How To Make A Holder For An Angle Grinder

Materials and tools

The first question that a DIYer faces when designing an angle grinder stand. What to make it from. The answer to this question is elementary: what is, we will do from that. If you have water pipes at hand. They are useful for making hinges and guides. If there is a metal corner. Let’s assemble a frame from it.

The main and most complex unit of a pendulum cut-off saw is the hinge unit. It carries the greatest loads, while the pendulum arm should NOT be able to freely deflect to the left or right. Consider the design of this node with the greatest care. Roller bearings are ideal. Find a pair that works well. And already Around them build the rest of the structure.

It is best to mount the pendulum arm with ball or roller bearings. This will provide the best precision and rigidity. But if there are no suitable finished products, it is quite possible to spy on the options for homemade designs of this unit.

If ready-made bearings are available, match pairs of metal tubes and steel pins of suitable diameters. This will allow you to make NOT too high quality, but homemade bearings. For plywood the machine as a suspension of the pendulum arm, good canopy hinges used for fastening doors and gates.

For a secure and tight fixation of the angle grinder in the holder, it is better to glue the stock with a soft and durable material. For example, leatherette. And pressing the angle grinder to the holder is most convenient with flexible metal ties with a screw assembly. These are widely used in plumbing and car service.

The bed is best made from a thick sheet of metal. Compromises are possible, up to thick plywood fixed to a timber frame. It is good to provide on the desktop the possibility of fixing the abutment corners at some standard angles to the cutting axis. Thus, we get miter dust.

Do not forget that you will not be able to control the switching on of the angle grinder on the machine in the usual way. We can replace the operator’s hand on the control keys with screw ties for pipelines. But the keypad control post (which we fix on the bed), a socket for connecting a fixed angle grinder to the circuit and a wire with a plug of sufficient length to connect the entire machine to the network should be saved.

How To Make A Holder For An Angle Grinder

If we have metal blanks at our disposal, it is best to connect them by welding. If you DO NOT have such an opportunity, it is better to contact the familiar masters of this business. Bolted connections loosen over time and nullify There are all the advantages of a metal frame.

Of course, the angle grinder itself will come in handy in the manufacture of the machine. Using it, we cut the blanks for the rack, you can feel like Munchausen pulling himself out of the swamp by the pigtail.

Carriage made of pipes and shock absorbers

If there are water pipes, a pair of car shock absorbers and a metal corner or profile in stocks. You can make a wonderful miter (aka detachable) machine with transverse horizontal carriage feed.

The pendulum unit is still required to bring the tool into the cutting plane. But the carriage, movable along the pendulum arm, allows you to significantly expand the range of material sizes. Now you can cut quickly and accurately not only pipes, profiles and beams.

Complex rail assemblies with spring-loaded bearings are usually designed to ensure smooth yet accurate carriage travel. But you can use car shock absorbers. They have a very robust and precise construction. If you remove gas and liquid, you get excellent guides.

The rear shock absorbers of VAZ cars have a stroke of almost 200 millimeters. This will allow, for example, when attaching an angle grinder-230 to the carriage, to organize a cutting line up to 400 mm long. But even if you have a compact angle grinder with a disc only 150 mm in diameter, you can still cut sheets up to 200 mm wide. This more than covers most everyday tasks.

When constructing a node “guides. Carriage based on automobile shock absorbers, it should be taken into account that the shock absorber bodies themselves are quite thin and easily wrinkled. To the upper arm of the pendulum such guides should be secured with semicircular clamping brackets. This is where water pipes come in handy.

Rectangular bed

Very stiff in itself, this profile allows the construction of a rigid and sturdy bed. importantly, the pendulum arm made of this material will hardly flex during operation.

But the frame of the bed. This is only half the battle. The floor of the frame must be imposed countertop. The plate on which the workpiece will be placed under the angle grinder.

If the frame is made of metal, sheet metal is the best material for the workbench. However, a thick sheet of plywood or chipboard is also quite suitable. Just do not forget that a fairly wide slot must be provided in the tabletop directly under the disc of the angle grinder, which ensures the through passage of the disc through the material being cut.

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The upright is a very busy pendulum saw unit. The use of a metal profile will allow you to create a strong and rigid structure.

When using metal as the basic element of the machine, preference should be given to welded joints. Of course, metal profile products can also be bolted together.

Wooden elements

If it is not possible to make the basic elements of a pendulum saw from metal, do not despair. Many structural elements can be made from wood. First of all, this is the bed, swing arm and angle grinder holder.

The frame can be made from any suitable lumber. Very good frames are assembled from bars of hard and heavy wood of significant cross-section. They are both durable and quite heavy. This ensures the stability of the entire machine.

The frame, assembled from 100×100 mm oak timber, is certainly impressive. But it is too expensive. Thick bars of larch or even birch are quite suitable for the base of the desktop.

But for the manufacture of the pendulum arm, you can just use the noble varieties of wood, traditionally used in furniture production. An oak would be quite appropriate here.

When constructing a machine from wood, do not forget about the overall rigidity of the structure. Significant dimensions of the bed make it possible to ensure the strength and rigidity of this part when made from NOT the highest quality materials.

The pendulum arm has a long, elongated design. If made of wood, its geometry can be unstable when temperature and humidity change.

Plywood parts

An interesting solution to the problem of stiffness can be the use of plywood in a wooden structure. The multidirectionality of veneer layers in this material imparts a certain dimensional stability to plywood products. The fact that the product consists of many thin layers, bonded with strong adhesive, provides strength.

Plywood is great for making beds and work tables. When designing, it should be borne in mind that plywood is very strong and stable in the plane of the product. But the plane itself can be deformed. Therefore, plywood products should be mounted on rigid frames.

A good example of construction is a multi-plywood assembly with intermediate bonding and bolting.

Manufacturing options

Honestly, the do-it-yourself rack drawings, which are available in many, should rather serve as food for thought. It is worth taking a closer look at the design, the typical dimensions of the standard elements and the general design principles. Then apply them in our particular case.

The fact is that the dimensions of the structure and SEPARATE nodes will entirely depend on what you have at hand. For a large angle grinder (for example, the 230 angle grinder), you may need to make a holder larger than indicated on the drawing. This will entail the need to replace bearings, and so on.

The general principles are clear enough. The simplest and most used machine is the transformation of a hand-held angle grinder into stationary pendulum dust. This design consists of a bed, a stand and a pendulum arm, which is hinged on the stand.

Consider manufacturing options depending on the materials available.


As part of the simplest frame, there are two frames and a common one. The lower frame must be fixed to the platform floor made of metal or chipboard. For a large angle grinder, metal is best. It is necessary to ensure the rotation of the upper frame, on which the angle grinder is attached, in relation to the lower frame in the vertical plane, like a pendulum. To fix the starting position, you will have to use a spring. The weld fastener follows the lower frame, which includes a pressure angle and a movable clamp.

Second design option

Second design option

Ruler. For this particular case, you can use a movable ruler with a stop that is welded onto the tube. It regulates the accuracy of the size, after which it is fastened with a socket screw!

Electronics. To increase the usability of your machine, you need to provide such things as a start pedal or a button (switching using a low-voltage relay for 12 V). With the help of this pedal, voltage will be supplied to the angle grinder.

Angle grinder machines

Purchased version of the holder angle grinder

Making the simplest attachment for an angle grinder can be done with minimal cost and within hours! In fact, the structure will be a long metal tube, which is both a frame and a handle. At one of the ends, a transverse metal bar is welded, which has two holes for fastening an angle grinder.

reliable homemade angle grinder holder

From the same edge, the pipe is attached to a small piece of the corner on the movable shaft. Fastening of the very same corner is done on the desktop, or to the floor! On the opposite side of the fastener, a spring must be fixed that returns the entire structure to its original position.

Second manufacturing option

Third manufacturing option

That’s all. The production of the machine is completed, it remains only to make the correct fastening of the angle grinder. Naturally, this option should be used for the simplest work, and if precise and complex procedures are required, then the design should be more complex.

Making a cutting machine from an angle grinder for precision work!

Such attachments for an angle grinder such as a cutting machine are made using the following materials and tools: steel angle, profile pipe, metal sheet for the platform (chipboard can be used), welding machine, channel, drill, shaft, several bearings, pipes with a small diameter, springs , relay and pedals. The quarrel, in principle, can be replaced by strong bolts. Here you have to use a drill.

It is worth noting that with such an implementation of the machine, it can be easily disassembled if such a need arises.

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First design option

First design option

Parts and fasteners

We begin to make the machine from the frame. Each angle grinder will require an individual scheme, since each manufacturer produces an angle grinder of its own design. In some, you will have to remove the handle, but somewhere you will need to invent a stand for the entire angle grinder as a whole! In addition, different frames are needed for different disc diameters.

Homemade attachments for angle grinder

The angle grinder is a useful and versatile tool. It is suitable for cutting metal, stone, tiles and, sanding surfaces. However, sometimes there are situations in which a stationary machine is more suitable for these works. It’s good that using certain attachments for an angle grinder, it can be converted, for example, into a cutting machine!

DIY angle grinder attachments

With the help of such a simple attachment for an angle grinder, we can free our hands, and at the same time make an accurate even cut without applying pressure, and saving time for measurements also plays an important role. With the help of this design, a metal cutting saw can be replaced, and if suddenly required, an angle grinder can be easily dismantled.

Stand for angle grinder DIY angle grinder

The angle grinder is considered one of the most indispensable tools in many industries, as its applications are quite extensive. The versatility of this unit allows you to cut, grind, cut and even polish various surfaces and objects. Each man can independently make a high-quality angle grinder stand, thanks to which it will be possible to cut any workpieces with perfectly straight edges without any hassle.

Tool fixation options

Many experts argue that there is no better way to secure the workpiece than the well-known pressure. The use of this attachment ensures that the risk of injury is reduced to zero even if the abrasive disc breaks into small pieces. Particular attention should be paid to the rotary type of vice, at the base of which there are special longitudinal grooves. If the master manages to make the correct oblique cut, then it will be possible to achieve a significant increase in the functionality of the device.

First you need to prepare strong fasteners in accordance with the drawings of the angle grinder stand. With your own hands, you can build a unique attachment for an angle grinder, which must necessarily consist of the following elements:

  • Spring to provide counterweight.
  • 2 tubes in the form of bearings.
  • 2 meters of profile pipe.
  • Sheet metal to create a solid foundation.
  • 2 bolts.

You can build a rack from the most common materials, which can be found in almost every garage and private house. Of course, you just can’t do without a welding machine. Despite this, such a rack will not only be of high quality, but will also cost much less than a purchased product. For more convenient use of the device, its frame can be equipped with an ergonomic handle. In this case, a simple tube is suitable, which is attached with a welding machine.

Main advantages

Quite often, home craftsmen are faced with a situation when they need to evenly cut the workpieces. Despite the fact that the angle grinder is an indispensable tool on the farm, the principle of its operation is monotonous. To keep the weight of this unit in one hand for a long time.Trying to make the cuts as evenly as possible can be extremely difficult. In this case, craftsmen often have the idea to make a durable and stable support for her.

For the result to exceed all expectations, you need to make high-quality fasteners, as well as prepare all the necessary materials at hand: small wooden blocks and plywood. It is these details that will help to carry out the stationary installation of the stand on a flat surface. Having made such a holder for an angle grinder with your own hands, a specialist will no longer need to hold the tool on weight, worries about the departure of the abrasive wheel. This situation is fraught with Serious injury.

The main advantages of such a rack include the following:

  • The master always has the opportunity to Position the angle grinder at the desired angle.
  • The workpiece can be locked in the most suitable position. For THESE purposes, pressures are used, which help to cut the workpieces into the desired sizes.
  • Having made a self-made stand angle grinder, angle grinder with your own hands, you can quickly and accurately cut light metals: ceramic tiles, aluminum profiles, metal corners.
  • In a short period of time, the master will be able to make the required number of blanks.
  • If necessary, vertical movement of parts is realized to perform certain tasks. The main tool in this case is considered to be an angle grinder (angle grinder).
  • Labor productivity increases significantly.
  • Operation of such racks is characterized by a high level of safety.
  • Guaranteed high degree of stability for the rotating holder.
  • No need to hold a heavy tool in your hands.
  • The risks of possible falling out or slipping out of the hand are completely minimized.

Quality counterweight with shock absorber

The safety of the bed is largely dependent on the counterweight. The most practical is the option when, at the moment of lowering the tool, it will automatically move to a vertical position, thereby stopping any cutting manipulations. It will be not only very convenient, but also safe. The easiest way is to install a spring mechanism, which must be selected in accordance with the characteristics of the angle grinder. The design itself will be compact and efficient.

A great idea is when the stand is equipped with powerful shock absorbers to ensure smooth movement of the tool. Even a beginner can handle such a unit.

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Component parts

Before starting work, you need to decide what kind of home-made design is suitable for certain operating conditions. Most often, to assemble a high-quality bed, you need to prepare the following parts:

  • Bolts for secure fixing.
  • Hardwood that can withstand any loads that come on it, without deformation during operation.
  • Keys.
  • Metal corners.
  • Fastening materials.
  • In some cases, a chipboard plate may be needed.
  • A profiled metal tube is suitable for a strong and secure attachment of the angle grinder.
  • 12V relay.
  • Bolt fixing tools.
  • Drill.

Assembling the structure

When a craftsman decides to make his own tripod for an angle grinder, it helps to avoid many costs, since factory models are expensive and short-lived. But a good result also depends on the presence of basic skills:

  • Ability to handle an angle grinder and a household welding machine.
  • Accurate hole drilling.
  • Free time and patience.

In order for the rack to meet all operational requirements, its assembly must take place in a strict sequence. Depending on personal preferences, the master can develop his own drawing, which will correspond to a certain model of an angle grinder, or you can use ready-made drawings. In addition, before any manipulation, you need to check the operating condition of the main unit. If it does not work well and often breaks down, then there is a need to build a powerful frame under it.

Experts say that the assembly procedure for the angle grinder stand is as follows:

  • Initially, it is necessary to prepare a metal pipe, which must be carefully cut into pieces of a certain length. All manipulations Must match the drawing used.
  • Drill small holes in the marked places.
  • At this stage, make the upper and lower frame.
  • Weld metal blanks with a welding machine or screw onto bolted joints.
  • Take a pre-prepared metal sheet or chipboard.
  • Depending on the diameter of the rack, cut the work surface.
  • Place the finished surface on the lower platform of the desktop.
  • Fix everything with bolts.
  • Attach the holder to the vertical frame in such a way that the pendulum type of rotation is free.
  • Carefully install a precise spring that will return the angle grinder to its original position every time.
  • One end of the spring should be fixed on the top of the end, but the other end on the holder.
  • It’s time to take a 12 V relay, which will help increase the level of comfort of work with an angle grinder.It should be located in such a way that during operation it is convenient to reach the button.
  • Carefully inspect the condition of the wiring and check its performance.
  • In the workshop, be sure to provide a separate socket for the bed used.
  • Take high-quality paints, varnishes and primers to completely cover the created device. These manipulations will help to give the product a complete and effective look. In addition, a protective primer coating will protect the rack from the negative effects of corrosion.
  • At this stage, it remains to equip the structure with a movable ruler and special limiters.
  • Check the finished bed for operability, will start the angle grinder at idle.

Required tools and materials

To make a cutting machine, you will need the following materials and tools: a steel corner, a profile pipe, a sheet of metal for a platform (or a lighter version of chipboard), a welding machine, a channel, a drill, a shaft, several identical bearings, a small diameter pipe, a spring, and also relay and pedal. A quarrel, if you think about it, can be replaced with strong bolts, that’s for this you need a drill. By the way, this option will allow, in addition to everything else, to disassemble the machine in case of such a need.

Buy or not?

homemade machine with a ruler for metal. From a metal pipe and corners

The finished structure of such a machine will be a metal long pipe that plays both the role of a frame and the role of a handle. Closer to one end, a transverse metal bar with two holes for fastening an angle grinder is welded.

The pipe in this design is both the handle and the mount

On the same side, the pipe is attached to one side of a small piece of the corner on a movable shaft, the corner itself is attached with its other side either to the work table, or simply to the floor in the work room. On the opposite side of the mount, it is imperative to fix the spring, which will allow the entire structure to return to its original position. That’s all. The machine is ready, you just need to properly fix the angle grinder. Of course, this is an option. For the simplest work with metal, and for complex ones, where precision is required, the structure should already be more stable and thorough.

How to make a cutting machine from an angle grinder with your own hands

The simplest home-made machine for a small angle grinder can be made at a minimum cost and in just a few hours.


For the convenience of work, a starting pedal or a button is provided in the design with switching through a low-voltage relay for 12 V. Through it, voltage will be supplied to the angle grinder. With the help of such an uncomplicated design, we free our hands, ripen an exact, even cut without the use of a vice, and save time for accurate measurements. This tool will replace cutting dust for metal, and if necessary, you can always return the angle grinder to its mobile state.