How To Insert A Bit Into A Screwdriver Video

How to use the battery Screwdriver

Before you start Make sure that the battery of your Screwdriver is fully charged. Insert it into the charger and pay attention to the indicator. A green light indicates that the battery is charged. The red light indicates that it needs to be charged.

In order to increase the operating time of the Screwdriver, it is enough to have a second battery. After the first is discharged and you replace it with the second, insert the first into the charger. After the battery is charged, do not keep it in the charger. This shortens the overall battery life. Also, the temperature of the room in which the Screwdriver is operating is too hot or too cold has a detrimental effect on the battery life. One battery lasts five hours.

How To Insert A Bit Into A Screwdriver Video


The battery must be kept in a protective case at all times. It is best to remove further charging, metal objects, in order to avoid closing the opposite contacts and causing it to fail.

The battery is easy to insert. It is enough to place it in the corresponding groove in the lower part of the screwdriver handle and click into it. To get it out. Simultaneously press the buttons on both sides of the battery and remove it.

Instrument care instructions

The screwdriver needs minimal maintenance. In order for the tool to work properly, you need to adhere to the recommendations specified by the manufacturer, and not use it for tasks that are NOT indicated in the data sheet, and not overload too often. Periodically, the inside of the chuck and rotating parts must be lubricated with machine oil.

Store the instrument in a dry place, away from heat, moisture and sunlight. After each use, wipe the case with a clean dry cloth to remove construction dust from it. If drops of mortar have fallen on the screwdriver, you can clean it with a well-wrung out soapy cloth.

If you follow the operating rules, and not use the tool for tasks that exceed its capabilities, you can significantly simplify the implementation of repair and construction work. In order for the screwdriver to work for a long time and NOT fail at the wrong time, it is required to take care of it in a timely manner, Monitor the condition of the parts and recharge before implementation.

Tool types: characteristic features

The screwdriver can be classified into the following varieties:

  • Drill driver
  • Wrench
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Standard screwdriver

The principle of work in the tools is similar to each other, but there are still differences in functionality.

The drill-driver is able not only to tighten the screw, but also to drill a hole. The impact wrench is specialized in bolts and nuts. Third representative. Cordless screwdriver, designed exclusively for screwing / unscrewing fasteners with a Phillips head. The latter type is characterized by low power, in contrast to the above.

Operating tips

To work effectively with a screwdriver, you need to set the correct torque. When working with soft materials (drywall), switch it to the minimum mode, when drilling or screwing fasteners into hard surfaces. To the maximum. Before changing the mode, you need to turn off the device and wait until the engine stops completely.

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To prevent dust from flying into your eyes when drilling into the ceiling, you can put a plastic or paper cup on the drill. All dirt will collect in it, and it will be easier to control the progress of work.

Can I drill?

It is possible to use a tool instead of a drill only if such a possibility is indicated in the technical passport of the device.

However, soft materials such as drywall can be drilled even with a low-power screwdriver.

To do this, instead of a bit, you need to insert a drill into the chuck to work with gypsum board.

To remove the drill or other bits, you need to unscrew the chuck by hand or wrench. You also need to move the sleeve to the appropriate position, usually this mode shows the drill icon. The attachment is placed at right angles to the marked surface. It is not recommended to deviate. This will complicate the drill stroke, increase the diameter of the hole to be made.

To drill a concrete or brick wall, tiles, you will need a tool with a high rotation speed (from 1200 rpm) and a large torque. Impact screwdrivers do the job more efficiently and faster.

Features of the screwdriver

A screwdriver means the same drill, but it has a lower rotation speed of the chuck and the ability to adjust the twisting force. Many hours of twisting and untwisting with their own hands have never given pleasure to anyone. The screwdriver will help you quickly and efficiently tighten and unscrew the fasteners. Also, using this device, you can make holes in materials of different densities. Metal, wood and stone. The power of the screwdriver comes from the mains or battery.

The construction device is divided into the following types:

  • Standard;
  • Rechargeable screwdriver;
  • Drill screwdriver;
  • Wrench.

How to insert a drill into a screwdriver?

An indispensable power tool in everyday life with a self-explanatory name, the screwdriver is actively used in construction work. The most common procedure with such a device is to replace the drill. At times it seems that this process is very complicated and practically impossible. However, in fact, replacing a drill in a screwdriver will NOT be difficult, the main thing. Follow the instructions step by step and pay attention to the details.

Replacing the cutting tool

The “tail” of the screwdriver drill is fixed in the chuck. It comes in different sizes, just like the attachments. If the cutting tool is incorrectly installed, the screwdriver can damage the work process and injure your health. For example, due to the “wrong” drill, holes of different sizes with a damaged surface can be obtained. A sharp element when “Pour” from a cartridge will cause serious injury.

Most modern screwdrivers have jaw chucks. They consist of a cylindrical body, sleeve and cams. When the sleeve rotates clockwise, the cams simultaneously press the drill.

The process of replacing it is simple, but it has a number of individual characteristics. The whole process can be described as follows:

  • It is necessary to select the required attachment (bit) for the drill;
  • Then you need to take the cutting tool and install it in the center of the chuck (between the open “cams”);
  • After that, it should be secured by turning the sleeve along a temporary course (with a key type cartridge, the key is installed in the recess)
  • Cool the sleeve until the attachment is secured.

It is not difficult to change the drill, but first you need to pull out the previous one. There are the following options for the development of the situation:

  • Standard drill withdrawal (chuck intact)
  • Pulling out the drill in the absence of a key;
  • Removing a jammed cutting element.
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If the screwdriver is working properly, problems should not arise when replacing its working tool. The operation is elementary. To do this, you need to take a key, which is designed to loosen the cartridge, and insert it into the recess. Steep counterclockwise. The unwinding is carried out due to the special teeth, which are available on the objects. There is also another option for removing the drill. To do this, turn on the reverse rotation mode on the screwdriver, hold the outer lamp housing and press the “start” button. This way the drill can be easily released.

If you do not have a special key, the drill can be removed using a Phillips screwdriver or a nail. It must be inserted into the recess on the chuck and fixed in half. The opposite part of the chuck with a cool hand. However, if such untwisting does not bring results, then we take a gas key or pressure. These tools will help to increase the rotation of the chuck. If the previous options for pulling out the drill failed, then you should resort to “heavy artillery”. In some cases, external damage makes it difficult to get the drill. In this situation, it is necessary to relax the “cams” with the help of gas keys and a vice. Fully clamp the chuck with the keys and rotate (unscrew).

A radical option in the most hopeless situation would be to twist the chuck from the screwdriver. To do this, it is necessary to squeeze it in a vice and forcefully knock out the cutting tool from the inside with a punch. Naturally, after such a procedure, the screwdriver should be taken to the repair. Summing up, it is worth noting that the procedure for inserting a drill into a screwdriver is quite simple and even someone who has never done this can handle it. The main thing in this process. Follow the recommendations.

For how to insert a drill into a screwdriver, see the following.

Can a drill be used as a screwdriver

The screwdriver can also be used as a drill. The chuck mechanism makes it possible to firmly fix the drill with a cylindrical tail. To get started, you need to install a drill in the chuck.

Be careful, as the structure is not designed for making holes, especially for hard wood, metal or concrete, because there is a high probability of failure of the planetary gear.

How to use the Screwdriver?

It often happens that you cannot do without a screwdriver. Screwdriver. It is an indispensable assistant in the manufacture of false ceilings, plasterboard installation. Repair work is complicated if you have a screwdriver at hand, which you can easily tighten screws and fasteners. In the household sphere, it is in demand no less than in professional activity.

  • How to unscrew the chuck screwdriver
  • How to charge the screwdriver
  • Screwdriver bits: which are better
  • How to remove a drill from a hammer drill
  • Choosing the right drill driver

However, not all tool owners know how to use a screwdriver correctly. There is nothing difficult in this, the main thing is to adhere to Some rules and recommendations for beginners.

How to change / insert / pull out an accessory (bit), drill

After the required nozzle (bit) for the drill has been selected, Considering the size of the screw head and the configuration of the recesses (straight, cross), it must be installed in the very center between the open cams, and fixed in the chuck by turning the sleeve in the temporary direction. If a key type chuck is selected, then the key is installed in a recess on the chuck, and then rotated along a temporary stroke until the attachment is fixed. The end of the bit fits into the groove in the screw. Before starting the device, check the accuracy of setting the direction of rotation, the direction should match the screw.

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Increasing the pressure on the start button regulates the optimum rotation speed. When the screw is fully immersed, the force limiting mechanic is activated and then the drill stops.

What does a screwdriver consist of? Device setup.

In the plastic case there is an engine and a gear mechanism that drive the bit, which is installed at the end of the screwdriver. The device is provided with a start switch, a direction and speed switch, a diode illumination and a puff time regulator.

The operating principle of the tool is very simple. The nozzle, previously fixed in the chuck, moves with the help of the shaft, which starts to move from the operation of the motor through the gearbox. Before using the screwdriver, you should find out if the battery is charged and if the correct attachment is installed.

Immediately before doing the work, you need to look after such a nozzle so that it matches the head of a self-tapping screw or screw.

To install the desired nozzle, you should select it according to the size of the head of the fastener element and fix it in the magnetic holder of the cartridge. First, the cartridge with the coupling must be removed from the device, and after fixing the bit, the cartridge must again be fixed to the screwdriver body.

Then you need to assign a suitable bit rate. The adjustment is carried out using a special regulator. The required mode is set in the off state of the instrument.

Before using the power tool, it is necessary to correct the screw-in depth of the fastening element. After some time, it may be necessary to replace the magnetic holder. To change it, the cartridge, magnetic mount and coupling are removed. Next, the cartridge with the coupling is fixed back into the screwdriver block housing.

How to work Screwdriver

After completing all the settings, you can start using the power tool. Having studied the operating instructions of the screwdriver, you can prevent Possible malfunctions during handling the device, thereby increasing the service life of the tool.

It is NOT allowed to adjust the frequency and direction of rotation of the nozzle when the device is turned on. Do not touch grounded objects with the power tool, otherwise a person may get an electric shock. Do not use the device for a long time, as it may burn out.

The room in which it is best to use the screwdriver should be well lit and the power supply. Constant, without surges, this will avoid equipment malfunctions. Work should take place in specialized clothing and only with serviceable tools.

Tool types: characteristic features

The screwdriver can be classified into the following varieties:

  • Drill driver
  • Wrench
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Standard screwdriver

The principle of work in the tools is similar to each other, but there are still differences in functionality.

The drill-driver is able not only to tighten the screw, but also to drill a hole. The impact wrench is specialized in bolts and nuts. Third representative. Cordless screwdriver, designed exclusively for screwing / unscrewing fasteners with a Phillips head. The latter type is characterized by low power, in contrast to the above.