How To Make A Miter Saw From A Circular

Setting limiters

When the shelf for the circular saw is formed, then this very dust and markings should be positioned on it so that the teeth of the disk fall into the cutout under them, but also DO NOT touch anything. It should be noted the dimensions of the case on the shelves. it is for these that the mark will need to be set in the future for the movement of the circular saw.

These restraints should be made from scraps of chipboard or thick plywood. They must be at least 5 cm wide. Their main feature is a very flat edge along which the circular saw will move. The stops should be set so that the circular saw runs along them tightly and evenly, without any backlash.

To do this, it is recommended to put them initially on the glue, and while it has not grabbed, test the walking of the facing device. If everything is set correctly, then the stoppers (or guides) should be fixed with self-tapping screws, screwed them to the shelves. Since the guides are 5 cm wide, it is recommended to take the width of the shelves at least 10 cm.


When a tool (and even more so a machine) is produced independently, then its design, as a rule, takes into account as much as possible the needs and tasks that are supposed to be solved with its help:

  • So that there would be no burrs and creases in molded parts during cutting, it is necessary that the circular saw has an adjustable speed of movement along the cut plane (so that the burrs are removed by the cutting edges of the saw teeth)
  • Suppose you need to make NOT the usual transverse trimming of molded products, but at a certain angle. In this case, it is necessary that the workpiece be fixed in order to avoid backlash during cutting;
  • And of course the price. The miter saw can be literally assembled from scrap materials, moreover, from parts that cannot be used anywhere else. Economy is NOT a decisive advantage?
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All these features are inherent in home-made designs of cross-cut machines, which makes their production on their own justified and profitable.

Determining the height of the shelf for lateral movement

If the machine is right-handed, then the shelf for the circular saw should be located on the right edge of the table in order to be able to fix the workpiece on the table.

It is necessary to adjust the protrusion for circular dust to the maximum and measure at what height above the table you need to Place the shelf for the lateral movement of the circular so that the teeth of its sting disk will not touch the table. This measurement will actually determine the maximum thickness of the workpieces.

Varieties of miter saws

There are several types of miter saws (popularly also called “miter saws”). Let’s get to know this variety.

Required materials and tools

  • For the bed: letter plywood with a thickness of 14-20 mm, sheathed with galvanized one plane;
  • Cutting disc with pobeditovy soldering for longitudinal cutting, diameter. 125 mm;
  • Three pieces of plywood: 30×15 cm. for the handle, 24×15 cm. for the carriage, 18×14. for the base stand;
  • One-piece window hinge. 1 piece;
  • Drill (no reverse possible)
  • Two pairs of U-shaped split rails for furniture boxes;
  • Hardware: bolts, nuts, screws;
  • Cardboard for the template;
  • Joiner’s glue, wood varnish.
  • Drill or screwdriver;
  • Electric jigsaw with a saw for wood;
  • Pliers, drills, attachments for tightening self-tapping screws;
  • Painting knife, tape measure, pencil, varnish and glue brush.
How To Make A Miter Saw From A Circular

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Required materials and tools

First you need to decide on a project. Above, attention was paid to what the miter saw can be constructed from:

  • The most technologically advanced and affordable material is sheet wood-containing materials. They are easy to cut to the required dimensions using the same existing parquet flooring (part of the future machine)
  • The frame structure of the bed with elements of chipboard or plywood is more difficult and more expensive to implement, and therefore is not always justified;
  • Self-tapping screws required.

In addition to construction materials, the following elements will be needed to design a trimming device:

  • Clamps (2 pcs.);
  • Circular saw (“parquet”).

If the technology for the production of the bed is chosen, and not containing steel parts and elements, then in this case the tools will require:

  • Set of screwdrivers;
  • Hacksaw (for auxiliary purposes, when it will be inconvenient to use the existing “parquet”).

It’s amazing how little it takes to build a do-it-yourself miter saw.

Advantages and disadvantages of homemade trimming

  • Making a tool with your own hands saves money. For example, about 500 rubles were spent on revision of an angle grinder. Making a desktop circular. In one of the how to make a miter saw The cost of a homemade table and a gazing mechanism is available to most craftsmen;
  • Main parameters: cutting depth, rotation frequency, disc diameter, engine power, table dimensions, are selected according to their own needs;
  • Having assembled the tool with his own hands, the master will easily find the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it.
  • The service life of the tool depends on the quality of the raw materials, and homemade products are usually collected from all the trash;
  • Homemade trims are rarely powerful enough. How to make ways to make a table from a hand held circular saw. Indeed, for the quality operation of the equipment, a careful selection of parts is required;
  • Sometimes the funds saved on purchasing a factory tool are spent on repairs and revision of a homemade one;
  • Craftsmen often save on their safety, and do not equip the table and dust with protective devices;
  • Factory saws Equipped with a graduated scale that accurately indicates the cutting angle of the tree. Schemes for assembling a snowmobile from a Ural chainsaw 1 how to make a hinged transom for a boat. It is difficult to build such a mechanism on a home device.
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A few more convenient and interesting homemade products, including an excellent stationary, mobile and made in a couple of minutes from several plywood and screws:

Rating by brands of world manufacturers

When choosing a tool, it is very important to pay attention to the model brand. It is important to consider in what environment you will be working, with what materials, what time. Instruments from different brands, although they have typical characteristics in terms of categories, can still differ significantly from each other. Each manufacturer uses its own approaches, materials, concepts for solving problems. Also, do not miss the moment that the manufacturer may still try to save on something, but force something, and it is no secret that there can be weak points in any thing.

Before considering the rating of THESE aggregates, you need to Pay attention to the manufacturers of the Most used and reliable brands and be able to choose the best broaching miter dust, which is:

Saws of these brands DO NOT raise questions about quality in the user. The only remark from people who used the devices was about the disc backlash when pouring out the guide. But this phenomenon is typical and acceptable.

Getting started

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