How To Increase The Trimmer Power

4 ways to determine the power consumption of electrical appliances How to determine the power consumption of the device with a current clamp, according to the formula and using an electric meter. Simple ways to determine electricity consumption.

We look at the passport

The first way is to look at the passport of the electrical appliance. All factory units are supplied with a label on the case, instructions and a passport with a guarantee. These booklets indicate the field of application, operating conditions, and technical data.

Above is a small fragment of passport data, or rather a table with data from the model range of convector heaters. Column No. 1 indicates the current passing through the device, the second column indicates how much electricity the device consumes when one heating element and two are turned on. Here, using a heater as an example, using a passport, you can easily find out the power consumption of the device. Similarly, you can determine how much a TV or even an LED lamp consumes.

Ohm’s law to help!

The second way is to determine the current strength and calculate the consumption using the formula, Ohm’s law. We take a multimeter, turn on the dialing mode or resistance measurement. We measure the resistance R ten. Now we can calculate the current that can pass through the A ten system. To solve the formula, you also need to know the voltage, and it is in the home network of 220 volts.

After the current is found, the power of the device can be determined. To do this, we multiply amperes by volts.

You can learn more about how to use a multimeter from our article!

We use an electric meter

The third way almost all metering devices are equipped with a light indicator, the number of flashes means some kind of power consumption imp / kW.

We turn off all consumers in the apartment, leaving only the device of interest connected. Within 15 minutes, we count the impulses and multiply by four (to get the number per hour). Having learned the figure, we divide it by imp / kW and find out the power of the unit.

You can also record the meter reading, turn on the electrical appliance, the consumption of which we are trying to determine, for some time, preferably for an hour. We write down the new readings, subtract the old ones from them, as a result we find out the approximate power.

The electronic meter allows you to view all parameters in real time: current, electricity consumption, network voltage, by going through the menu of the metering device. We talked about how to take readings from an electric meter in the corresponding article!

An analogue of an electric meter can be a household wattmeter, with which you can quickly and accurately determine the power consumption of electricity by the device. The work of this device is clearly demonstrated below:

Troubleshooting methods

The first three reasons are fairly easy to eliminate. If the matter is in the mixture, it is necessary to pour out the old fuel from the tank, prepare a new emulsion from high-quality gasoline and engine oil (if your engine needs a mixture) and pour it into the fuel tank. If the trimmer is running on clean gasoline, it’s even easier.

In the second case, you must carefully free the trimmer parts from the wrapped grass.

The last reason a lawn mower doesn’t work properly will require a little more knowledge and skill from you.

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To properly adjust the carburettor for lawn mowers, a specific procedure must be followed. First, clean the air filter thoroughly. The easiest way is to rinse it (it is advisable to sprinkle water on the filter regularly after 910 hours of operation).

After that, in the diagram of your trimmer, which is in the operating instructions for the device, find the adjustment screws. There are usually three of them: the first is responsible for fuel supply, the second for idle, and the third is designed to limit the number of maximum engine speed.

Next, turn on the unit and wait for the engine to warm up.

Tighten the first (fuel mixture) adjusting screw slowly. Catch the moment when the motor starts to stall, and turn the propeller back 45 degrees. If you didn’t have time and the motor stalled, the screw should be turned 90 degrees. Open the throttle and watch the revs increase. Next, you should slowly unscrew the screw (each turn the same 45 degrees) until the moment when, at full throttle, the engine begins to firmly give out maximum revolutions.

The second screw, as mentioned above, controls the engine idle speed. By loosening it, you decrease the number of revolutions, while tightening it, you increase it. The screw needs to be adjusted so that the motor runs reliably at low revs. For better starting, speed up the engine slightly. At the same time, make sure that the motor rotates several tens of times before the knives / line reel starts to move. If the engine starts poorly, tighten the screw slightly.

how to increase the trimmer power

After you have adjusted the first two screws, test the operation of the unit at maximum engine speed. If necessary, you can limit it (maximum); this will protect the motor from boiling. To do this, you need to tackle the third screw. Unscrew the locking nut until the adjusting screw can be safely turned. To increase the maximum number of revolutions, the screw must be loosened; to decrease, on the contrary, tighten. Fix the position of the screw with a nut. Test the motor again.

Remember that carburetor adjustment is not a final procedure. During the operation of lawn mowers, you will most likely have to tinker with it more than once, because an unbalanced carburetor means both increased fuel consumption and quick failure of the candles, not to mention a decrease in the power and performance of the device.

The gasoline trimmer is not gaining momentum: the reasons and features of the repair

To cut grass on a small lawn, it is not necessary to purchase an expensive and bulky lawn mower; it can be easily replaced by a gasoline / electric trimmer. The device of these machines is quite simple, they are easy to use and unpretentious in maintenance. But sometimes problems do happen. One of them, when the trimmer does not develop the maximum number of revolutions, will be discussed in this article.

The reasons

Trimmers are reliable and durable (provided they are properly maintained, of course). Most often, malfunctions occur due to contamination of structural elements.

If the motor of your lawn mower does not start, does not pick up speed, does not reach the power you need, or suddenly stalls, the reason may be:

  • Low-quality fuel (fuel mixture), the case may be in long-term storage or in non-compliance with the recipe for preparing the mixture;
  • Grass is wrapped around the shaft of the fishing line / knife;
  • Clogged air filter / muffler;
  • Unbalanced carburetor.

How to choose the right trimmer for the garden?

Given the relatively low cost, simplicity of design and use, then it will immediately become clear to understand the gasoline or electric trimmer to give preference to. A petrol trimmer is more expensive, heavy and requires constant painstaking care. The electric option can be called a universal tool that is needed at every summer cottage. That is why everyone who loves and has a summer cottage in their use is trying to purchase it either separately or in addition to a lawn mower. At the same time, the inconveniences associated with the presence of an electric wire are compensated by the ease of maintenance and low weight. And in order to increase the mobility of the device, you can simply increase the length of this wire. But in order for the purchase of a trimmer not to bring disappointment, you need to understand how to choose a trimmer, guided by knowledge of the main technical parameters and characteristics, the main of which include:

  • Type of working tool;
  • Weight;
  • Power;
  • Barbell shape;
  • Handle shape;
  • Engine location.
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Trimmer weight and power

The more powerful the trimmer, the greater its weight. Also, the size of the mass is directly influenced by the material from which the device is made and its shape. Expensive powerful models have a weight, the average value of which is 5 kg. Cheaper low-power models have this figure much lower, and its minimum value can be 1.4 kg.

But when choosing a suitable trimmer by weight, it is very difficult to determine exactly, since this device is most comfortable to hold during operation and will be ineffective. In this case, it is necessary to be guided by the result that should be obtained after completing the work. So, if it is necessary to constantly mow tall grass in a large area, it is better to choose a more powerful device with an indicator from 1000 to 1200 kW. This will make it possible to treat the entire area in one go without having to pause to cool the device. If the electric scythe is bought for keeping a small lawn or cutting vegetation in a small area, then the power of the 500 W device will be quite enough.

Electric trimmer benefits

The advantage of the electric trimeter over a lawn mower, which is also designed for mowing grass, is that it can be used with good results even in hard-to-reach places. The electric scythe will allow you to mow grass near tall vertical objects, which include fences, walls of houses and even trees. It will easily remove excess greens from the pothole.

The trimmer also has the advantage of being able to cut grass of any length, while the lawnmower cannot be used for too tall vegetation. In order to make the operation of the device more comfortable and convenient, it is equipped with a special strap designed to hang it on the shoulder. Heavier models can be equipped with wheels on the working body in order to roll the electric scythe on the surface during operation.

Tuning benefits

Reduces the resistance at the motor outlet. As a result, the power increases. It is rather difficult to assess the increase.English-speaking forums and topics devoted to modifications are mainly visited by people of a practical plan, for whom the higher / lower rating is already decisive, but as a result of studying the material, one can come to the conclusion that the estimated increase in power is about 15%.

Most importantly, this increase in saw performance is noticeable without tools. The moment on the chain increases. The saw wedges less and the cutting speed also increases. For those who use a saw on a daily basis, this is very noticeable, which is why it has become popular.

Disadvantages of tuning

First of all, this is a loss of warranty. Any change to the muffler, and in this case we are talking about additional holes, will certainly lead to the fact that the unit will lose its warranty. In addition, modding the muffler will inevitably affect the amount of noise that the unit will emit. It is growing at an amount much higher than 15%.

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Another disadvantage may be a slight reduction in the service life of the chainsaw. But this statement is controversial. Indeed, in contrast to the change in the amount of fuel and air and the increase in heating, the operating modes of the piston group practically do not change here. It’s just that the work of the piston, when pushing the burnt mixture out of the combustion chamber, meets less resistance from the exhaust system, which means less energy is lost and at the next stroke it is spent less on replenishing internal losses.

How to increase the power of a chainsaw with your own hands

Chainsaw, petrol trimmer, mower and other petrol tools are quite simple devices in their scheme. The power of these devices is determined only by the units of which they are composed. And this is just a cylinder with a chamber, a fuel supply system with a carburetor, an air supply, an exhaust system. Unlike car tuning, computer flashing and other electronics are not available for tuning chainsaws, because they do not have those computers and electronics, so this is not the way. However, it is quite possible to increase the power of the chainsaw. And in the West, this is a whole line of tuning for home craftsmen who want to squeeze out of their unit.

What options are there to increase power. Let’s go over all of them, even if they are technically impracticable.

  • Increase engine displacement (cylinder diameter, piston stroke). An absolutely impossible task;
  • Increase fuel supply while increasing air supply. Leads to an increase in the number of engine revolutions, an increase in heat generation;
  • Reduce outlet resistance.

The latter option, despite the seemingly absurdity and the small effect of the changes, is the direction of tuning chainsaws in order to increase their power, which has become popular in the West. For him, they even invented and use the special term Muffler modding muffler modding.

The essence of the changes lies in the fact that in addition to the outlets provided for by the design, several more are organized.

Electric starter for trimmer

Electric trimmer start (removable) for trimmer retrofitting and tuning. If you don’t want to constantly yank the recoil starter cord to start your trimmer, you can use one of 3 electric trimmer starters.

  • Battery starter,
  • Electric starter with cord and
  • Starter from an electric drill through a special adapter (adapter).

The electric trimmer starter is an optional accessory sold separately from the trimmer. Also, its advantage is that it is removable and does not weigh down the trimmer itself during operation. The trimmer must be compatible with a starter, meaning your trimmer must have a socket for connecting an electric starter.

Starting the trimmer engine from the electric starter takes a few seconds, the engine is started by pressing one button and even the engine in poor technical condition is started, the manual starter tries to start with jerks, and the electric starter turns the engine until it starts the engine (if it is possible to start it at all, of course).

  • The cordless trimmer starter is powered by a lithium-ion battery that lasts 25 trimmer starts on a single charge.
  • The cordless electric trimmer starter plugs into a regular outlet.
  • An adapter (adapter) with which you can turn any drill into an electric starter for a trimmer (for a compatible trimmer adapter).