How to Get a Drill Out of a Drill with a Key

Greetings to all in the next article! When operating a particular device, the user sometimes encounters unpleasant moments. Today I will touch on one of them. In this text, I decided to give some tips on how to get the drill out of the drill, if you can’t do it. The reasons why it is not possible to do this seemingly simple thing can be very different. Here I described the main aspects on this topic and identified three main areas that I consider it necessary to disclose:

  • replacement of a drill in a normally working chuck;
  • pulling out a drill without a key;
  • Removing a drill that is stuck due to some kind of existing damage.

We consider each of these circumstances separately.

How to remove a drill with a working cartridge

If everything is working properly, then there shouldn’t be any problems with getting it. Therefore, this section is more likely devoted to completely ignorant users of a power tool, since the operation itself is elementary. But still there are a lot of people, so maybe someone will need this information.

In this situation, you will need a special key to unlock the key cartridge, or straight arms to relax its quick-tight analogue.

In the first case, you need to insert the key into one of the recesses on the cartridge, and begin to rotate it counterclockwise. Promotion is due to the existing teeth on both items.

In the second, the drill should be included in the reverse (reverse rotation) mode. With one hand we hold the external case of the cartridge, and with the other we press the start button. If your machine is not equipped with a reverse, then this is not very good. this generally should not be, since only key cartridges are put on such devices. But still, if this happened, then you need to somehow fix the axis of the drill (for example, with an open-end wrench) and rotate the outer case of the chuck counterclockwise. In general, here it would be better to remove such a cartridge and put the key.

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How to change a drill without a key in a drill

As you can see from the subtitle, here we are talking about key cartridges.

The most common method is the use of a Phillips screwdriver or nail of a suitable diameter, which is inserted into any of the existing recesses on the cartridge, thereby fixing its first half. You can try to twist the other half by hand. Usually in this way it is quite easy to spin.

However, if this does not work out, then you can use a gas key or a vice instead of a hand. Using them, you will be able to create the necessary effort, which is likely to be enough to carry out the rotation.

If you still don’t succeed as a result of these steps, try what is described in the next section.

How to get a drill from a damaged cartridge

Here we will also talk about cases where the drill itself is damaged.

Damage is usually in the form of a broken cam or damaged thread. It also happens that the drill is damaged, for example, scrolling between the cams. As a result of this, shavings are formed that interfere with normal rotation, as it clogs into different slots, which prevents rotation.

So, for starters, you can try to relax the fists. This can be done again with the help of two gas keys or one in assistance with a vise.

In the first case, each part of the cartridge is clamped with its own key and rotation is performed on loosening. In the second, fixing one of the parts is no longer carried out with a key, but with a vise. Since this creates a fairly large effort, the unlocking is quite easy.

In addition, in the absence of a gas key, one part can be clamped in a vise, and the second one can be used to apply gentle blows with a hammer along the tangent. Relaxation is due to the generated vibration.

If the previous methods do not help, for example, due to the thread being broken on the cams, you will have to resort to the next point.

First you will need to twist the cartridge with an electric drill. How to accomplish this, I have already described on this page. Then we clamp it in a vice and knock out the drill from the inside with a punch of a suitable diameter, which is threaded through the hole into which the spindle is inserted.

How to Get a Drill Out of a Drill with a Key

That’s all. These are the main solutions that can be applied if you need to pull the drill out of the drill. As you can see, everything is very simple. Of course, in special cases, different devices may be required, although most of the home masters have the ones that I described. Hope my tips help you. I wish you no longer have such problems. See you soon!