How to make a motor drill from a chainsaw

Powerful chainsaw snow blower

The owners of the suburban area rarely enjoy the heavy snowfall. At such a time, they have one main concern. to clear the driveways and the passage to the house, remove the snow from the parking lot for the car and make their way to the exit to the highway. Not everyone has enough energy and time to work with a shovel. Therefore, snow plows are very popular in the season.

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You can’t do without a snowblower at the dacha

But such a tool costs at least 30,000-35,000 rubles, and not everyone can afford it. And what about the technical characteristics of this device? All the same petrol engine with a capacity of 5-8 liters. from. And since this is so, then the power of the chainsaw is theoretically enough for a homemade snow blower. The device of the snowplow is simple, pay attention to the diagram:

What a snow blower consists of

And now a small master class on making the device:

Picture Description of works
For the main shaft, on which the shovel will be fixed, metal stands are required. In this case, the racks from the VAZ 2110 were used. They need to be welded into one piece using a metal sleeve.
You will need a motorcycle sprocket to drive. It is welded into the shaft.
The screw will require two sheets of rectangular metal and spiral pieces. All this is cut from durable metal with a thickness of at least 2 mm.
Blades and spirals are mirror-welded to the shaft.
The shovel body is made of metal with a thickness of at least 1 mm. The shaft is mounted inward on automotive bearings.
In the upper part of the body, you need to make a hole for the snow discharge pipe.
A movable cover should be installed on the snow discharge pipe so that the direction of flow can be adjusted.
The saw chainring must be replaced with a motorcycle chainring. To do this, you will have to bore.
The engine itself must be mounted on a frame with rubber pads for shock absorption.
To fix the steering wheel, you should make a strong rack of steel pipe.
The ignition and speed control system can be taken from a moped or motorcycle.

After assembling the main part, it remains only to install the skis and the fuel tank on the structure. The entire structure as a whole will weigh no more than 35 kg, so even a fragile woman can manage it.

As a result, the whole device will look like, see in this form:

Homemade from the Ural chainsaw

Why most often you can find information about homemade products from the Ural saw? It’s simple: a powerful, but heavy and noisy saw with reliable Soviet quality was left out of work for many. It was replaced by light and comfortable models of European and Chinese production.

So it turns out that the two-stroke or four-stroke “Ural” has become a popular basis for many inventions

DIY chainsaw ice screw: scheme and practice

They say that you can’t pull a fish out of a pond without difficulty, but in winter I would like to limit this work by twitching a jig. An avid fisherman is never limited to one hole.

Three, five, or even more holes is a guarantee of success

But if the ice is 0.5 m thick, you will spend most of your time drilling, losing strength and mood. Ice auger will help to cope with this task quickly and effortlessly. Let’s see how much such a gadget costs: from 8,000 rubles. Why buy it if you have a chainsaw on hand? To make an ice screw, you will need an old electric drill. we will make a drive from it. How to make an ice screw from a chainsaw with your own hands:

Picture Description of works
An electric drill will require a working gearbox.
From a part of the anchor from a drill, a sleeve and a head for 27, you need to make such a tool. Directly he will transmit the rotation of the borax.
Another element needs to be made with your own hands from a piece of metal and a pipe. This is a gearbox mount.
The fixing structure is fixed to the saw with two screws.
This is how a gearbox with a sleeve attached to a saw looks like.
A drill is inserted into the sleeve. In the future, a drill tube is put on it and fixed with a bolt.

Important advice! The key to successful operation and safety of the tool is the presence of a guide for the movement of the drill. Many neglect this part of the design, and as a result, the drill breaks in the first minutes of use.

How a homemade design will work is shown in

Survival ideas: what you can do with your own hands from a regular chainsaw

This tool is convenient in that it does not depend on the current source. You can work with it away from home. If you suddenly need a pump, generator, snow clearing device or ice ax. the chainsaw will become the heart of any home-made car. So you will not only save money, but also get really powerful and reliable equipment. Based on a gasoline engine of 4-8 liters. from. you can build a home sawmill, a snowmobile sled, a generator for lighting, and even a cultivator. Consider the most popular homemade chainsaw products and their manufacturing technologies.

Do-it-yourself gas cutter from a chainsaw, or How to make an angle grinder

The gas cutter is the same angle grinder, independent of the electric drive. Agree, the tool is necessary in the household. To make it, you need a knot from an angle grinder, a powerful enough chainsaw, a belt and a pair of tires. How to make an angle grinder from a chainsaw:

The advantage of the resulting tool is that it is completely autonomous and has good power. Perhaps, it surpasses in its characteristics any factory electric angle grinder. You just need to take into account that the device is dangerous and requires a very careful approach. The most common problem is a broken disc, its fragments can cause serious injury. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to work with such a tool without a protective cover.

Interesting DIY chainsaw homemade products

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Remember the famous movie with the brutal Mel Gibson? In a post-apocalyptic world, people fight for water, fighting with incredible technology and using homemade mechanics to survive. You could argue that most of this was running on gasoline engines, as they are the only fully autonomous equipment. And in the real world, this tool is in the arsenal of almost any summer resident. If you have a chainsaw, you will not be lost in any situation. In this article, the editors of the online magazine have prepared for you a review of homemade chainsaw products. With your own hands, with the help of simple devices, you can make many useful devices for the economy on the basis of “Friendship” or “Ural”.

Do not rush to get rid of the “old woman” chainsaw, she will still come in handy!

Adult toy: radio controlled chainsaw car

And this toy is definitely not for children. It is difficult to say what practical application can be found for a radio-controlled machine from a chainsaw, but its creators were hardly looking for it. For the keen modeler, the complete device report is:

How to make an ice screw from a chainsaw with your own hands?

A chainsaw drill is assembled in several stages. Each of them must be treated carefully. Otherwise, there will be a risk of rapid breakdown of one of the important elements of the device.

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How to make an ice screw from a chainsaw with your own hands?

An ice screw or a motor drill is a useful household device designed for quickly making holes of a certain diameter in ice or soil. The simplicity of the design and principle of operation makes it possible to make an ice drill for everyone, using a household chainsaw for this.

Preparing for equipment assembly

To make a homemade ice screw from a chainsaw, you need to prepare all the materials and equipment required for work. It is best to do this in advance, so that during assembly you do not waste time looking for the missing part.

To work you will need:

  • durable metal drill without damage and corrosion;
  • household chainsaw engine;
  • gearbox. needed to transfer torque from the internal combustion engine of the saw to the drill;
  • several solid steel pipes, from which the body will be made in the future;
  • welding machine;
  • machine for grinding metal surfaces;
  • screwdriver or drill with a set of attachments for working with metal.

The work may also require a stationary lathe. With its help, the owner of the chainsaw will be able to fit any used part to the dimensions required for assembly.

Before assembling equipment from a chainsaw, a diagram is also needed. It should describe in detail the dimensions of the parts used, as well as the method of their installation in the drill from the chainsaw.

After preparing the necessary equipment and studying the drawings, you can proceed directly to the assembly.

Drill motor installation methods

The result of the previous actions was the previously removed engine from the chainsaw. as well as a reliable housing, inside which the gearbox is located. The existing elements will need to be connected together. To do this, you need to think over the method of connecting them.

If the motor in the future will be used exclusively for drilling holes, then a drill from a chainsaw for earth or ice can be made in the form of a solid structure. In this case, the used motor will not be removed, and its fastening will be more reliable.

If the motor is sometimes removed to mount it back on the chainsaw, then its mount will need to be made removable. This option is more practical to use, however, the motor mount in this case will be less reliable.

To make a removable mount, a large hole must be made in the manufactured housing to fix the motor. Its diameter must be the same as the internal combustion engine used. Next, you need to carefully consider the mount of the engine. It should be as reliable as possible and cost-effective in terms of time. It is best to use a few bolts and nuts to secure the motor. In this case, the owner of the drill will only need to unscrew the bolts, lift the housing cover and carefully remove the motor.

When planning the engine mount, provide free access to the fuel and engine oil filling containers. Also, the owner of the drill must have access to the valve, which is needed to regulate the pressure in the engine cylinder.

It is best to equip a fishing drill with an engine from an old chainsaw. This motor can be installed permanently, and not be removed during the entire service life of the drill. You will need a frame to mount the old engine. It should be at the top of the equipment. When installing the motor on the frame, you will need to remove the fuel and oil filler neck. An emergency switch must be installed in the same part of the device. This element is very important in cases where the drill will be used not only for ice, but also for land. The emergency switch will make it possible to turn off the equipment when the soil is too hard.

Most often, motors from Ural chainsaws are used to make a drill. These ICEs require minimal modifications. The only drawback is that only people of medium and tall stature will be able to work with these engines.

Self-made body

The ice drill attachment must be equipped with a sturdy housing. This element of the device will protect all internal parts of the equipment from mechanical damage, as well as the ingress of dust, debris and moisture into the structure. For the manufacture of the case, you need to use metal pipes on which there are no traces of rust or other defects. Pipes will need to be bent in the form of frames.

This is done in the following order:

  • To begin with, you will need to measure a piece from the first pipe, the length of which should be equal to the perimeter of the planned frame. The optimal segment will be about 160 cm long;
  • Then, on the surface of the prepared segment, it will be necessary to make cuts, the depth of which should not exceed 1/3 of the radius of the pipe used. These cuts should be located at the bends of the line. In order for the pipe to bend easily, in each place of its bend, 4–6 cuts must be made at a distance of 5 mm from each other. If, during bending of the pipe, it is not possible to obtain an even right angle, then the incisions made will need to be slightly ground off with an angle grinder;
  • After bending the segment, all joints and corners will remain welded with a hand-held welding machine.

In the same order, you will need to make another frame, the perimeter of which should be about 40 cm.Then the two frames must be connected in such a way that the distance between their planes is about 35 cm.When assembling the frame, you need to make sure that the corners are installed pieces of metal pipes of approximately the same size.

The result should be a body with the shape of a quadrangular uniform truncated pyramid. Inside it, you will need to securely fix the engine from the chainsaw, as well as the gearbox and other elements of the drill.

How to choose a gearbox?

First you need to choose a gearbox for a chainsaw for a drill. When buying an item, you should consider such important factors as the power of the chainsaw engine and the size of the drill. It must be remembered that the motors of most gasoline tools are powerful. If, during operation, the motor-drill from the chainsaw rotates at too high a speed, then it will be impossible to work with it. At the same time, if the gearbox transfers too low a rotational force to the used output shaft, then there will be very little benefit from using a gasoline tool. For these reasons, it is necessary to make accurate calculations of the gearbox parameters.

In most cases, in addition to the gearbox, a power take-off shaft is installed on the hole from the chainsaw. It regulates the speed of the engine’s crankshaft without loss of power. This makes it possible to make the drill more efficient and reduce the amount of fuel consumed by the motor.

Self-fastening drill

The working nozzle of a homemade drill must be securely fastened. This can be done in several ways. The first is to use a pipe on which the gearbox and the drill to be used are mounted. An important advantage of this method is that, if necessary, the damaged element can be quickly replaced.

The second method is more difficult to perform, but it will make it possible to drill not only in the vertical, but also in the horizontal direction. This requires a frame made from a metal tube. In the future, you will need to weld another segment of the vertical pipe to the frame. Several metal rings must also be welded to the finished case. There should be no gaps inside the rings. When installing the drill, the rings must be put on the vertical pipe. After that, you can start operating a drill from a chainsaw.

There are two drawbacks to this method. The first of them is the increase in the weight of the equipment, and the second is the difficulties during operation due to the vertical pipe.

tiller based on the Druzhba chainsaw. YouTube

The first start-up of a homemade tiller based on the Druzhba chainsaw.

chainsaw tiller diy friendship

The main goal in creating the tiller was to use the Druzhba chainsaw as a basis. In this case, do only with plumbing work, without resorting to turning. The tiller speed in first gear will be 2.5 km / h, with an engine power of 4 hp. This is quite enough for milling the soil, hilling potatoes and digging potatoes with a paw.

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The tiller design is pretty simple. The RU-32 steel collar flange is pushed onto the main shaft to screw on the star of the “bridge reducer”. The shaft of the “bridge gear” is taken from the UAZ bridge, the diameter of which is 30 mm. To increase the distance from the gearbox bridge to the ground, a double-row chain and two stars from a VAZ car are used. Timing-type stars, due to their small diameter, will increase the distance by 15 cm to the ground.

We install a case bearing with an inner diameter of 30 mm on the main axle. The gearbox and reducer are the motor from the “Karpaty” moped. A standard centrifugal clutch is used. The chains and stars installed were removed from the Chinese Delta moped. A steel tube is used for planting on a cutter or wheel axle (32).

After you have assembled all the elements of the mechanism together, you can enjoy its work. The big advantage of a homemade tiller is the lack of demand for fuels and lubricants. Another plus is the absolute autonomy of work, which will allow you to use the tiller anywhere.

The diaphragm type of carburetor and a sealed fuel supply system will allow the tiller to work in any conditions. A similar homemade tiller from the Druzhba chainsaw can be used on a personal plot with an area of ​​15-20 acres.

We make a tiller with our own hands, from a chainsaw description, photo, video

A chainsaw is very popular among home craftsmen. It can be used as a universal drive to make a tiller with your own hands from a chainsaw. Solid power and light weight go well with its compact size. Thanks to this, the chainsaw can be aggregated with a bicycle, a winch, an ice drill, a sawmill and a tiller.

Everyone can make interesting homemade chainsaw designs with their own hands. This will require knowledge of the basics of drawing and design, since the main conditions for the normal operation of the unit are the build quality and accuracy of all dimensions.

Topic author: Evgeny

Available chainsaw friendship and Ural.

Dmitry (Daewon) yes

Dmitry (Daewon) through the interval. and everything will be good

Dmitry (Daewon) here’s an example. dragged a mini buggy weighing under 200 kg. craving was super not even felt. stars 15-42 from izha the second 11-42 from Minsk.

Evgeny (Ellery) Dmitry, and what are the best stars to put. I’m new to this business.

Dmitry (Daewon) Eugene, well, you need a little speed, right? 5-10 km per hour?

Evgeny (Ellery) I have already started collecting, but I have it a little differently. I’ll post the photo later.

Evgeny (Ellery) Well 20 km will be enough

Evgeny (Ellery) 15-20 km

Dmitry (Daewon) Eugene, well, this is an option that drove about 15 so that the diameter of the wheels is 30cm. stars 15-42 and 11-42.

Evgeny (Ellery) I don’t have such stars. The first stage is belt and the second is chain and stars 13 and 25 from the Yenisei combine

Dmitry (Daewon) Eugene, well try it. I told you that it really worked. calculate

How to make a Chainsaw Using 775 Motor and PVC Pipe

Evgeny (Ellery) Dmitry, thanks. I’ll try and then we’ll see what happens)

Dmitry (Daewon) Eugene, yes) I myself had this experiment) right now I have already removed everything. remaking for an alpha engine and wheels from oki

Evgeny (Ellery) U me

Evgeny (Ellery) Dmitry, this is also an experiment for me. Your abilities)

Dmitry (Daewon) Eugene, that’s right) not everyone is sitting on the couch and drinking beer)))) need to work with hands and brains)))

Evgeny (Ellery) Dmitry, that’s for sure! Yes, I just want to make myself a tiller and buy expensive for my salary, so I started from what was at hand

Anatoly (Efraim) Power is not enough, look for engine with ant and there will be norms

Sergey (Clarity) Anatoly, I have a tiller with a capacity of 2 l / s and he pulls a car trailer, and it is difficult to hold it with your hands

Evgeny (Ellery) Sergey, and there is a photo of the tiller, you can show

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The first start-up of a homemade tiller based on the Druzhba chainsaw.

How to make a chainsaw tiller friendship

Assembling a moped

To assemble a moped yourself, you will need mechanical skills, a set of keys, a tester. This vehicle is made from a Druzhba chainsaw and a bicycle. From the last unit, you will need to remove the frame, which will be altered for the drive. Power in such a moped will be transmitted through a gear pair of a bicycle chain, and the start will resemble preparation for cutting firewood.

To make a modern moped, you need “Friendship” and a mountain bike equipped with a good shock absorption system and reliable brakes. The resulting vehicle is additionally equipped with a gearbox (gear ratio 18: 1) and a variator transmission. This moped assembly technology provides a comfortable ride at the speed of a regular bike.

To make a motor for a boat, you will need to transfer torque from the engine of the Druzhba chainsaw to the propeller. At the same time, the first unit does not require the installation of the transmission. A lathe is required to make a reliable adapter. The propeller can be removed from the factory boat powertrain. If necessary, the device is equipped with a gearbox that changes the angle of rotation of the shaft by 90 °. A simple outboard motor works well without it. In this case, the engine is fixed to the boat so that the shaft is submerged in the water at a slight angle.

Preparation of equipment and materials

Before making a drill from a chainsaw, you should carefully prepare the materials and tools necessary for the work. From the materials you will need:

  • Serviceable household chainsaw;
  • Reducer;
  • One-piece steel sheet, or plywood, 2 cm thick;
  • A set of various fasteners;
  • Metal tube;
  • Steel pipe, 15 cm in diameter;
  • Metal tube, 25 cm long;
  • Steel auger;
  • Rubberized handle padding.

To work on the manufacture of a motor-drill from a chainsaw, be sure to prepare the following tools:

  • Head 27;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Electric jigsaw;
  • Grinding machine;
  • Welding machine;
  • A set of attachments for working with metal.

To create some parts for a motor-drill from a chainsaw, you will need a lathe, so you need to agree in advance with a master for the manufacture of metal parts.

Tips for choosing a gearbox for a motor drill

The design of a motor drill from a chainsaw necessarily includes a gearbox, which can be taken from unnecessary electrical equipment. When choosing a part, be sure to make sure that it has the necessary parameters, namely:

  • The gearbox must have a forward rotation;
  • The gear ratio of the element must be between 1:25 and 1:50;
  • The shank and shaft of the selected part must rotate in the same direction.

It is best to equip a motor drill from a chainsaw with a gearbox having a gear ratio of 1:30, in which the shaft serves as a continuation of the motor rotor.

Yamobur from a chainsaw. the procedure for making at home

Before making a motor drill from a chainsaw, you should carefully study the drawings. The diagram will help you determine the correct procedure and avoid mistakes.

If you haven’t found plywood of the thickness you want, you can instead take two thinner sheets and glue them together. Having received the product of a suitable thickness, mark it on it to make the required holes for the fasteners. With the help of a drill, you will need to make 2 additional holes. one of them should be located opposite the sprocket of the motor-drill from the chainsaw, and the second, next to the first, is intended for mounting nuts.

The further procedure for making a motor-drill from a chainsaw is as follows:

Small Engine Starter Drive Setup THIS WORKS GREAT!

  • Make a groove in the top of the plywood piece using a sander. After that, attach a gearbox to the treated area in order to find out the place of its installation in a motor-drill from a chainsaw. In this case, be sure to take into account the features of the household tool that is used to make the structure. If the saw has a 6-beam sprocket, use a 27mm gearbox;
  • Next, fix the gearbox, center it and attach it securely to the bottom of the plywood. Then attach a chainsaw to the top of the plywood. After that, start its engine and check the reliability of the structure;
  • The next step is to attach an auger to a homemade ice drill from a chainsaw. To do this, take a thick-walled pipe and attach it to the gearbox with two bolts. Fastening the auger to the gearbox in a motor-drill from a chainsaw should be carried out using an adapter that plays the role of a shock absorber.It can be made from a steel 15-centimeter pipe on which rings are welded. Next, process the adapter on a lathe;
  • To work with a motor drill from a chainsaw was more convenient, the unit must be equipped with handles. For their manufacture, a curved steel pipe is taken, on the edges of which rubber seals are put on. You can fix the handle on a motor-drill from a chainsaw using self-tapping screws or other improvised fasteners;
  • Excess plywood parts on a motor-drill from a chainsaw are cut off, and the edges of the remaining sheet are processed with an electric jigsaw;
  • Next, the finished motor-drill from the chainsaw should be equipped with cutting knives. To do this, cut the steel sheets and weld them to the pipe that was used as the auger. In this case, the steel sheets should bend around the screw in the form of a spiral. The edges of the sheets must be sharpened carefully.
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DIY chainsaw ice screw

Chainsaw drill attachment. application features

Of course, making a motor drill from a chainsaw is a more fun and budgetary procedure. However, if you do not want to waste your time and energy, then you can purchase a ready-made nozzle that can be installed on a household tool in order to make a hole in the ground or ice.

This kind of ready-made attachment to the chainsaw greatly benefits from a homemade ice screw, since it is made of steel, which is many times stronger than plywood. It is smaller and easier to transport. In addition, due to the use of factory sharpening technology, blunt blades of the purchased attachment need to be restored much less often.

Installing and using the ice screw attachment is quite simple. For this, the tire and the saw chain of the chainsaw are removed, and an auger with blades is mounted instead. After that, you just need to install the lower part of the motor drill over the place in which you need to make a hole, and start the engine of the unit.

How to make a motor drill with your own hands

Before starting the process of manufacturing a motor-drill, it is recommended to listen to the recommendations:

  • Before manufacturing, it is better to make a drawing of the installation in order to visually represent the location of all units of the unit.
  • It is necessary to calculate the power and dimensions of the tool: in the manufacture of a powerful device, a strong bed should be provided, possibly a trolley for moving.
  • When choosing a gearbox, you should pay attention to its coincidence with the required number of revolutions. If the number of revolutions is too high, it will be difficult to work with a motor drill.

When working with the equipment, you must observe safety measures, protect your face and hands from stones, rock debris, dust.

Stands for motor-drill

With a large amount of work, the motor-drill is very inconvenient to hold in your hands. In this case, you can make a special bed to hang the made equipment. Experienced craftsmen implement different types of racks:

  • Lifting mechanism: use a chain drive that is installed inside the center post. The mechanism can be raised and lowered using an electric motor or mechanically using a handle.
  • Moving the bed on wheels: two wheels are attached to the lower support to change position by simply tilting.

The material for the manufacture of racks must be durable: usually a profile pipe, a section of a channel and metal corners are used.


Many craftsmen ask themselves the question: how to make a motor-drill so that it is not inferior to industrial designs? With some skills and the necessary tools, the creation of a drill is quite feasible. Before making the equipment, you need to consider the criteria that a good motor-drill must meet:

  • If you plan to make a compact, lightweight model, the power can be 3 hp. If you need a more powerful motor drill, you should choose an engine up to 6 hp.
  • The larger the engine displacement, the more efficient the unit. Considering the type of soil, you should choose one or another engine size.
  • You should also take into account the diameter of the auger, the possibility of replacing it if necessary.

In order to build a tool, some skills are a must. If there are none, you should enlist the support of a locksmith.


Choosing a gearbox for a homemade drill is a critical stage in the assembly process of this tool, since this element is one of the main components of the mechanism. By the type of output speed, gearboxes can be increased and decreased. In order to be able to regulate the speed, the second type is chosen for the motor-drill.

The direction of rotation of the gearbox should be reversible, so that the tool can be easily unscrewed from the hole when it is jammed in hard ground. The gearbox device includes several elements:

  • Output and worm shaft
  • Two gears (bevel type)
  • Bearings
  • Housing.

The gearbox must have holes for filling lubricants.

Principle of operation

A motor-drill, or drills, is used for earthwork to drill holes for the installation of fence posts, lanterns, for planting trees, and even for the construction of a foundation. It is used not only for drilling soil, but also for ice more than one meter thick during winter fishing.

A motor-drill consists of an engine (electric, gasoline or hydraulic), transmission, auger, as well as a frame and an extension. The function of the transmission is to adjust the power of the motor for comfortable operation of the drill. It is she who creates the torque of the motor-drill. The mechanical type hand-driven tool is equipped with a helical or worm gear to reduce the speed. To transmit rotation to the drill, a centrifugal clutch is used, which is located between the shaft of the gearbox and the motor. A mechanical drilling tool contains many parts that fail over time. this is the main disadvantage of a hand-held motor drill.

The device can be equipped with a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic motor. The principle of operation of this type of equipment is that pressure is created on the oil, which promotes the rotation of the hydraulic motor, respectively, and the drill itself. Such a motor drill works longer, since there are no strong loads on the parts. This is facilitated by the action of the fuse, which relieves the tool from overload.

Electric motor drills are less powerful and efficient than gasoline drills. In addition, the first type is dependent on the availability of electricity and does not have the same mobility as gasoline. The efficiency of the equipment depends on the presence of oil in the transmission.

The main part of an electric or gas drill is a drill with auger. Its length is from 50 to 70 cm, it loosens the soil. The cutter, which is located above the drill head, cuts the soil, which is ejected by the auger from the cavity. The shape of the hole is given by the auger, and depends on its diameter. To drill a hole more than a meter deep, use an extension cord.


From trimmer

For the manufacture of a mechanism for drilling the earth, you can take the engine from the trimmer. To reduce the rotational speed, it is recommended to use several gears combined in a single housing with the required gear ratio. The speed can be reduced if the input shaft gear is smaller and the gear that is attached to the output shaft is larger.

To create a stable motor-drill from a trimmer, you will need a strong frame to which a motor and a gearbox are attached. Handles are attached to the same frame to hold the tool. The auger is made of hardened steel, and the drill is made with a pointed tip.

Making a motor-drill with your own hands

Owners of personal plots know firsthand what an urgent need sometimes arises for this or that tool. There is always a lot of work on the site, but sometimes it is impractical to purchase expensive equipment. For example, a tool such as a drill is useful when performing specific work, but purchasing for a one-time event can be too expensive. But it makes sense to make a motor-drill with your own hands and save money.