How To Disassemble The Bosch Mfq 4080 Mixer

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The mixer is a popular kitchen device for mixing products and enriching the whipped mass with air. The device copes with cream, dough, mashed potatoes, cocktails, eggs, sauces. Among a wide variety of different models, it can be difficult to choose the most suitable. We have compiled a list of criteria that you need to build on when buying:

  1. Power. the most important indicator. The speed and efficiency of whipping, as well as mixing of products depends on it. For the rarest use, the optimal power will be 350 watts (manual models), for more frequent use up to 500 watts (stationary household), and already application on an industrial scale requires a minimum of 900 watts.
  2. Appointment. Mixers can be for domestic or professional use. The former have only the most necessary functions, have smaller dimensions, are made of materials of medium strength, because not often used. The latter are designed for daily intensive use, so their design is thought out with great care.
  3. A type. There are 3 options in total: manual, consisting of one part-handle on which the control is located; stationary means a housing equipped with a bowl (sometimes rotary) and the mixer itself on top on a special stand; planetary has a stylish design, high power and is equipped with a movable nozzle that most efficiently processes the product.
  4. Material. First of all, the durability of the device depends on it. The cheapest plastic options may be subject to deformation, models with steel inserts will last a good time.
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We have selected the best mixers for both domestic and professional use. When making the rating, the following characteristics were taken into account:

Best Economy Hand Mixers

Hand mixers are optimal for kneading dough (not too thick consistency), beating eggs, cream, etc. They are small-sized devices equipped with a convenient handle and a simple control panel. Such models are intended for rare use at home. They are quite easy to care for, nozzles are easily removed and washed with water. Another important feature is that they take up little space. Below are the best hand mixers at a great price.

5 Polaris PHM 3013

How To Disassemble The Bosch Mfq 4080 Mixer

Video: How To Disassemble The Bosch Mfq 4080 Mixer

In fifth place in the ranking is one of its budget representatives. Polaris PHM 3013. This hand-held mixer is in good demand due to its affordable price and optimal power of 300 watts. The device will not please you with its design and rich equipment, but Polaris is easy to use and compact. The mixer has 5 operating modes, among which there is a useful turbo speed: when turned on, the nozzle speed increases significantly. This allows you to mashed soft and tender products in seconds or break the lumps in the dough.

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Among the main advantages of the mixer, users note a strong case, light weight, a convenient handle, the presence of a turbo mode and nozzles in the kit. Among the shortcomings, only a short power cord is mentioned, which is not critical when working with the device.

4 Sinbo SMX-2733

Sinbo Turkish technology is appreciated by customers in many countries. Despite the low cost, the hand mixer SMX-2733 has good characteristics. Its power is 300 watts, which can easily whip any amount of product. The kit comes with only one standard nozzle. a whisk. The case is made of plastic and made in red and white colors. The device itself is quite compact in size and does not take up much space during storage.

3 Scarlett SC-HM40S03

We could not add to the review a quality mixer for a very low cost. Scarlett SC-HM40S03 is suitable for daily use and simple tasks. A power of 200 W is enough for mixing liquid and medium dough or cream. The device operates at 7 speeds, a light indicator on the body notifies you of the status of the device. Nozzles are removed by a simple click of a button. Included are 2 pieces: for eggs and dough. The Scarlett SC-HM40S03 hand-held mixer is designed for lovers of compact, simple and high-quality appliances.

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2 Philips HR1459 / 00 Daily Collection

The Philips HR1459 / 00 Daily Collection has significant differences from most hand-held mixers. Its power is 300 watts, which means high performance and minimal time consumption. 5 speeds to choose from and a turbo mode allow you to whip or mix each specific product as efficiently as possible. Standard equipment: dough hooks and whisk. For convenience, the model is equipped with a special lock for storing the cord.

Which type of mixer is better: manual or stationary? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are described in the following table: