How To Insert A Bag Into A Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

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Connection of external units

On the front panel of the vacuum cleaner there is a socket (5) for connecting an external power tool.

This can be a gas cutter, a stone cutting machine, a grinder, or a furrow cutter.

Set the mode switch to automatic remote activation.

Then plug the appliance into the socket (5).

The vacuum cleaner will turn on simultaneously with the connected equipment.

After switching off the external device, Bosch Gas 25 will work for about 6 seconds and will switch itself off.

This model is equipped with an electromagnetic cleaning system for a folded filter element (12).

If during cleaning the suction power drops noticeably, then cleaning is required.

Move the mode selection flag (5) to the position of electromagnetic filter cleaning.

Turn off the external device. The system will shake the filter within 10 seconds, then the vacuum cleaner will turn off.

You can resume work in a few minutes, when the dust in the container settles to the bottom.

Rent a vacuum cleaner bosch gas 25.Brief instructions

Service vacuum cleaner rental professional class is in demand among construction and cleaning organizations.

It is often used by individual entrepreneurs and individuals.

This equipment allows dust to be removed as soon as it has arisen, as well as to collect liquid mud and wet debris.

The Bosch Gas 25 model is popular, which is capable of cleaning quickly and efficiently.

How to prepare your rented vacuum cleaner for dusting

The list of procedures for preparing a professional Bosch Gas 25 vacuum cleaner includes just a few points.

The first step requires five simple steps:

1. Open the locks (10) and remove the cover (3);

2. Put the dust bag (11) on the flange;

3. Check that the bag is in contact with the inner surface of the container along its entire length;

4. Install the cover (3) of the housing in place;

5. Close the locks (10).

The dust bag relieves the strain on the pleated filter (12), which therefore remains operational longer.

The next step is to connect the suction hose.

Two steps are required:

1. Insert the hose (8) into the branch pipe (7) and turn clockwise until it stops;

2. Assemble the tube from the segments, ensuring that the connections are tight.

The device is ready for use, it remains to connect to the power source.

The mains voltage must be 230 volts.

After inserting the plug into the socket, turn the toggle switch (4) to the On position.

To stop operation, set the switch to the Off position.

How to insert a dust bag into the vacuum cleaner: from and to

Despite the advent of more modern designs, bag vacuum cleaners are still quite popular. This is explained by their affordable cost. However, it can be difficult to maintain such equipment. Consider what kind of dust collection bags there are, how to properly clean them and put them back into the vacuum cleaner.

Types of dust bags

The dust collector is a consumable item. It has to be replaced regularly. There are two types of collectors to choose from.

  1. Disposable. After filling, they are immediately replaced with new ones. Sharp objects can damage the drive and render it unusable prematurely. If you have chosen such a garbage collector, then it is better to take a few pieces in stock.
  2. Reusable fabric. They last one and a half or two times longer. Garbage is simply shaken out of them, and the dust collector is reinstalled in the device. You can make these bags yourself.
how to insert a bag into a Bosch vacuum cleaner

Disposable bags are more environmentally friendly, while cleaning cloth bags inevitably has to breathe in the debris.

Besides normal wear and tear, there are factors that can accelerate pollution.

  1. Large-scale garbage collection. For example, when repairing.
  2. The use of filters and collectors that are not suitable for this model, or made of poor quality materials.
  3. Cleaning up particles that can damage the drive. These can be small sharp objects or water.
  4. Operation without collector or filter.
  5. Reuse paper dust bags.

When to clean the bag

The cleaning quality drops noticeably when the dust container is clogged. This is due to the fact that the suction power of the dust is reduced. If you find that the device has become less dusty, then it’s time to change the collector.

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For bag-type models, the dust collection bag is assigned the role of the primary filter. The cleaning procedure is reduced to removing dust from this structural element. Maintenance of the device requires adherence to safety precautions, accuracy and is carried out with rubber gloves. Cleaning the bag filter from small debris and dust begins with disconnecting the device from the network.

For vacuum cleaners with a disposable dust collector, the bag filled with dust must be disposed of, for which it is carefully removed, placed in a plastic bag and sent to the trash can. The place of the spent consumable is taken by a new one.

For vacuum cleaners with a reusable filter bag, the maintenance procedure is different. The procedure for cleaning the reusable bag is shown below.

How to insert a bag into a Bosch move vacuum cleaner

The advantage of built-in vacuum cleaners | Topic author: Queen

Built-in versus conventional vacuum cleaners: victory for a clear advantage!

Many, if not all, have a vacuum cleaner.

Perhaps it is the most modern: expensive, with a whole range of modes and functions.
If you ask the owner of the vacuum cleaner whether he is satisfied with his work, then the answer can be calculated almost 100%: YES!

Technology has stepped forward so much that no one has any reason to doubt that a modern vacuum cleaner will cope with cleaning by five, leaving behind a clean apartment or house. Naturally free of dust and debris. But is it really so?

We will do a thorough vacuum cleaning in different parts of the apartment or house: in the living room, in the kitchen, in the corridors. Let’s not forget about the bedroom and bathrooms.

Done! Thorough cleaning done! Now it remains to find out how perfect she is!

Take a strong magnifying glass, raise it at face level and study the air. But what is it? ! Suspended dust particles are visible in the air! Incredible Where would they come from after all, we just did the cleaning with our modern vacuum cleaner!

Now let’s reveal the secret! Any, even the most modern vacuum cleaner (washing, robot vacuum cleaner, etc.) is simply not able to cope with ALL the dust! An incredible discovery for most people.

But the discoveries do not end there! Not only does an ordinary vacuum cleaner not remove all the dust, it is it that sprays this dust (more precisely, the most harmful part of it), and with it allergens throughout the apartment or house!

So, our conclusion is amazing: no ordinary vacuum cleaner, even the most expensive and sophisticated, is able to cope with its most important function of completely cleaning the room from dust.

Why is this happening? Researchers give a laconic answer: it’s all about the design of conventional vacuum cleaners! It has been established that 1% of the finest dust always passes through filters and remains in an apartment or house!

Surely, there will be many who will smile and say: One percent is a trifle! After all, 99% of the dust has disappeared! And you can ignore 1%!

Unfortunately, optimism fades as soon as other figures are presented. This small trifle, that is, 1% of the dust remaining in the room, in terms of the degree of harm, outweighs a good half of all dust. The thing is, conventional vacuum cleaners easily remove debris and the largest dust. And small particles (the most harmful dust) can stay in the air for a long time. This dust does not settle and is what you and family members breathe.

It turns out that we absorb dust, in other words, feed on it for most of the day?
If so, a reasonable question arises: how to protect yourself from dust? ! If we found out that an ordinary vacuum cleaner cannot cope with it, and walking in a respirator is uncomfortable, then what remains?

It remains to solve this problem with a built-in vacuum cleaner. You’ve probably heard of this. It is the built-in vacuum cleaner
– solves the problem of perfect cleaning;
– removes ALL DUST from an apartment or other premises;
– thus, take care of your health and the health of those closest to you!

The built-in vacuum cleaner under the Beam Electrolux or Electrolux brand is a complete dust protection system. Or, as it is called in another way, the central dust removal system!

Don’t be intimidated by the serious word system. Built-in vacuum cleaners are easy to use, and their design is thought out to the smallest detail.
So what does a built-in vacuum cleaner consist of?

The visible part of the vacuum cleaner is shaped like a neat socket. It is called a wall inlet. There are two types of wall inlets: floor and wall. In addition, a pneumatic hose is installed in apartments and houses. But more about him later.

The ideal dust extraction system!

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Actually, the built-in vacuum cleaner consists of a duct system, a working unit, pneumatic inlets and a pneumatic blower.
Air duct systems are plastic (but very reliable) pipes laid in the walls of the apartment. If you need to install a built-in vacuum cleaner in a country house, there are many options for laying air duct routes: both in the floor and in the interfloor

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Color: metallic red Power: 2100 W Rotary power switch Dust collector with a volume of 3.5 liters.

How to clean a classic bag vacuum cleaner?

Very often, during the operation of vacuum cleaners, there are times when the vacuum cleaner, after being heavily soiled from the inside, requires general cleaning and blowing. The reason for the strong clogging of the internal compartments of the vacuum cleaner can be several, and usually these errors are accompanied by all the familiar phrases:

1. Oh, I thought the vacuum cleaner could easily fit 1258 kg of garbage.
The reason for the clogging of the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning a huge amount of non-household / construction waste when renovating an apartment or when using a vacuum cleaner for industrial purposes.

2. Oh, I thought that all the bags are the same and bought the ones that are cheaper.
The reason for the clogging of the vacuum cleaner. Installing in the vacuum cleaner bags and filters of poor quality or not intended for this vacuum cleaner. Alteration, trimming, manual adjustment of bags and filters from completely different vacuum cleaners.

3. Oh, I didn’t think that broken glass could cut the bag.
The reason for the clogging of the vacuum cleaner. Bag breaks when picking up problem waste
(glasses, nails, water, smoldering cigarette butts).

4. Oh, I vacuumed the apartment, but forgot to insert the bag.
The reason for the clogging of the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the apartment with a vacuum cleaner, into which they simply forgot to insert the bag or from it, unknowingly, the protective motor filters were removed to protect the engine compartment from dust (well, so that the vacuum cleaner pulled better.).

5. Oh, a rubber band fell out of the vacuum cleaner and I threw it out.
The reason for the clogging of the vacuum cleaner. Suction of dusty air through cracks, rubber seals, cracks

6. Oh, I didn’t know that there was a disposable bag in my vacuum cleaner. I had no idea that when it was filled. It must be changed to a new one. And I constantly knocked it out and put it back in again and again.
The reason for the clogging of the vacuum cleaner. The replacement bag cannot be reused. About once a month / one and a half, the replacement bag should be discarded and a new one inserted. Even if you knock out the old replacement bag. It is no longer able to hold dust normally, which will clog all the insides of the vacuum cleaner. REPLACEABLE BAGS. NOT INTENDED FOR EXTRACTION and NOT INTENDED FOR RE-USE.

If you notice that the inside of your vacuum cleaner is very dirty, be sure to clean and blow it out. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to carry the vacuum cleaner to the service center, you can put it in order at home.
Let’s consider in detail and in order how to properly clean a dirty classic vacuum cleaner with a bag / dust collector:

1. Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the socket.

2. Disconnect the vacuum cleaner hose.

3. Remove from the vacuum cleaner ALL filters , namely:
– a bag that is in the dust collection chamber of the vacuum cleaner,
– a motor protection filter located at the entrance to the engine compartment and protecting it from clogging,
– final cleaning filter located at the outlet of the vacuum cleaner and performing final cleaning of the air,
– if you find any more filters, remove them too.

4 . Remove dust and debris from the dust collection chamber.
With a slightly damp cloth, carefully clean the dust collection chamber (in which the bag was located) of the vacuum cleaner from accumulated dust. You should also wipe the inside of the vacuum cleaner cover, all edges, crevices, niches and other places where dust has accumulated. Pay special attention to cleaning the bag holder; this is the part of the vacuum cleaner in which you will install the new bag. If you do not clean the debris from the slots and corners of the bag holder, then when you install a new bag, this debris will not allow the cardboard or plastic fastener of the bag to be installed exactly and in place. This is especially true for SIEMENS and BOSCH vacuum cleaners. It is in these vacuum cleaners that the garbage accumulated in the corners of the bag holder does not allow the cardboard fastener of the bag to be inserted into its place. We are talking here about some 23 millimeters, which simply no one notices. But it is these 23 millimeters, for which the cardboard fastening of the bag has not reached its place, lead to the fact that the vacuum cleaner hose (or its branch pipe) with an offset enters the hole in the cardboard fastening of the bag. In the future, when cleaning the room, it is through this 23 mm gap that a huge amount of dust will not enter the bag, but will again lead to contamination of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, we kindly ask the owners of SIEMENS and BOSCH vacuum cleaners, before installing a new bag, make sure that there is no accumulated debris in the corners and slots of the bag holder.

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5. Blow out the engine compartment of the vacuum cleaner.
So, all filters and a bag have been removed from the vacuum cleaner. The hose is unbuttoned. The chamber and parts of the vacuum cleaner are free of dust and debris. Now you can purge the engine compartment. It is advisable to blow out the vacuum cleaner not in a residential area, but, for example, on a bal-box or in a corridor. To purge the engine compartment, simply plug in the vacuum cleaner. Since all filters are temporarily removed in the vacuum cleaner, a powerful air flow is created in the engine compartment, which will allow all accumulated dust to be blown out of the vacuum cleaner engine compartment. Dust from the engine compartment will come out faster if, when blowing out the vacuum cleaner, you tilt the vacuum cleaner from side to side with your hands, change the motor power regulator, or simply close and open the hole into which the hose is inserted with your hand. As soon as the dusty air stops coming out of the vacuum cleaner. The blowdown can be stopped.
ATTENTION. Before purging the engine compartment. Remember to disconnect the hose from the vacuum cleaner. There may be a lot of debris in the hose. This debris can enter the engine compartment when the engine is purged.

7. Put all filters on the vacuum cleaner back in place.
When installing a new bag, it will not be superfluous to visually check the alignment / coincidence of the hole in the cardboard holder of the bag with the hole into which the vacuum cleaner hose is inserted. To do this, just look through the hole for the hose connection. If the hole for the hose and the hole in the bag match. You can connect the hose. If the hole in the bag attachment is noticeably offset from the hole for connecting the hose. Then clean the holder in which the bag holder is installed. It is possible that the accumulated debris in the slots of the holder interferes with the normal installation of the bag holder in its place. Also, a noticeable displacement of the holes in the bag and hose may indicate that this bag is not suitable for use in your vacuum cleaner. Pay more attention to the selection of bags specifically for your vacuum cleaner model.

8. Clean the hose, brush, turbo brush and other attachments.
The hose you disconnected from the vacuum cleaner. Can be soaked and rinsed in the bath. Debris caught in the attachment / brush can significantly reduce the vacuum cleaner’s traction, resulting in reduced cleaning efficiency. Remove foreign objects and debris from the attachment / brush. The most common problem with a turbo brush is winding thread and hair around the brush roller. The easiest way to get rid of the debris wound on the roller is simply to cut the wound debris with scissors and then remove it from the roller with tweezers or suck up with a vacuum cleaner.

Now that the vacuum cleaner is tidy, cleaned and has new, clean filters installed, it is ready to serve you and keep your home clean again.

THREE TYPES OF VACUUM CLEANERS (advantages and disadvantages).

Today, THREE main types of vacuum cleaners are widespread:
1. CLASSIC vacuum cleaners (for dry and wet cleaning) with bags / dust collectors.
2. Vacuum cleaners with AQUAFILTER (water filtration).
3. CONTAINER and CYCLONE vacuum cleaners without bags.
Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of vacuum cleaners.

In addition to the bag, the vacuum cleaner has other filters.

In addition to the bag / dust collector in any vacuum cleaner of the classical scheme, there are other filters that protect the engine compartment from accidental dust ingress into it, protecting all rubbing parts from premature wear, and also additionally clean the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner, thereby increasing the overall filtration class of the entire vacuum cleaner

How to insert a bag into a Bosch vacuum cleaner

All owners, when using and caring for their vacuum cleaners, sooner or later face various difficulties. Let’s consider the most common problems, their causes and solutions to these problems.