How to fill grease in a hammer drill

How and what to grease the gearbox: How and what to grease the gearbox

Greetings on my site! In this article we will tell you how to lubricate the geared motor. The operation of this tool requires not only simple care. It is imperative to periodically lubricate the gearbox and the chuck.

Naturally, the gearbox is lubricated at the factory. But over time, the grease leaks somewhere, somewhere it dries out. In addition, it is designed only to reduce friction, not eliminate it. So one way or another, the parts still rub against each other, resulting in the formation of fine metal dust, which remains in the grease.

As a result of this mixing of metal and lubricant, the properties of the latter are gradually lost and the wear and tear of the parts is accelerated.

Inexpensive Chinese rotary screwdrivers may be badly lubricated at the factory. Experienced craftsmen at service centers recommend that after buying even a new such unit immediately disassemble and lubricate

The cartridge comes dry at the factory. Here, in fact, it is not the chuck itself that is lubed all over, but only the place where it is in contact with the auger, because it is here that the greatest friction occurs, without reducing it both the chuck and the auger shank can be damaged.

So, below we will consider how and what to grease these elements with. We will consider SDS peorator with the horizontal position of the engine, as it is used in the vast majority of cases by home masters, and the article is mainly written for them.

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What is torch grease and what is it for??

Lubricant is a viscous substance, designed to greatly reduce the coefficient of friction between parts of the tool. Reduce, not one hundred percent clean up. That is, it means that the friction between the parts is practically constant, and some of the small particles are separated from the tool and fall into the oil itself. After a while, this iron dust saturated grease no longer performs its specific function.

First, just change its viscosity, and later the grease itself is a prerequisite for rapid tool wear. Viscosity is considered the main parameter that must be paid attention to during its purchase.

The manufacturer shows without fail in the technical documentation all the properties of the tool and the lubricant that should be used. Great attention should be paid to the frequency of maintenance, which specifies the time after which the lubricant needs to be replaced.

For peoratora, which has a certificate of quality, it is necessary to use only original lubricants, otherwise, after the failure of the tool, you will lose the right to warranty service.

After the passage of the warranty period is also better to use a lubricant recommended by the manufacturer, but at this time, more often, the user uses the cheapest domestic counterparts. Lithol or solidol will not harm your tool in any way. But do not forget that lithol is produced even faster, that is, its replacement is necessary to do much more often.

Lubricate chuck and drill bit shank

This operation is very simple, so its description will be quite short.

Simply take the drill bit grease and add it directly into the chuck. Another option is to apply it to the shank and then install it in the chuck socket. But there’s nothing stopping you from combining the two to be on the safe side.

Make sure that the grease is always present and add more as needed. If this procedure is neglected, the shank will overheat, which will lead either to its detachment from the rest of the drill, or to flattening. So don’t be lazy and add more grease.

That’s all you need to know about the chuck and shank.

As promised, I am attaching the links to the video of the switch disconnection at the end:

fill, grease, drill

This is all the information I have about lubricating the geared motor. I hope that was clear and understandable. I’ll say goodbye at this point. see you later!

What you need to lubricate the geared motor?

This lubricant is also demanding in terms of operating temperature. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use lithol. There are reasons when using domestic lubricating water only increases the impact force of the tool and reduces the noise level generated by it.

Bosch Hammer Drill Refreshment | Bosch GBH 2-24 DSR disassemble

It is especially urgent for the torch of Chinese assembling.

Users of Chinese tools and do not rely on the service warranty, so they act at their own discretion since the beginning of operation of the peorator (or electric drill). Since the peorator at least any manufacturer has its own fundamental design individuality, some uniform lubrication annotation is simply not available. The main thing is that you have it handy:

And then, as you have already figured out, we act correctly according to the annotation.

And remember that in any case the pen should be very clean from dust after work. Make sure that the level of grease is not more than the reference mark. often than not, the peorator has a special container for the lubricant, which means that it is not very difficult to make this whole function.

Lubricate the gearbox in peoratora here immediately after work is not necessary, so that the hot parts in contact with a cool lubricant on them lose their physical properties. The drill shank should also be lubricated with lithol or solidol. If the peorator has an open chuck, it is better to treat the gland. First it must be disassembled and carefully wiped down.

Applied lubricant will make it possible to extend the life of the device and will protect against dust entering inside the tool. There are several types of lubricating compositions:

Can you disassemble the geared motor yourself??

Greater attention to himself asks for tool gearbox.

It is not difficult to lubricate the gearbox parts, but before the warranty period expires you should not lubricate the gearbox. You can disassemble the reducer in any case, but not everyone will be able to reassemble it. It is better to apply to a company service center or special service center if there is a problem with gearbox lubrication. This is quite a narrow job, so it is better to entrust it to experts. But there are cases when this nearby center is farther from you, so you need to lubricate the gearbox by yourself.

What to grease a drill with

Different types of grease are used for lubrication of gearbox and drill chuck.

Gear Lubricant

Here, a special grease is used, which should be called gear grease. It can be under the same brands as the machines themselves. Makita, Bosch, AEG, etc.д. But it can be made by a company that deals with this type of products, such as Ravenol, Shell, Xado, etc.

Some use for this purpose and simple lithol or salidol. But compared to special greasing products, they dry out more quickly, and they do not eliminate friction as much as necessary.

Drill lubricant

It is exactly the same here. This special grease is called drill grease. They are usually made by the same companies that make drill bits.

If you have no special grease, you can use graphite grease. But it does not conduct the heat away from the shank very well, which is important, because sometimes the shank gets flattened during prolonged work, which makes it difficult to pull out later.

What’s the best grease for closed and hub bearings

In the creation and operation of any complex mechanism, we are constantly faced with the problem of friction. Rapid component wear, excessive heat, dramatic reduction in energy efficiency are the consequence of component failure. To prevent this, we have to think about which grease is best for hub bearings, car alternator and bicycle bearings.

The need to lubricate the rotating points

In principle, the device aims to reduce the resistance of motion of the two surfaces. In constructions without metal balls, it is possible to get rid of contact by introducing a lubricating layer in the space. It can range from solid to gaseous. The logical step in the design was to create mechanisms where the rollers began to perform the function of the interlayer. But friction cannot be completely eliminated. These products therefore also require the use of special substances.

fill, grease, drill

A missing or contaminated coating leads to rapid wear and tear: overheating, deformation due to rubbing of shafts and ultimately to failure of the entire unit. Engineers have a term “jamming”, when improperly operated, after changing the geometry, it stops rotating, and as a consequence, an emergency situation occurs. One striking example is the tragedy that occurred at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, where several hundred people suffered due to the failure of a support device.

Lubricant types

The various tasks and conditions at work constantly leave us with the question of which lubricant is best for slide bearings. For various assemblies, which are operated under low and high loads, at temperatures of 300 degrees up to.50, different substances are developed in a corrosive environment. The video shows all the available types.


It has long been observed that a substance with this name has the properties of facilitating sliding. Originally used for this purpose were pomace from plants: flax, sunflower, olive, dairy products, or animal fats. In today’s industry, this subclass includes long molecular carbon compounds produced from petroleum.

  • Mineral. Fifty years ago all motor vehicles were serviced with these products.
  • Semi-synthetic. Artificially synthesised additives are used in the composition, which significantly improves the characteristics.
  • Synthetic. A product with strictly defined parameters is produced for a specific task.

Main application areas are devices that can be lubricated from the crankcase bath or under pressure. These are internal combustion engines, gearboxes, and reduction gears. Other types of liquids can be added to this subclass, e.g. water or soap slurry are used to make ceramic sleeves work.


In conditions where it is not possible to create a sealed area, viscous materials are used, which through adhesion (sticking) are held on the rolling elements. Extrusion during operation and penetration of contaminants is limited by special caps.

Suitable for this purpose are: “Solidol”, “Lithol”, “Tsiatim”, “Fiol”, “Zimol”, “Shrus”. They are made up of four main components: oil, processing aids, coloring agents and a thickener. The last element determines the temperature mode of operation. Depending on the task, it is made on the basis of: lithium, calcium, barium or sodium. One of the positive properties is water resistance.

Specialized substances ensure operation in critical conditions, at temperatures from 150 to.50 degrees, at increased radiation, in aggressive environments (seawater, increased acidity).

Coating with graphite; molybdenum; powdered copper, zinc, lead are used for components subjected to extreme physical stresses.


For high loads apply matter that has a flake-like layered structure. Due to the multiple displacement of layers, the resistance is drastically reduced. The most common is graphite. Molybdenum disulfide powder is also used.


Movement between two surfaces creates an air cushion which prevents direct contact. As a result the unit operates without friction, even at increased speeds. A significant disadvantage is its inability to withstand high loads and poor acceleration and stopping characteristics. Very specific application area.

Best greases

A knowledgeable approach is necessary for the choice of material to avoid overheating of the rolling elements and the occurrence of excessive friction. This ultimately leads to premature loss of the part. Depending on the operating parameters (pressure, speeds, impulsive loads, environment of use), the right substances must be selected. In most cases, ordinary car oil or for closed types of “Lithol” is enough.

General purpose

Almost all commercially available products have a factory filler. Most assemblies are designed with a safety margin, so a standard batch is sufficient. Open models are made for use in ordinary environments. The type is selected from the characteristics of use, with the addition of a substance that is resistant to low or high temperature.

For heavily loaded joints

In such assemblies there is a strong adhesion of elements to each other. This makes the product extremely hot. Therefore, select a composition that actively resists extrusion from the touch points, and does not change the viscosity when the temperature increases. A characteristic representative is “Cyatim” and a whole line of graphite greases. Nigrol”, which has a high level of wetting characteristics, is used for the treatment of open types. When metal parts touch, the film always stays between them.

  • shafts of large agricultural machinery;
  • hubs in vehicles;
  • railroad carriages;
  • military equipment;
  • generators.

Lubrication process for closed and linear bearings

Fluid circulation in the crankcase is automatic, so all maintenance is reduced to regular replacement of. The frequency is prescribed in the passport of the technical means. But there are parts that require constant attention. For this purpose, there are often special holes for “spritzing”. Cone and roller rolling elements are repaired by means of partial dismantling. When caring for electric motors, it may be advisable to remove the protective cover and change the filler, which will extend the service life without replacing the part.

Lubricant for a Makita torch

Japanese corporation that has been producing various construction tools since 1915. The very first owner of the company was Masaburo Makita, in whose honor the company still bears its name. Today the corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools (350 types) and accessories (4500 varieties) for them.

How to disassemble and lubricate a Makita torch video

Range of products (lubricants):

  • “042005-4А”. for SDS torches (16 kg pack);
  • “042024-0А”. for SDS Peorator Gear (2.5 kg pack);
  • “P-08361”. for SDS MAX peorator gearboxes (30-gram pack);
  • “183477-5”. for SDS peorators (pack of 30 grams);
  • “181573-3”. Drill lubricant (100 ml pack).

Lubricant for Bosch rotary table saws

  • The founder of German concern was Robert Bosch. Engineer and businessman, who in 1886 opened a small company for the sale and manufacture of electrical. And despite the fact that initially the staff consisted of only one mechanic and one electrician, the company was able to achieve unprecedented heights.
  • Today it is a leading supplier of various categories of construction and consumer goods, including power tools. The company has subsidiaries all over the world, including the Russian Federation. And probably every city in Russia has an official “Bosch” service center, and since 2007 the factory for the production of equipment was opened in the city of Engels.
  • Many technologies, considered innovative even today, have been successfully tested by this company for many years. Bosch tools. are reliable and ergonomic tools, with the most advanced technology. The corporation’s policy is not to sell as many tools as possible but to make sure that every tool you buy lasts as long as possible. That’s why they started making specialty branded products for the care of power tools, including peorators.
  • “1615430009”, “1615430010”. Lubricant for inserted instrument tips (30 ml pack);
  • “1615430012”. Peorator oil (1 liter pack);
  • “1615430014”. Peorator grease in tubes (45 ml pack);
  • “1615430015”. lubricant in tubes for torches (225 ml package);
  • “1615430016”. Peorator Lubricant (1 kg packing);
  • “1615430019”. Grease for gears (1 l package);
  • “1615437509”, “1615437511”, “1615437512”. Peorator grease, complete with sealing frame (50 ml pack);
  • “3605430008”. hydraulic oil (1 l package).

Lubcon Peorator Lubricant

  • German company founded in 1980 in Frankfurt. Produces various types of synthetic lubricants for power tools. These products are supplied all over the world, also in Russia. The company positions its products as environmentally safe compositions. Only components that meet the highest requirements are used in their development.
  • Lubricants are characterized by special thermal stability, they do not oxidize and excellently prevent friction even under maximum load. The compositions are waterproof and guarantee long life time of the majority of electric tools.

Product range for power tools:

  • “Lubcon Thermoplex ALN 250 EP” is a lubricant for gears;
  • “Lubcon Thermoplex ALN 1002” is a lubricant for peorators;
  • “Lubcon Turmogrease NM 4602/0”. Universal grease compound.

NANOTEC Gear Lubricant

The Russian company is engaged in production of synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral, semi-liquid and plastic lubricants. Products under this brand first appeared on the Russian market in 2004, and since then Nanonet annually increases the range of its products. Lubricants and oils meet the high demands of our time.

Metabo torch grease

  • The company was first founded in 1924 by Albrecht Schnitzler and Julius Kloss. The original intentions of the company’s designers was to manufacture tools that would meet the ever-increasing technological demands of the times. Originally, the tools were hand-operated, and it was not until the 1930s that electrical apparatuses were produced.
  • The company tries to make products that are distinguished by their durability. And for this purpose, they create an entire line of power tool care products, including peorator lubricants. Most of these products are plastic, designed for drill shanks.

Zubr Peorator Lubricant

The company is a Russian manufacturer of various materials and tools, which have proven themselves in the domestic and foreign markets. Good quality and affordable price, the assortment is constantly updated with new product categories. All products are tested in the company’s laboratories and only after successful completion are sent to the design office. Finished products are subjected to mandatory quality control, and then they go on sale.

  • “Zubr expert 60. Drill tip grease (60 g pack);
  • “Zubr-Expert 125. Drill bit grease (125g pack);
  • “Zubr ZSB”. Drill bit grease (125 g pack).

Lubricant for Interskol torch

Russian company, today is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of power tools. The company has wide experience in development and manufacture of various products and has its own design and test bureau. Plants located in Russia and Spain, and products supplied to many European countries.

Maintenance features of an electric drill with peorator function

Much more difficult to service an electric drill that operates with the torch function. This hybrid of tools has some disadvantages, unlike the usual peorator:

Only the tip of the auger needs permanent lubrication. The amount of grease is minimal: just clean the auger of dust and apply a small amount (about the size of a matchstick) of solidol to the tip. The same demands are put on the lubrication of the auger of the usual geared tool. An excessive amount of grease on the drill will not harm the mechanism of the tool, but it will splash out in any case and can cause damage to the repair room. But if there is too much grease in the gearbox, it will simply leak out.

Need to say a little about professional peorators. As a rule, this tool is not used at home. The price of the tool plays the main role here, that’s why it is chosen much more seldom. But at the same time this tool is considered the simplest and unpretentious in operation. There are usually no problems with the lubrication of this tool, because the design of the mechanism is very simple.

The gearbox also does not have any features that will make it difficult to maintain. Everything is simple: unscrew the drain valve, pour the used lubricant into a container, wash the container for lubrication of the peorator, screw the drain hole and pour the new grease to the desired level. The gearbox of this steering rack is serviced in exactly the same way as described above.

When to grease the steering rack

Manufacturers always initially put a certain amount of lubricant on the shaft and under the dust caps of the steering rack. However, over time, with contamination and thickening, the factory grease gradually loses its properties and becomes worthless. So the car owner should periodically change the lubrication of the steering rack.

There are a number of signs, if there is at least one of which you need to perform an inspection of the state of the steering rack, and if necessary, to replace the grease. In parallel with this, other work is also possible, such as the replacement of rubber o-rings. So, these signs include:

  • Creaking when turning the steering wheel. In this case, the hum or extraneous sounds come from the rack, usually on the left side of the car.
  • The rack that is not equipped with power steering becomes tighter, i.e. it becomes more difficult to turn the steering wheel.
  • The rack also begins to make a squeaking and/or humming noise when driving over bumps. However, in this case, you need to do some additional diagnostics because the cause may not be in the gearbox.

If the car owner encounters at least one of the above signs, it is necessary to perform additional diagnostic actions, including checking the presence of grease in the steering rack.

Torque Roller Cartridge Lubricant

The pectoral cartridge requires the same care as the gearbox. Working in constant dust causes a lot of dirt to accumulate in the chuck, and the parts are hard to rotate. Technical inspection with grease to avoid damages should not be made when the tool stops working, but much more often.

To grease the thumbwheel cartridge with your own hands, choose the grease recommended by the manufacturer or by renowned manufacturers of the same type. Naturally, we disassemble the cartridge according to the instructions, wipe all parts dry and lubricate them with the selected grease.

Disassembling the gearbox cartridge

Remember that both a lack of lubricant and an excess of lubricant do not affect the operation of the tool in the best way. Everything in moderation.

When lubricating parts, lubricate those parts that need to be lubricated and that should be able to slide. Naturally parts such as gear couplings do not have to be lubricated.

when buying greases, you must be aware that the grease for cutting tool tips, e.g. drills and drills, is absolutely unsuitable for the lubrication of knots and vice versa.

How to properly lubricate a gearbox

After deciding on the brand of grease let’s start the routine maintenance work. The liquid oils are drained out of the Geareducer in the same way as in the car. If the oil looks too dirty and has abrasive particles in it, wash the gearbox with a special compound.

The housing can also be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Then carefully assembled (replacement of gaskets if necessary) and pour the new composition through the regular holes.

Step by step video instructions for lubricating the gearbox of a geared motor

The oil quantity is specified in the documentation. If it is not available, you can measure the volume of the drained waste. But in this case the natural losses should be taken into account.

It’s a little easier with grease formulations. The gearbox can clearly be disassembled and the components can be removed (take care not to lose the springs and retaining rings).

Then the metal parts and gearbox housing are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. Generally kerosene is used (harsh detergents can damage the sealing bushes and gaskets).

Lubricate the assembled gear unit (without the gear unit cover). It must completely coat all gears and moving parts of the mechanism. The layer thickness should not exceed 5 mm, the inner cavities should be completely filled.

Grease change for Hammer Drill FASTEST | Hilti Hammer Drill Repair | Restore old tools

However, do not work according to the principle of “you can’t wash the oil out of your gears. Excessive grease will hamper the operation of the mechanism and is sure to escape, damaging the gasket or oil seal at the same time.

The illustration shows how not to grease the gearbox.

The frequency of replacements depends not on calendar days, but on the number of moto-hours. You can find information on that in the documentation that came with the tool. Remember that “multi-purpose” greases like Lithol last for less time.

With the right lubricant, you can maintain your rotary tool yourself without paying a service technician. An exception is when the tool is under warranty.

Peculiarities of Selecting Grease for a Gearbox, Drill Bit, Chuck

Grease is a substance intended to reduce the frictional force between interacting parts. Of course, some friction remains and during tool use, the structural elements in contact with each other continue to wear out. But when lubrication is present, the process is considerably slower than with dry friction.

Greases can be synthetic, mineral or semi-synthetic. The second type is made of petroleum. it quickly loses its performance characteristics, it must be replaced more often.

The main parameter of the lubricant is its viscosity. Peorator manufacturers recommend in its instruction manual to use grease with certain value of this characteristic for maintenance of their tools.

Each brand of lubricant has its own technical characteristics that must be taken into account when selecting. To lubricate the gear wheels, chuck, shank of the head, use only the types of compounds that are suitable for the machining of these parts.

For example, a material used for reducing friction in the gearbox is not used for oiling the drills.

To lubricate the gears of your rotary tool, it is recommended to use gear oil. It is poured through a special hole in the housing in the amount required by the instructions. It coats the cooperating parts and fills the crankcase. Peorator oil should be of a liquid consistency.

The gears are also lubricated with special greases. But keep in mind that not all machinery will work properly with this consistency. If the gear parts are (partially or fully) plastic, it is possible to use silicone grease such as 220-R Silicone DBC or HVS-100 Silicone #3 from Huskey.

To reduce the friction between the tail parts of the bits and the chucks, thick compositions should be used, on which it is indicated that they are designed directly for the drills. If you do not have them, you can use a graphite analogue. But it is less effective at dissipating heat than a special grease. Thicker varieties of silicone grease are also used for cartridges.

Recommended lubricant manufacturers

The grease can be used both proprietary (from manufacturers of chucks, for example, Hitachi, Metabo, AEG, Bosch, Bosch, Interskol, Zubr) and from companies that produce lubricants (Xado, Ravenol, Shell and others). The most popular companies with a demanded range of products are presented in the table below.