How To Install A Knife On A Stihl Gas Trimmer

For everyday chores, outdoor activities or traveling, using a motor from a trimmer, many craftsmen can independently make different devices:

  • cultivators;
  • motorbikes;
  • snow scooters;
  • snow blowers.

How To Install A Knife On A Stihl Gas Trimmer

Homemade products are much cheaper than factory analogues, but at the same time they are not inferior in power and efficiency. Using the necessary set of tools and a minimum of knowledge, you can achieve great results in the manufacture of motorcycles with your own hands. Such units are characterized by simplicity of design and minimal financial costs.

Snow blower

A snowplow is an aggregate that rakes snow and throws it to the sides. It works on auger and rotary principles.

Screw mechanisms carry out a 1-step fence of snow mass. The device is located in front of the unit, covered with a lid on the sides and top. In the process of rotation around its own axis, the auger captures, grinds snow and ice, crushes them into small fractions, transfers it inside the equipment to a throwing shovel, then to a discharge pipe. For freshly fallen snow, mechanisms with a smooth edge are suitable, for stale snow. with a gear.

In a rotary type aggregate, snow cover is cleaned by a rotor. The nozzle is mounted on the drive shaft and works like a vacuum cleaner. The blades come forward, which greatly facilitates the capture of snow. In a homemade snow thrower from a trimmer, they are made of high-quality metal or durable plastic. The rotor creates increased centrifugal force. Snow is thrown, passing through the pipe, to a distance of 12 m.

Both electric motors and fuel motors are suitable for snowplows.

If the radius of action of the mechanism within the house, install an electric motor from the trimmer, while taking into account the waterproofing of the unit. When carrying out work in suburban areas, it is better to install a gasoline engine of small power.

At the preparatory stage for a snow trimmer with a do-it-yourself trimmer, drawings of parts and assemblies are developed according to a well-thought-out plan, technology and based on the availability of material and equipment. For assembly, a lawn mower scheme is used.

Necessary equipment for the manufacture of a home-made machine:

  1. Gasoline trimmer with direct boom and gear.
  2. 1.5 mm thick steel sheet or metal barrel.
  3. Milling cutter with teeth.
  4. Set of tools:
    • drill;
    • drill;
    • spanners.
    • Angle Grinder.
    • Welding machine.
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    First make a rotor:

    1. 4 rectangles of 25×10 cm are cut from a sheet of steel.
    2. One of the corners of the long side of the part is machined in the shape of a blade.

    The deflector is made of metal strips 30×15 cm, bent, welded sides 10 cm high. For the blade take a blank 30×40 cm, bend the edges to a height of 2 cm.

    In order to make a snow blower with your own hands from a trimmer, perform the following algorithm of actions:

    • from the bottom the barrels recede 15 cm, cut off in a circle;
    • at the bottom of the structure, a hole is drilled for the protrusion of the gearbox and 3 additional holes for attaching the shield;
    • on the side, make a square with a side of 10 cm to unload the snow mass;
    • 1/3 of the front of the structure is closed with a metal sheet so that the square hole is located in the center of the shutter;
    • the finished rotor blades are welded crosswise to the gas trimmer disk;
    • a deflector is installed to the body of the unit in the place of snow discharge and is welded;
    • attach a scapula from below;
    • mount the gearbox, fastening with bolts;
    • insert the rotor.

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    During operation, use a welding machine. Thin metal welding is a complex process that only a professional can handle. Therefore, it is better to use the services of an experienced welder in the manufacture of some parts.

    Bicycle with trimmer motor

    A home-made bike with a trimmer motor is a high-tech vehicle that differs from its simple counterparts in high riding speed, practicality and lower cost, thanks to the use of cheap equipment.

    The following fixtures are required to assemble a motorbike:

    • bike in working condition;
    • motor from trimmer;
    • chain;
    • tensioner;
    • star;
    • clamp;
    • cable;
    • fuse;
    • controller;
    • exhaust pipe;
    • sleeve, bolts, washers.

    Convert bike to bike:

    1. 2 rubber gaskets are attached to the rear wheel: the first is between the spokes, the second is behind them.
    2. The sprocket should fit the trimmer motor. It is inserted into the hub, which is located on the outside of the wheel. A crescent moon is attached to the inside.
    3. The engine is mounted on the trunk or behind the seat with a clamp bought or made of a steel plate with your own hands.
    4. Install the chain on the sprocket and power unit, adjust the tensioner. Instead of chains do not recommend the use of belts. Under the action of friction, they often become unusable, their service life is minimal.
    5. The gas handle and the engine are connected by a cable.
    6. Fasten the fuel tank and carburetor.
    7. The exhaust pipe is welded with a weld.
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    Some craftsmen create a braking system and replace the standard tire tires with non-slip. After assembling all the nodes, the operation of the bicycle must be checked. The functionality of the mechanism and its own security will depend on this.

    Ice drill

    The ice drill from the trimmer is a low-power unit for lovers of winter fishing, characterized by low weight and convenient transportation. In order to save money on the purchase of new equipment and the forces necessary for manual drilling of ice, anglers make them from old trimmers. For this we need:

    • lawn mowing;
    • factory or homemade drill;
    • improvised materials.

    It is difficult to make an ice drill at home. The parts to pay attention to are the screws and the base for the knives.

    To create augers, you need:

    1. Calculate the size of the product segments.
    2. Prepare metal workpieces, mark, cut a sector, weld segments together. The result is a steel spring welded on one side.
    3. Stretch the spring for a given step on a special machine in order to boil the segments on the other side.
    4. Grab the flange and weld it to the pipe.
    5. Boil screw connections and paint.
    6. When choosing a screw rotation, the direction of rotation of the gas tool is taken into account.

    Conversion of the trimmer to a gas drill is suitable for units with a folding bar. The adapter for the connection is easiest to prepare.

    If necessary, increase the rigidity and stability of the mechanism make a strong frame for mounting the gearbox and motor.

    Motor drills. units for laying holes for installing wooden piles, laying the foundation, drilling wells. The principle of operation and the manufacturing method is similar.


    For motorized tillage, a cultivator is made from a trimmer with their own hands. Motor power should be at least 2 liters. with. When using a trimmer, it is necessary to stock up with an extension cord so that the production process occurs throughout the site.

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    The main detail of the cultivator is the nozzle. As it fit rods of garden pitchforks 10-15 cm long.

    The manufacture of the part is as follows:

    • first you need to flatten the teeth to a width of 1 cm;
    • sharpen cutting blades for mills on an emery wheel;
    • cut a ring with a diameter of 10 cm from a metal sheet using a jigsaw;
    • sand the workpiece;
    • weld 3 cutters to the steel circle at an equal distance from each other.

    If there is a reverse thread, the nozzle is screwed up, having previously welded the pipe with a nut.

    Snowmobile or snowmobile

    On the basis of the motor, the trimmer can be converted into a self-propelled gun for movement on snowy flat terrain or a simple snow scooter (motorized sled) for steep descent from the mountain.

    Self-propelled gun. frame construction, including:

    The frame is made of welded spars, on which racks are welded from corners of 30×30 cm and crossbeams. A steel pipe with a diameter of 14 mm is taken as a drive shaft. Skis. steering and steering. The snowmobile is moved by a screw or chain drive.

    What else can be done from the trimmer

    A homemade scooter is a vehicle for moving over short distances along sidewalks and park paths. The mechanism has a speed of up to 40 km / h, because of the small size wheels it has low stability, it is not intended for heavy loads and cargo transportation.

    To assemble the product, an old scooter is suitable, which is mechanized:

    • stiffeners are installed using a square metal profile to strengthen the frame;
    • stable and wide wheels, for example, from a garden trolley;
    • a gearbox is made to transmit power from the engine to the rear wheel with a chain drive;
    • install brake, gas handles and cables.

    A motorized scooter is a good technique, but it must be remembered that children should not be given such a “toy”.