How To Disassemble A Makita 6271d Screwdriver

The appearance of the battery. It looks like an original, glossy plastic, high-quality casting. If not for the new look, I would have thought that the original. Made soundly. The only thing that catches your eye is another sticker, not a brand one. Yes, and under the sticker there are screws, the original is more difficult to disassemble

How To Disassemble A Makita 6271d Screwdriver

Compare with the original sticker (original: 1222 cadmium at 2.0Ah). The old battery has already been seen, has worked pretty well, the sticker does not rub off and does not wash. The black cross on it as if hints)))) Battery Marking: 3.0Ah, NiMH. The old one was at 2.0Ah and NiCd. This is a big plus, I hope it will show positively in the work. The old way works for about 15 minutes, then back to the base.

Like any Chinese device, it is better to disassemble it before turning it on. So to speak, beware of possible problems.
To disassemble, you need to unstick the sticker and unscrew three four screws. This photo has already been. Gently pull out the case, open the cells and battery contacts.
The temperature sensor is clearly visible in the photo
The battery assembly makes a positive impression, the package of cells is monolithic. Top plastic holder for contacts. Here is the labeling of the cells used. Ni-MH SCI2017-B.
By the way, the cells are welded with a tape qualitatively, the block as if monolithic, does not hang out, there are no streaks, traces of rust, flux. no.
It happens worse))) In principle, satisfied. Plus and minus in place, as the tester showed. I still trust him)))).
Verdict. can be included.
Which is done.
Two batteries nearby. Seen and new (dirty on the left. old, shiny on the right. new)

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Video: How To Disassemble A Makita 6271d Screwdriver

Screwed a couple of screws. twists very well, good torque. The battery is fresh, and asks for work. By the way. it was almost fully charged.

I drove a little screwdriver until the battery was discharged. In total, about 4 hours of work on the sheathing of OSB / plywood sheets. The old battery lasted for comparison 18 minutes, the second battery from the kit no longer pulls such a job.

P.s. I have been using the battery for more than a month. So far, no minuses have been identified. After a while, I will try to do a capacity test again and compare. I’ll try to sort out one old battery for now on lithium cells. It turned out all the same cheaper than offline.

The 12V 3000mAh Ni-MH battery is a replacement for original battery series:
1220 1222 1233S 1233SA 1233SB 1235A 192598-2 192681-5 193981-6 638347-8 638347-8-2 PA12
Compatible screwdriver models:
Makita 1050 Series
Makita 1050D, Makita 1050DA, Makita 1050DRA, Makita 1050DWA, Makita 1050DWD

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Makita 4000 Series
Makita 4013D, Makita 4191D, Makita 4191DWA, Makita 4191DZ
Makita 4331D, Makita 4331DWAE, Makita 4331DWD, Makita 4331DWDE, Makita 4331DZ

Makita 5000 Series
Makita 5093DWD, Makita 5093DZ, Makita 5093D, Makita 5093DWA

Makita 6200 Series
Makita 6213D, Makita 6213DWAE, Makita 6213DWBE
Makita 6216D, Makita 6216DWBE, Makita 6216DWDE
Makita 6217D, Makita 6217DWDE, Makita 6217DWDLE
Makita 6223D, Makita 6223DE, Makita 6223DW, Makita 6223D, Makita 6223DW, Makita 6223DWE
Makita 6227D, Makita 6227DW Makita 6227DWBE, Makita 6227DWE, Makita 6227DWLE
Makita 6270D, Makita 6270DWAE, Makita 6270DWLE, Makita 6270DWALE, Makita 6270DWE, Makita 6270DWPE
Makita 6271D, Makita 6271DWAE, Makita 6271DWE, Makita 6271DWPE, Makita 6271DWPLE

Makita 6300 Series
Makita 6313D, Makita 6313DA, Makita 6313DWAE, Makita 6313DWBE
Makita 6314DWBE, Makita 6316D, Makita 6316DWA, Makita 6316DWAE, Makita 6316DWB, Makita 6316DWBE
Makita 6317D, Makita 6317DWAE, Makita 6317DWDE, Makita 6317DWDRE, Makita 6317DWFE
Makita 6319D, Makita 6319DWFE, Makita 6327DWE

Makita 6800 Series
Makita 6835D, Makita 6835DA, Makita 6835DWA, Makita 6835DWAE, Makita 6835DWB, Makita 6835DWD

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Makita 6900 Series
Makita 6914D, Makita 6914DWDE
Makita 6916D, Makita 6916DWDE, Makita 6916FDWDE, Makita 6916FDWDE1
Makita 6917D, Makita 6917DWDE
Makita 6918D, Makita 6918DWA, Makita 6918DWAE, Makita 6918DWD
Makita 6918DWDE, Makita 6918DWF, Makita 6918DWFE, Makita 6918FDWDE
Makita 6980FD, Makita 6980FDWDE

Makita 8200 Series
Makita 8270DWAE, Makita 8270DWALE

Makita 8400 Series
Makita 8413D, Makita 8413DWAE, Makita 8413DWDE
Makita 8413DWFE, Makita 8414DWFE

Makita DA Series
Makita DA312D, Makita DA312DWA, Makita DA312DWD
Makita DA312DWF, Makita DA312DZ, Makita ML120, Makita ML121 (Head Lamp)

Makita ML Series
Makita ML120, Makita ML121 (Head Lamp)
Makita ML122, ML123 (Fluorescent Automotive Light)
Makita ML124

Makita UB Series
Makita UB120D, Makita UB120DWA, Makita UB120DWB
Makita UB121D, Makita UC120D, Makita UC120DA

Makita UC Series
Makita UC120DR, Makita UC120DRA, Makita UC120DW, Makita UC120DWA
Makita UC120DWAE, Makita UC120DWD, Makita UC170D, Makita UC170DWD

Makita VR Series
Makita VR250D, Makita VR250DA, Makita VR250DWAE, Makita VR251D
Makita VR251DWDE, Makita ML123 (Fluorescent Automotive Light)
Makita SC131D