How to get Oleo-Mac motorcyca. Description of the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 model

Oleo-Mac Sparta 37 problems are not gaining momentum! Video

To determine everything in order you need a tachometer. Repair of the gasopyle of the gasopyle of the OLEO-MAC gas station Carburetor adjustment. The revolutions should be the same as the maximum chainsaws in the passport are indicated. In general, the essence of the problem of the Oleo-Mac Sparta 37 is that after cleaning the silencer, the braid braid stopped gaining momentum.

Adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mower or motorcycles with your own hands. How to configure a gasoline trimmer for grass 55, 250, 45 and other Kosa-Motors models adjusting the German manufacturer’s carburetor, the introduction of a lawn mower in work with landscaping involves the presence of wear, and sometimes breakdowns of its devices.

Oleo-Mac Sparta.The reason for the overflow of fuel and the lack of idle.

There are no oil crankcase in 2-stroke engines, because you need to add motor oil for 2-tact engine to add to gasoline (OLEO-MAC proprietary oil in a ratio of 1:50 or at least some other motor oil-1:40). CMI chainsaws, carburetor adjustment repair of the gasopyle of the OLEO-MAC 941C chainsaw. This is necessary to lubricate the motor in order to avoid unnecessary friction and the formation of soot on the nodular elements of the motor. Tachometer for adjusting the carburetor another reason for fuel overflow.We eliminate the cause of the fuel overflow on the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25, 250.

Correct tuning of the carburetor with your own hands in this case-combustion of the fuel mixture without a residue, the color of the candle should be light brown. How to adjust the carburetor if it is incorrectly configured and also depending on the load. This is not about the repair of the carburetor, but about the adjustment.

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The Oleo-Mac Sparta 250s lawn mower is not started

The overall adjustment of the maximum revolutions, engine power, temperature and gas consumption depends on the left screw (H). Spare parts for motorcycles OLEO-MAC The Oleo-Mac Sparta 250S repair of carburetor.

Adjustment of the lawn mower carburetor can be adjusted with your own hands, as well as the entire bench tool for the garden, is not difficult to maintain equipment. Repair, configure without the help of others there is an option and it is necessary. For example, adjusting the carburetor of the lawn mower on their own. it is 5 minutes. In general, the essence of the problem of the Oleo-Mac Sparta 37 is that after cleaning the silencer, the braid braid stopped gaining momentum.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 44 Examination adjustment

Simply put, adjusting the carburetor on a benzocos. creating an optimal fuel mixture due to the correct air supply. This happens when, instead of normal repair, the “symptoms” are muffled by setting a carburetor.

Adjustment of the lawn mower carburetor can be adjusted with your own hands, like the entire benzo tool for the garden, is not difficult to maintain equipment. Repair, configure without the help of others you can and necessary. For example, adjusting the carburetor of the lawn mower with your own hands. it is 5 minutes. Spare parts for motorcycle. Repair and adjustment of the carburetor motorcosa.

Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 COMPLETE ASSEMBLY OF brush cutter / nuances of spare parts start-up

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

Thanks.Yes, I really like the same as Oleo responds to gas.I cleaned my oleo, such a neglected area was just a guard.Naturally, not at once and not overwhelming the braid.He ran her everything.How is it written in the passport.And really after 6 hours I felt that it became more powerful, a little gazanya and responds.Yes, now I will constantly check the same damper.This is all fatigue.I mowed a lot for three days in a row, so I got it.As they say, they learn from mistakes, but better on strangers.

There is a question, after I conquer a braid that time is twitching the spool, this is only when I lead to the cold. And how I work and drown out, and then I conquer it to hot, this is not.Of course I read about this in the subject, but not to shove the whole topic.Tell me, what could it be?Thanks.

Olegych thanks.Otherwise I already thought that something was wrong with my scythe.

oleo-mac, description, sparta, model

Somewhere in the instructions I came across the fact that when the spray rotates at idle in the SC (joke)

ERV wrote: I heated a broken spring with a burner and one round bent, (only the ear was broken off, which clings to the block), then he tempered the spring, of course I understand that this is a dead pincere,

ERV wrote: I heated a broken spring with a burner and one round bent, (only the ear was broken off, which clings to the block), then he tempered the spring, of course I understand that this is a dead pincere,

ERV wrote: it makes sense to change the clutch entirely (it is in stock)

The bridge wrote: you or in the service? Look for how to work as it is

I don’t remember how much I stretched it, I think no more than 1.5-2 mm, as far as the pads diverge not Meril. Of course, I will get tired of the pads, but this trimmer for the grass went to parents for free after several seasons in the housing office, repair and (the reason for the repair is unknown), so it is unknown, but it was clearly driven daily. I myself have developed it from the force of 15 hours, I worked and pleased with the spring breakdown.

The main malfunctions of the starter of the trimmer for grass

It is not difficult to determine the cause of the breakdown of the starting device. There are several main options:

These details are shown in the photo below.

It may happen that the starting mechanism will be accidentally broken. The consequences will turn out to be deplorable if the ragged rope is wound around the flywheel of a working internal combustion engine: then the spring bursts, the pulley will tear off. But such cases when a complete replacement of the starting node is required, they rarely occur. In most cases, to fix the mechanism, it is enough to put a new spring or replace the cord.

You need to do a little research. Acceleration of the device is initiated. It is necessary to assess the serviceability of the engine at maximum speed. When the engine works, this means that pressing an accelerator develops speed up to 15,000 rpm.

If this does not happen or the speed increases too slowly, the screw with labeling L should be used. He rotates counterclockwise. Moderate movements should be observed, since the turn should not exceed 1/8 of the full circle.

How to set up maximum speed

To limit this number, you must use a screw with marking h h. To increase the number of revolutions, turn it clockwise and reduce counterclockwise. The maximum frequency should not exceed 15,000 rpm.

An increase in this value will lead to stopping the engine engine, which will cause problems in the ignition system. The rotation of this screw should take into account the processes of ignition of the device. If you have the slightest malfunction, the maximum speed should be reduced.

How the saapun affects the possibility of launching the gas mowing engine

Having excluded the malfunctions of the filters of the lawn mower, it is necessary to check the saapon. The cabin is called a detail that is responsible for the normalization of pressure in the tank. When the fuel gradually leaves the tank to the carburetor, then the pressure increases (the vacuum is created). To discharge the vacuum inside the tank, a saapun is used. a kind of valve that is on the tank cover of the tool. This valve has a filtering element through which the air entering the tank is filtered.

Over time, the filter clogs, and becomes the reason for creating a vacuum in a gas tank. Trite, but in 30% of cases, a trimmer malfunction for grass in the form of the impossibility of starting it is associated with clogging the cabin. The trimmer’s saapun can be cleaned, and the operation of the tool can continue. Make sure that the cause of the trimmer’s malfunction for grass is precisely the sapun can be as follows:

  • Wrap the gas tank cover
  • If air is pulled when diluting, then it is already possible to assume with 100% confidence that a saepun has come out of order
  • Twist the lid and start the engine of the lawn mower. If the trimmer for the grass starts, but after a while (when the amount of fuel in the tank is reduced) stalls, then it is necessary to clean the saepun

You can clean the bacon through a conventional sewing needle. Many do not even know about this important detail, so they often do not understand what to do when the mowing benzotrimer engine does not start. Answering the question of the influence of the saapun on launching the motor, I must say that it has a direct effect. Excessive pressure in the tank prevents the fuel supply to the carburetor, so the engine does not start.

The muffler of his clogging and the inability to start a benzotrimer

What else can be the reason that it is impossible to start a benzotrimer engine? Even before resorting to more cardinal actions, you should check the serviceability of the muffler or exhaust channel. This does not apply to new trimmers that have practically no special development. If the trimmer has been to the trimmer, and the tool has not been subjected to diagnostic measures, then the muffler is checked.

If the lawn muffler is clogged, then the exhaust gases have nowhere to go out, and therefore it is impossible to get the engine. In an instant, the exhaust channel cannot be clogged, therefore, the day before such signs should have been manifested:

  • An increase in the sound of the motor, which is associated with overcoming high resistance with exhaust gases to release them
  • Black smoke from a muffler is a dozen that settles on the walls of the exhaust system
  • Unstable engine operation
  • The motor stalls on its own when working at idle

Exclude or confirm this factor by inspecting the exhaust system. If the anti.icing mesh has significant clogging, then the reason for the impossibility of starting the engine is undoubtedly in the exhaust channel. The mesh must be cleaned, only this must be done carefully, since the black carcass is a very dangerous carcinogen that can provoke serious diseases of the human respiratory system. To clean the anti.icing mesh and muffler walls of the trimmer for grass, special tools should be used, and work using protective equipment.


The garden technique of the Italian brand Oleo-Mac is popular in the middle of buyers in the world. The manufacturer produces the technique of various spheres of implementation: chainsaws, trimmers for grass, lawn mowers, cultivators, bushes, etc. D. In the middle of the lineup of trimmers, Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 should be distinguished.

This is a domestic lawn mower. The main purpose of the model is to cut grass and shrubs of small sizes. By the view of customers, Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 is one of the flagship benzocosyles. In most cases, the model is used in personal plots, small in volume of territories that need to be careful. The best volume for working with a trimmer is 15-20 acres.

  • trimmer for grass;
  • tank for mixing fuel water;
  • annotation for use;
  • keys for the assembly and repair of the tool;
  • warranty coupon;
  • safety shield;
  • a nylon fishing coil;
  • Iron knife.

OLEO-MAC GS 35 chain-tools

Small.sized portable saw relate to garden household appliances of amateur class. The model was initially created to solve small household problems, including the harvesting of small logs, as well as cutting dry and putrefactive branches.

OLEO-MAC 35 chainsaw is equipped with a reliable benzormotor equipped with a branded Japanese carburetor and a processed system for extinguishing the created internal combustion engine in vibrations. An iron.resistant crankshaft is invested in the motor base, capable of spinning the saw headset to a speed of about 9000 rpm.

For emergency stopping the chain in case of unexpected events, this Oleo-Mac model is armed with a reliable inertial brake. The chain tension is carried out by turning the screw. It is protected by a shock.resistant plastic pad, having removed which the operator can repair the mechanism.

The characteristics of this chain portable saw include:

  • The capacity of the industrial engine is 2 liters. With.;
  • The capacity of the tank for fuel/lubrication of the chain is 360/260 ml;
  • The brand recommended by the length of the mounted tire is 35 cm;
  • Weight. 4.7 kg.

For lubrication of the installed saw organs in the original factory equipment of the saw is responsible for a wear.resistant oil pump, which works properly in automatic mode.


When buying an OLEO-MAC 936 chainsaw, the client receives a standard set in addition, Yaki is complete with at least a saw.

It should be noted that with everything, coupled above, the client receives a guarantee for a chainsaw for a period of 3 years.

Carburetor adjustments

For clarity, setting up a gasopyle carburetor can be looked at. After viewing it, no questions about the adjustment should be even in newcomers.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Oleo-Mac chainsaw carburetors:

oleo-mac, description, sparta, model
  • Large resource;
  • Small sizes;
  • Three adjustment screws allowing to make accurate setting (a feature of all modern chainsaws with membrane carburetors)
  • Small sizes and puzdo are small mass of the structure, for comparison with analogues;
  • Available price of parts, carburetor assembly;
  • Unpretentiousness to the quality of gasoline.

It is also necessary to note a number of shortcomings:

  • It can be difficult to find a repair kit on sale, in small towns;
  • Difficulties with options, the highest requirements for the qualifications of settings;
  • The need for repeated adjustments for long.term operation.

Oleo-Mac 947 chainsaw. Characteristics of the model

The advantages of this semi.professional portable saw. Low vibration, a small center of mass and the highest performance in all weather criteria.

The piston of the gasoline engine of this model is made of forged steel and equipped with 2 rings to increase the resistance of the element.

The saws of this semi-professional OLEO-MAC model consist of a forged circuit installed on the iron railway. The headset is lubricated by automatic and controlled by an adjustable oil pump.

The characteristics of the signature file contain:

  • The factory power of the motor is 3.1 liters. From.;
  • Fuel tank capacity / oil tank. 500/270 ml
  • Recommended tire length for a suspended tire. 45 cm;
  • The weight. 5.6 kg.

Read how to adjust the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw

The internal components of this OLEO-MAC are located in a shockproof case, Yaki withstands long heating, vibration and low height.

Trimmer for grass Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 TR

Greetings all visitors to the blog “Our garden technique and tool”.So. I have a house and a plot of 25 acres, which must be processed and careful, and it is difficult and time.consuming to do it without technology. And I am a little lazy in life, and from here I had 10 units of benzoelectrical engineering with a life of 14 years to 2 months on my farm and which can be attributed to the group of garden. Each copy, from this dozens, I initially studied before buying on different Internet resources. In order to have more information about a particular copy, I had to consult with sellers, to a greater extent liars. With masters from repair shops, they can share the statistics of breakdowns by models. Talk with the owners, that is also difficulties, t.To not everyone wants to admit that he bought g oh. Well, today I’ll write about my first acquisition and this is a trimmer for the grass of Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 TR, which is probably the easiest compared to similar benzotrimmers, and I have something to compare with. T.I own another trimmer, and sometimes friends bring to repair. So, Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 TR, this is a household trimmer for herbs for mowing grass and weed in areas with a total area of ​​up to 12 acres, having a 2-stroke engine, is equipped with a semi-automatic reel. Cutting element- fishing line for trimmer 2.0 mm, max 2.4 and shoulder belt. Build it in 2004 Assembly Italy. Of course, the sellers of the calls claimed that this trimmer for the grass was developed for difficult conditions, but this is a fairy tale for a gullible buyer and hardly in Italy they think about us. And so back to the trimmer. As I wrote above, a trimmer for the grass is leaf and easy to handle, its weight is about 4.5 kg. Personally, I do not end with gasoline and does not seem to be tired, although there are problems with the back. Throughout the entire service life, the maintenance of braids for grass is reduced to the preparation of gas mixtures and seasonal services. Service process.This is a lubricant of the drive shaft in the bar, the lubrication of the reel and replacement of the air filter. At the end of the season, I recommend that Motokos prepare for winter “hibernation”, t.E Conduct conservation. I do so. The surface of the braid braid is washed from adhering residues of vegetation. I blow out with a compressor, an internal combustion engine and coils. I remove the old grease from the drive shaft and coil and apply a new one. Next, unscrew the candle and in the hole lies, a little butter, approximately drops of 10-15, and then slowly 5-6 times pull the rope of the starter, so that the walls of the cylinder are covered with an oil film and then screw the candle back. The oil film will protect the walls of the cylinder and piston from oxidation. Well, then I will send her to “sleep” until the next season.(Photo 10 they sleep like that) and I have been doing this procedure for 14 years. During the period of operation, a braid for grass showed itself very reliable equipment. Not a single breakdown.In the future, some elements of braids for the grass a little modified a little. Namely, I was tired of flying from under the protective casing of the grass and I took the old tire from the garden cart and made a booth on the code (see.a photo). And all, herbs began to fly much smaller. Although now all kinds of covers are being sold in stores.The next element to what I had a hand, it was a coil from under the fishing line. A weak place, this is a plastic loop that is designed to hold the fishing line in the coil when winding up (photo 5). So during operation, this loop is torn and no longer holds the fishing line for the trimmer. I took the lid from the coil and drilled two holes and passed through their fishing line for a trimmer (6-7 photos). So this problem is eliminated. a braid for grass continues to work. Friends, if anyone is going to purchase a trimmer for grass, then pay attention to this model. Unless of course you find it on sale, then buy, you will not regret. Good luck to all.

Adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mowing for grass

If your trimmer for the grass cannot be made or during work it develops incomplete speeds, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection and identify the cause of malfunctions. Most often, this is some small problem, such as a burned candle, which can be eliminated by personally, without resorting to the help of professional repair masters. But sometimes the reason is much more serious, and it lies in the carburetor.

If you find out exactly that you need to adjust the motor carburetor, do not rush to do it yourself, contact the customer service center. Adjustment of the carburetor (especially foreign manufacturers, including OLEO-Mac) requires the use of high-precision professional equipment, which you can hardly afford-it is quite expensive and does not pay off without constant use.

The entire procedure for adjusting the carburetor usually takes 2-3 days, in particularly difficult cases, this period increases to 12 days.

How to cook gasoline for Italian motorcycle?

OLEO-MAC lawners requires special fuel: a mixture of gasoline and motor oil. You will need: to prepare the composition:

  • high.quality gasoline;
  • Oil for a two-stroke engine (OLEO-MAC oils specially designed for its own engines are best suited).

Percentage of 1: 25 (one part of oil per 25 parts of gasoline). If you use “native” oil, the ratio can be changed by 1: 50.

It is necessary to mix fuel in a clean canister, after pouring both components, thoroughly shake. to obtain a uniform emulsion, after which the fuel mixture must be poured into the tank.

Important clarification: motor oils in the degree of viscosity are divided into summer, winter and universal. Therefore, when choosing this component, always consider which season on the street.

It can be said that trimmers for the grass of oleo-mac of Italian production are a quality technique, although quite expensive.