How to make a jigsaw with your own hands

Jigsaw table with his own hands

In the life of a home craftsman it occasionally becomes necessary to make figured and simply decorative cuts, including those inside the workpiece. Petrol, circular and usual hand saws can not cope with this task, because of their design features. To solve this problem, a hand jigsaw specially designed for such operations is used. This tool undoubtedly copes with its task, but when working with large volumes or large-sized materials, definitely loses to its more professional colleague. a jigsaw machine.

It is absolutely no problem to buy a new, shiny and functional benchtop jigsaw. The shelves of stores are full of products from various manufacturers aimed at professional and amateur work. At first glance, the stationary jigsaws on sale seem to be very complicated in terms of construction, whose assembly is performed only by a select few expert technicians. In fact. these are quite simple devices, which you can make yourself, having the desire and step-by-step instructions. And if the first point depends only on you, with the second we will help you and provide a detailed guide on how to assemble your own jigsaw machine.

Principles of table jigsaw design

The principle of sawing with a manual jigsaw is based on the condition that the workpiece is fixed motionlessly, and the sawing is done by manually moving the device. Accuracy of cutting, inclination of the saw blade depend entirely on the skill of the worker. If you make homemade desktop jigsaws, you can change the principle of sawing. the machine will be fixed perpendicular to the plane of the table, while the sheet is fed to the cutting tool. The workpiece is moved along the plane of the table, which requires no effort, and the direction should be controlled by guide rails.

The bench-mounted jigsaw has several positive qualities. Better cut quality with a fixed vertical saw blade position and controlled repositioning of the workpiece. Physically easier, since there is no need to hold the tool in hands. Saw blade positioning from bottom to top improves quality by preventing material chipping on the edge of the kerf.

A bench-mounted jigsaw must be a stationary design that includes a plane for moving the workpiece and a system for securing the electric hand tool to it. Additional elements to improve the quality of cuts can be a guide system, cutting element tensioning mechanisms and devices to facilitate the repositioning of the saw blade. The work surface is usually a tabletop, the size of the table being determined by the dimensions of the workpiece, and the height of the table for ease of operation.

make, jigsaw, your, hands

If you decide to make homemade table jigsaws, you must prepare the following tools:

  • An electric drill with a set of drill bits;
  • angle grinder with cutting discs;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • chisel;
  • Metal hacksaw;
  • hammer;
  • taps;
  • chisels;
  • screwdriver;
  • file;
  • A caliper.

If the jigsaw cannot be repaired

When the hand jigsaw is not suitable, and the electric one cannot be repaired, you can use any of the suggested ways to make an electric jigsaw.

Tabletop electric jigsaw. List of tools and materials:

Make a cut in a plywood sheet. Disengage the pendulum stroke, if this model has one. By placing a saw into the hole, attach the jigsaw to the slot. Prepare slots in the plywood sheet, in the sole of the electric jigsaw. they can easily be made by drilling a few small holes and connecting with a drill. Place screws in these slots. You can fix the manufactured tool on a flat surface using clamps. The tool is ready.

Jigsaw, based on an electric drill. List of tools and materials:

  • Steel sheet (3 mm);
  • steel sheet (2 mm);
  • sheet steel (1.5 mm);
  • steel strip (2 mm);
  • spring steel strips (0.8 mm);
  • steel rod (diameter. 8 mm);
  • drill.

From the steel sheet (3 mm) it is necessary to construct a C-shaped frame, it will be the basis of the future tool. Attach the frame to the drill. To do this, you’ll need to make a 2mm sheet of steel clamp, which will secure the attachment. At the ends of the frame to fasten spring strips. Steel sheet of 1.5 mm to be used for making the clamps, they will be used to secure the saw. Such clamps must also be mounted on the ends of the C-frame. A rod of steel will be the basis for making a crank, it will drive the saw.

For the crank mechanism we must also make a connecting rod, for which we use a steel strip. The basic work is done. Since such a tool will be quite heavy to hold in your hands, it is recommended to clamp the drill while working in a vise. At the same time, the material to be worked with is best placed on a flat surface, such as a table.

Options for making a desktop jigsaw

Table-top devices of this plan can be made from scratch, as well as through modifications of existing devices.

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Option 1

To make a new desktop mechanical jigsaw, you must first have the following tools and supplies:

First we carry out preparation of the frame; duralumin pipe is good for this purpose. When making the frame, a passageway must be provided, through which the electric cord is inserted, in order to supply the tool with power. A U-shaped frame is made with copper sheet, which is then attached directly to the frame. At the area where the frame connects to the jigsaw handle, screw the frame with screws.

Then take the plastic base for drilling holes and fastening slots in it. On the prepared base, secure the jigsaw so that the saw blade can pass freely in the hole made. With jigsaws, attach the finished device on a flat surface, for example, on a table.

Variant 2

To make a jigsaw, you can use a sewing machine, the repair of which is not necessary. To make such a tool will need the following materials and tools:

Unscrew all bolt fasteners from the lower parts of the machine structure, the entire working system with thread is completely removed. Remove the metal fastening pin by knocking it out and remove the drive shaft. Unscrew 2 more bolts and do the disassembly of the panel, which closes the sewing machine, its removal is carried out quite simply. Carefully remove the sewing needle and begin the work.

First of all, we carry out work with a slot for the needle. Expand it to a size where a saw can fit. With this task will help to cope nail file. It should be selected based on the size of the hacksaw blade. Try to match the size of the cut with the saw as closely as possible. After reaming the connector, the blade can be installed in place of the former needle holder. And finally, by turning the wheel it is necessary to check a few things:

  • There is no contact between the saw, the panel and the presser foot;
  • Was free passage of plywood under the saw in the upper position;
  • pulling materials through in a smooth, jerk-free motion.

Such jigsaws are suitable for use in working with plywood, balsa wood and plastic, and when using an electric machine, such a device can be converted to an electric jigsaw.

Table jigsaw: two variants of manufacturing

The table attachment can be made as a new one, or by means of modification or repair of improvised means.

make, jigsaw, your, hands

Making a new desktop mechanical jigsaw will require these tools and materials:

First prepare the frame, for this purpose it is better to use duralumin pipe. When making the frame, it is necessary to provide a passageway through which the cord that provides power will be routed. Copper sheet should be taken to make a U-shaped frame, which will later have to be attached to the frame itself. At the joint between the frame and the handle of the jigsaw, screw the frame. Drill a hole in the plastic base with a drill for the saw, as well as slots for the fasteners. On the prepared plastic, fasten the jigsaw so that the saw passes through the hole. Using clamps, attach the finished tool to a flat surface, such as a table.

Standard set of saws for jigsaws.

A hand-held device made from a sewing machine is ideal if sewing machine repair is not as important as making such a tool. List of tools and materials:

After unscrewing the bolts at the bottom of the sewing machine, you should remove the entire threading system. Next, knock out the metal fixing rod and remove the drive shaft of the thread weaving system. The panel covering the parts of the sewing machine is easy to remove by unscrewing 2 more bolts. Carefully remove the needle. The needle slot requires a small repair. it should be widened to accommodate a saw. To do this, it is better to saw the hole with a file, focusing on the dimensions of the saw itself. After that, adjust its size to the largest possible needle size by trimming the top of the saw. After grinding the top teeth with a file, and the bottom on the point, you can proceed to the next step. The prepared jigsaw should be put in the place of the former needle. in the needle holder. After that, you should turn the wheel and check:

  • so that the saw does not touch the panel and the presser foot;
  • so that in the upper position the plywood freely passed under the saw;
  • so that the material would run smoothly.

Such a jigsaw is suitable for working with materials made of plywood, balsa wood and plastic, and if you use an electric jigsaw, you get an electric jigsaw.

Jigsaw with their own hands: features, tools and materials, options for making

After several unsuccessful attempts to saw complex shapes with an electric jigsaw, I decided to make a homemade benchtop jigsaw according to the drawings from the net. It will be very easy to cut complex shapes of small size from lightweight materials.

To assemble a jigsaw with your own hands from an electric jigsaw, you will need:

Tools: Drill, sandpaper, wire clamp, tape measure.

How an electric jigsaw works

The jigsaw has a simple design and uncomplicated mechanism. Nevertheless, when using it, certain peculiarities must be taken into account. To understand how you can make an electric jigsaw with your own hands at home, you need to familiarize yourself with its device.

The basis of the electric jigsaw are such elements:

Additional components include a button for starting, a supporting roller, a soleplate, a fan for cooling. Some devices have additional functions. They are equipped with a pendulum stroke, backlight, dust collector. Also the kit sometimes includes a laser guide.

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The principle of operation of the tool is based on the operation of an electric motor. After turning on the button, the tool begins to rotate, forming a reciprocating motion. In the jigsaw package there is a saw, which performs the sawing of the part.

Types of machines

Structurally, it is possible to divide all jigsaws:

Most common are bottom-slide models. Their bed is divided into two halves: lower and upper. The cutting and cleaning module is placed in the upper one. The control module, electric motor, transmission mechanism and rocker switch are in the lower part. Enables sheet metal of any size to be machined.

The double-slide models are equipped with an additional rail on the upper half of the bed. Such devices are good for creating oversized parts. They are easier to install than the previous version. Both models allow machining of material up to 8 cm in thickness. Work table with adjustable angle and height included.

Suspension machines do not have a monolithic bed, they are very mobile. It is the cutting unit that moves during machining, not the material. Working module is usually hand-attached to the ceiling, so the size of the material is unlimited. The cutting tool moves by hand independently of the bed, creating very complex patterns.

Machines with a scale and stops are good for accurate work on drawings. The design allows you to avoid errors. Universal electric jigsaws can perform several operations that accompany cutting: drilling, polishing, grinding.

Advantages and disadvantages of a homemade jigsaw

The jigsaw machine has many advantages:

  • high speed of sawing;
  • High quality and precise cutting of materials;
  • the possibility of curvilinear or shaped processing;
  • smooth edges;
  • the release of the hands of the master. it helps to engage in sawing out different shapes and patterns;
  • foreman safety. with the help of guards it is possible to protect your hands from injury.

Please note! Self-made jigsaw also has certain disadvantages. The accuracy of sawing may be reduced if the tool manufacturing technique is violated.

Safety tips

over, you should also remember about fire safety rules and always unplug the device after finishing work.

Making a jigsaw machine yourself will not be difficult, but not all craftsmen have a need for it.

Usually such devices are used by people who do a lot of work and need optimal conditions.

Design features everyone chooses according to their preferences and considerations, there are many options. The safety and quality of the product will directly depend on the degree of thoroughness and accuracy of assembly.

Electric jigsaw blueprints

To make a table electric jigsaw with your own hands, you need to have a scheme that describes each element. It should reflect the names of all the elements and their dimensions.

Below are detailed blueprints for making electric jigsaws, which help to get excellent results.

To make a tool, it is worth using the drawings

Options for making an electric jigsaw

There are different options for creating homemade electric jigsaws. The easiest way is to attach the electric jigsaw to a flat surface. for example, a sheet of plywood or particle board. Previously it is required to make holes for the saw.

It is also possible to make a design from a box, a motor, a hand jigsaw. In addition, you need to prepare a table or workbench. You will also need an additional saw guide.

Note! It is possible to make a tool on the basis of different devices. For this purpose, it is acceptable to use a sewing or washing machine, a drill, a refrigerator compressor.

make, jigsaw, your, hands


There are two basic design approaches for such a task, and they are separated by location in space:

The first option will be described by us a little later, since at the time of writing this article, it is in the prototype and construction stage, but the second option will be described in this article.


Compared to the standard method of use this attachment achieves one very important parameter. the evenness of the cut. It is quite easy to make a quick and easy saw-off by placing the workpiece on a horizontal surface, with the part to be sawn off hanging down, and then sawing off. But we cannot speak about the quality of the cut here, no matter what kind of craftsman. Our design allows:

Basic construction

The fixture is not tricky and consists of a few basic elements:

All structural parts are made of plywood or solid wood.

Nominal thickness of plywood, mm No. of plywood layers, not less Sanded plywood Unbleached plywood
Limit deviation, mm Various thicknesses Cutting tolerance, mm Miscellaneous thickness
3 mm 3 0,3/-0,4 0,6 0,4/-0,3 0,6
4 mm 3 0,3/-0,5 0,8/-0,4 1,0
6 mm 5 0,4/-0,5 0,9/-0,4
9 mm 7 0,4/-0,6 1,0/-0,5
12 mm 9 0,5/-0,7 1,1/-0,6
15 mm 11 0,6/-0,8 1,2/-0,7 1,5
18 mm 13 0,7/-0,9 1,3/-0,8
21 mm 15 0,8/-1,0 1,4/-0,9
24 mm 17 0,9/-1,1 1,5/-1,0
27 mm 19 1,0/-1,2 1,0 1,6/-1,1 2,0
30 mm 21 1,1/-1,3 1,7/-1,2

Materials used

To make a homemade table jigsaw you will need the following:

  • timber bar;
  • electric motor;
  • metal plates;
  • saw;
  • plywood;
  • plastic;
  • bicycle spoke;
  • gas stove nozzle;
  • Nuts, screws, self-tapping screws.

To make a jigsaw, you must also prepare and tools. Metal scissors, hacksaw, pliers, pencil, drill with drill bits may be needed.

Note! The list of materials and tools can be different. The above list should be used as a guide, but other tools may be required depending on the design.

Electric jigsaw with your own hands

The desire of the home craftsman to mechanize, if possible, his work, to replace hand tools with mechanical ones is quite natural. One such tool is a jigsaw, indispensable for working with plywood, thin plastic and other materials. There are several options for replacing hand jigsaws mechanical: this attachment to the machine “Skillful Hands”, foot drive, etc. д. Many home masters use electric jigsaw produced by industry, which, however, does not meet the requirements: it is low-powered, has a small stroke of the saw, not enough to work with thick plywood, sawing on it requires certain skills.

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To the readers’ attention an electric jigsaw made by own hands, without disadvantages

Its design uses a piston system of the refrigeration compressor type FR-0,125 and the motor DBSM-1E-U4 from a washing machine.

The jigsaw works at a speed of the driven pulley about 700 per minute, the working stroke of the saw 12 mm, which is twice as much than that of the store bought. My jigsaw is easy to handle, it has enough power to cut thick wood and the cut requires no additional processing.

For optimum frequency of saw oscillation I mounted on the cooling unit pulley with diameter of 130 mm, and on the engine. the pulley with diameter of 70 mm, I connected them by belt transmission (pulleys and belt. from washing machine).

Blueprints homemade jigsaw

Refrigeration unit modification is not complicated. It is necessary to cut the shell in which the compressor is enclosed, remove it. Disconnect the stator and from the side of the rotor, close to it, to put on the shaft of a large pulley, the seating hole of which is pre-drilled to the desired diameter. Next disassemble the piston system: unscrew the three fixing screws and remove the piston. Drill a threaded hole in the center of its upper part for the screw of the lower saw mounting assembly.

Fix the lower assembly in the piston in the right position and assemble the piston system in reverse order. In this case, the valves need to be removed. The most complicated jigsaw assembly is ready. It is mounted on a frame welded from 20×20 mm steel angles. Since the design of the cooling unit housings is different, only the position of the holes that hold the unit to the frame need be changed.

The holes for the screws of the electric motor brackets I made oblong for the tensioning of the drive belt.

The upper saw mount has a more complicated design than the lower one. The force of the spring, providing the saw tension, is chosen experimentally. Grooves in the sleeve and a pin prevent the sawtooth rod from turning around its axis.

The unit is fixed in an arc made of a metal pipe 40 mm in diameter, in which it is clamped in the position required for the size of the saw.

some procedural tips. Lubricate the jigsaw just before working, clamp the saw in the lower fixture in the upper position of the piston, the teeth of the saw should be better separated for better quality of cut and, if possible, sharpened.

How to use a sewing machine?

Such a device perfectly replaces the jigsaw for shape work on plywood and becomes a homemade jigsaw that can surprise all your friends and pals.

If there is no possibility to buy an expensive construction, you can do with a small loss. Electric jigsaw. a machine made by yourself can be a great solution. The main thing is to follow the instructions precisely during the work and conscientiously fasten all the elements.

How to Make a Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Consider the basis-table, so that it becomes a reliable support for the mechanism. It is important that the table does not rock and does not vibrate when the mechanism is running.

The more statics all elements have in the end, the easier it will be to work, avoiding unnecessary movements and mistakes. And mistakes in this case are most often not allowed.

A slight change in the angle or position at which the work is done, and the piece may not fit or lose its shape. The most important thing in any joinery is the accuracy and regularity of all actions.

Self-made jigsaw machine with their own hands is not as complicated a story as it may have seemed at first. After studying the article, figuring out the basic elements and the way to create your own tool, you can get down to work.

Лобзиковый станок своими руками. [ Jig saw machine with his own hands ]

It is worth noting that very often such a homemade machine is much more convenient than a purchased one. It saves money, but most importantly, such a table is personalized. It will perfectly fit your workstation, your height and weight.

Such a design will fully meet the objectives, because the most convenient mechanism can only be created by the person who will use it in the future. In addition, in case of minor damage it will be clear how to fix and what can be fixed.

In the bought sample will have to look through the instructions and forums, in search of a specific model and its characteristics. Create with gusto, and let the new jigsaw give you the confidence in your abilities and the desire to start a new repair!