How to Install a Knife on a Husqvarna Trimmer

The trimmer petrol (lawn mowing) Нusqvarna 128 R is used for work in summer cottages, for trimming lawns, mowing grass with a thin and hard stem, young sedge and shrubbery. Nusqvarna is constantly improving existing models, improving design and components to increase the reliability and productivity of power tools.

Features of the trimmer of gasoline (lawn-mowers) Нusqvarna 128 R

  • The main purpose of lawn mowing is mowing lawn and wild grass.
  • The capture of the mowing strip is 45 cm. This is a large enough area for a quick and productive process of cleaning and trimming the lawn over a large area, for example, on a football or sports field, on lawns along roads.
  • Facilitated engine starting is done by installing the Smart Start system.
  • Reduced starter cord resistance by 40%. The indicator indicates a quick start and the ability to achieve high revs at lower idle rates.
  • Fuel is pumped using Air Purge primer.

How to Install a Knife on a Husqvarna Trimmer

  • The swivel handle folds easily into a compact cane, making transportation easy.
  • The power of the tool is sufficient to fulfill the main purpose and feed the pump for booster.
  • The concentration of exhaust gases corresponds to the level of environmental friendliness of Euro II due to the used assembly technology of the engine E-TESN II.
  • An air filter protects the engine from mechanical impurities, particulate matter and fine fibers. Filter replacement is comfortable and simple, without the use of special tools.

Main technical parameters of the petrol trimmer Husqvarna 128 R

  • Type of tool. trimmer.
  • Coverage 450/255 mm.
  • The speed of the knife. 8000 rpm
  • Without a container for collecting beveled material.
  • Noise level. 94 dB
  • The engine is a two-stroke, with an upper arrangement.
  • The consumed fuel is AI 92 gasoline.
  • Fuel tank capacity. 400 cm3.
  • Working volume. 28 cm3.
  • Engine power. 1.1 h.p.
  • Net. 5 kg

Video: How to Install a Knife on a Husqvarna Trimmer

  • folding bar handle
  • shoulder strap
  • reel with fishing line
  • knife / disc.

Instructions for the trimmer petrol (lawn mowing) Husqvarna 128 R

1. Tips on working equipment:

  • The equipment of the operator should consist of special work clothes made of dense fabric, without elements capable of clinging to grass or moving parts of the lawn mowing when working. When cutting grass for more than 2 meters, a work helmet should be worn.
  • Pants should always be worn when cutting wild vegetation. The material of the trousers is durable canvas or jeans. Shorts or synthetic lightweight materials are not recommended.
  • The instrument emits a high noise level, therefore it is recommended to use noise-insulating headphones.
  • Eye protection is used in every mowing operation. As preventive safety, work glasses are used, with a rubber frame tightly attached to the skin.
  • In bad weather, rubber shoes with anti-slip soles are put on your feet.
  • When assembling cutting equipment, lawn mowers must be protected with working gloves.

2. Tips for using the trimmer safely:

Maintenance and repair of the trimmer is quite complicated, requiring special knowledge and technical training. If complex repairs are necessary, it is worth contacting service workshops. The manufacturer guarantees that customers will receive only high-quality and highly professional service.

The user can independently determine the degree of readiness of the trimmer to work on the following items:

  • Checking the throttle lever stopper. This function is designed to reduce the risk of an accidental start. When the lawn mowers are held in the human hand, the throttle lever is released.
  • Releasing the handle leads to the opposite, the lever and stopper return to their original position. This action is possible thanks to the built-in spring mechanism that automatically blocks the throttle at idle.
  • After pressing and unclenching, the operator is convinced of blocking idling. The stop must be in the starting position.
  • The operator presses the throttle lever stopper and checks the speed of returning the element to its original position.
  • Next, the operator is convinced of the ease of the reciprocating throttle process. Check for operability of the spring mechanism.

3. Checking the correct start-up of the trimmer:

  • You must run the trimmer.
  • Fully open throttle access.
  • While releasing the throttle lever, check the degree of stop of the cutting elements. Full serviceability is considered when the knife is stationary.
  • With the continuation of the rotational movements of the cutting elements in the idle throttle position, adjust the carburetor.