How To Disassemble A Patriot Trimmer Coil

Trimmer Patriot PT 3045. Reviews of the structure of the bar

The “Patriot” petrol trimmer is produced by the manufacturer in different variations, this also applies to the structure of the boom. This element acts as a guide that connects the cutting system to the motor. There is a shaft inside the rod, which can be flexible or straight. This indicates that the barbell may be curved or straight in shape. The latter option, according to users, is more durable and reliable. However, owners of sites where there are many hard-to-reach places and hills, most often choose models with curved rods.

Experts advise Pay special attention to whether the bar is collapsible. If so, then you can easily fold it for storage.

Why does the trimmer choke on the gas

Why the chainsaw stalls when I press the gas: prerequisites and solutions There are often cases when Owners of chainsaws are faced with their breakdown, no matter what model of this kind of equipment, because the nature of breakdowns is practically the same for everyone. And now the chainsaw stalled and what next? Certainly, the technique belongs to special services, which for a certain fee will repair your “iron friend”. However [.]

Replacing the clutch with a trimmer.

How to disassemble and, if necessary, repair the MTD 4-stroke trimmer. Trimmer at a glance.

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Lawn mowers starters: device and installation features

  • How does the starter for lawn mowers or trimmers work??
  • Worst failure scenario
  • How to replace or replace the starter spring?
  • How tight the spring is cocking?
  • Assembling the starter lawn mowers
  • How to assemble a new lawn mower starter?
  • How to change the cord?
How To Disassemble A Patriot Trimmer Coil

Recoil starter for lawn mowers or petrol trimmers. A mechanical assembly that includes a pulley, put on a ratchet. A rope is wound on the pulley in the initial position. At the start, it is pulled outward. The pulley is spring loaded. As soon as you let go of the end of the rope, it will reel back. A flat strip rolled into a ring is used as a spring. It resembles a spring in a large mechanical watch that is wound once a day. The starter itself is located more often at the rear than closer to the front end of the mower or trimmer. To correctly perform all manipulations with the starter for lawn mowers, you need to know the features of the device and installation.

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How tight the spring is cocking?

To give the spring the required potential force required for a clear and fast winding of the cord, you can determine the length of the cord in turns. To prevent the wire handle from hanging down, add 1-2 more turns to the number of turns. So, if the cord has a length of 5 turns of the coil, then when charging the spring, turn the coil 6-7 full turns.

Worst failure scenario

There are times when the starter is still operational, but it can break, for example, a worn out cord. The ratchet has not yet worked when the engine is started, and the remnants of the cord are immediately wound onto the reel, the return spring loses its hooks, the grooves in the starter housing break. The bottom line. Replacement of both springs and housings.

Assembling the starter lawn mowers

When servicing and repairing the starter, it is important to assemble it correctly. As if the device was assembled by the manufacturer. Any part that is incorrectly installed, and will not allow you to fully use the trimmer or lawn mower.

  • Turn on the spring, turn the coil over and place it so that the second spring hook falls back into place. To control the correct installation of the spring, there are technological windows on the coil itself.
  • Install the starter pulley and make sure that one of the spring hooks fits into the groove located on the starter cover.
  • Insert the spring and washers on the sides so that the spring does NOT wash away the plastic compartment in which it is located. If the spring is broken, and another is the same, an additional club is placed instead.
  • Insert the cup with the tendril into the grooves of the coil.
  • Install the coil in its place, tighten the bolt until it stops, but without fanaticism.
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If you do not shield the mainspring with washers from the compartment where it moves when the cord is wound in and out, the spool will often jam when you try to start the Trimmer or Lawn Mower. Loosening the coil bolt will result in its loss.

See how to assemble a lawn mower trimmer starter.

How to replace or replace the starter spring?

If everything is in order with the rope on the starter, suspicion falls on the reel itself. It is driven by a tape spring, coiled into a roll. Certain steps must be taken to change the spring.

  • Remove the starter from the lawn mower.
  • Remove the starter coil.
  • Unscrew the main bolt holding the pulley to the housing.
  • Pull out the gripping tendrils and spring, the ribbon spring is almost fully extended or coiled into larger rings.
  • Hold it in advance.
  • Check if the spring is intact (rusty streaks, fractures, etc. may be present). If the hooks at its ends are broken, it will NOT be possible to bend new ones. High carbon steel breaks when you try to bend it. Loose hooks are suitable for slight bending.
  • Make sure the auxiliary (regular) spring and washers are in place. These parts protect the coil frame from being punctured by the end of the main spring. If the washers and spring are broken and new ones are not available, do not tighten the coil bolt tightly, but watch it. It can twist off and get lost.
  • If the main (flat) spring is damaged, insert the same new one. Place the hook on the end of the spring in its place and bend it, inserts coil after coil into the space where it should be.
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Spring rewinding takes a minute. Dexterity in this action is acquired quickly.

How to replace or replace the starter spring, see the following.

How does the starter for lawn mowers or trimmers work??

Starter. The mechanism as a whole is uniform and universal for lawn mowers, trimmers, gasoline and diesel generator sets. It is not a problem to equip them even a car, motorcycle or scooter, if your vehicle has free space for its installation. It was not in vain that many Soviet cars and trucks were equipped with a starter tool that remotely resembles a crowbar bent twice.

The starter assembly has the following parts:

  • Ignition spring with hook;
  • Cord wound on a spool;
  • Return spring;
  • Drive ratchet and main spring;
  • Mechanism body protecting the ratchet;
  • Locking bolt.