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Kruger is a German company for the production of various equipment. Their equipment is characterized by high quality components and a long service life. Quality control of products manufactured by the Kruger brand is carried out at each stage of production with German pedantry and accuracy.

The Kruger product line now includes concrete mixers, air compressors, generators, welding machines, chain saws, hand tools and lawn mowers with trimmers. It is the latest gas harvesting equipment that is in greatest demand among consumers.

How To Make A Patriot Benzotrimmer Mix

Lawn Mowers Kruger

Kruger lawn mowers can easily handle up to 30 acres.

Due to the high power, these machines can easily cope with the bevel of any vegetation, and in the manufacturing process a whole range of modern technological solutions are used, which together make the operation process as enjoyable as possible.

Kruger lawn mowers can operate in three different modes: collecting grass in a grass catcher, side discharge and mulching. The last of them implies not just the mowing of the vegetation, but also its shredding with lateral discharge to further fertilize the lawn and accelerate grass growth.

Kruger offers two options for lawn mowers: the gasoline GLMK 173 and the electric ELMK 1800.

Kruger GLMK-173 gas mower

Electric lawn mower Kruger ELMK-1800

If you plan to use the lawn mower for professional purposes, then you should choose a gasoline option. It can perform work autonomously, has more power, and is able to work for a longer period of time without overheating.

If you need to process a small house area, then you should pay attention to the electric lawn mower. It costs a lot less, easier to maintain, quieter and has no harmful emissions. Therefore, the ELMK 38-20 electric lawnmower is often used while maintaining order in the area near hospitals, schools and kindergartens.

Kruger trimmers

Kruger lawn mowers are used quite rarely, because their price is high, and in terms of technical characteristics they cannot compete with most manufacturers. But trimmers and lawn mowers are bought much more often.

The best Kruger model in this segment is the GTK 52-7 trimmer. Let’s dwell on this model in more detail.

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lawn mower Kruger GTK 52-7

This lawn mower is equipped with a 3.0 kW gasoline engine. This is enough for regular work on a site with an area of ​​up to 20 acres. The operating temperature of the engine is maintained by air cooling.

  • At idle, the largest number of issued revolutions is 2800 rpm. During operation, it increases to 9000.
  • When working with small vegetation, you can use the fishing line. Its width is 40 cm and the largest diameter is 2.4 mm.
  • If there is a cut of shrubs or young shoots of trees, then the line must be replaced with a saw blade. Its thickness is slightly less. 25 cm, but its sharp victorious teeth can cope with coarser vegetation with a trunk diameter of up to 3-4 cm.

Kruger Electric Models

In the range of Kruger trimmers there is also one electric model ETK-2000. It is intended for use in small community areas. The electric braid rod can be easily disassembled into 2 parts, which saves a large amount of storage space.

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  • The additional handle can be adjusted for a specific operator.
  • In order to ensure maximum security, a lock button is installed.
  • The power of the electric motor is 2 kW, and the mass of the whole lawn mowing machine ETK-2000 with a trimmer head is 4.3 kg.
  • The width of a single cut is 23 cm.
  • The spindle speed is rated at 10,000 rpm.

Kruger trimmer instruction manual

Service of Kruger trimmers

The Kruger technique has German roots and is designed for long-term operation. To maintain it in working condition, regular maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the instruction manual.

Gasoline models must be filled with AI-92 high-octane fuel.

Four-stroke oil must be poured into the lawnmower engine, while trimmers work on a mixture of fuel and oil in a proportion of 1:50. For lawn mowing, engine oil with SAE 2T classification must be used.

At the end of the work, be sure to clean the lawn mower and trimmers from residual dirt and dust. This is done so that corrosion does not begin to appear on the body of the product.

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Every 25 hours of operation, it is necessary to clean the fuel and air filters, as well as change the engine oil.

Experience in the use of electric models of Kruger trimmers

Electric models have appeared on our market relatively recently, but are beginning to gain popularity exponentially.

The only drawback is the attachment to the power source. During operation, the electrical cable should always be located behind the device, so that in no case run over it.

Before starting operation, be sure to check the condition of the electric cable for damage and insulation.

The manufacturer does not recommend wet work after rain or watering in order to prevent moisture from entering the motor of the device.

At the end of the work, the residue must be removed with a damp soft cloth.

Instructions for the first launch of Kruger trimmers

Before starting work on Kruger lawn mowers or trimmers, you should read the user manual. It will help to understand the principle of correct and safe operation of a particular model.

Initially, it is necessary to assemble in accordance with the recommendations of the operating instructions, then add fuel and oil (or prepare the fuel mixture). Start the engine and let the machine run at minimum load for 2-3 hours. During this time, engine parts are carefully lubricated and begin to work as a whole.

Upon completion of this mode, be sure to drain the remaining fuel and oil, and fill in a new one.

When working with Kruger lawn mowers, protective clothing is recommended: a tight-fitting suit, gloves, glasses and shoes with the front closed.

The main malfunctions of the Kruger trimmers

The task of each owner of a lawn mower and lawn mower Kruger to know how to fix the main breakdowns that may occur during operation.

If the motor is not driven:

  1. The fuel tank is empty (add fuel);
  2. There is no spark due to the fact that the contact on the spark plug leaves (fix the terminals);
  3. Excess fuel in the combustion chamber (remove the spark plug and wipe the electrode);
  4. The clearance in the spark plugs has increased (set the clearance in accordance with the instruction manual);
  5. Low fuel quality (drain and fill new).
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The engine does not develop maximum speed:

  1. Dirty spark plug (clean or replace it);
  2. Low fuel or poor quality (top up or replace);
  3. The fuel or air filter is dirty (clean them);
  4. Incorrect carburetor setting (contact a service center).

Kruger trimmer owner reviews

Here’s what Kruger brand lawn mowers say on the thematic forums:


He took a trimmer to work on a site with an area of ​​12 acres. The grass grows pretty quickly and you have to mow it constantly. I needed a simple and reliable assistant, and I chose the Kruger trimmer. He assembled quickly, in the set there were 2 reels with fishing line and 5 saw knives of various shapes. It starts without problems, the belt is comfortable, keeps revolutions when working with any grass.

Pros: A powerful, reliable and inexpensive assistant for each summer resident.


My father lives in the village, and is constantly tormented with a scythe for haymaking for the winter. I myself do not often go there, I decided to facilitate this work for him. Therefore, he gave him the Kruger lawnmower on others. They said German quality is guaranteed) While it works without failures. Fuel consumption is not large, but even cuts down tree shoots. You can’t imagine a simpler maintenance; in the canister, the mixture was kneaded and went to work. The complete set of a gas trimmer is a bunch of different nozzles for all occasions.

Pros: High build quality, adequate price tag for a professional tool.

Cons: not found yet

There are dozens of official KRUGER dealers in the Russian Federation who have trimmers and lawn mowers available. Here are some of them :