How To Make An All-Terrain Vehicle From A Tiller

ATV / Karakat and ATV from Tiller
How to make a homemade all-terrain vehicle (karakat, swamp-going vehicle, pneumatic vehicle, motorized dog, snowmobile) and an ATV from a tiller with your own hands. Manufacturing options!

How to assemble an ATV with your own hands – the procedure

Making an ATV with a tiller engine is a little easier due to the fact that you do not need to make wheels. As in the case of the karakat, before making an ATV from a tiller, you need to study the drawings that will tell you the correct procedure for assembly.

how to make an all-terrain vehicle from a tiller

The algorithm for making an ATV is as follows:

A homemade ATV is almost as good as its market counterparts – it develops about the same speed and quickly overcomes any obstacles.

ATV / Karakat and ATV from Tiller

Today, the tiller is not just a useful agricultural machine. This is also the basis for creating various homemade products. The latter include an all-terrain vehicle or as it is also called a karakat, as well as an ATV. Each of the listed vehicles will be useful to residents of regions with difficult weather conditions and simply extreme lovers.

Choosing an engine for a homemade unit

The capabilities of a homemade ATV largely depend on the engine you choose to assemble the unit. The first requirement for the motor is that it must be as powerful as possible. A good option would be to use an engine from a Chinese tiller. Such motors have already established themselves as fairly reliable designs that can withstand long-term loads well.

When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the starting torque of the motor. The higher the number, the faster the ATV will travel through swampy areas.

If we talk about the brands of tilers, whose engines are suitable for mounting on a homemade ATV, then, in addition to Chinese units, motors from agricultural machines of the Neva, Zarya and Salyut brands can be used for manufacturing. A motorized towing vehicle from a tiller of one of these brands will overcome any obstacle and will not let you down at the most inopportune moment.

How to make an all-terrain vehicle from a Tiller description and photo

Before you make an all-terrain vehicle from a tiller, you need to decide what type of all-terrain vehicle is needed, based on your needs. If there is no experience with tracked mechanisms, we recommend starting with a conventional pneumatics.

Next, you need to determine the operating conditions, capacity and carrying capacity of the all-terrain vehicle. After that, we proceed to creating sketches of the structure of the all-terrain vehicle. To do this, we outline the location of all units and assemblies of the future machine.

You cannot use any engine to create an all-terrain vehicle. It must have forced cooling. For this, engines from air or water-cooled tillers are perfect. In addition, the engine must have a large power reserve so that the all-terrain vehicle has the ability to move in any conditions.

To calculate the maximum power, the following formula is used: nmax. = 10-3Nsp.Mp, where the maximum power is nmax., The specific power per ton of weight is Nsp, its limits are set from 20 hp. Up to 35 hp

If you are going to use the ATV all year round, it is advisable to choose a four-stroke engine. They work more stable and easier to start at subzero temperatures.

How to make an all-terrain vehicle with your own hands from a tiller

We will consider how to make an all-terrain vehicle with our own hands from a tiller using the example of a light all-terrain vehicle called a karakat or simply a pneumatic. It is equipped with large cameras, which increases cross-country ability in strong off-road conditions. From the point of view of design, such light all-terrain vehicles, made by hand, are very easy to manufacture, since they do not have a complex technical base. Thanks to this, they have received recognition from many home craftsmen.

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How to make an all-terrain vehicle with your own hands from a tiller and find an unpretentious and reliable assistant in the household? To do this, we will highlight the main stages in creating the design of a wonderful all-terrain vehicle.

  • Stage 1. Choosing the basis for the future all-terrain vehicle. It is possible to use a frame from a motorcycle IZH or URAL and any other parts that are at hand. The all-terrain vehicle from IZH has more maneuverability, so it is more in demand when crossing uneven terrain – slopes and ravines.
  • Stage 2. We make the rear axle and suspension. To do this, we connect the used spars with a strut, a special rack and a steering sleeve. The result is independent front and rear suspension. This suspension is very important for all types of light off-road vehicles. When passing through uneven terrain, it is she who will provide the self-propelled gun with softness and maneuverability.
  • Stage 3. Attach the wheels. All types of light all-terrain vehicles are equipped with cameras from trucks. The camera is attached to the suspension using a metal hub. It has strong bands that braid the wheel across. Low pressure chambers from Urals, KamAZ trucks and their trailers are used. Thanks to this, ease of steering is achieved, which increases the safety of movement on such an all-terrain vehicle.
  • Stage 4. We install the engine and additional systems. After installing the suspension with wheels on the frame of the all-terrain vehicle, we install the tiller engine. At the same time, we connect all related systems: brakes, clutch, exhaust emission. When we have completed the assembly, we are testing the all-terrain vehicle. If no deviations were found during testing, you can proceed to full-fledged operation.

What type of engine to choose for an all-terrain vehicle – diesel or gasoline?

There are no specific recommendations here, because each one has its own pros and cons.

For use in all-terrain vehicles, engines of domestic production have proven themselves well: M-67 from motorcycles and automobile engines of the Zaz family. Also, engines are often found, which are based on tractor launchers. Recently, home-made all-terrain vehicles from tillers have become widespread. This is due to the fact that many inexpensive Chinese chillers with engines of sufficient power have appeared on the markets. Such motors have shown their reliability and unpretentiousness at a fairly low price.

To create the chassis, it is desirable to use an independent wheel suspension. Despite the more sophisticated technology, they provide more comfortable conditions for the driver and passengers. Excellent results can be achieved by using them in conjunction with low pressure tires.

In the manufacture of the frame, two types of construction are used: spatial and flat. Also for tracked vehicles – one-piece, for wheeled vehicles – articulated. You can use the articulated frame structure for the tracked all-terrain vehicle, which will give a lot of ground for the development of design ideas.

However, the great complexity of the articulated frame is little used to create do-it-yourself ATVs. In order to make a frame for an all-terrain vehicle, you will need corners, channels and pipes of various sizes and sections.

How to make a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller

Understand an all-terrain vehicle – various means of transportation. These are tractors, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, and tanks. Today, most of the roads running through the countryside have no asphalt pavement. That is why those who have faced such a problem are so interested in a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller. Having a tiller, you can independently make a wheeled all-terrain vehicle that would have high cross-country ability, both over water obstacles and over snow.

We are assembling an all-terrain vehicle, the power unit of which will be a tiller. What is the main idea: we remove the steering wheel and wheels from the tiller, insert it into the frame, and the tiller’s cardan shafts go to the bridges. One of the key requirements is to prevent a drastic alteration of the tiller. In other words, I installed the tiller in the frame – it turned out to be a floating all-terrain vehicle. He took it off the frame and assembled the parts – he returned the tiller back. Here is the result of this idea.

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How to convert a tiller into an all-terrain vehicle. Schemes, photos.

Table of contents:

  • How to make a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller
  • Homemade ATVs from Tiller

Consider one of the types of popular alterations – a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller. The functionality of the all-terrain vehicle coincides with the features of a tractor from a tiller, only you can get on it anywhere.

Dimensions and dimensions of a homemade all-terrain vehicle

Overall dimensions of the all-terrain vehicle: length 3100 mm, width 1760 mm, height 1820 mm. Loading capacity 200 kg. The maximum developed speed is from 8 to 12 km / h. The mass of the equipment is 530 kg. The single-level frame is made of a profile tube (60x40x2). The tiller MB-3 "Neva" with a 7 hp engine is used as a power unit.

Also allows you to change three gears forward, one reverse. Installed bridges M-412. Closed discs with bolt fasteners are used. Installed tires from KAMAZ-all-terrain vehicle, chamber version. Steering fist from UAZ with SHRUS М-2141. Steering is used from the column – VAZ-1111 "Oka". Installed transmission, mechanical braking system.

For the manufacture of the all-terrain vehicle, a tiller of the MB-3 "Neva" brand was purchased. It was selected due to the three-speed gearbox, which has a very quiet first gear. Also installed is not a very powerful engine.

Another reason for choosing a tiller is the ability to disconnect one of the wheels from the transmission. As a result, we get the ability to turn off one of the bridges on a homemade all-terrain vehicle.

The design of the all-terrain vehicle is very simple. All parts of the tiller control are located on the rear frame. This allows you to use the tiller without reworking. As a result, the Tiller control parts were used, which were completely installed on the all-terrain vehicle frame. The exception is the clutch control cable and pedal. Its cable, together with the lever, is removed from the tiller, and the clutch cable from the all-terrain vehicle is connected, which is connected to the pedal.

The principle of the clutch operation remains the same as on the tiller: the all-terrain vehicle drives after pressing the pedal, and stops when it is released. Engine power is sufficient to drive in third gear to drive up steep inclines.

In first gear, at the minimum speed, maximum thrust is achieved, due to which the all-terrain vehicle, which is idling, overcomes difficult obstacles without straining the engine too much. To increase the maximum speed of the ATV, the diameter of the drive pulley must be increased by 50%, which does not damage the traction capabilities of the tiller.

How to make a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller: features of work

The question of how to make an all-terrain vehicle out of a tiller with your own hands is very relevant for farmers and even owners of small plots. This technique is an assistant for all occasions, since it is very easy to attach additional equipment to it, which makes the cultivator as functional as possible. Traditionally, this technique is used in garden plots and vegetable gardens. The tiller has a lot of work, as a rule, since he can plow the land, collect leaves, and collect hay in a heap. But for a certain time, the technique is idle. For this period, you can take her with other works. For example, you can make an all-terrain vehicle out of it. A little work is enough to turn the farming equipment into a versatile snow and swamp vehicle. At the same time, it is very easy to work with some equipment. There are models that are modified with a prefix. This option is as easy to use as possible.

It is more convenient to make an all-terrain vehicle from the Tiller Neva. A feature of this technique is that the manufacturer allows you to install universal attachments on it. This makes it possible to modify the cultivator as quickly as possible. Thus, a swamp buggy from a tiller can be made in a matter of minutes. However, to transform farm equipment, you need an all-terrain tiller attachment at hand.

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Manufacturers offer various additional equipment for this type of equipment. But such set-top boxes are not cheap. For those who are not ready to spend thousands of rubles on turning a tiller into an all-terrain vehicle, you can try to make equipment with your own hands. There are no particular difficulties here, but some skills are still needed. First of all, the master needs to understand the technique and be able to work with the welding machine.

Snow driving

A snowmobile can also be made based on the tiller. This is a great option for using agricultural machinery in winter. Usually they are inactive in garages, but after a little modernization, the cultivator becomes an excellent all-terrain vehicle.

For work, you will need a tiller, a welding machine and powerful wheels, which, if desired, can be replaced with tracks. Such a snowmobile will have a very high cross-country ability and will cope even with difficult snow drifts. The snowmobile should be assembled according to the drawing.

But before starting the modification, you need to carefully consider the use of technology. The recommended power and type of construction depend on this. In addition, be sure to consider the carrying capacity of the device. This is especially important when the snowmobile is intended to be used to transport heavy loads on snow.

In order not to make a mistake in the calculations and not to spoil any details of an expensive tiller, you should first study the drawings, and then make a layout out of cardboard. This will allow you to move in the right direction and assess your capabilities. For a good master, there should be no difficulties in making a snowmobile from a tiller with your own hands. Even caterpillars can be made independently, with certain equipment at hand, as well as the skills to work with it. At a minimum, the foreman needs to be able to handle the welding machine.

How to choose a technique to create an all-terrain vehicle

As for the type of all-terrain vehicle that can be suitable for creating a snow and swamp vehicle, then almost any option can be chosen. But not all equipment of this type is easily upgradeable. Experts most often use the Neva to create all-terrain vehicles, since these motor-cultivators are the most versatile.

The main thing in a tiller is a cooling system. If you plan to transport goods or people on an all-terrain vehicle, you should pay attention to models with a powerful engine. To create a snowmobile, it is better to take the equipment that is equipped with a four-stroke engine. The fact is that such engines start much better in any weather. over, the four-stroke power unit will not cause problems even in sub-zero weather, and it is at this time that the snowmobile is planned to be used.

Regarding exactly what the engine should be, it is impossible to say for sure. Both gasoline and diesel power units are suitable for working on an all-terrain vehicle. Each case has its own pros and cons. The thing is that gasoline is more expensive. But diesel fuel freezes in freezing temperatures, so it is not suitable for a snowmobile.

Models of equipment for moving on snow or off-road also do not play a big role. Now both reliable Belarusian versions and good Chinese equipment are being sold, which are distinguished by an affordable price with quite acceptable quality. The main thing is to choose those models that are popular. In this case, if repair is necessary, you will not have to spend a lot of time searching for spare parts.

If you plan to create a tracked all-terrain vehicle, it is best to pay attention to the one-piece frame. The national team will have to work hard to achieve the desired result.