How to lubricate the engine of a Parma chainsaw

Review of the range of chainsaws brand “Parma“. Technical characteristics and rules of use

Parma” chain saws have deservedly earned positive customer feedback. Parma” brand was founded in the Union in 1980. For 38 years of its existence the company has created a lot of high-quality (in accordance with State Standards of the USSR) professional and household goods, among which

The higher the quality the equipment, the faster the counterfeit appears on the market, which can be very difficult to detect. We offer a few ways that can help identify fake equipment:

  • Packaging speaks volumes. Dull colors, poor quality cardboard, badly printed inscriptions will be an indication of a fake.
  • Checking the barcode on the product will help you identify the actual country of manufacture, recall that “Parma” is a Russian brand.
  • We look at the quality of casting, the structure of the product, the tightness of the parts and other. Any inconsistencies, porosity should arouse suspicion.

Check the proposed modification in the online catalog on the company’s website, compare the characteristics and photos.

Description of the model range of Parma chain saws

Parma chain saws are represented by two models: BP 42/35 and BP 46/40, respectively: capacity. 1.8 liter.с. and 2 l.с., 35 cm and 40 cm bus length. Our Rezer chain saw comes standard with a Rezer chain and guide bar, warranty papers, product manual, guide bar cover, fuel mixture container, tool kit for chain adjustment and sharpening, and chain stop with fasteners. The BP 46/40 is available in two versions, one with and one without a carrying case.

Junior model of chainsaw Parma BP 42/35 is mainly used for domestic purposes for sawing of branches, sawn planks, construction work. The BP 46/40 version is used more widely as a domestic and semi-professional tool: felling trees, sawing thick logs. Both models are in great demand among consumers and enjoy well-deserved popularity.

Future owners before buying the equipment should carefully read the technical parameters, the features of the device to be able to distinguish the original product from the fake low-quality fake.

When buying, it is necessary to check carefully whether the warranty card for the chainsaw is filled out correctly. In addition, the manufacturer emphasizes that before selling the saw, the seller is obliged to check its workability in idle running.

Unpacking and preparations for use

When starting the engine when it is cold, pump fuel to the carburetor with a primer. With a good engine and a properly tuned carburetor, 3 to 5 presses of the primer button will suffice.

How to Remove the Drive Sprocket from a Partner chain saw?

If the chain on your Partner chain saw will not turn, the splines on the drive sprocket may have reached a critical point. In addition, the sprocket is also the clutch drum in such a chainsaw. What to do in this case? Purchase a new repair kit and replace it with a new one by yourself or with the help of specialists. Information on how to remove the clutch on your Partner chain saw is usually readily available in the owner’s manual and requires the following steps:

  • Remove side cover;
  • Loosen the chain and remove the bar;
  • Release access to the engine piston;
  • Block its stroke by turning the sprocket manually;
  • Using improvised tools, unscrew the sprocket and replace it with a serviceable copy.

Husqvarna | Lubrication the Chainsaw Clutch Drum Needle Bearing.

After that it is recommended to check the ignition to avoid future malfunctions. Installing the ignition on your Partner chain saw follows the same procedure as with other chain saws. It is desirable to have a good spark plug in stock, since its replacement is a matter of minutes. Continuous diagnostics of internal systems and a thorough study of the owner’s manual are the rules that can help you figure out how to set the ignition on your Partner chain saw.

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Oil Recommendations

What is the best oil for a chainsaw? There is no definite answer, because the market is saturated with lubricants for 2-stroke engines. But, according to the reviews of masters with experience, it is still better to trust lubricants from well-known manufacturers, such as: Oregon, STIHL, Champion, Husqvarna. Buying oils from these brands will help prolong the life of your tool and provide maximum motor protection.

Chain lubricant for chainsaw, according to some users, you can replace the chain oil with any mineral oil with a viscosity of 15-40 for summer and with the index 10-30 for the cold season. The brand can be M8 or M10. Also, many chainsaw owners begin to wonder if something can replace the 2-stroke oil. Experienced craftsmen are extremely advised not to add other lubricants to gasoline, because you can completely destroy the engine of the unit, for the repair of which it will take as much money as you will not save on the lubricant. over, if to calculate, one liter of oil is enough to make 50 liters of fuel mixture, which can be used up only when working at the sawmill.

Parma-M5 electric chainsaw

Effective household tool. Parma-M5 electric saw, equipped with a 1.6 kW motor, Rezer saw chain and guide bar, proprietary clutch. Features of the M5 modification:

  • Transverse layout of the motor;
  • low weight;
  • Locking mechanism to prevent unintentional start-up;
  • Emergency chain stop. in case of inconvenient use of the electric saw there is a risk of kickback of the tool, within 0,12 seconds the emergency brake is activated;
  • Oil level test. the operator can visually check oil level in the tank through a transparent window.

Technical features

Keyless chain tension adjustment no

Saw maintenance

Before working with the electric saw, the owner should carefully read the factory instructions, understand the safety precautions, learn the methods of work, schedule maintenance work, recommendations for troubleshooting and breakdowns.

Before start-up it is always necessary to check the voltage in the electrical system, test the lubrication system and the amount of oil. The bar, sprocket, and saw chain are subjected to increased loads, so the oil level. both before and during work, should always be above the specified mark.

Lack of oil damages the performance and durability of the saw. Lubricate the chain only with high-quality original oil or analogues matching the viscosity characteristics, according to the season of work, taking into account the condition of the wood. wet or damp. It is extremely unwise to use waste oil or other supposedly “proven”, dubious lubrication recipes.

Main malfunctions and types of repair

Proper operation and maintenance of the Parma-M5 electric saw is a prerequisite for long-term stable operation of the tool. The manufacturer recommends taking into account such peculiarities:

  • It is necessary to strictly observe the rules of safe work with electric tools.
  • Since the saw engine is not moisture-proof, do not operate in wet, wet weather, rain, otherwise engine failures are inevitable.
  • Select an extension cord with an appropriate cable cross-section; if its length exceeds 30 m, the efficiency of operation decreases.
  • Only perform those maintenance works that are specified in the instruction manual and use only original spare parts. It’s reasonable to entrust the sharpening of the saw, replacement of units, complicated repair to the service specialists. The installation of wrong saw set, disassembling of Parma-M5 electric saw may lead to the damage, occurrence of unforeseen situations. Do not dismantle saw yourself during the warranty period.
  • If electric saw doesn’t start, check presence of voltage in the network, check condition of the cable, sockets, check if the chain brake is on.
  • If the chain stopped instantly, there may be a defect in the friction clutch.
  • Parma-M5 electric saw instruction manual
  • Operating instructions, manual, recommendations for maintenance and repair of electric saw Parma-M3
  • Parma-M2 electric saw instruction manual

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Oils review

To make it easier for you to choose an oil brand, we’ve prepared a review where we list all the important characteristics.


The company produces both electric and gasoline garden tools, as well as lubricants for them. That is why the oil is created with all technical features of chainsaws in mind. Manufacturer adds oil additives to the grease, taking into account the poor quality of fuel used in CIS countries. The oil can be used not only for saws, but also for any gardening tools with a two-stroke motor.

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Developed specially for the tools of the same brand, but can also be used for other brands. The most popular oil in the CIS. Perfect price/performance ratio. Low ash content, excellent adhesion, minimal ash formation. The line also includes semi-synthetic (HP Super) and synthetic (HP Ultra). Characterized by clean combustion, suitable for professional high-powered tools. Protects motor from wear.

Can be used for various petrol-powered machines. Low-smoke. Contains high quality additives that improve detergent properties. Can be mixed with fuel with a low octane number.

Suitable for professional saws in heavy use. Advantages. low smoke, high corrosion protection.

lubricate, engine, parma, chainsaw

Suitable for any gardening equipment. Thanks to a variety of additives it can be used for extreme conditions of use.

For chains

Meets environmental standards. Intended for light-duty domestic saws

lubricate, engine, parma, chainsaw

Multigrade oil. Developed for saws with automatic and manual oiling. Good viscosity and additives protect the chain parts from dirt, moisture, wear and corrosion.

HAMMER Flex Bar Chain Oil

It has good adhesive and anticorrosive properties. Thanks to the antiwear components it protects the tool from corrosion. Eliminates debris well, protects the chain surface from moisture.

Versatile, for all seasons 215 per liter.

Consists of a blend of used oils. Environmentally friendly, biodegrades quickly. It has a high degree of adhesion, prevents quick rubbing and oxidation of the chain units.

What oils are suitable for chain lubrication. classification

The following types of chain oil are recommended for chainsaw chain lubrication

  • From reputable manufacturers (STIHL, DAEWOO, Husqvarna and others, packages of these oils are usually marked “adhesive”);
  • Original chain oils from the same manufacturer (if available);
  • With good CEC-L-33-T-82 biodegradability ( 95%);
  • with a viscosity that meets European quality and safety standards. Example of a standard: Viscosity index 130 DIN ISO 2909, density at 15°C. 0.89 g/cm³ DIN 51757, thickening point.25°C DIN ISO

What to replace?

If it is not possible to use chain oil of the same brand from the manufacturer, an acceptable option would be to use motor oils of well-known brands, which can replace the chain. Of course it is not advisable to use chain saw motor oil permanently, but it is acceptable as a stopgap measure. Manufacturers whose engine oils retain their properties at temperatures as low as minus 30°C: Nanotec Premium, Standard, Enkor, Makita, Makita Biotop, Makita Oregon, STIHL Bio Plus.

Algorithm of diagnostics and repair

Starting to repair the electric chainsaw, it is necessary to carry out a sequential diagnosis of all units of the unit to find out the cause of the breakdown. The unit is repaired based on the signs of malfunctioning that have been listed above. Below is a diagram of the electric saw, which shows in detail the internal structure of the unit.

The power saw doesn’t turn on

If the machine does not start when the start button is pressed, then the following procedure is used for diagnosis.

  • Check the voltage at the outlet. It could be missing due to a general shutdown or a faulty outlet. Try the machine in a different location.
  • If there is voltage in the socket, then check the power cord. Remove the motor housing cover and test each wire with a tester, touching one probe to a contact inside the machine and the other to one of the pins of the electrical plug.
  • If there is nothing wrong with the wire, then keep checking. Using a tester, test the wires going to the starter button for a breakage.
  • Next, test the input and output terminals of the pushbutton with the key pressed.
  • Then check the wires going to the motor of the machine. If there is a soft starter module in their path, check the chain in and out of it.
lubricate, engine, parma, chainsaw

If the above steps fail to discover the cause of motor failure, the brushes should be removed and checked. There are cases when engine doesn’t start because one or both brushes are completely worn out or because of wire breakage in them. If the brushes are serviceable, then most likely the motor failed, namely burned out windings of the stator or rotor. In this case it is necessary to have some know-how to check the coils. It is better to take the motor of the electric saw to a specialist who will find the fault and rewind the coils.

Brushes and manifold are burning

Strong arcing under the brushes can be caused by poor contact between the armature lamellae and the electrodes due to wear of the latter. To check this, you need to remove the parts from the brush holders.

It is believed that normal wear of the brushes should be no more than 2/3 of their original length.

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If the brushes are worn out, they must be replaced. Also, the brushes may spark because the gap between the armature blades is clogged with graphite dust. Since graphite is a conductor, it causes short circuits and sparks.

To remove the dirt, clean the bar well with rubbing alcohol, absorbent cotton, and a toothbrush. It is also advisable to polish them with the finest emery cloth.

Lack of lubrication on chain and bar

Lack of or no lubrication on the bar may be caused by a clogged bore or tube that supplies oil to the bar. The chain often fails to lubricate if the lubricant supply from the reservoir is interrupted. This can happen if the filter installed at the end of the hose is clogged. The latter is always inside the tank. To eliminate the problem, remove the hose from the oil reservoir and flush the filter with gasoline.

Breakdown of the oil pump can also be the reason that the oil does not flow to the chain of the electric saw. After cleaning the filter, hose and lubrication hole, turn on the chain saw and check if the lubricant is getting to the bar, if there is enough oil in the reservoir. If the lubricant is not coming, you must remove and dismantle the oil pump, check the serviceability of the spring or other parts (depending on the model of the unit) and if necessary replace it with a new one.

The motor is overheating

The motor may be overheated if the gearwheel becomes blocked if it is contaminated with small sawdust or if foreign matter, such as pieces of wood or plastic parts, falls on it. Try turning the gear shaft manually with the brake disengaged. If rotation is difficult, you will have to disassemble the gearbox and have the problem remedied.

Opened motor windings can also cause the motor to overheat. In that case you can’t do the repair yourself. It will be necessary to ask for help from a specialist.

The motor can also overheat if there is no oil supply to the saw chain. This leads to bad sliding of the tool on the bar and as a consequence, to an increased load on the electric motor. How to diagnose and solve this problem was explained above.

Engine does not develop full power

The first thing to do is to check the mains voltage. It can sometimes be too low and cause a drop in machine performance. Other causes of power loss include gear jamming or worn brushes. How to eliminate these problems was discussed above.

Faulty start button causes similar symptoms. If you use a tester to check this part and find a problem, it cannot be repaired. The button should be replaced with a new one. But if checking the above causes is inconclusive, then you can suspect that the armature windings have burned out or there is an inter-twist in the windings.

The machine stops during operation

If the machine stops working, one or both brushes may be completely worn out. Checking is quite simple: take the brushes out of their holders and check their length.

Sometimes there are brushes with a short conductor inside the compression spring. Such a brush will appear to have sufficient electrode length, but if you look closely at the spring, it will not be fully unclamped due to the short conductor.

Какое масло для двухтактного двигателя лучше использовать

Also, the machine can stop during operation if there are malfunctions in the gearbox. In this case, you will hear the humming of the engine, which will not be able to rotate. Often the machine stops due to jamming of the end sprocket, located at the end of the bar, due to its clogging. The main task of the sprocket is to move the chain around the top of the bar. As in the case of a broken gearbox, you will hear the motor humming. To check the jamming of the sprocket, you can, if with the machine turned off and the brake released, try to pull the chain by hand: if it does not move, then there was jamming in the tire.