How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Trimmer

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How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Trimmer

how to insert a fishing line into a trimmer instruction

Replacing the fishing line in the trimmer. Purchase a fishing line for a trimmer and install it in the trimmer head

Purchase a fishing line for a trimmer and install it in the trimmer head

Some time after the start of operation of the trimmer, you will encounter the fact that the line suddenly ran out in the head. This event falls to you like snow on your head, so take care of buying fishing line for the trimmer in advance.

Having read again carefully the instructions for the trimmer, we understood where the fishing line had gone. It turns out that there is a semi-automatic supply of fishing line in the head, and every time we lightly tap the head on the ground or on some other objects, regardless of the working length of the fishing line, a new fishing line from a drum several tens of centimeters long will be fed. And you ask where already happened 7 meters of fishing line from the head.

Trimmer line

About Bosch we had the pleasure of 75 rubles. By the way, then they talked with relatives from the Moscow region, they complained that they had the opposite. fishing lines with a diameter greater than 2 mm and non-circular cross-section are not sold. Happenes.

To change the fishing line, it is necessary to remove the trimmer head and disassemble it in order to gain access to the reel, on which we will wind this fishing line. According to the instructions for our trimmer, it was necessary 6-7 meters of fishing line, but since we had a diameter slightly thicker (not 2, but 2.4 mm), we experimentally arrived at an optimal length of 3 (three) meters. We measure these same three meters, cut it off, and fold the fishing line in half, that is, we will have a doubled fishing line.

Now this is the very place of the bend must be inserted into the slot between the two grooves for winding. To make it clear, see the photo below:

Slot between two winding grooves

There is an arrow on the head in the direction of which we should start winding the fishing line:

Direction of winding fishing line

In this direction, and wrap the fishing line, leaving the two ends of centimeters of 15-20:

Winding fishing line on the trimmer head

The instructions recommend inserting the remaining ends into the slots of the drum, but since we had a larger fishing line, it did not fit into the slot, and we had to manually insert the drum into the trimmer head, which we did the second time (the first time we forgot to hold the wound fishing line, and we unwound it).

Trimmer head and cover assembly

Everything, we can mow in a new way. A fishing line of a cheerful color is also convenient because you will see small pieces of this fishing line scattered across the lawn, and that your "semi-automatic line feed" acts, therefore, once again, advice: drive the trimmer from side to side more accurately, without banging your head with anything horrible.

And finally, another tip. Do not overdo it with an increase in the thickness of the fishing line when buying. I know cases when instead of a 2 mm fishing line they put 3 mm, and the motor in the trimmer successfully burned, so still know the measure.

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Replacing fishing line in trimmer


how to insert fishing line into trimmer instruction:

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    Video: How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Trimmer

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    How to fill the line in the trimmer?

    The heads of three trimmers are quite different, so I will voice the general simple rules. At one time I had a Makita electric trimmer, so everything was done there for people. The fishing line was inserted into the outlet holes and spinning the drum, it was possible to refuel it without much hassle. Unfortunately, the head broke after three years, but the other one could not be found, I had to buy another trimmer, but already gasoline. By the way, it’s not at all difficult to insert a fishing line there, but you need to pull out the drum itself by pressing on the tabs, then measure out a piece of fishing line, as it is written in the instructions, bend it in half and fix it in the slot between the two grooves of the drum with this fold. Next, we twist the fishing line along the drawn arrow and insert it into the body, not forgetting to pull the fishing line into the slots. Everything is simple. But do not forget to cut the line before starting work so that it is the same length, that on the one, and on the other hand, otherwise an unpleasant vibration will occur.

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    Leckovism. Filling reels with fishing line of various types of trimmer bobbins

    On the picture. bottom view of a semi-automatic bobbin.

    On this photo. view from above. An arrow is marked that indicates the direction of rotation of the reel, as well as the direction in which you need to rotate the reel for winding fishing line. One of the two latches (the other on the opposite side of the bobbin) is circled in green, designed to disassemble the bobbin and actually refuel the reel with fishing line.

    Next is a photo of a disassembled bobbin.

    1. coil
    2. fishing line fold
    3. start button
    4. trigger spring
    5. bottom cover of the bobbin case
    6. upper case cover
    7. hole for fishing line exit from the bobbin

    Tips for refueling a bobbin

    1. If the capacity of the reel is 15 m, it is better to reel no more than 10, which means 5 m when bending the fishing line in half when refueling. There may be a different volume, but the principle is the same: one third of the maximum capacity is discarded and we measure the fishing line as much how much when bent in half will give the remaining two-thirds of the capacity of the coil.
    2. If we use a regular round fishing line of 3.3 mm, then for a curly fishing line its diameter will be slightly smaller, for example, 3.0 mm.
    3. We wind on the bobbin at the same time two ends of the fishing line starting from the place of the bend. avoiding overlaps in the direction indicated by the arrow on the reel. Keep proper tightness at the same time. almost an art. Drag it. overwhelmed. Can’t get it. will twist. I have not yet mastered this skill. We wrap curly fishing line only with gloves.
    4. Do not try to leave the ends more authentic. It is with the first stroke of the fishing line, longer than the length necessary, on the knife that the problems with twisting begin.

    Spool fishing line sequence

    1. Press the 2 latches in the middle of the bobbin.

    We disassemble the bobbin, here is the video of this procedure

    and, at the same time, we examine its elements for critical wear close to breakage. You can take another rag and wipe the elements, as advised by the instructions for the trimmer, but if there is time.
    2. We measure out the required amount of fishing line (it is better to wind less than the maximum allowable, does not stick together in the process and does not have to stop in order to manually pull the line out of the bobbin). I usually measure 10-12m. Fold approximately in half and insert the line of the bend of the fishing line into the slot between the sections of the reel

    3. I repeat, we wind up on the bobbin at the same time two ends of the fishing line starting from the bend, avoiding overlaps, in the direction indicated by the arrow on the reel (Fig. A). Winding the fishing line in the wrong direction will cause the bobbin to malfunction.

    That’s something like this, I managed to wind a quad line. 3.0mm

    4. When wound, we fix the ends of the fishing line in the two retaining grooves of the reel.

    5. Actually put the reel with fishing line on the top of the bobbin case cover and thread the ends of the fishing line into the holes for the fishing line to exit.

    6. Put in place the spring of the start button and the start button. In this case, we put the start button so that it can be squeezed into the working position. Press the start button and hold it pressed.

    At the same time, we install the lower part of the bobbin case cover so that the slots for the latches are exactly above the latches,

    and connect the parts of the body using latches.
    7. Press the start button and pull the ends of the fishing line manually to release them from the retaining grooves of the reel. Finish.

    8. Finally, they posted the video and you can see the process of winding fishing line in real format. Everything did not work out continuously. here is the second video

    9. A lot of interesting things about the work, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of a gas trimmer can be found on our second site, Letskovschina

    How to properly thread fishing line into the trimmer reel: tips and video

    How to fill a fishing line into a trimmer reel: tips, video

    In order to mow the lawn and give it a well-groomed appearance, you do not need to work for hours on end on the site. Such a device as a trimmer will cope with any amount of work as quickly as possible. This type of technique can cut grass of any length and density, it all depends on the model chosen. In order for the unit to fully work and fulfill its main function, you must definitely refill the line, otherwise the trimmer will not be able to complete the task.

    Fishing line selection

    First of all, you will need to choose a suitable fishing line. Do not do this “at random,” since it all depends on the model of the unit. Pay attention to such indicators as the diameter of the thread, as well as its cross section. You can find information about the diameter in the instructions for the trimmer. The second indicator (section) depends on what kind of work you are going to perform. If it is a non-rigid young grass, round is suitable, if it is hard, choose a square or 5-sided section.

    How to properly fill the line in the trimmer: instructions

    If you incorrectly refill the line, the unit may break and you will have to fork out for its repair. Therefore, before proceeding with the procedure, be sure to read the detailed step-by-step instructions. Learning to do this is easy and in a few minutes you can go mow the grass.

    How to refill a fishing line in a trimmer:

    • First you need to remove the nozzle, which is located on the gearbox. This is not difficult to do: connect the hole located on the side of the bottom washer and the recess. You can find the recesses on the axis. To prevent the shaft from spinning, be sure to insert a screwdriver. When removing the nozzle, you need to turn to the right, and not to the left. Disassemble the reel. drown the latches located on it in the housing, then gently squeeze the edges.
    • How to handle fishing line in automatic mode? You need to handle it as carefully as possible, otherwise a spring will fly out of it (the same goes for fishing lines with a semi-automatic mode). Hold the parts with your fingers and do not rush.
    • Coil with a through hole on the body. you need to stretch the fishing line through both holes (external and internal). After that, turn the button and release the thread.
    • If the coil operates with only 1 cutting element, the procedure is quite simple and quick. You will find a small hole in the inside of the spool, it is thanks to him that you will fix the thread. Insert the end of the thread into the hole, then proceed to winding. This must be done in the opposite direction by thinning to the movement of the coil. Take a closer look. maybe there is an arrow on your reel model, it indicates the direction in which you want to reel.
    • The end of the thread is fixed with a groove, it is located in the inner part of the spool. Leave a long piece of fishing line outside.
    • If there is no groove in your model, hold the end of the thread with your hand, then install the upper part of the spool and thread the end of the thread into the hole.
    • Set the coil in the trimmer and get to work!
    • How many fishing line will you need?

      For normal operation, the trimmer is enough 3-4 meters of material. The length of the thread depends on what dimensions the spool has. The larger it is, the longer the fishing line.

      If your trimmer has a reel with not only one, but with 2 cutting elements, rewind the required amount of fishing line and thread the thread through the hole, the fishing line should be divided into 2 equal parts in length. Then start winding 2 pieces at a time. When almost all the fishing line is wound, leave the short ends and grip them in the grooves. This method is suitable for single groove spools.

      If the device has not one, but two grooves, you need to insert the fishing line in another way. fold the thread cut in half, and a loop will form at the end. You need to insert this end into the groove, it is between the two grooves. In each groove. one end. Assemble the coil as in the previous case.

      How to properly thread fishing line into the trimmer coil: video

      If the instructions above did not help you, check out this video clip. You will clearly see how to refill fishing line step by step.

      Men’s online magazine

      How to thread fishing line into the trimmer coil

      Coils exist different. For a coil working with one antennae, it is easier to refill a fishing line than with others. In the inner part of the reel there is a hole designed to fix the fishing line. You need to insert the tip of the fishing line into it and start winding it.

      Important. you need to wind in the opposite direction from the rotation of the coil on the trimmer. Look carefully, most likely in the same place, on a reel, the direction will be indicated with a stick where to wind. It can take about two to four meters of fishing line to wind. it depends on the size of the reel itself. At the end of winding, a small piece should be left free. He will come out. In order to clamp it, there is a groove, which is also located on the inner surface of the coil. This groove firmly fixes the end of the fishing line and prevents it from being unwound when assembling the reel. If the design of the reel does not provide for this groove, then hold the end of the fishing line with your hands yourself. Now you can attach the outer part of the coil. It also has a hole in which you need to thread the outer piece of your fishing line. Now you can return the assembled coil to its place on the trimmer.

      Now about the coils, designed to work with two antennae. First you need to see how many reels there are for fishing line on the reel. The presence of either one or two in different designs of coils. And then it becomes clear how it will be necessary to reel. just two antennae in one groove, or. each antennae in a separate one. Please note that if there is one groove in your reel, the fishing line hole must be through. Now you need to rewind the fishing line about 2-4 meters and pass through this through hole so that the fishing line is the same on one side and the other. Now look again, there will be an arrow indicating where to wind. The direction is against the direction of rotation of the coil on the trimmer. Winding two tendrils of fishing line at once, together. Leave the small ends. If there are special grooves. we clamp in them, if not. then just hold tightly with your hand, with your finger. There will be two holes in the outer casing of the reel. a separate line for each end of the line. They did it, assembled the coil and put it on the trimmer.

      If you have a reel with two grooves, then the rewound piece of fishing line (all the same 2-4 meters) needs to be folded in two, and in the special groove (it should be located just between the grooves), insert the bend of the fishing line, that is, the middle, folding her in the shape of a loop. To reel, as in the previous case, you need both fishing lines at once, only this time. each in a separate groove. And then. as described above. fixed, attached the upper case, secured the coil to the trimmer.

      Another variety of coils is with a through hole on its inside. There are holes on the outer casing. That is, it turns out that the fishing line needs to be passed through these holes in both the inside and the outside, and the coil should be assembled right away. And for winding use a button (this is the same button that is used to release the fishing line during operation). Just to rewind the fishing line now you need to rotate this button. over, the mechanism of this button is designed in such a way that you can twist it in only one direction, just the direction you need.