How To Install A Disc On A Stihl Trimmer

Varieties of trimmer discs

The trimmer disc is available in different materials. And in order to decide which trimmer disc is better. metal or plastic, you need to decide what you will mow. So, a plastic disc is designed for short and thin grass, while a metal disc can easily cope with very thick and tall grass, bushes, dry grass.

The shape of the cutter disc for the trimmer can be with 2, 3 or 4 cutting edges. Typically, these accessories are included in the basic set of tools for low and medium power. With it you can fight dense grass and small shrubs.

On powerful and professional equipment, saw blades are installed, which have up to 80 teeth, and sometimes also carbide (victorious) drinks on the teeth. Such a victorious trimmer disc is rarely used in private households, it is mainly used on professional lawn mowers. It has a very long service life and versatility for both fresh grass and dry impassable Weeds.

The discs also differ in blade thickness, which can be from 1.3 to 4 mm. Thin discs cut grass cleanly, quickly and accurately, but they dull faster. The thickest knives do NOT wear out for quite a long time, but are more suitable for coarse growth and Burian.

As practice shows, the most common shape of a trimmer knife is round with teeth around the circumference. A variety with 4 large teeth and a row of small teeth between them is also becoming a frequent choice. They most effectively help in cleaning the area, can be easily installed on any trimmer model.

Trimmer disc

How To Install A Disc On A Stihl Trimmer

The trimmer is a fairly common garden tool purchased for cutting grass. Models with a line are suitable for soft grass, but if you need to deal with coarse growth and shrubs, you cannot do without a disc trimmer.

Disc trimmer benefits

When you have to mow Tall grass, it often gets tangled on the line and trimmer reel, forcing you to stop work and remove these balls of grass with your hands. In addition, over time, the trimmer coil may break from this. As for the cutting blade. it can handle tall grass with ease.

The disc is also more effective when you need to cut dry grass, burdocks, hogweed, bushes and undergrowth. The only thing a knife is afraid of is stones. For haymaking, the trimmer disc is the ideal solution.

over, metal discs do not wear out, so they do not need to be changed, unlike fishing line, which eventually deteriorates.

Fitting the disc to the trimmer and observing safety measures

After you have decided which disc to take for the trimmer, you need to learn how to install it correctly. Initially, make sure that the Landing hole on the disc is the correct hole, otherwise the disc will simply not fit your trimmer. And if you do succeed in securing it to the instrument, the disc may jump off during operation and seriously injure you.

Usually, each manufacturer for each model of the produced equipment also produces the corresponding equipment, so the choice of a knife should not be something very difficult. When you have installed the disc, check how securely it is attached.

If the disc is metal, it can only be installed on a trimmer with a straight bar, as this is due to the design of the unit. When mowing grass, bushes and thin trees, the disc, bumping into an obstacle (for example, a stone), bounces back, that is, in your direction. And when the bar is straight, the distance from the head to the feet is sufficient for your safety.

FSA 65

The length of the device is 154 cm. The current is 5.5 A. The lightest of the other mowers. This tool can be used over large spaces.

Trimmer coil device

Trimmer mowing heads come in a variety of designs, both simple and complex. The picture below shows an exploded view of the Husqvarna (Husqvarna) Semi-Automatic Trimmer Head.

This type of head is present on most lawn mowers and trimmers such as Stihl (Stihl), Patriot (Patriot), Champion (Champion), Bosch (Bosch), Huter (Huter) and others. The device of the mowing head is quite simple. It includes the following details:

  • Mowing head base;
  • Button for semi-automatic feeding of a cord;
  • Bobbin (spool) into which the line is tucked;
  • Spring;
  • Eyes. through them the line comes out;
  • Trimmer head cover;
  • Line (cord).

There are also simpler trim heads, shown in the following photo.

All these equipment do not allow changing the length of the line in a semi-automatic mode (after pressing a button). If the cord breaks, you have to stop the mower and change it manually.

Electric version of the scythe

The self-propelled view of THESE units can be used anywhere, but only next to the power supply. Quiet, they are often used near schools, kindergartens, as well as hospitals and clinics. They are quite actively used on private territory.

The cord lengthens spontaneously

There are times when the trimmer user notices a very fast line flow. However, he never hit the ground with a button to lengthen the line. The reason that the line spontaneously lengthens, cutting into a special knife on the casing of the device, may be the absence of a spring in the mowing head. Often novice users of mowers, trying to load the line into the reel, forget to install the pressure spring in the head, or completely lose it when opening the lid, and in the future, they do not even suspect of its existence.

Cordless lawn mower

Ideal for those who do not want to breathe gasoline exhaust, and also depend on electricity. The machine consists of a sturdy polymer body and a compact grass catcher. The volume of the grass catcher depends on the model.

The line does NOT extend automatically

If the line is NOT lengthened by lightly hitting the trimmer button into the ground, the reasons for this may be the following.

Option 1. a bite has occurred, i.E. Clamping the cord between the turns. This problem usually appears if the user has been winding the line on the reel unevenly, with the intersection of turns, or winding it with insufficient tension. In the latter case, when the mowing head rotates at high speeds under the influence of centrifugal force, the cord begins to tighten, as a result of which inter-turn clamping of the fishing line is possible. To fix the problem, you will have to disassemble the coil into trimmers and rewind the cord correctly, that is, in even turns with good tension.

Option 2. too short ends protrude from the head. The fishing line may not come out when it hits the ground if its ends sticking out of the head are not long enough (short). In this case, the centrifugal force is not enough to stretch the line. Therefore, it is required to stop the unit (turn off the engine or disconnect the trimmer from the mains) and pull the line manually, after pressing the button.

Option 3. the line is soldered inside the mowing head. This causes the coil to lock and NOT spin when the button is pressed. Basically, this happens for several reasons: poor quality of the cord, overheating of the coil during prolonged operation of the unit, line hitting hard objects.

  • In the first case, third-party cord can be made of low-quality and low-melting materials, which DO NOT withstand mechanical and temperature stress. Therefore, you should give preference to “branded” fishing line.
  • But, if you nevertheless purchased a fishing line of unknown quality, and it is often soldered during operation, then you can follow the example of some users who, after filling the cord into the reel, moisten it with either silicone grease (from a can) or mineral oil. This procedure greatly reduces the likelihood of soldering the turns of the fishing line together.
  • Also, the line can be welded if, during mowing, it hits a hard object (stone, fence, dry branch, etc.). As a result, it stretches slightly and is pulled back into the head at high speed. Here the friction of the cord heats up, and its turns stick together. The only thing that can be done to eliminate this malfunction is to open the trimmer spool and rewind the line.

FSE 52

The mechanism is hinged, so that the device tilts in different directions. The reel with the cutter can be placed perpendicular to the ground. There are no ventilation slots, which protects the device from water ingress, so the grass can be mowed in the early morning (when there is dew) or immediately after rain.

Popular electric scythe models

One of the most popular options is the Stihl FSE-81 electric scythe. This is one of the most powerful lawn trimmers available. This machine includes the AutoCut C5-2 mower headset, designed for working in small areas. She conveniently mows next to flower beds, borders. She cleans well the area around shrubs and trees, and also gently processes paths.

This braid has a number of advantages, which are that it electronically regulates the speed. The design allows you to keep trees from damage. The circular handle allows you to perform high-quality work, maneuver, and also mows in hard-to-reach places. Easy to transport.

There are other options, which have proven themselves in the work on horticultural plots.

How to remove the spool from the Stihl trimmer

Stihl garden equipment has long established itself on the agricultural market. Electric trimmers of this company are distinguished by quality, reliability, stable operation even under high load. The Stihl electric scythe model range is easy to use and easy to maintain. This gives an excellent opportunity to use the technique even for a beginner.

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How to attach a saw blade to a trimmer

The main working bodies of any trimmer are a line spool or a special disc (plastic or metal). A plastic knife, like a fishing line, can cut green grassy plants, with a metal knife. dry grass, reeds and even shrubs. Is it possible to increase the functionality of the trimmer by installing a saw blade on it?

Installing a diamond blade

Outwardly, this operation does not differ from the fastening of a conventional disk, except that even more attention, accuracy and thorough control are required.

Remove the spool with line, block the gearbox shaft with a special pin or a screwdriver of a suitable diameter, rotating the line container counterclockwise.

We measure the diamond disc to the lower spline washer and make sure that its Landing hole is larger than the diameter of the landing shoulder on the washer. At high speeds, the saw blade can move, imbalance occurs, which will inevitably lead to tool breakage and even injury to the operator or people nearby.

I try on compensating washers alternately and choose the one that fits the width and completely selects the gap between the saw blade seat and the centering shoulder of the lower washer.

We install alternately on the gearbox shaft the lower washer with a compensation ring, a diamond disc, an upper washer and a protective cup, which still partially redistributes the clamping force over a large area.

We tighten the entire resulting package on the gearbox shaft with a nut with a left-hand thread, first by hand, and then with a socket wrench, block the gearbox shaft from below using a suitable screwdriver.

We remove the protective split plastic tube from the teeth and once again check the strength of the saw blade on the gearbox shaft. If it turned out to be reliable, then the trimmer, with the installed diamond disc, is completely ready, both for traditional and NOT intended for this tool, work.

Saw blade selection

We choose a TST series diamond blade, designed for working with wood and plywood, with the following main characteristics:

    Outer diameter at the tops of the teeth. 216 mm;

A landing hole. 30 mm;

  • Number of teeth. 48.
  • The set includes three rings with the same outer (30-mm), but different inner diameters, that is, they differ in width. These rings are designed to compensate for the difference between the bore of the saw blade and the counterpart on the larger pressure washer.

    The test really

    For safety, you must wear a protective helmet with a transparent visor to protect your face, gloves on your hands.

    First, we try to remove thin dry branches, gradually moving to larger ones, and finish testing cutting dry and semi-dry tree trunks with a diameter of 7-8 cm.

    Make sure the diamond blade trimmer works efficiently, reliably and safely. Sections, both transverse and oblique, are very smooth. They show crumpled and torn wood fibers.

    It also mows grass with a diamond disc quite comfortably, efficiently and efficiently, regardless of its height, density and degree of dryness.

    So, a trimmer with a saw blade Not only perfectly performs its direct functions (mowing grass), but also expands the field of application (removing twigs and branches from trees, and cutting thin trunks).

    Attention! Do NOT get carried away with installing large diameter and thick saw blades on the trimmer, as this will cause an increase in the load on the gearbox and motor, and possible premature failure. Also, the safety of work with such a tool will decrease, which should not be allowed in any case.

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