How to Make a Circular For Firewood

how to make a circular for firewood

A circular saw is perhaps one of the most useful and necessary tools for a craftsman engaged in private housing construction or building his own country house. At the same time, many masters are interested in how to make a circular with their own hands in order to save on its purchase. A large number of various options are presented on the network today, each craftsman adds something of his own to the design. We will not sort out all the available options, but consider the most popular ones for which many home-made circulars have already been made.

Circular Saw from Angle Grinder

This is perhaps the most common version of a homemade circular saw. The advantage of this option is the simplicity of the design. You don’t have to think about how to transfer the rotation of the engine to the spindle, how to arrange all the necessary pulley designs, etc. the design of the angle grinder is already provided for. Naturally, to turn into a circular saw, it is necessary to use a sufficiently powerful model that will provide a high-quality cut. In principle, the transformation itself boils down to replacing the grinding disc with a saw and fixing the unit to a stable surface.

However, this option has its drawbacks:

  • it is impossible to install a disk of a sufficiently large diameter on an angle grinder;
  • mounting an angle grinder is only possible on the side, so the width of the sawn wood will be limited.

Therefore, it is better to make a circular saw from a circular saw. it is easily mounted on the underside of the table right in the center and allows the use of large disks. To do this, attach the sole of the saw to the countertop with screws. Maintenance of special equipment of this kind, despite the independent manufacture, is best left to professionals to protect themselves from injuries.

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Powerful pendulum saw

This is a more powerful and therefore more productive saw, a sufficiently powerful separate electric motor is used to bring it into action. To work with especially thick wood, it is recommended to make a circular according to the following scheme:

  • durable stationary frame is welded;
  • a smaller lifting frame is mounted in the lower part, which is mounted on the hinges to the main frame with the far edge, and connected to the height adjuster from the front edge. Such a regulator can be made of a vertical threaded pin and a rotary mechanism, which will change the height of the saw’s position and the height of its disk exit to the surface from the countertop;
  • a motor and saw connection system will also be required; for this, appropriate shafts and a belt drive must be provided in the design.

The important point is the circular table

The main difference between a circular saw and a simple circular saw is its stationarity. Therefore, you need to make a special table for the circular.

For the countertop, you can take thick plywood 2 cm thick or just a countertop from the old table. It is marked below for attaching a circular saw and for installing stiffeners to which table legs will be attached.

Stiffeners are also needed around the entire table. They need to be glued to the carpentry glue and tightened with clamps until completely dry. Then the mating ribs are pulled together with self-tapping screws.

It is recommended that the legs of the table be installed in a spacer so that the table is stationary during operation. and this is very important for the quality of cuts. You will also need a guide bar, which will fix the position of the workpiece on the table. It is mounted on the docks of the countertop in such a way that it can be moved, for example, you can use a small vise for fastening.

In principle, the manufacture of a table is already trifles. It is much more difficult to figure out how to make a circular with your own hands, but if you devote enough time to this issue, then everything will become clear.