How To Distinguish Chinese Stihl From The Original

Chainsaw Stihl MS 362; pros with wide functionality Advantages, disadvantages, price, technical characteristics, analogs, adjustment, instructions, detailing and reviews of the owners of the Stihl MS 362 chainsaw.

Chainsaw Stihl MS 362 professional with wide functionality

Stihl brand household and professional chainsaws are renowned for their reliability and long working life. In the list of the most demanded models, the innovative Stihl MS 362 chainsaw takes one of the first places.

how to distinguish Chinese Stihl from the original

The working and operational characteristics of the professional-level model, universal in many parameters, allow the use of the tool:

  • For dumping trees of medium diameter;
  • Sawing fuel and preparing for the installation of construction timber;
  • Pruning thick branches and forming tree crowns.

Carburetor adjustment

The factory setting of the fuel equipment is made according to averaged data, therefore, during operation, the composition of the fuel-air emulsion needs to be periodically adjusted.

Competent carburetor adjustment performed in a certain sequence brings the engine to the optimum level of power and efficiency.

Work is carried out after cleaning the filter and warming up the power unit to operating temperature. The end result should be a fast set of revolutions and stability in all operating and idle modes, without excessive smoke and detonation noise.

Information support

Detailed instructions provide a full amount of information on preparing the saw for use, maintenance features, safety rules for sawing work.

Guided by her recommendations, the operator can correctly adjust the carburetor, chain tension, perform preventive or maintenance repairs with his own hands.

For long-term and trouble-free operation of the saw, the manufacturer recommends using original spare parts and consumables. The use of engine and chain oils from other manufacturers is allowed, provided that their quality and other technical characteristics are as close as possible to the stated requirements.

Original China

Also on sale are Stihl MC 660 models, which are considered original, but are manufactured in China using Chinese spare parts. Residents of the Middle Kingdom have been using this technology for a long time, in some cases it happens that the Stihl brand collects its saws in Germany, but from Chinese spare parts. Chinese parts and cheap labor force more companies to relocate their production.

Chainsaw fake

Why is counterfeiting the Stihl brand so appropriate? The fact is that the color range of the saw and its quite standard dimensions and characteristics enable Chinese craftsmen to change their cheap chainsaws for well-known brands. Very often, the Chinese saw Shain Saw 5200, with simple visual changes, could become an inexpensive Stihl MS 660.

First of all, the original can be determined by the characteristics, because the heavy saw is really heavy and powerful, its weight is 7 kg, and the power is 7 hp. If the weight and dimensions can be faked in simple ways, then the power, unfortunately, will be half as much. Therefore, the two versions of the Stihl 660 will have different purposes:

  • The original is used on sawmills, works with various woods and can be used continuously for several hours;
  • A fake low power and average quality makes it possible to use the saw for domestic purposes, equating it with amateur models.
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Due to the low cost of counterfeiting, this is an excellent choice for those who want to work with a chainsaw in a domestic environment, easily copes with branches, preparing firewood and other household tasks. When handled correctly, the Stihl 660 will last long and without breakage. A low price will allow you to exploit a fake for various purposes; use a standard fuel for chainsaws as fuel. But be extremely careful, especially greedy sellers can make a strong mark-up on a cheap saw, equating to a real original.

The main differences

Chinese chainsaws Stihl 660 are easy to distinguish, for this, be guided by the following differences:

  1. The original always provides a set of company instructions with all information, including the manufacturer;
  2. The counterfeit has a less attractive body color, not as bright and saturated;
  3. The Stihl 660 chainsaw has a starter, or rather its body, is significantly different;
  4. Differences in the lids of the tanks (for oil and fuel), on the German version the lids are created for a combined screwdriver (included in the kit), the copy received ugly convex lids;
  5. The original always has a serial number located in the area of ​​the body just below the muffler.

How to distinguish a fake Stihl chainsaw from the original

There are several factors that make it possible to identify the original factory tool from a gray saw in a matter of minutes.

Where to find the German Stihl chainsaw

Thoroughbred Stihl, with the coveted inscription Made in Germany, can only be purchased from the company’s official representatives.

Original Stihl chainsaws made in China

Initially, chainsaws of this brand were produced only at factories in Germany. But modern realities are such that almost all world companies began to partially or completely manufacture their products in China for economic reasons. In order to reduce costs in 2012, part of the production of Stihl was moved to the Chinese city of Qingdao. Initially, the MS 170 household models were produced there with tires in lengths of 30 and 35 cm, but over time the range has increased significantly.

At present, almost all models of Stihl gasoline saws, just like other tools of this company, are produced in China.

Should I buy a fake

Perhaps the only thing that could be more stupid than buying a fake Stihl chainsaw is to take it to a repair shop. But such a day will clearly come: scuffing in the cylinder, going as a mandatory option, constantly decreasing power, unadjustable chain

Is it worth buying a fake for which there are no spare parts? Is it worth buying a fake, getting it out of which I’m not sure whether it will start this time or not? Is it worth buying a fake in order to go very soon and choose a new chainsaw?

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule. Small, but still there is a possibility that it is not clear where and by whom the saw produced will last a long time.

How to distinguish the original Stihl 180 from a Chinese counterfeit is described in the following:

Buy STIHL equipment from an authorized dealer

First of all, we want to draw your attention to the fact that Andreas Stihl products are sold ONLY through an official dealer network. Stihl equipment is not sold in any bazaars, supermarkets, or bypass roads.
The authorized dealer must have a Certificate and present it at the first request of the buyer. Also, when buying STIHL motor vehicles from an authorized dealer, you receive a warranty card from Andreas Stihl, which contains the product name, serial number, address and phone number of the service center, as well as the official dealer’s stamp.

How to distinguish Chinese Stihl from the original

Be careful! For seemingly successful purchases, you have to pay much more, since fake STIHL chainsaws have less not only the price, but also the resource of work, productivity and, above all, safety. In this article we will try to tell you how not to be deceived.

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Recently, a large number of products of dubious quality have appeared in Ukraine, either very similar to the equipment of the STIHL company, or even blatantly using the name of a world famous company in their name. A counterfeit of this quality is source of serious danger. Below we will try to tell you how to avoid becoming a victim of fake products.

We will teach you how to distinguish an original from a fake chainsaw

So, how to distinguish an original chainsaw from a fake? The easiest way is to carefully study the brand that is applied to the chainsaw body. But this is the easiest way to fake abibas style. Unfortunately, such fakes can only be found in spontaneous forecourt markets and are sold there at bargain prices, like a disposable power tool, which such fakes are. dangerous are counterfeit products, which are almost completely copied from the original.

So, let’s consider the characteristic features by which you can determine the fake chainsaws of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Let’s consider examples of differences that were found in counterfeit products:

  • The color of the muffler does not correspond to the original: for Calm it is black, painted with expensive paint, for the fake, the muffler is silver, without any painting;
  • There is no sticker with a serial number;
  • Counterfeit chainsaws have low-quality cylinder casting, which is noticeable even with a simple visual inspection. This is due to the lack of proprietary casting technologies from companies producing counterfeit products;
  • A damaged serial number can also be a sign of a counterfeit chainsaw;
  • Inconsistency in the appearance of the counterfeit with the original model, which he is trying to copy;
  • Low quality stickers that are easy to pry off and tear off by hand. Stihl uses only high quality stickers that cannot be peeled off even with a handy mechanism. over, it additionally marks its products with the embossed Stihl logo in black, which is applied to the chain sprocket cover.

The main differences between original Goodluck chainsaws and fakes are as follows:

  • The instructions for the original are colored, printed on high quality coated paper;
  • The original must have a quality certificate;
  • The drive sprocket is separate from the clutch block;
  • The chain side brake cover has a characteristic triangular shape;
  • For most models, the case box is manufactured with brackets;
  • The body of the chainsaw is not only painted with powder paint, but also additionally covered with varnish;
  • The individual model number is located on the bottom of the gasoline saw;
  • All Goodluck models are stamped with GL embossing inside the case.

Husqvarna chainsaws can be identified by the following characteristics:

How to distinguish a fake chainsaw?

Question for people buying chainsaws how to distinguish a fake? Becomes more and more relevant. After all, if at the time of Ostap Bender, forgeries were made only on Malaya Arnautskaya Street in Odessa, now counterfeits are made everywhere and, above all, in China.

It is the Chinese counterfeiters who actively counterfeit such recognized world brands as Stihl, Goodluck, Husqvarna, etc. over, the level of counterfeiting is sometimes so high that like this, at first glance, a fake from an original chainsaw cannot be distinguished.

It is easy to distinguish a Chinese chainsaw

So, to summarize, how to distinguish a chinese chainsaw from the original, which she copies.

You can distinguish between an original chainsaw and a fake by the following characteristic features:

  1. Inconsistency of the shape, weight and size characteristics of the original model.
  2. Logo and model name do not match corporate requirements.
  3. Absence of painted parts of the body or non-compliance of the painting with corporate requirements (color, composition, etc.).
  4. Poor quality of critical parts. This is how, most often, you can distinguish a Chinese chainsaw from the original.
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How to distinguish a fake Stihl ms saw

There has always been an interest in a good tool, both from buyers and from manufacturers of counterfeit products. Chainsaws for a long time remained uninteresting for the production of fakes due to the complexity of manufacturing, but the demand gave birth to clandestine production.

In our market you can find many copies and imitations of original Stihl saws. In the article, we will analyze all the features and subtleties, how not to run into a fake and are there any differences in quality.


The original saw is twisted with the sprocket screws. Counterfeits in 90% of either a flat or Phillips screwdriver.

There is a logo on the tank lid. There is no logo on the fake. Also look at the logo on the screws on the back of the tank.

On the side of the muffler / tire, the original must necessarily have an identification plate with a serial number, which must match the number on the box. Whether the plate is forged or not, or it is of poor quality, and it is clear that over time the inscription will wear out.

The product number is engraved on the muffler body on the original saw.

Differences in filter elements. Remove the filter cover and compare with the photo:

Every part of the original Stihl Ms saw is marked with an article, every detail is perfect. The fakes show the remains of the molds, flaws in the plastic molding, there are no articles on the parts.

An overview of the distinctive features of the original Stihl ms saw:

In the following, in addition to the differences of the original saw, they show the distinctive features of the chain and bar:


It is difficult to distinguish the packaging, since the level of printing is high. Fake saws are packaged in exact copies of the original boxes. You can distinguish it by the pasted information plate. If you have several saws in front of you, compare these plates and the numbers on them. At the very least, they should be different. Each room is unique.

Please note the unique serial number on the box. All saws are manufactured in factories in China.

There is one visual difference between the fake Stihl saw box and the original; there is no pronounced white stripe around the logo and along the entire length of the box.



Your authorized STIHL dealer must have:

1. Certified with the original seal Certificate authorized STIHL dealer, issued by Andreas Stihl LLC (official representative of STIHL in Ukraine);

3. Branded labels affixed directly to the STIHL and VIKING tool sold. The cost of any instrument is the same throughout Ukraine, because all recommended prices are set by the Ukrainian representative office of STIHL;

The authorized dealer is also obliged to inform buyers of the principles of operation and design of the purchased tool. Correct customer consultation takes about 30-40 minutes. During this time, consultants manage to convey to customers the main points about the correct work with the tool and its operation.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”