How To Hold An Angle Grinder Correctly When Working

How to use an angle grinder safely Operations that can be done with an angle grinder. Safety precautions when working with an angle grinder. How to cut an angle grinder correctly: by yourself or by yourself?

What is the danger of an angle grinder

The angle grinder is a traumatic tool. This is due to the following reasons:

  • High speed of rotation of the working nozzle, it exceeds 10,000 rpm;
  • Openness (unprotected by a casing) of most of the disc;
  • The ability to break the abrasive disc into fragments of different sizes, which are then scattered to the sides at a significant speed;
  • The frequent lack of the ability to properly organize the workplace;
  • The formation of small particles when cutting metal (or other material) or grinding.

If the disc is jammed, even due to its slight skewing, the angle grinder is almost impossible to hold in your hands, especially a powerful tool. This is caused by the high speed of rotation of the nozzle. Therefore, beginners are recommended to work with low-power models, equipped with discs with a diameter of 115-125 mm. The latter should be free of the slightest defects that could lead to their sudden destruction and tearing the angle grinder out of the hands with undefined consequences.

General safety rules

Handle the angle grinder correctly to reduce the possibility of injury when working with the angle grinder. At the same time, the following rules of use must be observed:

  1. Always use personal protective equipment. The operator must be in good health.
  2. Before work, it is necessary to check the correctness and reliability of the casing fastening so that it does not fall off in the process, and sparks do not fly off to the operator.
    how to hold an angle grinder correctly when working
  3. Use only complete discs without defects (cracks, chips, fractures) and strictly as intended for processing a specific material.
  4. A protective shield must be located between the operator and the circle to provide protection in case of destruction of the latter.
  5. Before starting work, you need to check the performance of the tool at idle for about 1 minute: uniformity of rotation at maximum speed, absence of vibration.
  6. Inspect any attachments prior to use to determine their suitability for use.
  7. It is necessary to protect objects that can ignite from sparks with an asbestos or ordinary damp cloth: oily rags, fuels and lubricants, paper, solvents, ropes.
  8. It is required to constantly securely fix the working attachments so that they do not fall off.
  9. If it is possible to control the speed of rotation, set the speed recommended for cutting or grinding the working material.
  10. Cut the tree very carefully, because hitting a branch can cause the tool to jerk out of the hand.
  11. It is forbidden to install attachments from a circular saw due to the fact that they are designed for a different spindle speed.
  12. The tool must be held with both hands.
  13. When starting to work, it is necessary to remove all unnecessary and make sure that there are no objects on the cutting plane, except for the workpiece.
  14. Take regular breaks from work.
  15. If the work attachment is stuck, turn off the tool immediately.
  16. A stable (balanced) body position should be maintained.
  17. The power cord must be kept away from the rotating part so as not to cut it or cause a short circuit.
  18. Only after a complete stop of the circle is it allowed to release the tool from the hands.
  19. When moving around the workplace, turn off the angle grinder, and this must also be done when the supply voltage is turned off.
  20. It is only necessary to cut at full speed.
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The stated safety measures have been developed by manufacturers of angle grinders, as well as by special organizations (services) involved in labor protection activities.

A person working with an angle grinder must be adequate and in a balanced psychological state.

How to Safely Use an Angle Grinder

This hand tool has become indispensable in various fields, especially in construction and metalworking. With its help, labor productivity is increased. The emergence of a large number of different attachments has led to a significant increase in the functionality of the device.

But not all workers who regularly use it in their work know how to use an angle grinder correctly. It should be borne in mind that non-observance of elementary rules of safe handling of an angle grinder is fraught with very dangerous injuries, sometimes fatal. Compliance with the operating instructions will help to avoid this. An important role in preventing injury is that the tool is in good working order, the use of suitable personal protective equipment, and the correct selection of discs for cutting and grinding various materials.

Whatever type of activity you are engaged in, you must remember that the device is potentially traumatic. A cutting blade rotating at high speed can cause serious injury. Even small pieces of stone, sawdust and shavings flying from the cut can be dangerous, especially if it gets into the eyes. Therefore, when using angle grinders, you must strictly follow the safety rules.

Features of angle grinder

Angle grinders (angle grinder) are used for a wide range of work on cutting metal, stone, concrete, be it construction or, conversely, dismantling structures. There are also a number of attachments for them, with which you can carry out grinding and polishing.

How to operate an angle grinder safely?

When everything is more or less clear with the universal points on safety, it is time to analyze specific examples of work and the protection of the operator when performing them. For clarity, the information is presented in the table. The data are systematized according to the main points.

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So, most often the angle grinder is used for cutting ceramic tiles, performing tasks on metal and wood. on this later.

Attention! Manufacturers do not recommend using an angle grinder for working with wood due to the increased risk of injury!

What is the danger of an angle grinder?

The history of using the angle grinder is filled with many tragic facts, but the wolf is not as terrible as it is painted. Of course, with improper use, haste, carelessness, an angle grinder can injure not only the employee, but also the people around. To avoid this is easy to learn and always practice the safety rules established for this tool.

This is what ignoring the safety instructions leads to:

  1. Working without glasses a lot of sparks and small particles, metal fragments fly out from under the disc of the angle grinder. They are sharp and hot. If such a particle gets into the eye, it can permanently deprive eyesight. Glasses should be closed type and fit snugly to the face. If you replace them with a mask, it will be generally perfect.
  2. Failure to use the blade guard. During contact with the surface, the working wheel sometimes collapses. In this case, the element shatters into small parts. The protective cover sets the direction of this flight and removes the debris away from the worker.
  3. Respirator when working with stone materials. When the angle grinder cuts stone, concrete, marble, a lot of dust is created, which must be inhaled by the operator. The dust not only clogs the airways, but also gets into the throat. All this is dangerous to health, therefore it is better to play it safe using protective devices.

Work clothes often have a loose fit. This is done for convenience, so that nothing hinders movement. But when working with an angle grinder, you should refuse such a robe, because wide pants can be touched by a rotating disc. He quickly grips the tissue and injures the body. Light outfits with open arms and legs are also taboo.

How to Work Your Angle Grinder Correctly to Avoid Injury: 3 Ways to Use and 10 Safety Tips

An angle grinder (angle grinder) or, as it is also called, an angle grinder should be in the arsenal of every master. She is a faithful assistant in repairs: not a single laying of ceramic tiles or a cut in concrete can do without this tool. What can we say about large-scale construction and dismantling work: here the angle grinder is a real queen, second only to a jackhammer.

Every builder knows how to work correctly with an angle grinder, but even professionals make mistakes. Injuries sustained from an angle grinder are the responsibility of the surgeon and may not always be curable. The article will skip all the horrors of severed fingers to go to the main safety precautions, which are not always found in standard instructions. But first things first.

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Safety when working with an angle grinder

Statistics show that a dismissive and frivolous attitude to safety when working with this tool leads to disability and sometimes death. Below you can familiarize yourself with the basic rules for working safely with an angle grinder.

Therefore, a detailed acquaintance with the basic safety rules when working with an angle grinder can save the worker from injury and serious injury.

Protective equipment when working with an angle grinder

When a rotating abrasive disc comes into contact with the surface to be cut, sparks, small particles and scales are generated that can get into the eyes, exposed skin and hair. This can lead to loss of vision and burns, therefore work should be carried out in special protective glasses, gloves and overalls made of fire-resistant fabric. It is also recommended to protect your hair with a helmet or headgear. Protective equipment when working with an angle grinder is an essential element for successful and most importantly safe work with this power tool.

Protective cover and discs for angle grinder

Never, under any circumstances, remove the protective cover from the angle grinder! If the disc breaks, the protective cover will save you from falling debris.

The main reason for removing the shroud is to be able to fit a larger disc on the angle grinder than the angle grinder model provides. If your health and life are dear to you, never make such rational improvements.

With the correct positioning of the protective cover, you also protect yourself from sparks, scale and small fragments from the material being cut. Never use blades for cutting that are not designed for the material being cut. For example, you should not cut wood with a disc to cut metal. This can lead to disc destruction and wood fire. It is also strictly forbidden to mount circular saws for wood on the angle grinder!

When sawing wood materials, it is very common for the saw to get stuck or jammed, resulting in a very strong kickback. It is almost impossible to hold an angle grinder in your hands in a situation where the saw is jammed. In this case, you can injure not only yourself, but also those around you.

Securing parts and clamping disc angle grinder

If the part you are cutting is not heavy enough to ensure its own immobility, then it should be sure to secure it with a vice or clamps. When cutting, a loose part can be torn out of the hand, which is fraught with dislocation or fracture of the hand. Position the workpiece to be cut so that the workpiece does not pinch the blade, that is, the center of gravity should not be in the cutting area.