How to Drill Ceiling with a Dustless Hammer

how to drill the ceiling with a dust hammer

Many people live in houses with concrete walls, and when it becomes necessary to make a hole in them, they encounter serious difficulties.

Do not despair and be upset if you did not immediately manage to hang a shelf, a lamp or a cabinet, read our recommendations and everything will work out.

There are several options with which you can independently drill a concrete wall.


Concrete structures are highly durable, so it is quite difficult to drill them yourself.

This is due to the fact that crushed stone is used to create concrete products, and when you drill, you fall on it, the process is very difficult.

The need to drill a concrete wall arises often enough, it is necessary for the installation of shelves, cabinets, air conditioning, wallpapering, fixing a lamp, when attaching insulation or during plastering of walls for attaching beacons.

There are several ways to solve this problem:

  • with a punch or a powerful impact drill;
  • conventional electric drill or screwdriver;
  • diamond drilling.

It should be remembered that for walls made of relatively soft materials, use of drill bits is impossible, since the holes will turn out uneven, and the wall will collapse. It is also impossible to work with metal with such a tool.

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To create holes of large diameter or cutting a doorway, diamond drill bits are used. To use such a tool, it is necessary to use special installations, they allow you to make holes with a diameter of up to 250 mm.

Since the cost of such equipment is high, it is easier to hire specialists or you can rent it.

The better to drill

As already mentioned, you can drill a concrete wall in several ways, we will consider each of them in more detail.


When using a puncher or hammer drill, they must be switched to shock mode, a working tool with a winning tip is inserted and it should be directed perpendicular to the wall surface.

If drilling is long, then periodically wet the drill, so that it does not overheat much.

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Once you have drilled to the required depth, pull the working tool back without turning the punch. To clean the finished hole from dust, it is necessary to deepen and pull out the drill several times.

Ordinary drill or screwdriver

If you do not have the tools described above, then you can perform this work with a conventional electric drill or a powerful screwdriver.

To perform drilling, you will need more time than using a hammer drill, but you can do it yourself.

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In this case, in addition to the drill and drill, you will also need a punch. First, a small indentation is made at the drilling site using a punch and a hammer.

After that, a working tool is inserted into it and drilling begins. If the drill has stopped, again break the hard patches with a punch and continue to work.

Diamond drilling

This is the most effective way by which you can simply and quickly make a hole of the required diameter in a concrete wall.

To perform these works, you will need special equipment, consisting of these elements:

  1. electric motor;
  2. a stand that is securely fixed to the base;
  3. core drill.

During operation, it is not necessary to cool the drill, as water is supplied to it, which not only cools the tool, but also prevents dust from forming.

If specialists work, then together with the specified equipment they use a vacuum cleaner, with which they remove dust and water.

Because the price of such equipment is very high, then buying it for domestic use is impractical. If necessary, make a hole of large diameter, for this you can always invite specialists.

Expert Advice

So that you can properly drill a concrete wall, you must have the necessary equipment, carry out all work carefully and adhere to the following recommendations:

  • without a punch, the work can be done with an impact drill or drilled with a screwdriver;
  • do not buy cheap drills, as they quickly lose the winning tip, and they fail;
  • instead of a punch, you can use a winning tool, one you will break crushed stone, and the second, inserted into a conventional electric drill, drill;
  • To work with concrete, the hammer must have an SDS-plus cartridge;
  • consider the location of the fittings, to determine where it is located, you can use a metal detector, if the fittings are bare, it must be painted to prevent rust;
  • for working with concrete, universal drills with diamond spraying can be used, but they need to be inserted only in a conventional drill, or the shock mode must be turned off.
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During the performance of these works, you must adhere to the developed technologies and safety rules, then you can not only make a hole on your own without attracting expensive specialists, but also avoid injuries.

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