this model include a bronnial electric motor with a power of 40 V, guaranteeing high performance. At the same time, it is characterized by low energy consumption and a minimum noise level. Thanks to a shift battery, you can collect a collection of garden tools by reducing the cost of buying additional batteries and charging devices.

Материал предоставлен журналом независимых тестов и испытаний «Мир хорошего инструмента» –4 2016.

disassemble, battery, trimmer, grass

GreenWorks 82V Commercial batteries and charger


Batteries consist of cells of the Japanese company LG. The cells of this manufacturer have the highest indicators in the container and the outstanding voltage, and belong to class A. The batteries are equipped with a special control board, thanks to which the cells are charged and discharged evenly and at the same time, which significantly prolongs the life lifespan (average time of 7 years), and there is also no effect of loss of tool power during discharge. For reliable operation, the batteries are equipped with a chip that protects against reloading, overheating and deep discharge.

Thanks to cells, controls and protective chip, batteries have a long service life. up to 2000 charge-discharge cycles, there is no “memory effect” during reloading, due to which the maximum power is provided for a long service life. Batteries operate at low temperatures.

The operating time depends on the conditions and the tool used.

Charging device

GreenWorks G82C chargers at 4 A and GreenWorks G82C2 at 8 A designed for GreenWorks 82V Commercial series batteries 2.5 a/h, 5 a/h and 12.5 a/h (ranging battery). They support the function of fast charging and have active cooling. cooler. Equipped with duplicate chip protection against reloading and when 100% reached are disconnected. And from the GreenWorks G82C2 device you can charge two batteries at once.

Average charging time from the GreenWorks G82C device:

Average charging time from the GreenWorks G82C2 device:

There is a charge indicator on the case. The legs are rubberized, and there is also a eye for attachment to the wall. The charging device is powered from the 220 volts of alternating current 50-60 Hz.

GreenWorks 82V Commercial

The 82V Commercial series consists of the main garden tools that satisfy the needs of the most demanding companies for the care of green spaces and territory. The series includes:

  • Lawn mowers
  • Chain saws
  • Blower
  • Highways
  • Boisters
  • Trimmers for grass
  • Garden carts
  • Cultivators
  • Snowmen

The basic assortment GreenWorks 82V Commercial makes it possible to get acquainted with a more serious battery technique. Its capabilities are much higher than the rest of the GreenWorks lines, so it is great for commercial use. To create devices, durable and at the same time lightweight materials are used. GreenWorks engineers tried to balance the weight of the tools as much as possible so that you are less tired during work. Below we will talk more about each type of technique.

Greenworks GreenWorks 82V Commercial

GreenWorks 82V Commercial lawnshole are suitable for working in large areas, for example, in parks and gardens. The series presents both ordinary and self.propelled lawn mowers with a mowing width of 46 cm to 61 cm and adjustable mowing height. They are equipped with the functions of mulching, lateral release and collection of mowed grass into the grass collector. Some models have a Turbo mode, 2 batteries and even 2 engines.

For work in the dark, there is a gas mower with lanterns in the 82V Commercial series. Thanks to folding handles, it is convenient to store the lawn mowers, and they will not take up much space. To protect against random inclusion in the devices, a special security key is provided and the subject button.

GreenWorks 82V Commercial chain saws

GreenWorks 82V Commercial chain saws work well with any wood. The length of the saw tire from 40 to 46 cm, in the electric saw in the series, allows them to be used for harvesting firewood, cutting trees and thick branches. Replacing and installing the chain does not require special tools, thanks to a convenient chain tension controller.

The automatic lubricant system extends the service life of the tire and circuit, and to control the state of the oil level, the tank has a transparent case. For the safety of the saws, a button-guide is provided from a random start and a shield with a circuit brake to protect against cuts.

GreenWorks 82V Commercial blower blows

GreenWorks 82V Commercial blizzards will come in handy for cleaning from the garbage of lawns, garden zones, house zones, courtyards, etc.D. Have a maximum air flow rate from 200 km/h to 266 km/h with smooth speed adjustment. The maximum volume of blown air from 15 m³/min to 19.6 m³/min. The line has a paramount blower in which the battery and the engine are in the case behind the back, and ordinary blower windows.

Some models have Turbo mode, switching the device to maximum speed, and cruise control with which you can set the fan speed at the required level to facilitate control. Devices are balanced so that the hand does not get tired with prolonged operation.

Greenworks 80V vs 40V battery comparison

GreenWorks 82V Commercial altitude

GreenWorks 82V Commercial altit cuts are needed to cut tree branches at high altitude. The GreenWorks 82V Commercial series presents one altitude GreenWorks GC82ps. The main feature of this model is the 4-section metal rod, due to which the maximum length of the device is 370 cm.

The tool is equipped with a chain saw with a tire length 25 cm. made of siliceous steel. The chain and tire are automatically lubricated, the oil tank has a transparent indicator to quickly control the oil level. To protect against cuts, a fuse is provided to prevent random inclusions of the device.

GreenWorks 82V Commercial Boisters

GreenWorks 82V Commercial bushes are ideal for trimming trees, bushes or hedges. Beds have a blade length from 50 cm to 66 cm, with a cut step from 30 mm to 33 mm, which allows you to cope with the thick bushes. There is a regular bureau with a rotary hilt of 180 °, with the help of which you can give any shape to the bushes, as well as make the perfect hedge. To cut the crowns of trees and tall bushes in the 82V Commercial series, there is a barborer with a maximum length of 3.35 m.

GreenWorks 82V Commercial Trimmers

GreenWorks 82V Commercial grass trimmers are designed for mowing grass and soft shoots, as well as trimming grass in places. Speasing width 41 cm and fishing thickness 2 mm allow you to quickly process large areas. Trammers for the grass of the series are equipped with a steel shaft and coils with shock supply of fishing line. The line has a trimmer for grass with a conventional handle and a bicycle handle, which allows you to work longer in a larger territory.

There are models with a replaceable saw disk in the kit, with which you can cut even a large shrub and dry. There is also a trimmer for grass with a function of 5 in 1 with the ability to install other nozzles on a trimmer for grass: cross.cutter, altitude, cultivator, bushrer (purchased separately). All trimmers of the series provide a fuse from accidental inclusion and a protective casing of the cutting part to comply with safety during work.

GreenWorks battery

2 Ah (24 V, 40 V, 60 V and 80 V). 45 minutes, 60 min, 60 minutes and 30 minutes, respectively, 2.5 Ah (82 V). 36 min 3 Ah (40 V). 90 min (AKB is discontinued) 4 Ah (24 V, 40 V, 60 V and 80 V). 90 min, 120 min, 56 min, 60 min, respectively, 5 Ah (82 V). 75 min 6 Ah (40 V). 180 min (AKB is discontinued) 12.5 Ah (82 c) Ranzovaya. 180 min

Charging procedure

  • use the battery, if the case is damaged, swollen, has cracks or leaks
  • disassemble or try to repair the damaged battery
  • wash or leave in the rain
  • overheat the battery and leave it in the open sun or next to the source of high heat
  • Close ventilation holes on the battery housing and charging
  • allow metal particles, foil, chips and other things to the cavity
  • overheat the charger
  • to wet it and use it in a raw room
  • use charging with a damaged cord
  • burn and throw it on a regular landfill
  • If the battery liquid enters the skin or eye, it is necessary to immediately rinse them with clean water for at least 15 minutes and immediately seek medical help
  • take care of children under 8 years old

Repair of an electric trimmer for grass

The electric trimmer for the grass replaced the usual spit. Today, most urban residents do not even know how to use a “rare” tool correctly. A modern person does not need this, because he has an electric counterpart. But if an ordinary braid had to just sharpen from time to time, then things are more complicated with the power tool. Equipment requires a certain care, and if a malfunction occurs, the repair can lead to big expenses. However, it does not always make sense to carry the failed tool in the workshop: often you can cope with the breakdown on your own.

To understand what exactly can break in an electric cost, first you should figure out how it is arranged.

Ethletric trimmer for grass usually consists of the following elements:

The current is supplied to the power unit through the connector on the case, to which the cable is connected. Inside the rod is hollow. it plays the role of a protective shell for a flexible shaft, transmitting torque from the motor to the coil of the trimmer for the grass. The handle located on the case has a button, when pressed on which the device turns on.

The described design is considered a classic. However, there are options for executing the tool in which the motor is located in the lower part near the coil, as well as the battery versions.

Repair of an electric trimmer for grass with your own hands: Frequent causes of breakdowns

One of the scenarios in which the tool is out of order is the mowing of a very neglected area. In this case, the equipment is affected by increased loads and often fails of the power unit. A breakdown of bearings or coils is also possible.

And when work is carried out in rainy weather, electrical equipment can simply close. Also, do not forget about a certain resource of individual assemblies of the tool, which are not designed for constant use. The device requires timely inspection with the replacement of worn parts.

Repair in some cases can be carried out independently, without the involvement of specialists, the cost of which is often considerable.

Repair of the launch button

If the tool does not respond to attempts to turn it on, two options for a malfunction are possible. a cable break inside the handle or the failure of the inclusion button.

Important! Make sure that the device is disconnected from the network if it is a stationary type. In the case of the battery version of the instrument, the power terminals should be first disconnected, and only then proceed to repair.

In order to understand what exactly the breakdown is, you need to disassemble the handle.

Having gained access to the inside, you should, armed with a multimeter, measure the resistance of the button. If it is absent after pressing, the button must be replaced.

You also need to check the contacts of the connection of the power cable with the contact group. Often the need for such a measurement disappears, t. to. The cliff can be found with the naked eye. In this case, it must be eliminated by soldering.

In the absence of a multimeter, the same work can be done using an indicator screwdriver. To do this, after disassembling the body of the power cable handle, it is connected to the network and the phase is checked by a screwdriver before and after the button. If zero comes to the button, the fork in the outlet can be turned and measured again.

Attention! You should be very careful when checking the presence of a phase in this way. There is a possibility of gaining electric shock!

Checking the electric motor

If the button and cable that feeds the tool will be serviceable, you should go to the diagnosis of a power unit. To do this, disassemble the case in which it is located. It is usually necessary to simply unscrew several bolts or screws and remove the lid.

First of all, you need to check the condition of the collector brushes. The wear of this node can lead to unstable operation or to a complete stop of the engine. If the brushes are in satisfactory condition, you should check the winding of the motor for a short circuit.

For this operation, it is necessary to completely remove the engine, and then check all the collector plates in the mode in the mode. The device should not show significant deviations in measurements.

The second check is the “ringing” of the rotor winding to the “mass”. To do this, you need to connect one of the multimeter contact to any collector plate, and the second to the “mass” of the rotor. In this case, the resistance measurement mode should be more than 1 MOM. If there is no short circuit, the device will show a very large meaning.

If, according to the results of these checks, all the parameters turned out to be normal, you need to measure the resistance of the stator winding. Indications should be similar, as in the case of the rotor. If not, then the malfunction lies in the stature.

If there is an interval circuit in the engine, it will not be diagnosed in this way. However, this problem can be identified by observing the trimmer for grass in action. An indirect sign of such a malfunction will be a decrease in the power of the work and overheating of the equipment.

When, as a result of diagnosis, it became clear that the engine was “burned out”, it would be easier to notice it on a new. In the vast majority of cases, repairs, consisting of rewinding, will cost as much as a new power unit.

If the engine is installed on the engine, then it will turn off the power when overheating. If the problem is the malfunction of the relay itself, this can be identified using the same multimeter or tester. With a cold engine in good condition, the relay should pass the current.

Mechanical malfunctions

Such problems include a breakthrough of the flexible shaft. It is easy to recognize it. the motor works, and the coil with a fishing line does not rotate.

The reason for the breakdown is the unfair care of the tool, which consists in the timely lubrication of the inside of the bar. In the absence of the desired amount of lubrication, the shaft will be subjected to excessive friction and the cliff will become a logical result.

This breakdown is corrected by replacing the shaft, which can be removed by disconnecting the upper part of the trimmer for the grass from the bar. If the second part of the shaft is not extracted, disconnection and lower.

When installing a new shaft, it should first be lubricated.

Such a malfunction can occur only with a classic layout of parts. In devices where the power unit is located in the lower part, there is no flexible shaft. However, with such a layout, the role of the gear ratio is played by a bearing located on the engine shaft closer to the place of transmission of the moment. In this situation, the bearing must simply be replaced with a new.