How to Lubricate the Upper Trimmer Gear

Gearbox lubrication algorithm

There is no need to disassemble the unit to lubricate the gearbox transmission – for this, a special hole is provided in the upper part of the housing. In addition to the gears, components such as the bearing assembly must be thoroughly lubricated. The wear of its sealed walls leads to the fact that the grease comes out of the seat and the vibration of the equipment begins. This problem is relevant for Chinese trimmers. The solution will be to replace the “native” bearings with high quality parts. The flywheel is also subject to lubrication – during operation, the part is covered with fragments of grass, which create additional resistance when mowing.

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Important! It is also necessary to lubricate the pawl of the starter coil, since when starting it touches the grooves on the flywheel. This leads to its wear and tear, as well as to the appearance of mechanochemical corrosion due to the fact that the parts are made of various materials (flywheel – aluminum, pawl – steel).

Solid grease or oil is placed inside through a hole secured by a screw. In this case, the following actions are performed:

  • the gearbox housing is carefully cleaned of dirt, especially near the plug, in order to prevent debris from getting inside the unit;
  • a special device is supplied with the lawn mower, they remove the cork;
  • from a tube or using a syringe, lubricate is introduced into the hole, smoothly turning the cutting unit so that the substance is evenly distributed over the teeth of the gears;
  • return the plug to its original place.

Advice! If it becomes necessary to disassemble the gearbox, remove the old grease from the housing, from the surface of the shaft and gears, and then apply a new one. When disassembled, it is very convenient to lubricate parts with solids.

The gearbox must be lubricated annually, and with intensive use, this procedure should be performed every 20 hours of tool operation. If signs of breakage appear, the lubrication site should be treated with the composition of the lubrication site as soon as possible..

How to disassemble the trimmer gear

Regularly using the lawnmower, its owner may notice an increase in the temperature of the reducer or the appearance of new uncharacteristic sounds in it, which were not heard before. These signs indicate that the mechanism requires lubrication. If you ignore them, after a while new, more significant problems will appear. So, without lubrication, gears wear out much faster and soon need to be replaced. In some cases, the part is jammed during operation. It should be understood that a damaged transmission mechanism can cause damage to other parts of the structure. It is quite feasible to repair the trimmer gearbox, as well as to lubricate the part with your own hands, if you know how such procedures are performed correctly, and also have the necessary tools and materials.

Trimmer reducer device

A trimmer gear is a unit that transmits the rotational motion of the motor shaft to a knife or line. It is located at the lower end of the lawn mower bar. The transfer assembly is also designed to reduce the rpm of the trimmer motor..

The mechanism consists, depending on the model of the lawn mower, of several gears rotating at high speed. As a result of this, they heat up due to strong friction. If there is not enough lubrication, or there is none at all, then the process leads to severe overheating and failure of parts, and, accordingly, the need to carry out complex repairs. To prevent this from happening, the transmission unit should be lubricated in time. The disassembled gearbox is shown in the photo below..

Gearboxes of modern trimmers of different models from different manufacturers differ from each other in design and seat size. It happens:

The most common round seat diameters are 24, 25.5 and 26 mm..

lawn mowers are equipped with gearboxes with different types of gears:

  • conical;
  • worm;
  • spiroid;
  • cylindrical;
  • planetary;
  • wave;
  • combined.

The drive shaft and gearbox are heavily loaded trimmer assemblies that are subject to significant wear. Between them, movement is transmitted due to the engagement of the teeth of the gears located at different angles to each other. The gear train works effectively only if there is no mechanical damage. In this case, the mechanism should not overheat, otherwise it may jam..

The best lawn mowers

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Trimmer Huter GGT-2500S on Yandex Market

The trimmer gearbox is a module that is needed for torque. The device includes one or more gears that rotate at high speed. The mechanism of this equipment is called a demultiplier, since it converts the angular speed of rotation of the output shaft into its lower speed..

Manufacturers equip lawn mowers with gearboxes that convert the low angular speed of the input shaft into an output speed that is higher. The low power motor allows for the highest number of trimmer blade revolutions. The name of this option is multiplier. The petrol-powered trimmer is capable of flawlessly performing work associated with mowing lawns, removing weeds. The unit needs proper care, which involves the replacement of lubricants..

How to lubricate the gearbox

Before starting the trimmer for the first time, perform a number of sequential actions:

  • Inspect the gearbox.
  • Prepare the correct fuel mixture.

DM Engineering – Greasing the head on a whipper snipper / weed eater

The implementation of these actions is recommended not only for new devices, but also when preparing old units for the next season after storage. If there is little or no lubricant, then this leads to increased friction of the gear part of the gearbox. Since it must operate at fairly high speeds, the gearbox must be checked regularly before starting the petrol trimmer..

If the gears overheat, this will damage the mowers’ gearbox. To prevent this, starting and running in the trimmer begin by inspecting and lubricating the bevel gear. To fill oil in the gasoline scythe gearbox before starting it, you should:

  • Unscrew the screw that is located at the bend of the gear housing.
  • Stir in the “Litol” grease in the amount of 1-2 ml.
  • Tighten the screw.

Grease is added to the gasoline trimmer gearbox every 8-10 hours of unit operation..

For this, a special technological hole is provided in the housing. The module should be inspected for the presence of grease both before the first and before each subsequent use of the equipment..

You can purchase a special compound for the gearbox in the form of tubes with a long supply spout, the diameter of which must match the size of the hole. This is not always the case, since models from different manufacturers differ in their hole diameter..

In this case, summer residents should prefer the use of a medical syringe, which is convenient in that it allows you to accurately measure out a portion of the mixture.

Repair and lubrication of the trimmer gear

With frequent, saturated use of lawn mowers, the gearbox may begin to heat up or emit sounds unusual for its normal operation, for example, grinding. This indicates that the mechanism needs to be lubricated. Trimmers and chainsaws trimmer reducer trimmer Stihl video how to disassemble the reducer. How to properly lubricate the trimmer gear? How to disassemble the upper gear reducer. If this is not done just right, then more severe obstacles will arise (for example, gears will rapidly wear out and it will be useful to change them), right before jamming. Other breakdowns also occur with the transmission. Repair and lubrication of the gearbox can be performed without the help of others – for this you just need to familiarize yourself with the features of these works and stock up on some available tools.

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The device and principle of operation of the trimmer gear

A gearbox is a device for transmitting rotation to the cutting part from the motor shaft. Its second purpose is to convert the angular speed of rotation of the output shaft to lower or higher speeds. In the first case, the device is called a “demultiplier” and is used on trimmers with powerful motors, in the second – a “multiplier” and is installed on low-power tools. The reducer is always located at the bottom of the boom of gasoline and electric streamers of different brands, be it Champion, Huter or another brand.

The gearbox is as follows. The main parts are a pinion shaft (for transmitting motion from the motor) and a gear wheel mounted on the driven shaft (for rotating the cutting unit). To reduce the frictional force during movement, rolling bearings are placed on the bearing points of the shafts. They are protected by special washers to retain lubricant and prevent dirt from entering the seat. All parts are placed in a duralumin case with a special technological hole for greasing. It is necessary so that you do not have to constantly disassemble the unit to perform lubrication..

Thus, the design of the gearbox, depending on the model and brand that produced the equipment (for example, Sterwins, “Prorab”), includes several gears interconnected by teeth for transmitting rotation and moving at high speed. Due to significant friction, they get very hot.

Important! In the absence or lack of lubrication, the gears overheat with their subsequent breakdown, after which it becomes necessary to replace the damaged elements. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to use lubricant in time and treat the transmission unit with it..

Removing and Lubricating the Upper Trimmer Shaft

First of all, we remove the lower part of the rod from the coupling, and then disconnect the coupling from the upper part of the rod (here we are talking about the coupling connecting the two halves of the rod).

Trimmer PRORAB-8406 with disconnected clutch and lower part of the bar

Now the most interesting thing: in some videos, like this one, holding the shaft coupling sticking out of the upper part of the rod from below with pliers, they knock it out of the rod with pliers along with the rolling bearing (here we are talking about the coupling connecting the upper and lower shafts). Some lawn mowers with a collapsible bar, as in the video, the coupling connecting the upper and lower shafts is pressed into the rolling bearing.

With our trimmer PRORAB-8406 and others like it, this number will not work. They do not have a rolling bearing, and the coupling (bushing) is an extension of the upper rod shaft. A circlip is installed in the upper part of this shaft, which must first be removed..

The place of attachment of the upper part of the rod to the clutch housing

  • Unscrew the central screw completely. It fixes the top of the rod by partially entering the hole drilled in it. Loosen the side clamping screws and remove the rod from the clutch housing.
  • We push the shaft out of the upper part of the rod towards ourselves, as far as play allows, in order to get to the retaining ring and remove it. A special puller may be needed. Removing the retaining ring.

I don’t have a puller, but I use two large paper clips to remove the retaining ring. First, they need to be straightened, on the one hand, make half rings for the fingers, and on the other. bend small hooks.

We grab the holes in the retaining ring with the hooks and try to push them apart. With difficulty, but it turns out, and the ring starts to move from its place. If you know another way to remove the circlip without a puller, share in the comments..

In many videos, the masters recommend using grease for the CV joints, this is the best option. In its absence, litol-24 can be used to lubricate the shaft of the lawn mowers, which is focused on temperatures up to 130 ° C. But grease, which has the worst lubricating properties and works at temperatures up to 70 ° C, is not recommended to be used.

However, if you urgently need to lubricate the shaft of the lawn mower, and there are no suitable materials, then grease or even ordinary engine oil will be better than nothing at all..

How to Lubricate the Trimmer Head. NEWSDBASE.RU

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Trimmer reducer device

Regardless of the manufacturer and model, a modern trimmer is equipped with a gearbox to change the angle of transfer of mechanical energy between the drive shaft and the head with a line. The most widespread in lawn mowers are bevel gears, since unlike spur gears, gears with helical teeth are able to withstand high speeds, have smoother engagement and have increased bearing capacity.

Main parts of the trimmer gearbox

The duralumin housing (1) contains a pinion shaft (2) and a bevel gear (3) pressed onto the driven shaft (4). To reduce frictional forces during rotation, rolling bearings (5) are installed on the bearing points of the shafts. Any gear train is a highly loaded mechanism, the duration of operation of which, noiselessness and reliability of which depends primarily on the lubricant. Therefore, in addition to the main components listed above, the trimmer reducer device includes a special hole through which you can lubricate the bearings and gears without disassembling the unit.

It seems to be. Yes. it is not hermetically sealed. will flow out.

this is an ordinary Chinese trimmer, it is not at all “American,” DELTA is an ordinary, not the most expensive China, I had to deal with this company and I myself operate two trimmers of this office.

Fuck knows, bought for a long time. until now in service without repairs

You will not grease, you will not go. It is imperative to fill with grease. The loads in the gearbox are not for children, especially when the ant winds the grass. A good new gearbox won’t be easy to purchase. I fill in blue grease until it starts to squeeze out, and I forget for two years.

In the documents, they already began to write on the braid – DO NOT FILL THE REDUCER 100% WITH LUBRICANT, you need to leave a little space.

The creator is dabble. Find out more on our Electric Trimmer How to properly lubricate the gearbox. Infa 100%

how much grease do you need to “fill”? In this case, the main thing is not to pour. but before changing the lubricant, it is better, if not absolutely necessary, to wash the gearbox.

That’s right, it’s better to lubricate with at least something than not lubricate at all!

right, but women are better off with petroleum jelly. Ato graphite is somehow not hygienic # 128514; Well done, well done, he told everything correctly..

Lubricated once with graphite the bearings on the cercular, a month later, jammed, disassembled the lubricant became solid, the gel pulled out.

Sergey Markov, yes, graphite tends to dry out and harden over time; in the end – a wedge
I once (nothing else was thick under the hand) oiled the cylinder of the door lock. After a few months it got jammed.
So the best thing is lithol, fiol, or transmission (but you will have to fill it more often). How to lubricate properly In the latter case, you can fill in engine oil, but it will only last for a day.

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This is not the right turn.

Removing and lubricating the lawn mower’s lower shaft

To remove the shaft from the bottom of the rod, first remove the coil reducer.

Lower trimmer gearbox PRORAB-8406

  • Unscrew the fully central locking screw. On the reverse side of the lower clamping screw, unscrew the nut and unscrew the screw completely to disconnect the coil reducer from the protective casing.
  • Loosen the upper clamping screw and remove the lower part of the shaft from the coil gearbox housing. We take out the lower shaft from the rod from the gearbox side.
  • We clean the shaft from contamination and lubricate it with grease for CV joints or lithol-24, not forgetting to clean and lubricate the coupling (sleeve) with splines in the gearbox.

In the operating instructions for the petrol trimmer PRORAB 8405M, 8406M, it is recommended to lubricate the gearbox with grease or its analogs, in extreme cases, fill in liquid engine oil. Excess oil will leak out as the gearbox does not have seals.

In the user’s manual for the petrol trimmer PRORAB 8402P, 8403P, 8405P, 8406P it is written that engine oil for two-stroke engines can be used as a lubricant for the gearbox. There is no mention of solid oil and its analogues.

In order not to bother, lubricate the lower gear of your lawn mowers with the same grease as the boom shaft, or fill in engine oil.

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Lubricate the shafts of the Huter GGT-2500S lawn mowers. And all the rest of the lawn mower!

Check if there is any grease on the shafts of your lawn mowers. Most likely it is dry there!

Make a separate video on how to put grease in a syringe.

South American trimer Delta :))

How To Grease The Flex Cable In Your Trimmer

why can’t liquid oil ?

Rus 66, you can. But only enough for about a day.

Well, for those who are well-groomed, there should be a trolley on wheels. To keep the level exactly on the mowing.

Vadim. Voronezh

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http: // Message completely Hehe, colleagues!
Gradually go to the western attitude to the earth. When there is no time for the garden, then grass is the easiest way out.!
To level the lawn: 1: 1 mix the sand with the soil and fill in pits and irregularities to a height of about 1 cm. After a rain or when you see what went down – repeat.

gt The lawn mower is not suitable for the development of an overgrown area.

The fastest way to get the ground under the lawn is to go through the cultivator first:
I don’t know about you, but here you can rent for a day for 30-50.
Carefully pick roots, stones and everything else out of the ground.
Loosen the soil.
Sow seeds at the rate of kg per 4 m2 and water.
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For the third time I come across the fact that Chinese trimmers are sold with dry gears (no lubrication or almost no lubrication). If they are not lubricated in time, they will not last long..

Master class: how to lubricate the trimmer gear

Rod and drive of the working body

The rod has two very important functions: the first – forms a rigid frame of the entire structure, the second – a shaft passes inside the metal hollow rod, which connects the working body to the engine. By the appearance of the rod, you can determine the class of the tool, if the rod is bent – this is convenient for work, but in this case the drive is a flexible shaft that cannot transmit a large torque. If the rod is straight, a rigid metal rod passes inside, it is much more reliable and it can transmit more torque. Therefore, a professional tool always has straight rods..

Upper gear

the upper gearbox, or as it is called, the bell, is used to transmit torque from the engine to the shaft by means of the frictional connection of the gearbox cup with the shaft washer to the lower gearbox. The shaft is connected from the engine to the friction cup with a splined connection. The connection at the end of the motor shaft is 7, 9 splines or a square. Squares can be large or small. Mostly squares are used for powerful trimmers.

In order to disassemble the upper gearbox, it is enough to remove the retaining rings in the special slots of the washer, after the retaining ring is removed from the socket, the clutch plate is removed. On the case, you immediately need to see the condition of the damper rubber washer. To press the bearing off the shaft, it is necessary to remove the front circlip using standard pullers. Lubrication is required to maintain the splines. What kind of lubricant is used in the lawn mowers’ gearbox. Litol standard grease is used to lubricate the splines or square. You can buy lubricant for a lawn mowers gearbox in specialized dealerships selling household appliances or on Internet resources. You can watch the disassembly of the “bell” and replacement of the bearing in the video clip below..

Drive motors

Most mowers are equipped with a gasoline engine (ICE), it can be two-stroke and four-stroke, there is no particular difference in them. The four-stroke is more economical and powerful, but more difficult to maintain and more expensive to repair. The two-stroke is easier to maintain, cheaper, but less powerful, consumes more fuel, and has a dirtier and noisier exhaust. There are also combined engines. In addition to gasoline engines, trimmers can be equipped with electric motors that are connected to a 220V household network with a long cable, but, as a rule, these are household appliances as they are tied to the power wires to the network.


The choice of a petrol mower, or they are also called by the name of the cutting device – trimmers, should be made on the basis of the amount of work, the larger the area to be treated, the more power is needed. For small plots, household trimmers are chosen, for garden plots, middle-class trimmers are suitable – farm, for mowing a large area, especially if there are thickets of weeds or shrubs, a powerful professional tool is needed – a park tool. This technique has an engine power of more than 2.5 hp. and can work 3-4 hours a day.

Engine starting

Internal combustion engines of household mowers are equipped with manual starters. The device of the starter is simple: a strong cord is wound on a drum, which is directly or through a gearbox connected to the crankshaft, the start is made by pulling the cord abruptly, while the drum spins up, driving the crankshaft, which in turn leads to the engine start.
More complex models are equipped with the Flash Starter easy launch system. In this system, a special mainspring is provided, which is twisted through a ratchet by several pulls on the starter cord, accumulating kinetic energy. After that, a special release button is released from the retainer, the spring is unwound together with the drum and crankshaft. “Easy start” provides faster start-up and less energy consumption for the owner.
Also, for a quick start, an additional fuel supply to the carburetor is provided with a special button. To supply an additional portion of gasoline, you need to press the button once or twice. The starter’s gearbox is lubricated with oil intended for lubricating the gearbox.

Lubricant for lawn mowers gearbox

After the snow cover disappears with the first spring days, grass begins to appear, which pleases with a delicate green cover. However, literally after a few weeks, all the irregularities and flaws become noticeable, the weed begins to rise above the lawn. From this moment the time of struggle for the beauty of the lawn begins. Of course, an ordinary scythe or a sickle can be used to control weeds, but this is long and laborious, and the cut grass becomes ugly.

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Lower gear

On mowers with trimmer drive with working attachments, a reducer bevel gearbox is provided. The transmission of torque takes place through bevel gears. This type of gearbox is produced in two types: serviceable and maintenance-free. The name serviced – the gearbox got from the possibility of adding lubricant to the working cavity for lubricating the gears. If the gearbox is not serviced, then the lubricant is supplied by the manufacturer for the entire service life, and the gearbox itself has a sealed housing. According to the developers of the manufacturer, such measures increase the service life of the gearbox, since contamination does not get inside through the non-tightness of the lubricating hole.
The lawn mower gearbox is the most loaded part that transmits force with a change in direction, therefore proper care and proper lubrication is very important for the unit, what kind of lubricant is needed for the gearbox and repair of the bevel gearbox c = with replacement bearings, you can watch the video below.

Stihl lawn mowers are well-deserved

Stihl lawn mowers differ in class, engine type and purpose. Designed for the care of small areas before cleaning large areas from thickets of weeds, shrubs and young trees. In this regard, they are usually divided into classes..
The first class includes low-power amateur devices up to 1.2hp. By design, the Stihl amateur braids are produced with a curved bar. which makes it possible to exclude the lower bevel gearbox from the design, which significantly reduces the cost and maintenance. curved bar mowers are designed to work with cutting tools made of line or polymer knives. It is convenient to use them in garden plots with small areas..

The second class refers to universal units of average power up to 2.2 HP, designed for field and landscape work. In such designs, a straight rigid shaft is used, which allows you to equip this class with sawing steel knives for nozzles with which you can cut shrubs and small trees.
The design provides for a bevel serviceable gearbox. What kind of lubricant to use for the lawn mowers gearbox. A special one is used under the brand name “Stihl” or the usual Russian Litol grease.

Engines from 6,3 to 8 HP are intended for professional use in forestry or horticulture. Their name is hedge trimmers, these are the most powerful lawn mowers for working on large areas, cutting down small bushes and trees. In the arsenal of the working tool there are saw blades for cleaning shrubs with a diameter of up to 7 cm. The brush cutters are equipped with an anti-vibration system, thanks to which the work with such a tool becomes more comfortable. What kind of grease to lubricate the gearbox of lawn mowers with powerful drive mechanisms, the gearbox of Stihl lawn mowers is lubricated with a special branded or Stihl grease or Russian-made Litol 24.

Petrol trimmer grease

Correctly selected lawn mower care guarantees the durability and quality of the equipment. Manufacturers try to take into account all the nuances and prescribe what materials to use for maintenance. Usually, the specific type of lubricant is not specified, it is simply given generally known standards that lubricants must comply with..

The lubricant must be selected in such a way as to take into account temperature conditions, rotational speed, load dynamics and vibration. The main requirement is that this mixture remains in the zone of maximum friction..

Lubricants must have good anti-corrosion properties, reliably protecting components from rust.

Based on the above information, it should be noted that lawn mowers manufacturers are developing universal additional tools for their equipment. It can be served with general industrial compositions. The main condition is compliance with the operating conditions, namely, the presence of an anti-rust and lime agent in the composition, as well as a filler, which consists of a solid lubricant. Grease is poured into the gearbox through a special hole, the unit is not dismantled..

Replacement is done quickly enough.

  • First, turn off the device from the network. Devices using gasoline must be drained of gasoline.
  • If the lubricant changes completely, then be sure to flush the gearbox. To do this, first fill in the cleaner, then rinse the gearbox well, then drain. It is important to clean the case completely.
  • With the special tool that is included with the trimmer, you need to unscrew the gearbox plug.
  • Apply a new lubricant: insert a syringe with a tube into the hole and squeeze out the lubricant (2-5 ml).
  • We turn the shaft manually, turn on the scythe at low speed without load. This is necessary in order for the lubricant to be efficiently distributed in places subject to maximum friction..

How and how to lubricate the gearbox of lawn mowers?

Responsible maintenance is the key to long tool life. One of the requirements in the operation of a lawn mower is the timely lubrication of the gearbox, as well as cleaning the filters. With what composition to lubricate the gearbox, every user of such a unit knows. First, it is cleaned in several stages, then the element is removed from the casing. It is cleaned with gasoline and dried. The place for the filter is prepared carefully, cleaning it from dust and old oil. The main signal for lubricating the lawn mowers gearbox is extraneous noise and rapid heating of the equipment. This means that it is necessary to lubricate the spare part as soon as possible. For lubrication intervals, refer to the instruction manual for your lawn mower. Experts say gearbox maintenance should be done every 15 hours.

Lower and upper gear lubrication

There are tips that recommend lubrication at the end of the season. However, most people find it best to do this at the beginning of each season. When we repair a unit, as well as carry out any disassembly, it is necessary to use lubricants. The gearbox needs additional lubrication when the old trimmer is inserted..

Modern trimmers are equipped with a gearbox that measures the angle of transmission of mechanical energy between two components: the shaft and the head. Bevel gears are considered common, they can easily withstand high speeds, are equipped with smooth engagement, as well as an increased level of bearing capacity. The housing includes a shaft, a gear wheel, which is pressed onto the driven shaft. In order to reduce friction, bearings are installed on the bearing points of the shaft..

Prevention and possible malfunctions of the gearbox

the lawn mower requires the first preventive maintenance immediately after purchase, because the manufacturer puts in a small amount of lubricant. If the trimmer does a small amount of work, then lubricate the device at the beginning and end of the season. If the lawn mower works a lot, then we lubricate it after 30-55 hours of operation..

If the lubrication is insufficient, then it is completely changed. Manufacturers are trying to produce universal chemicals that are suitable for the processing of various hoses and assemblies..

The main malfunctions include the most common options..

  • Strong heat. This indicates that the lubrication has run out. It is necessary to add lubricants and run them in at low mode..
  • Gearbox vibrates or wobbles. This situation indicates mechanical damage..
  • There is a knock. Then the bearing collapsed, the boot is damaged.
  • If the trimmer knife is jammed, then the mechanism should be changed completely..

How to properly lubricate the gearbox of lawn mowers, see below.