How to make a snowmobile from a power tiller

Snowmobile from a power tiller with his hands

Consider step by step how to make different kinds of snowmobiles with your own hands.

Snowmobile from a power tiller on tires

Another economical way to make a diesel snowmobile from a power tiller and tracks. A Moto-block on the tires from the tractor “MTZ-80” or “Belarus” is able to move easily in the snow. This design is equipped with two additional wheels and sections of metal pipe. Consider the advantages of such a snowmobile:

  • economy. cheap or used materials are used here: wheels from the car “VAZ”, a square tube, used tractor tires;
  • Possibility to make the machine at home, using a welding machine, angle grinder, drill, knife;
  • high maneuverability of the resulting snowmobile, which has the ability to turn, like a tank, in one place;
  • good cross-country ability in deep and viscous snow;
  • active brake right or left caterpillar.

To make the tracks, you need two tires from a tractor, used ones will do. From each tire with an electric jigsaw or just a sharp knife cut out the side parts. The construction is made of a square tube and two additional wheels. Requires a single-axle tractor and wheeled structure to be securely secured. Then the track, obtained from the tire, is gradually pulled over the front and then onto the rear wheels. We get a diesel tracked snowmobile, that is, on tires. In order to make it more comfortable, you can attach a small seat that will not weigh down the construction. Otherwise, overcome the snowy expanses will have to stand.

Lovers of outdoor activities, hunting and fishing will appreciate the homemade snowmobile. The advantage of this incredible device will be high cross-country capability at a low price.

How to make a snowmobile from OKI with your own hands: a method from an enthusiast

These all-terrain vehicles are common among fishermen and hunters. Oka cross-country tracked vehicles have an excellent ability to cross water bodies and woodlands. Their body part is usually made of boxwood. The length of the latter reaches 3 meters. Its weight is not great, so in places where human footprints are deep, the machine penetrates the swamp by only 10 cm.

This installation can be correctly designed only with the help of reliable calculations. This applies in particular to the undercarriage, which must have a ground contact area of 1.4 square meters. Travel speed should be 45 km / h. There are also off-road vehicles with airbags. They have a greater range than the tracked off-road vehicle “Oka”, and do not require a chassis.

Snowmobile from a power tiller with their own hands: 2 design options

Thanks to the snowmobile in winter, the user can easily carry luggage on board and move himself or with passengers even in the presence of deep snow outside the window. For the bulk of the population, such equipment is considered too expensive, so it is advisable to perform a self-propelled snowmobile from a motor block with their own hands. How to do it, and what type of equipment is better to give preference to?

Types of homemade snowmobiles

Even without global modifications you can get a decent all-terrain vehicle, putting on a single-axle tractor snowmobile wheels and fixing a small trailer. As for the snowmobile wheels, they may be made in the form of tracks or wheels themselves.


The crawler is structurally more complex. In essence, it is a tracked attachment, the work of which is provided by the main motor. Machines of this type feature a high level of off-road mobility, reliability and stability. If your region has abundant snowfall in the winter, this technique will be indispensable.

For the manufacture of the tracks themselves are suitable conveyor belt, motorcycle chain and water pipe.

Using a fishing line to sew around the edges of the tape will significantly extend its useful life. Please keep a stitching interval of 10 mm. It remains to sew the edges so that the tape is closed in the form of a ring. Even if the snow is loose and deep, the homemade self-propelled will not slip, but remember that with high passability will decrease maneuverability, because the weight factor will play a role. The machine’s tracked undercarriage can weigh up to 30 kg.

Wheel Drive

If the snow cover in winter in your region is not too high, it is more reasonable and economical to give preference to the wheeled version. All you need is a compact trailer and the right wheels. Maneuverability is much higher in this case, since the specific weight of the wheels mounted at the back is relatively small. Special chains prevent the machine from slipping on loose snow. There are two ways to make wheels:

  • To make the wheels, you can use cameras from a truck. Pull them down and put them on the wheels of your power harvester. For the final step use chains for wrapping the wheels, secure the ends, and only at the last step inflate them with a pump.
  • Equip the wheels of the trailer and power harvester with metal hoops. One per wheel is enough. When choosing the size of the hoop be guided by the dimensions of the wheel. The width should be 2-3 times that of the wheel, and the diameter slightly less. Weld several metal plates to the back of the hoop to increase the level of grip and stability of the unit. The optimum thickness of the plate is 25 mm. In this way you can create an imitation of a grouser. Before putting on the hoop, be sure to lower the cameras, they will be tightly pressed to it after pumping.
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Design Features

Homemade snowmobile from a power tiller is represented by the key elements in the form of a drive and slave part. The latter consists of the skids, steering column and shock absorbers. The drive part should consist of the actuator, frame and power unit. To have a clear idea of the design of the future self-made equipment, select a suitable drawing, taking into account the conditions of further operation, then make a sketch and make a cardboard model.

As for the options for operation, think through them in advance, so that when working on a drawing to be able to supplement and adjust it. So you know exactly what you can make in the future and which parts you can get rid of altogether. It remains to decide between wheeled and tracked, both options have been discussed in detail above.

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Choosing the right motor

Before the final assembly, take care to choose the power unit carefully. The three options considered are optimal:

  • A hand-operated motor with a traction hitch is an ideal choice. These can be MB-2, MB-1 or Neva. Among the distinguishing characteristics are resistance to extremely low temperatures and high loads, as well as extraordinary reliability.
  • The two-stroke motor block motors are light and simple in design. Easy repair is a key advantage.
  • Japanese four-stroke power units with one cylinder are also a good choice. They should be supplemented with air cooling system. Advantages include corrosion resistance, resistance to overheating and high performance.

Step-by-step manufacturing

It’s time to figure out definitively how to make a snowmobile with your own hands from a power tiller. In the future, this kind of equipment can be used for sports, hiking or standard implementation of household works. Do not forget to modify the basic scheme after you finally decide on the direction of use. Many consumable elements can be made by yourself or borrowed from old equipment.

Algorithm of performance in detail

Before you make a snowmobile or snowmobile from a cultivator, you need to prepare an approximate drawing, which will need to specify the main elements of the design, the way they are connected and the sequence of work. The entire construction will consist of two main units. a slave and a master. The driven part includes shock absorbers, steering column and skids.

Before you begin, it is necessary to determine which parts you have in a ready-made form, and which need to produce yourself. The further algorithm of work is as follows:

  • First we proceed to the creation of the frame. To make a reliable snowplow with their own hands, you should try to connect the components of the frame as tightly as possible. Welding is good for this. The base of the frame will be the pipes. As a rule, ordinary water pipes are taken for welding, but sometimes craftsmen use parts of motorcycle frames. In order to avoid gross errors, at first the pipes are fixed by means of spot welding. After that, if the design has the right shape, the pipes are connected by a continuous single seam;
  • Next, it is necessary to weld brackets to the frame, which will hold the motor, skids, seats, steering column and other elements of the structure;
  • Then according to the plan. to make skids. As them for the snowmobile will do one or two wide skis, which should be connected to the steering column by means of a hinge mechanism;
  • After that, it is necessary to install shock absorbers. they can be taken from any motorcycle in ready-made form;
  • Next, we install the motor and gearbox. They must be attached to the leading part of the structure;
  • To make the snowplow with his own hands from a motor cultivator could move, it must be equipped with wheels or caterpillars. A variant with wheels helps to make the machine more maneuverable. At the same time, if you want to avoid wheel slippage, you should choose caterpillars. This option will make the snowmobile more passable, but it will no longer be so maneuverable because of its large weight;
  • Tracks for the machine are quite realistic to make yourself. For this you can use conveyor belts or chains from a motorcycle.
  • In any case, the main thing is that the construction was sufficiently reliable, durable and lightweight;
  • If desired, the front of the snowmobile can be equipped with a hitch to attach a bucket. it will help you quickly remove large blocks of snow or scrape ice;
  • After connecting the tracks with the rest of the design, you need to test the machine.

Made with their own hands the snowmobile will be able to develop a speed of 60-70 km./hour. Be sure to follow the rules of safety when driving, because the topography of the site will be constantly changing, especially if you go into the woods.

How to make a snowmobile from a cultivator with your own hands?

To create a snowmobile, you should use units with medium-class engines, which are also equipped with a coupling device and have a hand-type control. For example, such elements are equipped with motocultivators Robix, they are also characterized by high operating power and can withstand high loads.

To build a snowmobile you need these elements:

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To make a snowmobile from a motor cultivator, you need to prepare a drawing or use a ready-made scheme.

This will allow you to adhere to a clear sequence of work.

  • Making the frame. For the main frame use thick pipes or motorcycle frames. They are fixed by welding with a continuous seam.
  • Welding brackets to frame. They are needed to hold the motor, the seat, the skids and the steering column.
  • Making the skids. You can use wide skis, which are connected to the steering column with hinges.
  • Installing shock absorbers. You can use elements from an old motorcycle or new ones for this purpose.
  • Installing the engine and gearbox. Take the equipment from the cultivator and fasten it to the driving part of the structure, which will allow it to work properly.
  • Installing tracks and wheels. Of course, for snowmobile use it is better to choose tracks, because they provide better stability of the technique and cross-country ability. But it should be taken into account that the equipment becomes very heavy and its maneuverability is practically lost. The use of wheels, on the contrary, provides maneuverability of the snowmobile.

Caterpillars can also be created by your own hands. For this purpose chains from a motorcycle or conveyor belts are quite suitable.

Motorcycle from a cultivator provides for a hitch. It makes it possible to attach such additional equipment as a bucket for clearing snow.

When all the elements of the snowmobile will be connected, it must be tested. If there are any shortcomings, modify the machine. Keep in mind that the snowmobile must be reliable, durable and lightweight enough.

make, snowmobile, power, tiller

You can also view a short video on how to make a snowmobile from a cultivator.

Homemade snowmobiles can reach speeds of up to 60-70 km / h, help to remove snow and clear the ice on the site. They are a good alternative to the purchased equipment and allow you to perform all the necessary work with high efficiency.

How to make a snowmobile from a power tiller with your own hands?

Snowmobiles started to make from power tillers long time ago. Many craftsmen are actively sharing their homemade snowmobiles on the network. I bet, because buying a branded snowmobile is not everyone can afford. But to have your own snowmobile, it will be enough to make some effort and prepare parts, most of which can be found in many garages. The main necessary part in order to make a snowmobile from a power tiller with his own hands is, of course, a single-axle tractor.

Below is a detailed plan on how to build a homemade snowmobile with their own hands. This article presents a variant of the snowmobile made on the basis of the motor-block Neva with a Japanese engine, which is air-cooled. This machine has a capacity of 5-7 liters.с.

1 Choosing a snowmobile model

Moto-block snowmobiles can be equipped with quite different. Some of those who have self-assembled this type of winter transport, put on him, even motor blocks with 2-stroke engines. Reviews of folk craftsmen claim that the advantage of such motors is their high repairability.

In our country, the single-axle tractor Neva is widely used. Depending on the modification (there are 8 different models). Neva has a gasoline engine with capacity from 6.0 liters.with up to 9.0 liters.with four speeds switched by a chain reducer. The volume of the fuel tank in each modification is also different and varies from 3 to 5 liters.

As you can see, a single-axle tractor Neva in terms of power is perfect for re-equipping into a real snowmobile. The power of such a machine will be enough to transport several people in addition with a sufficient volume and weight of cargo. And the speed which this device can reach, can reach 60-80 km/h. menu

2 Plan for converting a power tiller into a snowmobile

First of all, you need to think through how your future “monster” will look, and transfer your thoughts to a blank sheet of paper. If you don’t have any problems with drawing, then your thoughts can be represented in the form of drawings. this will be the best option, since it reduces the risk of errors in calculations. It will also be useful to make a model, the material can be taken, for example, cardboard.

In order to have a good idea of your future model, with previously made snowmobiles of other people. On the Internet you can find a lot of successful and not very good prototypes, looking at them, you will form your own vision of future winter transport.

Then make a list of the necessary parts and tools which will be helpful in realizing your idea. Purchase missing parts. After making sure that you have everything you need, you can proceed to the next step. to the menu

2.1 Assembly steps

In general, the assembly of a snowmobile from a motor block can be divided into several stages. However, there is no universal plan, and everyone can do the work in the sequence in which he is most comfortable.

Most amateur constructors operate in this sequence:

Sturdy pipes should be prepared. The most suitable variant is a motorcycle frame; by means of a pipe bender the desired shape is created; by spot welding the pipes are connected.

all existing joints are closed with a continuous seam; a bracket is welded to the frame, on which the power unit (single-axle tractor) is attached; the single-axle tractor itself is installed; the seat and other parts (skids, steering columns, shock absorbers, etc.) are installed.

Particular attention should be paid to the accuracy of calculation of parts sizes. This should be done to not have to eventually disassemble and remake his brainchild because of wrongly measured length of any tube, for example. The snowmobile attachment must be made strictly according to the chosen drawing. to the menu

2.2 Features of assembling a snowmobile from a power tiller

One of the main features and problems that arise when assembling a snowmobile can be called an issue with the caterpillar undercarriage.

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Some craftsmen make tracks themselves. Those who can not do this, go to specialized outlets and buy ready-made factory products. It is often possible to find a homemade snowmobile with half of the Buran series track. In this case, the weight of the entire running gear, together with the engine, is 20-30 kg.

The second most important feature can be called the implementation of the driven part of the snowmobile, which is attached to the snowmobile. As a place for passengers and luggage you can use almost everything that comes to mind. For example, you can install an old chair or stool on the frame. It is possible to attach an ordinary sled to the motoblock, such options have also been observed. And you can equip the frame with several seats, and attach a sledge to the back, which will play the role of a luggage rack.

The third feature is skis. If you use a sled, you probably won’t have to bother with the right track size and construction. But if you are going to make skis with your own hands, we recommend paying attention to the fact that plastic skis will not grip the snow surface well, so the choice of material should be thoughtful. Also don’t be lazy to install metal bar undercuts on them. The optimum thickness of the rod is 8 mm in diameter.

It is also worth noting that the finished snowmobile, which you have made from a power tiller, will be incomplete if you do not supplement it with shock absorbers. Although it is not the most important part, it can improve the ride quality and add some comfort. A good option here are shock absorbers that were previously installed on old motorcycle frames. But for the best effect, it is recommended to make such a design that will allow you to install new shock absorbers. for the menu

2.3 Recommendations for snowmobile operation

Despite the fact that no one obliges you to register a homemade snowmobile from a power tiller, the rule of the road to observe all the same worth. At least do not drive it while intoxicated, do not drive it at top speed and try to avoid dangerous crossings (such as frozen ponds).

Tractor with Trailer. Changfu Brand 18CY Model

Snowmobile from a power tiller and simple wheels

A trailer is needed for the wheeled model of the snowmobile. It is rigidly connected to the frame of the snowmobile. You also need winter wheels and a bit of wit.

For a rigid hitch on the trailer a channel is used. About 50 cm long piece of the bar is rigidly attached parallel to the axis of the future snowmobile. First, holes are drilled in the ends of the channel and clamps are put. A crossbody is welded to the axle of the snowmobile, the blank is bolted and counter nuts are installed. The knot will act as a stopper, preventing the trailer from shifting sideways.

Important! Rigid clutch reduces maneuverability. The snowmobile’s stability is improved

Homemade sleds on stainless steel skis will serve as a trailer

The trailer is put on skis, the driver’s seat is arranged. The native wheels are removed from the power block. Instead of them they put winter tires. Sometimes these are made independently in the form of track rings on the native wheels of the power tiller.

Snowmobiles from a power tiller

Self-made marshmobiles by their operating principle and construction completely repeat the scheme of a snowmobile. The principle in both is the same. to reduce the pressure on the surface on which the unit will move

To create a swamp buggy it is important to pick up or make your own wheels or tracks. the width should be much greater than the standard

To create a power block snowmobile, stick to the approximate plan:

  • The frame is strengthened or rebuilt by installing additional pipes.
  • The motor and steering wheel are placed on the frame.
  • The undercarriage and front sprockets are also installed.
  • An intermediate shaft with rubber pads is installed.

For the running gear, you can use tires or tracks. Each option is special in its own way, and all the characteristics to create a tracked and wheeled unit are described above.

How to use a snowmobile from a cultivator?

There are a number of rules, compliance with which will help to prolong the use of homemade equipment.

  • regular replacement of lubricants. The condition of all rubbing elements of the equipment depends on it. With heavy use of transport, the oil in its tanks should be changed at least twice a month. Before removing the engine and installing it back on the cultivator, it is necessary to completely drain the fuel and clean the carburetor of fouling. Do the same before mounting the motor to the snowmobile;
  • Careful inspection of metal parts. Homemade machinery is regularly used in conditions of high humidity. Because of this, rust can appear even in the place of the slightest scuffing of the paint. To avoid this, all defects must be painted over immediately after their discovery;
  • Timely elimination of snowmobile breakdowns. If you start a malfunction, it will escalate into a much bigger problem. To cope with it will already be much more difficult than with a small breakdown.

Observing these rules, the owner of the snowmobile from the cultivator will avoid the typical problems and will be able to use the technique for a long time.